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Beyond - Legends Blackened Faith (J/J, Fel Empire, conflict, drama) [SITH_MAYO] Up 09/29 Skywalkers back? Peace .?

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by mayo_durron_666, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. mayo_durron_666

    mayo_durron_666 Jedi Master star 1

    Nov 26, 2005
    Jedi_Lover: Thanks! :)

    ccp: Cheers!

    Jade_eyes: Glad ya like the Jacen/Hera moments..:D I know, I really liked Jacen.. hate what profic did to him!:rolleyes: Don't worry you'll see Kyp/Danni soon!
  2. mayo_durron_666

    mayo_durron_666 Jedi Master star 1

    Nov 26, 2005
    (want off tags.. just say!:)) Jade_eyes LexiLupin Jedi_Lover

    Okay... I know this story is kinda annoying 'cause I'm not giving much away atm... But please have patience. This story is about to kick into gear.. [face_devil]

    Hope you like the next surprise!;)

    Comments welcome!


    [Colonies. Mrlsst. Lerias University.]

    Recess had just started. The students had left class. And she was alone at last.

    Sat at her desk, Kailin Harison leaned back in her chair and frowned at the mess. With a tired sigh, she brushed back a lock of brunette hair, straightened upright and began organising some papers and holopads.

    Halfway through stacking, she felt her senses tingle with alarm.

    Without looking up she scanned the place with the Force and discovered she had company. She remained composed. This hadn’t been the first time she had had unwanted visitors.

    “Excellent seminar.” A deep voice sounded from the back of the room, “Most interesting.”

    Refusing to jump or react, Kailin kept tidying her desk,
    “Thank you.”

    At the edge of her vision she caught movement.

    Sure paced steps echoed as the stranger came closer.

    She flicked him a disinterested glance.

    He was human. Her sharp hazel eyes noted everything, the way he moved, the strong build of him, his cold calculated stare, his civilian attire and yet distinctive military haircut. He appeared pleasant. Underneath, with the Force as her guide, Kailin knew he was a man that could break into violence quickly.

    “I’m afraid I’m done for the day. If you want to talk you’ll have to book an appointment another time.”

    Dressed in simple brown trousers and a green jacket, she rose up out of her seat to place a pile of holopads on a shelf. His eyes followed her. With her back to him, Kailin began arranging the holopads accordingly, ignoring his presence.

    “You’ve dyed your hair.”

    Those four words made her stop.

    A pad fell from her fingers.

    It hit the floor with a clatter and skidded between them.

    Slowly she turned to face the imposing man. She watched as he bent down to pick up the pad, his movements unhurriedly, his light green eyes fixed on her at all times. Gracefully he rose to his full height and stepped forward to hand her the device. It hung in the air between them, their gazes locked and expressions deadly serious.

    “You’re wearing eye contacts too.”

    “Who are you?”

    “Makbett O’Oinman, I work for the Republic.”

    She took the pad out of his grasp and raised an eyebrow,
    “Which Republic? That’s a vague term these days.”

    A tight grin crossed his lips,
    “The one not consorting with the Empire.”

    “Ah, I see, the righteous one.” Turning back to put away the pad, she asked, “What can I do for you?”

    “I require your services. Your knowledge of the Yuuzhan Vong. And your valuable information on Jedi whereabouts.”

    “I’m afraid I can’t help you. Now please-”

    “-Your change of hair, eyes, and even the surgery on your forehead, are very convincing Miss Veila.”

    With a stuttering heart, she faced him defiantly,
    “You have the wrong woman.”

    “Jedi Knight Tahiri Veila, I believe … with total conviction.” He uttered the words darkly, daring her to challenge him. When she didn’t respond, he continued confidently, “You have extensive understanding of the Yuuzhan Vong and more importantly their technology. I’m asking for your assistance.”

    “When you say ‘ask’ you really mean ‘command’.” Tahiri spoke quietly, “What do you really want from me? You didn’t come all this way for a consultation on Yuuzhan Vong technology.”

    Her pulse quickened as he drew closer, intimidating her with his height and bulky physique.

    “You have a son.”

    “As do many other beings across the galaxy.” She shrugged stiffly, “Get to your point.”

    “I hear that you were once very close to the Solos and Skywalkers …”

    Unable to stop herself, Tahiri slipped a glimpse at the main class door.
    “Perhaps. So?”

    “So, who is your boy’s father?”

    Now his true intention was revealed. Her instant reaction was to run. But she held herself still through sheer force of will.

    Shoulders straight, heart pounding, face solemn, Tahiri refused to show her fear. Lives depended on her silence. Loved ones relied on her deceitfulness. It had become her way of life. Anyone related to the Solos and Skywalkers had been hunted ruthlessly.

    Seemed the chase wasn’t ending any time soon.

    Tahiri had tried to stay hidden for so long, it had become tiresome replacing reality with lie after lie, till eventually her whole world had become an act. For the sake of those she loved she played the game willingly.

    Perfecting an aloof expression and a haughty tone, she replied,
    “You’ll have to ask my husband, Jered Harison.”

    There was a disturbance outside the classroom. Distractedly Tahiri scanned the corridor and realised she was about to be trapped by Makbett’s squad of men at both exits.

    Triumphantly Makbett answered,
    “Wrong answer. Game over, sweetheart. You’re mine.”

    Hesitating no longer, Tahiri waved her hand and Force-flung Makbett across the room. He struck a table and went down hard. For a second he was dazed. From her jacket Tahiri pulled out a blaster and fired.

    Slightly disorientated, Makbett ducked at the last moment. Laser fire shot past his shoulder, missing him by an inch, burning into the wall behind. He tugged out his own blaster and responded with several warning shots.

    Seeing no other way out, Tahiri aimed at the class window and fired. They were on the second story up. Getting out of this was going to hurt either way. As that thought crossed her mind, the two doors to the class opened with men already aiming at her.

    “Set to stun! Stun only!” Makbett ordered from his crouched position.

    With as much power as she could muster, Tahiri levitated several tables and threw them towards the men. The fierce momentum of the tables crushed and shoved them back. Using those precious moments of distraction to her advantage she ran at the damaged window, shooting wildly at Makbett as she did.

    She hit. And the glass shattered.

    Down through the air she tumbled out of control. Forgetting the adrenaline rush, the painful shards embedded in her skin and the screams of beings watching below, Tahiri concentrated.

    With the Force she managed to slow her fall and absorb the energy of the landing without causing too much damage to herself.

    Blaster still in hand, she rolled along the ground, came to her feet gracefully and snapped up into a steady run. She didn’t stop to look back. There was no other way but forward. She had to warn her Jered and protect her son.

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  3. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Awesome stunning bit of action there. =D= Bravo on the surprise. :cool: that it's Tahiri behind the pretty name Kailin. :D Hope she and her family get away to safety. [face_nail_biting] mayo_durron, you have done a superb job of making me as leery and suspicious of the Republic as the Horns and others are. =D= They like to call themselves enlightened and for the people, but they're oppressive and will do whatever it takes to maintain their iron grip on power. [face_thinking]
  4. Jedi_Lover

    Jedi_Lover Force Ghost star 5

    Nov 1, 2004
    Excellent action. Good for Tahiri taking out those goons. I hope she makes her escape.
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  5. ccp

    ccp Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 29, 2005
  6. LexiLupin

    LexiLupin Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 27, 2011
    ...dangit, every time you post a new chapter, I have more questions when I finish reading than when I started! :p So Tahiri has a son of questionable paternity? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Can't wait to see how this all comes together!
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  7. SiouxFan

    SiouxFan Jedi Master star 3

    Mar 6, 2012
    Hmmm---Jacen falling for a Greek goddess--this'll be interesting. Funny, Jade, I was thinking the same thing in reverse! Yumsy with Danni sighting, but with Kyp???? She's much smarter than that! I'll tell you what, we'll act take Kyppie, I'll grab Danni!

    I agree with Lexi--you do a great job of raising more questions than answers so far. I've always liked Tahiri, her and Jacen's path was a horrible waste.
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  8. mayo_durron_666

    mayo_durron_666 Jedi Master star 1

    Nov 26, 2005
    Jade_eyes: Glad ya like the action.. I know.. Tahiri's been playing hide and spy.;) Well the Republic has lost its way..[face_worried]

    Jedi_Lover: Cheers! She's safe .. for now.[face_mischief]

    ccp: Thanks :)

    LexiLupin: I know, I know, I'm sorry, I know I'm not explaining much all too often (this story is kinda writing itself and I'm really enjoying where its going.. but means I can't give everything away) but things will gradually reveal..;) Yep, Tahiri has a son.. who we'll soon meet! Thanks for reading and commenting..!

    SiouxFan: Haha! I wondered who would say 'Greek goddess'! I love that name Hera.. but don't read too much into it. :p Haha! I know its a weird idea of coupling Kyp and Danni.. but you can both have who ya want![face_batting] I would love Kyp *sigh* if only... I know, sorry this story is revealing slowly, I just don't wanna give too much away.. but with the next 4/5 posts things will be uncovered and you'll have more to get into.. I agree! Jacen and Tahiri were wasted in profic!!![face_frustrated] So annoying.. Cheers for clicking!
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  9. mayo_durron_666

    mayo_durron_666 Jedi Master star 1

    Nov 26, 2005
    Tags: Jade_eyes LexiLupin Jedi_Lover

    Alright.. some backstory on the young Skywalker and his girl..?

    Comments welcome!



    [Outer Rim. Lok. Inis Settlement.]

    “So …” She uttered into the darkness of the hut, “here you are.”

    Turning on a lamp by his bedside, Ben shrugged stiffly.

    In the low light his face appeared tired, worn and sad. Shadows lingered where once there had been nothing but healthy optimism.

    She was furious with him. He knew it. Yet he made no first attempt to ask forgiveness.

    Skywalker appeared lost. And totally defeated. It wasn’t like him at all. Realising his out of character behaviour, she took a moment to calm her own raging feelings.

    Patiently, he stood before her with the tiniest glimmer of fear in his vibrant blue eyes. She’d never seen him give such a desolate look. It was a gaze of total acceptance. Whatever darkness or guilt was to be chastised upon him, Ben would accept. It was unnerving.

    “Ben, what happened?”

    Self-consciously he ran a hand through his messy mop of reddish-blonde hair and sighed.

    Softly he answered,
    “I protected my family … and you, Siena.”

    Hearing that gentle tone from his lips, for the first time in weeks, set her heart pounding. His earnest reply nearly dissolved her resentment completely.

    Seeing his hesitation, Siena stepped into the faint light and examined him. He was skinnier than before. His thick hair was a bit longer. His skin was slightly tanned with more freckles dotting his cheeks, nose and brow. However the biggest change was in his eyes, so brightly blue, had once been full of cheerfulness were now glazed with reservation and woe.

    His melancholy eyes watched her approach.

    Tension zipped throughout his body. He stiffened, waiting for her valid anger to erupt. His heart was in his throat, its beat stuttering and racing. It wasn’t her bite he worried over but her heartache. He had wounded her. And that knowledge destroyed him deep down.

    Beautiful and courageous Siena held much power over him and she didn’t even know it.

    The happiness of this meeting was tainted by the way they had separated. He was so glad to see her alive and well. It meant his sacrifice had been worth every gutting moment.

    Each step she took caused his throat to tighten and unshed tears to blur his gaze.

    He longed to hold her, to reassure himself she was real and unharmed. In awe, he stared at Siena as if she were an apparition, a shadowy creation of his own mind, desperate to see her face and hear her voice.

    How many times had he dreamt of her? How many occasions had he recalled her musical laughter? How often had he lied awake replaying their last precious moments together?

    Gently, as if sensing his anxiety, Siena touched his arm,
    “Ben ..?”

    Swallowing back the months of darkness without her, he responded in a hush voice,
    “I’ve grown so empty without you.”

    Unable to resist, he dragged her close, crushing his lips against hers, claiming her mouth with a ravaging hunger. Her voice of protest drowned into an answering moan. It vibrated through him, igniting passion and love he’d kept restrained for far too long. Against her sweet mouth he groaned in contentment.

    Siena was here. And she’d never tasted better. So fresh. As sweet as honey. He savoured her, needing and desiring her beyond all reason. Starving with longing, he kissed her breathless, driving away all rational thoughts.

    After a stunned few seconds, Siena’s eyes fluttered shut as she melted against him in surrender. When she returned the heart-wrenching kiss, his arms tightened, nearly squashing her. She’d missed the sure comfort of his arms. With tiny touches or big embraces he’d always made her feel cherished.

    Giving in to her uttermost need, Siena held onto him tightly and pressed her lips harder against his, eager to drink him in like a fine wine.

    Through their bond, they gradually opened to each other’s tentative touch. Bombarded with intense loneliness and soul-crying longing, Siena gasped. While Ben moaned as her feelings of horrid betrayal and loyal devotion engulfed his mind. It was an awfully confusing combination of love and sadness.

    Siena couldn’t help but sag against him with relief. Her Ben was in her arms. That single thought pulsed through her body. After weeks apart she could finally hug, kiss and touch him. The heat of him was intense, his masculine scent overwhelmed her senses and his dominating kiss thawed her bitterness. She wanted to hold him forever, safe and thoroughly loved, in her own fierce embrace.

    His desperate kiss made her head spin. Her legs weakened. Ben’s incredible warmth made her melt more tightly against his hard body. She had forgot how wonderfully enthralling he could be, up close, so passionate.

    But the truth was he had left. Not by choice of course but he had left her. In those last manic seconds together, he’d made the decision for both of them and separated. The pain of that wouldn’t vanish until she got a full explanation.

    Forcing her head to clear, Siena reluctantly placed both hands over his chest and pushed to part them.

    “W-We need to talk.”

    Brow to brow, eye to eye, both panting with desire, Ben and Siena gazed at each other.

    “Siena, I … I’m so sorry.” He uttered tenderly, “I made a choice. I wanted you safe-”

    “-And I wanted you safe!” She blurted without restraint, eyes glistening, “We’re in this together. You always said that. But when it came to it I was shoved aside.”

    Ben’s gorgeous face hardened as he replied firmly,
    “To safety. I pushed you into that refresher room to keep you safe. And damn it, I’d do it again in a heartbeat if it meant your life!”

    “Kriff you!” Siena gripped his shirt hard when part of her really wanted to shove him away, “You and your stupid heroism! You had no right!”

    With one strong arm round her slender waist, Ben brought her completely flushed against him and with his free hand grabbed both of her small fists, clutching her curled hands over his heart. With a dangerous mixture of fury and adoration, his eyes darkened as he responded huskily,
    “I had every right to protect the one I love.”

    Breaking down, Siena gazed up at him in defeat and cried,
    “I hate you for doing it ..!”

    Nodding sombrely, Ben softened,
    “I know. And I’m sorry. But I had to protect you. I couldn’t let them get to you. You could ask anything of me in this universe … except that.”

    Leaning back into him, Siena suppressed the tears fighting to escape. Her knuckles constricted as the urge to knock some sense into him crossed her mind more than once. He’d done something noble. And she should be thanking him. But the fact he’d faced the harsh consequences alone made her heart break.

    With her face buried against his shirt, she clutched and unclutched his top several times uncertain whether to hold him. It didn’t matter anyway because Ben refused to let go, smothering her in the warmest embrace, arms bands of steel around her, their strength unyielding.

    As unchecked tears trailed down her cheeks, she mumbled into the quiet,
    “I saw them take you …”

    She remembered it vividly.

    They had come in the night. In all black military gear. Their faces masked. They had been sleeping. Until a loud explosion rocked their room.

    Glass had splintered, chiming and whistling into the darkness of night. The door had erupted from its hinges and the mysterious intruders rushed in, barking orders, yanking them from their comfortable bed, with blasters pointed at their heads all charging for stun in case of any trouble.

    Better trained in the ways of the Force and combat, Ben had struck out instinctively. Kicking, punching and Force-propelling the strangers away, he eventually got some space between them.

    Then there was that moment. His hands, so normally tender, viciously gripped her arms, bruising them. His hair a mess, wearing only lounge pants, his eyes aglow with panic and his body pumped with adrenaline, Ben looked deep into her eyes and wordlessly said goodbye. That one meaningful look struck her heart and shattered it in a second.

    Next thing she knew, Ben Force-threw her into the refresher. With great speed and concentration, he used the Force to shut and damage the door mechanism, effectively trapping her inside.

    Disorientated and slumped against the bathtub, Siena’s last sight of Ben was through the closing doors, his stare riddled with great regret. Suddenly a stun-blast smacked his side and a man from behind hit him over the head with the butt of his blaster rifle, knocking him to the floor hard. Then, at that moment, the doors had closed.

    “I was the real prize.” Ben explained, “They wanted a Skywalker. But they also knew you were highly Force-sensitive too. They tried to open the refresher to get to you. They had to give up when the alarm sounded. If they could have they would have taken you.”

    “Why?” Siena glimpsed up, “What did they do to you? What did they want?”

    “The whereabouts of my parents and other Jedi.” He tugged up his left sleeve and showed her his arm, scarred with incisions and needle punctures, “And blood.”

    Seeing the blemishes on his skin made her insides ache for him. She closed her eyes at the sight of those horrible marks and cried for him. He’d suffered so she wouldn’t. Ben was too honourable for his own good.

    “I should have gone with you.”

    “No.” Ben was adamant, “I wanted you safe. I had to endure torture and grotesque experiments, all the while I thought of you, unharmed and whole, you gave me the strength to keep going.” He caught her chin with gentle fingers and lifted her face to his, “You made it possible to lie over and over in interrogations. And the thought of loving you again gave me the will to escape when I was at my weakest.”

    “But you still didn’t come back to me …” Siena searched his solemn gaze and concluded, “You couldn’t, could you? You feared they would follow.”

    Grimly he nodded.

    “… And now I’m here.”

    He brushed a feather-light kiss at the corner of her mouth as he whispered,
    “Now you’re here.”

    His irresistible lips pecked, teased, sampled hers leisurely. Wrapped up in his arms, Siena sighed and writhed against him, helplessly absorbed in his touch.

    “Let me love you Siena …” He rasped against her mouth a temptation, “I’ve needed you for so long.”

    How could she refuse?

    She had yearned for this, for him, her love, Ben. Once more, he was hers. And she intended to savour every second and never let him go again.
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  10. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    There needs to be a Squee! instead or in addition to a Like choice here. With each gorgeous word of dialogue or of thoughts of Siena or Ben, =D= you make me remember with sheer gladness how exquisite it is to have you back!!!! [face_dancing] Yumsy! The actual mush is equalled by the tenderness, and I love it! :) I can understand both their feelings ... and that of course she hated him suffering for her sake as much as if not more than his leaving. [face_thinking] [face_sigh] Hopefully, neither one of them will have to make that gut-wrenching choice again.
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  11. Jedi_Lover

    Jedi_Lover Force Ghost star 5

    Nov 1, 2004
    That was beautifully written and very touching. =D=
  12. ccp

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    Apr 29, 2005
    Great update!
  13. EmeraldJediFire

    EmeraldJediFire Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 23, 2012
    Just wanted to say so far, that this is extremely good. (wish I'd found this sooner), but I wish I could write something like this. you have me envious.

    I just love this story, I love how it builds up, leaves you guessing, you can feel the rush of the moments, the characters desperation, the chaos within the galaxy, the general desperation, the despair, the hope, the anxiety...etc etc. I could go on forever about but it would just be aggravating lol

    But that can pretty much sum how much I love the story!
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  14. mayo_durron_666

    mayo_durron_666 Jedi Master star 1

    Nov 26, 2005
    Jade_eyes: Aww cheers J_e that's a huge compliment! [face_blush][:D] Its great to be back! Glad ya liked the Ben/Siena reunion, tho it was sad, hurtful, happy and mushy all at once.. Hopefully they'll both be together for while to come.. [face_batting]

    Jedi_Lover: Cheers! :)

    ccp: Thanks!

    EmeraldJediFire: Hey! Thanks for clicking and giving this a read.. Gud to hear ya enjoying it!:D Lol, its weird this story has its own momentum and is kinda writing itself, I'm just loving not giving everything away at once (which I know can be little frustrating) but its fun to write.. and its always great to hear other people like it! More soon... ;)
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    Nov 26, 2005
    Tags: Jade_eyes LexiLupin Jedi_Lover

    Here is the Solos ..
    Comments welcome..


    [Outer Rim. On board the Millennium Falcon.]

    “How is she?”

    Kneeling beside the small bunk, Leia glimpsed up and gave a sad smile,
    “Very weak. But she’ll recover.”

    On the bed, Jaina rested, sleeping deeply. Ghostly white, so pale and skinny, Jaina looked unforgivably exhausted even while slumbering. Her arms were too thin and her hair greasy. The young Empress was a fragile shadow of the warrior she’d once been.

    Quietly Han walked over.

    He scanned his daughter’s ill complexion and felt rage boil inside. Jaina should have been protected. Actually, looking between Leia and Jaina, they both should have been better safeguarded.

    He’d messed up.

    From the red haze of anger came darkening guilt. Han swallowed hard, trying to push back the feeling of failure. He wished he done a better job as a father and husband. His most precious women had been put in danger too often. Especially in the last several months.

    It was only a few weeks ago he’d recovered Leia in a similar condition.

    Rising to her full height, Leia frowned,
    “What’s wrong?”

    “I keep thinking how close I was …” His weary eyes met hers as he added gruffly, “to losing you. And now Jaina.”

    Studying his solemn expression, Leia wrapped an arm around his waist and leaned into him. She offered comfort to his dark thoughts. In her simple embrace he could find solace and relax.

    He blamed himself. Leia though didn’t accuse him.

    Han was just too hard on himself. In her mind what had happened just was. Both she and Jaina had made choices, putting themselves at risk. And unfortunately their Solo luck had run out.

    Leia kissed Han’s lightly bearded jaw and uttered softly,
    “We’re together now. Let that be enough.”

    Holding her close, Han nodded mutely.

    He didn’t deserve her understanding or forgiveness. But Han could never throw it away either. Gods had graced him with an incredible fiercely-loving wife. Lords help him, he’d bring her blazing stars if she asked and if the laws of the universe allowed.

    Glimpsing down, seeing Leia’s still beautiful face gazing at him with infinite tenderness, he leaned in and stole a kiss. Openly she returned the gesture, brushing her lips over his sweetly and hugged him closer.


    A little voice broke the silence.

    Breaking apart, Han moaned,
    “I thought those years of being interrupted by little banthas were over?”

    “I’m not a bantha!”

    Leia chuckled.

    Together Han and Leia turned to see their visitor.

    Six year old Ethan Veila Harison stood casually in the doorway, unafraid of their concentrated stares. His dark blonde hair was a mess, falling across his forehead and bright green eyes. He was a smart confident boy, totally unafraid, questioning and trying everything he found fascinating.

    Dressed in navy pyjamas, absentmindedly clutching a toy X-wing, Ethan gazed back and said un-bashfully,
    “Daddy says kissing is how babies start. Are you two gonna try for another baby?”

    Exiting the room, to give Jaina peace, Han and Leia held onto their laughter till they were in the corridor.

    As Han ruffled the boy’s mop of hair, Leia explained with a genuine smile,
    “I’m afraid we’ve already had our babies, Ethan.”

    “Although,” Han smirked down at his wife playfully, “we like to keep trying, don’t we sweetheart?”

    “… Oh my! What happened? … Thank you Master Harison.” C3PO’s electronic voice echoed down the hall.

    A few footsteps later and Jered was standing with them. He was a tall muscular man. Despite all his strength and prowess, he was a quiet gentleman. Though not typically handsome, his ruggedly attractive looks always softened around his wife and their son.

    With hands on his hips, he stood giving Ethan a most disapproving look.

    To the boy’s credit, he didn’t so much as flinch, instead he almost appeared to shrug. The child had nerve. Leia shook her head, whilst Han grinned, he was destined to cause trouble they both thought.

    Jered crooked a finger as he spoke,
    “And why are you up this time of hour, young man?”

    Begrudgingly Ethan shuffled closer to his father,
    “I – er - I heard voices.”

    “Hmm,” Jered leaned forward to enquire seriously, “was that before or after you deactivated C3PO?”

    In a sulky tone the boy answered,

    “That’s what I thought.” Tiredly Jered sighed, “C’mon now, off to bed with you. And remember C3PO is your nanny not a toy. You switch him off again and I’ll make you clean this entire ship from top to bottom. You understand?”

    Instead of that reprimand feeling truly like a ‘telling-off’ it held a familiar air of warmth to it.

    Ethan was affectionately patted on the back by Jered, who smoothed his unruly curls and pushed the boy back into the direction of his little bedroom. Unenthusiastically the boy wandered off as instructed.

    “Sorry about that.” Jered turned to the Solos, “He’s becoming a challenge to handle.”

    “Well, look on the bright side,” Han replied, “having Force-sensitive kids means there’s never a dull moment. C3PO has been deactivated, unassembled, reassembled, levitated and slightly re-programed by our very own wonderfully talented kids.”

    Leia snorted,
    “I am happily surprised that droid’s in one piece. Let’s hope he survives the next generation.”

    Noticing Jered’s unease, Han questioned,
    “Something up?”

    Rubbing his neck in irritation, Jered shrugged stiffly,
    “I don’t know. I hope not. But I’ve just received word from one of our contacts on Mrlsst … Tahiri didn’t show up for a meeting.”

    “Was her cover blown?”

    “You think she might have been captured?”

    Glancing over his shoulder, to make certain Ethan wasn’t close enough to hear, the younger man replied,

    Unconsciously Leia brushed her upper arms, where she had scars from her own capture. They had held her immobile with drugs and taken her blood. Whoever they were, and they still didn’t know, they didn’t care much for their captives’ health.

    Han pulled Leia to him, tucking her underneath his shoulder. He didn’t want her to recall her own horrid experience.

    To Jered, he said confidently,
    “Tahiri is a bright soul, don’t doubt her just yet.”

    I’m trying not to. Jered thought wordlessly. Come back to me, Tahiri.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Ethan is a darling and totally belongs in this family [face_laugh] [face_mischief] The H/L - excellently tender and IC. =D= :eek: on Tahiri's silence and they don't know who the captors are. [face_worried] That means they've been too clever by half and haven't left any kind of trail. [face_thinking]
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    [face_laugh] I guess it's a decent start, anyway...

    “having Force-sensitive kids means there’s never a dull moment. C3PO has been deactivated, unassembled, reassembled, levitated and slightly re-programed by our very own wonderfully talented kids.”
    Re-programmed, eh? Did they at least make him marginally less annoying? that possible? :p

    As ever, my intrigue heightens! Poor Jaina... I hope Jag at least knows or will know soon that she's been recovered. :(
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    “Hmm,” Jered leaned forward to enquire seriously, “was that before or after you deactivated C3PO?”

    Nice. Very much like his Aunt and Uncle, Ethan is. It's a wonder Threepio is still in one piece.
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    LexiLupin: Haha I'm sorry but C3PO is destined to BE annoying.. Ahh interesting you mention Jag.. he's coming back... as are others..;)

    ccp: As always thanks for reading!:D

    Jedi_Lover: Kids are adorable and sometimes right on the money .. Cheers for clicking and commenting..:)

    SiouxFan: Lol, I kno right! Glad ya enjoyed.. more on way..[face_mischief]
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    Comments welcome..
    This is about to slowly set up the dark stuff.. but don't fear.. you'll soon have family & friends reunions too with the chaos.. enjoy!:) .. [face_devil]


    [Empire Region. Planet Bastion. Imperial Palace.]

    “Your Highness.”

    “It’s been a long time, Aunt.”

    Faintly Iella smiled,
    “Too long.”

    On edge, suspicious, he did not rise to his feet to greet.

    At his desk, Jag sat back. He returned her soft smile with one of his own but the light never truly reached his eyes.

    With wisdom and attentiveness beyond his years, he searched his aunt’s expression, attire and body language. As expected all of her appearance was precise and smart.

    Casually, he pointed to the insignia upon her dark jacket,
    “Should I be worried that I don’t know what that stands for? You better be here of your own free will. If I find out this is some Republic trick -”

    “- I volunteered.” Iella spoke openly, “Though I know how this might appear. I joined the EDA. I think it’s a just organization. But you’re right … it is part of the Republic.”

    Strumming the desk with deft fingers, Fel cut to the chase,
    “What do you want?”

    “Men, resources and aid. Discreet aid of course. I come on behalf of the Republic and more specifically Racon Gerreon.” His aunt spoke candidly, “The Head of State is going to issue a ceasefire. He wishes for peace between us. But he does not believe that all of the Republic military will heed his direct order. We have lost control of several fleets and systems. Some of our own military forces have become entities onto themselves. When the order to stand-down is given in a few days’ time, the newly formed Elite Democratic Authority is going to monitor and detain any Republic forces that disobey. But if we’re honest, the EDA doesn’t have enough men and ships to control the situation if it does turn sour …”

    “So,” Jagged Fel leaned across his desk to say solemnly, “you wish for assistance from me, my soldiers and fleets?”

    “If possible.” Iella replied earnestly, “Racon truly wishes for peace, Fel. He fears his own forces will jeopardise this truce he is trying so hard to create. He’ll pay you handsomely for your support.”

    For a moment, Jag didn’t respond. His troubled emerald eyes grew distant. Uninterestedly he gazed down at his marble desk. This could be a false agreement. The Republic would take advantage of his family connections if possible.

    Deep down, Jag wanted to believe this was a real offer of reconciliation, between the Republic and his Empire. He wanted this madness to end like Racon, if Racon truly desired it too.

    Trust. It was in short supply these days. He glimpsed up one last time to his aunt’s sombre face. He saw no lies there. Only hope, fleeting as it may be, for help and the war’s end.

    Deadly serious, Jag rose from his seat and answered,
    “Alright. I’ll give this arrangement one chance. You’ll receive one armada for one mission. If all goes well and there are no deceptions I will consider sending more aid. Don’t try to keep information from me. I will be updated regularly. And if I so much as sense the Republic is about to double-cross me I will not hesitate to attack with full force. Do I make myself clear?”

    “Perfectly, your grace.”

    For a long while silence settled between them.

    The commlink on his desk sounded,
    “Sire, ready when you are.”

    Iella raised an eyebrow,
    “Going somewhere important?”

    Eyes blazing with determination, Jag nodded,
    “I’ve word from Jacen … he may have found my children … and Jaina.”

    [Outer Rim. Atrivis Sector. Mantooine. Village Detavele.]

    In civilian clothes, Jysella walked up to the small house that sat intertwined in the rich trees of the forest.

    Briskly her heavy boots hit the soil as she walked. With plain black trousers and cream vest that clung to her in the light breeze, she appeared healthier, fitter and refreshed. Jag’s Imperials had followed his orders to the letter, offering her medical attention, food, clothes and her own transport. She would never forget Fel’s kindness or his honourable soldiers.

    She knocked on the door and waited a few seconds.

    A moment later, little Gabriela Skywalker opened the entrance with a warm smile.

    “Jysella! Come on in.” The young Skywalker shouted back towards the living room, “Jysella is here!”

    As she stepped into the hallway, Mirax rushed her with a crushing hug. Her father, Corran, soon followed suit. All of them laughed and held onto one another tightly. The relief was obvious.

    “Are you okay?” Mirax pulled back to inspect her, “Were you hurt?”

    “What happened?” Corran asked impatiently, “We thought the worst.”

    Overwhelmed with joy, Jysella replied,
    “I’m fine, honestly, I am. I was caught by some Republic scum. They wanted information and to try some kind of experimentation. I managed to escape them, only to have a very bad misunderstanding with some Imperials. But it turned out fine. In the end.”

    Kissing her forehead again, her mother whispered,
    “I’m so glad you’re okay.”

    “We all are.” At the living room entrance her adopted brother Casey stood wearing a welcoming grin, “Good to have you back, Jys.”

    Pointing to his bandaged shoulder and chest, Jysella extracted herself from her parents and stepped forward,
    “Casey, what happened?”

    The disheartened young man glimpsed down at his dressings and explained,
    “I was stupid. I levitated a cargo box when I thought no one was looking. Bunch of thugs, one of them Yuuzhan Vong, jumped me. They thought I was Jedi. I nearly di-”

    “-Come on,” Corran cut in smoothly, “we’re all here safe and sound, that’s what counts now. Let’s join the rest, we have much to discuss and decide.”

    “Decide? On what?” Jysella uttered distractedly as she followed them into the Skywalkers home.

    On the main sofa Lando Calrissian sat talking with Luke and Mara. The conversation looked serious. There was tension in the air.

    “.. I don’t know about this.” Luke sighed, “We’ve been betrayed by the Republic before. I have no respect or trust for it anymore. Why should I help? My patience has run out. I refuse to play a game with someone else making up the rules. Who’s to say the Republic won’t just turn on us once again after we’ve aided them?”

    “I know you have your reservations-”

    “You don’t know the half of it, Calrissian.” Mara added in curtly, “People have died because we were deceived by the Republic, good people, beings with homes and children.”

    “I know.” Lando fixed her with a sad stare, “And don’t think for one second I am defending the Republic in this. They have harassed me for information on you both and other Jedi. But it’s not the majority of the Republic which are responsible for these illegal interrogations. Those bullying and threatening are part of fractions, very immoral fractions, which despise Force-sensitive beings. These fractions are what Racon wants controlled and contained.”

    Calrissian looked at Luke and added, “The EDA is going to help with the cease-fire. Any who disobey the truce will be captured and punished. This is a chance to end the conflict and confusion. Racon is a good being, he wants peace and stability for all. He has faith in the Jedi and other Force-sensitive beings. And he intends to support you whether you re-establish the order or not. You knew Racon before he came to power. Don’t you feel anything genuine from him or this request?”

    To the side the Horn family stood silently, waiting and watching. They didn’t want to add to the argument. All of them had lost hope in government and the current state of the universe. But if there was a small chance of pushing back these dark times they were all curious to hear it.

    Jysella observed how Luke Skywalker’s eyes darkened as he rubbed his jaw in irritation, his face one of doubt and turmoil. Clearly he couldn’t see this situation in plain black or white. Over the last several months the situation across the galaxy had become complicated.

    Finally Skywalker replied,
    “Racon has always seemed sincere to me and towards other Force-sensitive beings. I want to trust him. But …” he flicked a quick glance at Casey and continued, “we have suffered a great deal and I’m not sure I want to jeopardize more family or friends.”

    Understanding, Lando nodded,
    “I know this is difficult to consider. But you’re not the only one Racon has reached out to. He has also asked Jagged Fel for support. We would all be part of the EDA, mostly undercover. Our main task would be to halt any unlawful conflict. Then to investigate those who have disobeyed and disgraced the Republic. Those found guilty will be imprisoned. When the situation is finally under control, huge parts of the Republic military are to be disbanded and the Senate is to work out the next stage through a series of talks. With that aside, Racon is aware of several illegal medical trials happening across the galaxy. The reports have varied but there is no doubt that many anti-Force-sensitive groups are behind them. Racon is requesting EDA teams to investigate and stop these abominations also.”

    “What has Jag said?”

    “He’s agreed to help, in secret and with very clear rules of engagement. Fel bluntly warned that any betrayal will mean a full scale invasion from the Empire.”

    Smiling with no humour, Mara said,
    “Sounds like he feels the same way …”

    “Indeed.” Lando exhaled tiredly, “Look, I’m not the Republic’s biggest fan either. But I would like an end to this war. I’m helping as a contact and transporter. Racon offers all who aid decent payments and immunity across all regions. If you want to assist he’ll be very grateful. If not … then he’ll understand. As will I.”

    Luke was about to decline the offer when he felt a surge of energy. It was raw, formidable and intense. Grief so sudden and darkening rippled through his insides. The pain was unbelievably crushing.

    Beside him, Mara paled visibly, as she too sensed the overwhelming wave of Force power.

    But the wave of heartache boiling in the Force was not their own.

    Gripping Luke’s arm, Mara whispered, her words full of worry,
    “It’s Ben …”

    He nodded.

    Lando frowned.

    And Gabriela’s eyes flooded with tears.
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    Suspenseful and scary ending aside, what a fun chapter! I love Iella, very exciting to see her pop up!
    And I love Jag of course.. ;)

    So Jacen thinks he's found something but Han & Leia have already found Jaina... epic family reunion approaching?