Beyond - Legends Blackened Faith (J/J, Fel Empire, conflict, drama) [SITH_MAYO] Up 09/29 Skywalkers back? Peace .?

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    Oddly, I do as well, and I NEVER thought I'd say that.

    Nothing says 'True Love' like being thrown up on! (always a fun experience) I love the way Danni can shunt her pain and focus on what matters. Oh, and if Kyp hurts her---I'm going to break his legs. ;)
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    Finally got around to this..anxious to find out what's going on

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    Jedi_Lover: Thanks for clicking.. I know.. Poor Durron.:(

    Jade_eyes: Cheers! Doesn't he just?!;)

    SiouxFan: Glad ya got some sympathy for Durron.. And don't worry he loves Danni very much.

    EmeraldJediFire: More will be revealed soon.. Thanks for reading!:)
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    Okay.. So in next clip I wasn't aiming to stay very true to cannon characterization..
    But you guys know that by now..;)

    Hope you enjoy!
    Comments welcome..


    [Unknown Regions. On board Star Destroyer the Dark Goddess. Jacen Solo’s Private Chambers.]

    “So it’s true ...”

    “Yes.” Solo replied, “DNA tests confirmed what I already sensed. The twins are yours. Yours and Jaina’s.”

    Yanking off his last leather glove, Jag strode further into the room. His unblinking eyes were fixed upon the two small cots. Heart pounding in disbelief and throat closing up with emotions he thought almost buried beyond recalling, Jag stood by the cribs and gazed down at their occupants.

    Two very small babies lied slumbering, their tiny faces pure and peaceful. Their little fingers, so delicate, curled and straightened as they slept. Both had plump rosy cheeks and cute button noses. Upon their heads each had a small dusting of brown hair; one slightly darker in colour than the other. Identically they were dressed in simple grey bodysuits. So beautifully petite, in every way, they were perfect.

    So these were his boys.

    Jag exhaled a sigh of relief that turned into a small breathy chuckle.

    He couldn’t believe it. After all the waiting and wondering, he finally had his children. They were safe, unharmed and gorgeous. Silently he thanked the Force over and over for such a blessing.

    With watery eyes, Jag leaned down to extract one of the babes from their blankets. Lifting his son up, his grip on the tiny infant was sure, though his body trembled slightly with new emotions.

    Infinitely careful, he cradled the child to his chest, his face staring down at his precious son with such devotion and awe.

    This was what it was like. Finally he felt the parental pang, the overwhelming surges of pride, joy and tenderness so concentrated it made his heart constrict.

    Smiling through unshed tears, Fel glimpsed up at Jacen and asked hoarsely,
    “How do I look?”

    Smirking with understanding, Solo answered warmly,
    “Like a new man.”

    “Jaina always joked I would be the one to cry.”

    “Real men cry, your grace.”

    Rubbing briefly at his left eye, Jag snorted,
    “I don’t know. It’s not very fitting for an emperor.”

    Laughing merrily, Jacen replied,
    “Perhaps. But it is very fitting for a first time father.”

    “I agree.” Gazing back down at the gorgeous bundle in his arms, Jag grinned, “But if anyone breathes a word of my weakness I’ll personally see them thrown into a trash compactor.”

    “In that case I saw nothing, sire.”

    Content for the first time in weeks, Jag rested his forehead ever-so-lightly upon his baby boy’s and whispered,
    “She’s coming little man, your mother will be with us soon. And when she is, I swear I will never let any of you out of my sight again.”

    “You’ve heard from Jaina?” Solo frowned, “Is she alright?”

    Looking back at Jacen, Jag noted the uncertain concern in his expression and realised Solo wasn’t up-to-date on recent events.
    “I spoke with her a few hours ago. Forgive me I thought you knew, she’s alive, a little fragile though. She’s in good hands, with your parents, they found her and are bringing her here shortly.”

    All breath left Jacen in an instant. He sat down on the sofa and collected himself. He’d known all along that his twin was still living. After her abduction however their bond had suffered a terrible fragmentation, unable to communicate clearly, eventually barely able to sense each other at all. Still Jacen had never once considered his sister dead.

    Now though, to hear the news, Jaina was alive and on her way here in the safety of their parents. Solo was struck with such immense relief he’d lost all thought.

    Still holding his son, Jag took a seat opposite,
    “I’m sorry Jace, I honestly thought you were aware of Jaina and her rescue.”

    With a bright smile, Jacen spoke kindly,
    “It doesn’t matter. I know now. All that matters is that she is safe. And finally coming back to us, and the boys.”

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    Okay...I have to call you on this. You want me to believe that two babies were napping at the same time!!! And after you got two babies to sleep at the same time Jag picked one up!! You never pick up sleeping babies unless the house is on fire. And third, the baby didn't start screaming when he picked one up!?!?
    Can you tell I dealt with colicky babies? I guess Jag can pick up a sleeping baby because he didn't stay up all night trying to get them to sleep. :p

    I am glad Jag has his children and Jacen now knows his sister is alright. Nice update!
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    I knoooooooooooooooooooooooo! And on some level I completely agree they shouldn't be sound asleep.. I myself have twin sisters 15yrs my junior.. and I remember when they were babies how they woke up, continuously throughout the night, setting each other off.. ohhh those were tiring times..[face_sigh]I-)
    But I wanted Jag to have some 'aww' moment.. so I took writing liberties..;):p
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    JL: Well, Jag's a new Dad--he'll figure it out soon enough! In fact, in about 8 hours!

    Nice brother-in-law bonding scene--there is only a few scenes in profic with Jacen and Jagged and they were always a fun read for me. Thanks!
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    Superbly delightful. Jag deserves such a moment :* and so do the readers :p [:D] !!
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    D'awwwww! Very sweet indeed.
    And LOL at everything Jedi_Lover said. :p
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    SiouxFan: Lol indeed Jag will find out soon enough..:p Glad ya enjoyed the Jag&Jacen brother-in-law moment.

    Jade_eyes: Thanks!;) Exactly I agree!

    LexiLupin: Cheers.. I kno.. J_L is on the money haha!
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    Okay few surprises coming.. Hope you enjoy!
    Next Ben and Siena.. and someone we met earlier.
    Then the Skywalkers...
    Comments welcome!


    [Inner Rim. On board Bothan Cruiser Ollopa.]

    From a distance she watched the scene unfold …

    Trembling, aglow with power, Ben knelt beside Siena’s pale lifeless body. To his side Siena’s spirit stood, terribly anxious, continuously trying to reach through to him.

    “Ben don’t! This is wrong! You can’t do this!” Siena cried in her ghostly form, desperately, “Ben please! You have to stop! Ben!”

    Skywalker didn’t respond.

    Ignoring her, he raised his palms just above her limp form and concentrated his Force influence. With a roar, unimaginable energy surged within him, crackling and hissing with dark allure. Blue flickers of lightning arced from his hands into Siena’s body with such ferocity her arms and legs twitched.

    At that moment, Siena’s aura screamed as she began to fade away,
    “Ben! Noooo!”

    When her spirit vanished, the power pulsed violently, lightning flashed brighter and Ben yelled brokenly. Seconds later, the energy abruptly extinguished, Skywalker collapsed to his side and Siena gasped awake, living and breathing once more.

    Cloaked in the Force, she’d witnessed the whole thing and Tahiri just couldn’t believe it. Skywalker had done the impossible. He’d brought someone back from death. He’d manipulated fate itself. It was incredible and horrific.

    Too shocked to move, Tahiri gazed on …

    Weakly Siena crawled closer to Skywalker, her voice raspy,

    When he lifted his head, she recoiled in fear. He tried to grab her but she feebly kicked him away. In disgust she shook her head, muttered words of denial and then attempted to get up to run. Anger suddenly engulfed the room, the Force almost crackled with it, as Ben caught her ankle and yanked her back to him. Frightened, Siena fought and struggled against his hold, her breathing panicky.

    After several moves, Ben had her trapped under his weight. Face to face, his hips lied between her thighs with his arms trapping hers above her head, completely at his mercy. Siena cried out, tears stained her cheeks and still she wrestled to escape him.

    “Siena, stop, stop this instant.” Ben’s voice was rough.

    Weepily, she stared up at him and whispered sadly,
    “You’re not Ben.”

    Calming slightly, he answered,
    “I am Ben, your Ben, I always will be.”

    “Your eyes say differently …”

    “My eyes?” He frowned, “My eyes don’t change how I feel for you.”

    Defeated, Siena slumped back and gazed up at him. Nose to nose they shared a sorrowful look of understanding. Her dark eyes reflected the flaming red of his, her expression was a torn mixture of distress and adoration. Spellbound by her beauty, Ben’s features softened, as did his grip.

    Before she could grow fearful again, he leaned across the scant few centimetres and captured her mouth with his. Siena stilled. Part of her knew she should fight. But the moment his soft lips brushed hers she knew she was forever lost. For better or worse, with blue eyes or red, she loved him wholly.

    Moaning in surrender, Siena kissed him back. Her lips firmly locked to his and their tongues lavishly tangled. Passionate and tender they kissed as if their very existence depended on it. Absorbing her acceptance, he groaned.

    When they parted, Ben whispered, his voice thick with emotion,
    “Marry me Siena … I want no one else but you.”

    Stunned she looked up at him absolutely speechless. As she saw his eyes swirl gradually from red to the gorgeous blue she remembered and loved, she absentmindedly nodded and uttered a ‘yes’ against his demanding lips as he kissed her senseless once again.

    “Sorry to interrupt,” A female’s voice echoed from other the end of the room, “but several men are on their way to imprison you!”

    Aghast, both Siena and Ben jumped apart. Recalling their dangerous situation, Ben swore under his breath and helped Siena up as they rose to their feet. Unable to fully sense their intruder, he subtly placed Siena behind his body as he squinted in the direction of the voice.

    “Who are you? Show yourself!”

    From the shadows, into the blinking lights, Tahiri stepped forward. Her unusual brunette hair was a mess, her clothes were worn and her skin dotted with bruises. In that moment, Ben and Tahiri shared a long look. He understood that she had been mistreated as they had. And she knew exactly what he’d done to escape and hold Siena once more.

    Wordlessly they nodded at one another. They would talk later, privately, about their encounter and more. Now though, they were relieved. For they were allies and more importantly they were family, which meant they had each other’s backs.

    Throwing a spare blaster to the young Skywalker, Tahiri spoke determinedly,
    “We have to get to the main controls at the bridge to send a distress signal. You ready?”

    Gripping the gun Ben answered confidently,

    [Inner Rim. On board Jade Shadow. Skywalkers’ Private Chambers.]

    “B-Ben .. Ben .. No!” Gasping awake, Luke sat upright in the double bed, his chest heaving and forehead glistening with sweat.

    It hadn’t been just a dream. Unconsciously he knew he’d stretched out and sensed through the Force, searching for his son. Somehow he’d felt him, and the darkness he’d embraced.

    Shakily Luke pushed away the covers and sat perched on the bunk. He stared at his unsteady hands and grimaced as he recalled the image of Ben and his hands shooting out currents of incredible Force lightning.

    Skywalker had witnessed his own son’s blue eyes transform into a terrible raging red. And though he wished to deny it, Luke knew it was somehow true, Ben had touched and consumed a dark part of the Force and its ferocity had been close to godly.

    It had not been a nightmare.

    It was a vision, brought from the present, crystal clear in its detail.

    To himself, Luke murmured under his breath,
    “Please, no, it cannot be …”

    Clutching his head in his hands, Luke closed his eyes and tried to rid the picture of his son’s demonic eyes.

    He himself had experienced such blackening of the soul. And he knew how devastating it could be. Luke had hoped his son would be spared such an experience. Now all he could pray for was that Ben was strong enough to let go of it.

    Darkness brought such power it could be addictive, blinding the user to reality and turning them egotistical. It could rule over someone, their judgement and relationships. Such awful energy could taint someone beyond repair.

    Luke winced. He kept seeing the fire in his boy’s gaze. And it made him sick.

    Groggily, Mara turned over and reached out to him.
    “Luke? What is it?”

    Twisting around, he gazed down at her and answered quietly,
    “I think our son is close …”

    Waking up slightly, Mara shifted closer,
    “You’ve sensed him?”

    “Yes.” Luke swallowed, “And he’s in more trouble than we thought.”

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    Wow, intense and moving. Glad Tahiri and Ben and Siena have met up. :) What if anything can Ben's parents do to help? [face_worried]
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    Very intense. Nice update.
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    What is it with the Skywalker family and the Dark side? As JL once told me, 'the Skywalkers turn dark if they don't get their morning donut.' (Well, okay, I'm paraphrasing a bit ;))

    I repose this question: does doing a dark act make one dark? Or does intent matter? ***dodges things thrown by JL (where'd she get a shovel??)***

    It's good to see Tahiri again, it looks as if she's been through a LOT.
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    Jade_eyes: Cheers, don't fret the Skywalkers can always help..;)

    Jedi_Lover: Thanks! More soon!

    EmeraldJediFire: [face_blush]Cheers, always good to hear..

    SiouxFan: Lol, good point.. maybe it's a right of passage for Skywalkers to know all sides of the Force, light and dark..?:p Tahiri has sadly been through loads and we'll hear all about it very soon...
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    Okay been a while.. so sorry lil late ..

    Next post is a mix of different characters, glimpses but throughout is a speech from Head of State which is being spoken around same time as these scenes..
    Hope you enjoy.
    Comments welcome!:)


    Core Worlds. Coruscant. Republic Senate, Head of State Racon Gerreon speech:

    “I have convened this session of the Republic senate to issue an announcement. As Head of State, I speak to you all today with great sadness and total conviction. These past several months we have voted to a wage war on which there were no just reasons to so. We have erupted violence from our own foolish prejudices and irrational fears. The menace we now live with grows with each passing day. We have lost our ability to trust those we once called friend or ally. Innocent civilians, young, old, rich and poor have suffered by our careless decisions and actions.”

    Mid Rim. On Board the Bothan Assault Cruiser Star Crusher.

    “Welcome aboard, Antilles.” The greying Bothan greeted from the main bridge, “Here to inspect I see.”

    “I’m afraid it’s more complicated than that. But I would like to say thank you for allowing us on board. Your cooperation will be noted.” In his new dark green uniform, trim and sure, Wedge added sadly, “Admiral Kilipp T’Onosy you are under arrest for crimes against innocent civilians throughout the Mid Rim and Outer Rim. Several cases of which involve Bothan Space, Hutt Space and the Mytaranor Sector-”

    “What!” The admiral strode towards Wedge and his EDA team with a threatening expression, “This is outrageous! I will have you disgraced for this! Mark my words!”

    Signally for his team to take their positions, Wedge continued calmly,
    “- You stand accused of unjust actions of violence and disobeying direct orders from the Senate. Your fleet is to be grounded and impounded immediately. You will be transported and imprisoned to Coruscant until your trial. You do not have to say anything. But anything you do say may be used against you in a court of law.”

    Calling his security, Kilipp sneered,
    “You just made a huge mistake!”

    “No,” Antilles aimed his blaster on the Bothan, “you did that a long time ago, sir.”

    Without another word, the trigged was pulled and the admiral was stunned. He collapsed to the ground with a thud. His security force started to respond with return fire.

    In the background Bothan personnel abandoned their desks and ran for cover. A couple of the EDA squad took this opportunity to take over certain control panels and system controls. Quickly they jammed Bothan signals, halted any hyperspace jump sequences and shut down weapons.

    After his men had finished stunning or capturing the small security unit, Wedge pulled out his comm link and ordered to his own taskforce,
    “Reveal. Reveal now.”

    Through the bridge windows, in the blackness of space, suddenly tens and dozens of Republic Lurker Ships flickered into view.

    Flicking a main comm station to life, Wedge grabbed the mike and his voice boomed through the entire Bothan fleet,
    “This is EDA Commander Antilles, Admiral T’Onosy has been detained for crimes against the state. This fleet is to be escorted to Bothan Space where it will be grounded and held in reserve. To resist is to be considered a traitor to the Republic you serve and harsh actions will be taken. Course headings are being sent to you all now, we expect full cooperation. You are surrounded by an EDA fleet, of which you see a tiny fraction, if you wish to try your luck with the rest you will not be treated leniently, thank you for your cooperation.”

    Core Worlds. Coruscant. Republic Senate, Head of State Racon Gerreon speech continues:

    “Let us be clear … This appalling conflict was caused by differing opinions on Force-Sensitive beings and their rights. I know we are still divided on this subject. I also know the Force-Sensitive beings we fear are also afraid. For they too have livelihoods to keep and families to protect, and they strive, as do we, to make their way in this universe, which is the right of every being, Force-Sensitive or not. Whether you agree or disagree, order must be righted.”

    [Inner Rim. On board Jade Shadow. Med Chamber.]

    “Lay her down.” Mara directed, “Carefully.”

    Mutely, Ben followed his mother’s order and placed an unconscious Tahiri onto the small bed. Her head lolled to the side, lips parted and eyelids shut. She was out cold. Her dark dyed hair was tangled. Bruises patterned her fair skin. And injection marks covered one of her arms.

    Young Skywalker stepped away so his mother could inspect and care for her. Slightly shocked, he gazed on and watched.

    He, Tahiri and Siena had successfully made it to the bridge of the Bothan cruiser. There had been fights around every corner, too many close calls and near hits to count. At the main controls Tahiri had sent out a distress call. Whilst momentarily distracted protecting Siena, Ben had been too late to cover Tahiri.

    From behind she’d been shot in the shoulder and back. Ben had quickly taken the attacker down, only to turn and find Tahiri slumped over the control panels trembling.

    “Is she going to make it?” Siena whispered.

    Blurry eyed, Ben turned to her and tried to speak. But nothing came out.

    Understanding, Siena silently took his hand in hers and inclined her head. Tightly their fingers intertwined, both needing the small physical connection. Together they stared at Tahiri’s fragile form and waited.

    His mother was examining as fast as possible. Yet as the minutes went by Tahiri seemed to be paling faster. In the Force her presence began to dim like a flame starting to flicker against a strong breeze, struggling to maintain its existence.

    The quiet was interrupted by the sudden mechanical murmur. A whir and slight shudder meant the ship’s engines had fired up for lightspeed. They were safe and moving.

    After several unbearably long seconds, Ben grew sick with tension as he sensed something was wrong.

    Letting go of Siena, he moved to the bedside and uttered desperately,
    “Is-s sh-she … I can h-help. Mum, pl-please I can help h-her …”

    Finished with connecting Tahiri to the last monitor system, Mara glimpsed up to her shaken son and said softly,
    “She will make it, Ben. I know it. You need to calm down.”

    With his fists clenching and unclenching, his face flushed red and his eyes awash with tears, Ben shook his head,
    “I-I can save h-her … L-Let me.”

    Tentatively, Siena spoke,
    “Maybe he could. I saw him … He saved me on the cruiser.”

    As Mara frowned at the young girl’s words, the monitors beeped to life with Tahiri’s vitals. Attentively she looked over the data displayed and then grabbed a scanner to check over certain wounds for more details. It took many minutes to go over but Mara had to be sure, so she could treat properly.

    Beside her, Ben stood rigid, on the verge of a break down.

    With a small sigh of relief, she realised Tahiri would live, though recovery would take a few days without a bacta tank. Mara felt for the younger woman, she looked like she’d been through a warzone or maybe more.

    She quickly linked Tahiri to a nutrient drip and bandaged some of the worst wounds.

    To her distraught son, Mara rose and explained,
    “She’ll make it. Luckily that son of sith was a bad shot. He didn’t hit any major organs. It’ll take a few days but she will recover.”

    Shaking his head, Ben almost yelled,
    “D-Don’t you feel it? She’s dying!”

    Firmly, yet also as sympathetic as possible, Mara responded,
    “Ben you must calm yourself. Tahiri is drawing in on herself. Her body is in shock. Her presence may appear to be fading but if you concentrate you’ll sense that she’s conserving what little energy she has left to go into a healing trance.”

    After a more thorough scan with his senses Ben realised the truth in her words and sagged with relief. Both Mara and Siena caught him before his knees hit the floor. They aided him to the only other bed.

    All the exhaustion and stress had finally hit him. Suddenly his body felt heavy and his muscles lethargic, Ben lied back and for once didn’t fight the weariness.

    “Ben?” His mother’s voice grew gentle, “Ben?”

    He waved her concern away, his eyes closing, as he mumbled,
    “I’m fine .. I just .. need to rest a moment.”

    “Think you need several moments, son.” She stroked a hand through his hair and kissed his brow before standing. Mara turned her full attention upon the young woman Siena and demanded simply, “What happened? Tell me everything.”

    Core Worlds. Coruscant. Republic Senate, Head of State Racon Gerreon speech continues:

    “It has come to light that our own military forces, even some of the most respected leaders, have committed atrocities across the galaxy, capturing, tormenting and killing innocent beings. These military personnel have gone above their duties, taking justice into their own hands and are a disgrace to us. As of now, I am issuing the command for all Republic military forces to cease fire and stand down. Any forces that refuse to obey my will, the will of the Republic, they will be declared traitors and arrested. This truce is in effect immediately. Those who resist will be detained via a new security organization called the Elite Democratic Authority or EDA. This body has the means and measures to seize anyone they consider a threat and have my full support to use force if necessary.”

    [Core Worlds. Coruscant. Jarafora Casino.]

    “Mind if I cut in?”

    Casto Porfeus glimpsed up from his cards to find a tall elderly gentleman standing by the table. He was well dressed in a plain black suit and held himself with confidence which either suggested military or wealth. Casto hope it was the latter as he loved to bleed people of their riches.

    Indicating a chair, Casto responded curtly,
    “Park or move on sir. You’re choice.”

    The stranger sat and ignored the cards dealt to him.

    Slightly peeved, Casto grated,
    “This is not an art gallery old man.”

    “Oh I know.” He responded smugly, “I just want to watch your face as you lose.”

    Porfeus snorted. That would be a warm day on Hoth, he thought. He never lost. And vowed he never would.

    “In that case you’re gonna be sat there an awfully long time.”

    “No. Only two minutes in fact.”

    Frowning at his hand, Casto’s irritation grew, it never took much to rile him up but this guy was breaking a record.

    “If you’ve come to undermine me -”

    “- I’m here to arrest you senator.”

    That made him laugh, loudly.

    “Uh huh yeah right,” Casto chuckled, “now move along you old fossil before I get security.”

    The stranger pulled a blaster from his jacket and slammed it onto the table aiming at the senator, his finger ready on the trigger. On cue the dealer and two other players got up, casually walking away from the game.

    Remarkably Casto grinned,
    “It’s been a while since anyone’s had the guts to threaten me, you sure you wanna do this?”

    As he subtly slipped his hand down to his leg holster to find his own weapon, a muzzle of a blaster pressed against his neck from behind. Casto froze with realisation. He was surrounded.

    Across the table, the gentleman gave a winning smile and stated simply,
    “Senator Casto Porfeus you’re under arrest for suspicion of bribery, theft and of being connected to illegal trafficking. You do not have to say anything but anything you do say can be used as evidence.”

    With a blaster still held on him, Casto had no choice but to allow the unidentifiable soldiers to cuff him.

    Wearing a face like thunder, he asked the older man,
    “Who are you?”

    “Me? Corran Horn, former Jedi Master. Newly appointed EDA captain.”

    “You’ll regret this.”

    “Actually I intend to enjoy this.” Corran leaned forward to add darkly, “You’re going to get what you deserve Porfeus.” To his men he ordered, “Get him outta here. Quietly.”

    “I hope you’ve got your family somewhere safe, Horn. ‘Cause I have contacts everywhere.” Casto bragged with a cold glint in his eyes, “I’ll make sure you regret coming out of hiding.”

    Contemplatively, Corran watched as the smirking senator was escorted out.

    Core Worlds. Coruscant. Republic Senate, Head of State Racon Gerreon speech continues:

    “As of this moment the Republic is no longer at war with Force-Sensitive beings of any classification or the Empire. It is time to admit our faults. We must stand back and assess ourselves: the corruption in our military, the distrust in our senate and the brutalities we have allowed to happen. This great government once stood for all that is just, tolerant and faithful. Let it shine once more with these values. Fears lead us down dark dangerous paths. Trust in this moment of change. Have hope and let us steer our society back into the light where it belongs. Where we may, if the gods will it, find peace, security and prosperity for all.”

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    Yes! Loved Wedge and Corran taking care of business in a cool, Correllian fashion. I'm glad Tahiri is gonna make it, too. I, like Ben, was afraid she was Force-hampered.
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    Brilliant, glad things are looking up.
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    Jedi_Lover: Thanks!

    Jade_eyes: Gotta hand it to those Correllians they know how to do it.;) Tahiri is thankfully ok. As for others like Kyp.. we'll have to see. Cheers!

    EmeraldJediFire: Thanks for clicking, glad ya liking..
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    Next up..
    More good looking Jacen and intriguing Hera... Then the Skywalker boys..:)
    Hope you enjoy.. Comments welcome!


    [Unknown Regions. On board Star Destroyer the Dark Goddess. Jacen Solo’s Private Chambers.]

    Abruptly Jacen jolted upright in bed, the sheets wrinkled at his waist and beads of perspiration lined his forehead. He hadn’t felt right all night. And his sleep had been nothing but restless.

    Tugging off the bedding, Jacen wiped his forearm over his brow and frowned.

    He sensed something, or rather someone, was unsettled. He’d felt it over the last couple days. And he knew exactly who he kept accidentally linking to. The brunette. The pilot with crystal blue eyes, Hera Assandra.

    Since he’d spoken with her in the medical centre, after her uncontrollable outburst, he’d caught glimmers of her confusion and hurt through the Force. She didn’t mean to project of course. It was like he had somehow attuned himself to her.

    Each time he was touched by her bewildering sadness, his heart twisted.

    The urge to go to her had his stomach tying itself up into knots. Every time he’d taken a step in the direction of the medical ward he’d corrected himself. Though it was becoming increasingly difficult to walk away. Part of him needed to be there, with her, the stranger, Hera.

    Jacen shook his head.

    These possessively protective thoughts were driving him mad because they made no sense. Why would he possibly desire to comfort a woman he barely knew?

    Irritated at himself, Jacen got up and paced the length of his room. He rubbed his jaw, then pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. It was no good. He could not rid himself of these bizarre feelings. And deep down he was curious about Hera, who she was, what had happened to her and how they were linked.

    Deciding on a course of action, Jacen went to his wardrobe and yanked on a few casual items. Once dressed he headed to the medical centre, to her.

    [Unknown Regions. On board Star Destroyer the Dark Goddess. Medical Centre.]

    Quietly Jacen entered the ward. It was dimly lit to allow patients to sleep. A few med-droids patrolled around monitoring continuously. The only noise was that of medical machines beeping. All of the patients were unconscious, except one.

    Unlike the others Hera was awake. And in contrast to the rest, she was rigid with tension. Jacen sensed her frustration; it hit him in waves, growing stronger each time.

    He walked over, noting her fetal position and tense shoulders. As he came closer he spotted the datapad and medical instruments that hung suspended in mid-air at the bedside.

    Hera didn’t react when he stood by her. Perfectly still, she lied on her side, hugging her legs to her chest, arms straining with holding herself so tightly.

    Jacen reached out to grab the floating datapad but stopped when Hera finally whispered,
    “I k-keep doing th-that .. making things .. levitate. And I-I don’t know how!”

    It was then he gazed down and caught sight of her tears. She looked so angry and yet scared all at once. This was woman who clearly didn’t like to show weakness and was furious with herself for being unable to hide it.

    Smoothly, Jacen took hold of the datapad at the same time as Force floating other items down to the nearby table.

    “I don’t pretend to understand what you’re going through,” He spoke gently, “but I would like to help if I can.”

    With glistening blue eyes she stared up at him,

    Placing the pad on a desk, Jacen explained,
    “I can teach you techniques of control.”

    “What about .. clearing my head of other peoples’ thoughts and f-feelings?”

    Nodding an understanding, he replied,
    “Shielding can stop that. I could coach you in several methods.”

    Squeezing her tired eyes shut, Hera rubbed a hand over her brow and huffed weakly,
    “Everything is so damn loud. M-My head is killing me!”

    “Here, allow me.” Jacen took her hand away, holding it in his, whilst his other hand palmed her forehead.

    Using the Force he emitted a small amount of healing energy, enough to ease her headache. With the rest of his presence he radiated calm and allowed it to flow over Hera like a balm. As her expression relaxed her body began to loosen up also. Eventually she let go of her legs and shifted to get comfortable.

    At ease, Hera let out a small breath of relief. She opened her eyes to find the handsome Imperial still standing at her side, his warm palm stroking her brow subtly. His dark eyes were aglow with genuine concern, whilst his aura projected total reassurance and serenity.

    “Better?” He murmured in the silence.

    “Yes, thank you.” She glimpsed at their joined hands, then back to his appealing face. Carefully she uttered, “I knew you would come to me but I don’t understand why I did.”

    Retaining her hand in his, Jacen perched himself on the edge of the cot and spoke earnestly,
    “I’ve been sensing your distress and presence ever since you arrived. You burn brightly in the Force, like a beacon to me, it’s very hard to .. ignore.”

    For a second she gazed away, embarrassed and irritated.

    “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to -”

    “- I know.” Jacen reassured, “It’s alright, Hera, it’s not your fault.”

    Those stunning sapphire eyes glanced back at him,
    “Who did this to me?”

    “I don’t know. But I promise we will discover who and why.”

    Hera took comfort in his vow. True she didn’t know this man at all but somehow she knew she could trust him. His very presence eased her turmoil of emotions and allowed her some solace. The peacefulness he emanated made her mind to unwind and body to uncoil its tension.

    Curious, she studied him and questioned softly,
    “Why did you come to me?”

    Unconsciously Jacen allowed his fingers to entwine with hers, as his other hand’s fingertips faintly caressed down her brow to the side of her cheek. That smallest contact had Hera’s heart racing and aching. Unable to control her reaction she turned her head a little, leaning it into his hand, savouring the touch.

    As his thumb wiped away a stray tear from her cheek, Jacen whispered tenderly,
    “I came because I felt you were upset. And for some reason .. I couldn’t stand it.”

    Clutching his hand, Hera asked,
    “Will you stay with me? Tonight?”

    “If it’s what you want, I will. Close your eyes. Try to get some sleep. I’ll be here.”

    Holding his hand tighter, Hera allowed her eyelids to shut and her breathing to slow. Embracing his soothing presence she began to drift off. As sleep took hold she was vaguely aware of a sweet lingering kiss at her temple.

    Content with his charge, Jacen watched her fall asleep. And loyally he kept his word and stayed with her all night.

    [Unknown Regions. On board Star Destroyer the Dark Goddess. Medical Centre.]

    “Solo.” A voice drifted through the darkness of his consciousness, “Jacen.”

    Groggily he blinked awake. He sat slumped on a chair beside Hera’s bed, his hand still clutching hers. Next to him, Hera slumbered deeply. With legs stretched out and the rest of her body totally limp, she appeared far more relaxed.

    Rubbing his stiff neck, Solo turned his attention to the person who’d woken him to find Danni. She looked tired. Clearly all this medical work and Kyp’s poor health had taken a toll. I should have watched over her too, Jacen thought guiltily.

    “Mornin’ Danni, you alright?”

    Offering a smile that didn’t truly light her green eyes, she said,
    “I was about to ask you the same.” Sidestepping the question she continued more seriously, “I’ve been reviewing my findings and I think I’ve discovered some answers. I’m on my way to brief Emperor Fel and his top medical personnel. You were called too .. but no one could reach you. Are you coming?”

    Pointedly she glanced at Jacen and Hera’s joined hands but didn’t speak a word of it. She wasn’t one to pry and Solo liked that about her.

    Rising to his full height, he nodded,
    “Of course I’ll come along.”

    Though it pained him, Jacen relinquished his hold on Hera. Before leaving he instructed a nurse to comm him when Miss Assandra woke. Then, subtly observing Danni’s gravely distracted expression, he followed Quee to the meeting.

    This wasn’t going to be good news, he mused mutely.

    [Inner Rim. On board Jade Shadow. Med Chamber.]

    “Hey,” Luke took a seat by Ben’s cot, “how are you feeling?”

    Looking black and blue, dirty and dishevelled, his son quirked a small grin,
    “How do you think? I feel drained. Physically. Mentally. Just so tired.”

    Squeezing and patting his shoulder, Luke spoke quietly,
    “Despite that, I’m glad we found you in one piece. You had us worried son.”

    “I honestly don’t try to, ya know that right?”

    Chuckling under his breath, his father responded by ruffling his reddish hair,
    “I kriffin’ hope not.”

    Turning more serious, Ben glimpsed at the other bed where Tahiri slept. She hadn’t woken since their rescue and had slipped into a deeper healing sleep. On the outside she seemed on the verge of breaking, so weak, but on the inside her presence and energy was gradually building.

    Glancing back up at his dad, Ben spoke in a half embarrassed hush,
    “Did Siena talk about what happened? To us?”

    With an unreadable expression Luke nodded.

    For a long while father and son sat in silence unsure of how to approach the conversation. Luke knew what had occurred, meaning he knew about Siena’s death, Ben’s darkside experience, her revival and their horrendous fight to reach the bridge with Tahiri.

    Being a child of the Force, a son of two great Jedi Masters, Ben now felt the slightest hint of shame. Both his parents had tried to teach and warn him about using the darkside. And despite all their advice he’d been seduced by it.

    He recalled the intense power, filling him with overwhelming confidence and undeniable talent. Ben knew he would crave such a unique moment again. Dark temptation beckoned whenever his mind thought back on that second when he had absolute command in the Force, or at least that’s how it felt.

    “I didn’t need Siena to tell me ...” Luke looked away and uttered sombrely, “I saw you and what you did.”

    Swallowing back a desperate excuse, Ben finally choked out,
    “I was just so sickened with grief and anger. When I saw Siena’s body … I couldn’t control myself.”

    “I know, son.”

    Wiping at his eyes, Ben spoke through his tears,
    “Did you see Siena? When she – when I brought her back – she scrambled away in fear of me. She was scared of me, w-what I’d done and my red eyes …”

    “I saw.”

    “Why aren’t you ranting at me? Yelling even? I touched what you told me never to try. Aren’t you mad? Disappointed? Why aren’t you angry?”

    “Because,” Luke gazed back at Ben and spoke ever so gently, “I understand why you did it.”

    Knowingly Ben added,
    “Doesn’t make it right though, does it?”

    Shaking his head wearily, Luke replied in earnest,
    “Son, you’ve altered someone’s fate and consequently changed the fate of everyone related. That is a godly power no one should wield so easily.” He leaned forward and continued, his voice full of love for his only boy, “You touched great and disturbing power, all I ask is that you understand how important this is. I thought I could protect you but as you’ve grown you’ve experienced harsh realities. And I wish I could have saved you from them all. Yet it is our struggles and trials which make us into who we are. Ben you’re my son but you’re not a child anymore. You’re a young man who has to decide his own path. I have every faith that you will go on to do great noble feats. Just make sure you learn from these hardships and your experiences. Trust your instincts. And always retain a code of principles. You’re a Skywalker, you will have your own tests, in the end it’s up to you what kind of man you want to be.”

    For while Ben stared down at his battered hands, deep in thought. When he finally raised his bright blue eyes, he shared a solemn look with his father and swore seriously,
    “I’m going to make you proud, dad.”

    “You do already, Ben.”

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