Spok, WA Block Party - Saturday, July 18, 2009 - Noon to 9pm - 4700 N. Cannon

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    So I know that there is a prop day at Smudge's going on and with SpoCon right around the corner it is important to get things done. However, if you feel like you need a break or want to come over for the food feel free.

    Neighborhood Fun Day!
    When: Saturday, July 18, 2009
    Where: 4700-4800 N. Cannon (this block will be closed to traffic for the day - easiest parking will be in the Shadle Park parking lots right off of Wellsley.)
    12-5pm: Carnival Games, Basketball, BINGO, Crafts, LARPing, and Entertainment.
    5-6pm: Potluck BBQ - Bring your own meat. Potluck portion is a salad or dessert to share.
    6-9pm: Street Dance with a variety of music from Big Bands to current.
    Questions or want to help out? Contact me.

    Bevan and I will be running a lightsaber LARPing activity for most of the day. I think we plan on wearing our Jedi & Sith robes (so you all are welcome to join us in costume if you feel so inclined). The flag troupe I am with will also be twirling at some point.

    My family started to do the block party back when I was in high school. Last I heard we average over 300 people over the course of the day (it may have grown since the last one I was at one - Mom just informed me that one of the years we topped 600 people).
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