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Saga "Blood is Thicker Than...." (Ep. III/Jedi Purge/Noghri) (UPDATED 4/14!)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by _Tenel_Ka_, Apr 9, 2003.

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  1. _Tenel_Ka_

    _Tenel_Ka_ Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 11, 2001
    Disclaimer: The Noghri and their situation was created by Timothy Zahn, and that aspect of the story is owned by LFL. Senika Kyliba, Ichebar Kyliba, Malika, Janissa and Thel Hansen are the creative property of _Tenel_Ka_

    Rating: PG

    Summary: A human girl raised by Noghri embarks on a quest for knowledge, revenge, and eventually, self-discovery.

    Timeline: Just after Episode III, and hopefully not running into any of its plot points.

  2. _Tenel_Ka_

    _Tenel_Ka_ Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 11, 2001
    Blood is Thicker Than...

    Chapter One: Mutiny

    There comes a time in every civilization, when something extraordinary happens. Something that changes everything. And in the case of the planet Honoghr, that something was the Empire. Darth Vader and the Emperor were in the final stages of their plan, after developing the biotechnology agent that would wither planet life and enslave the Nogrhi to them forever.

    At the same time, there was another change that was smaller, unexpected and perhaps insignificant. A mistake occurred aboard one of the Star Destroyer?s hanging in orbit above. A mutiny to be exact.

    Janissa Hansen, a brilliant scientist and genetic manipulator, along with her husband Thel Hansen, were fed up with the Empire. Janissa had been hired for her skills in biotechnology. She hadn?t signed on for mass genocide and conspiracy.

    ?Is the escape pod equipped with enough for all three of us?? asked Janissa.

    She was holding an 18-month old baby girl.

    ?Yes, and I?ve made sure they won?t detect us. I?ve given the computer a nasty virus, so the Empire will have more than us to worry about for the next little while,? said Thel, and paused, looking at the baby.

    ?Is Senika alright? I hate the fact we?re dragging her into this, but there isn?t any other way,? he said helplessly.

    ?She?ll be fine. It?ll be rough, but she?s strong and quick. Like her father,? Janissa assured with a smile, stroking the forehead of the sleeping girl.

    ?And smart and brave, like her mother,? Thel added, grinning as well.

    ?We?d better hurry, there?s only 45 seconds before the virus becomes active,? Thel urged.

    Janissa started to nod, but as she glanced over Thel?s shoulder, her eyes went wide.

    ?Thel! Get down!? she screamed.

    Thel wasn?t fast enough, but the bolt didn?t hit him. Instead, the killing shot intended for him missed and hit Janissa instead. Blood streaming from her forehead, she fell backwards into the open escape pod.

    The ship?s security forces had arrived.

    ?You fool!? shouted the lead officer, ?You weren?t supposed to kill her!?

    But it was too late. The soldiers grabbed Thel, who began to kick and fight desperately as they tried to drag him away.

    ?After you get him under control, bring me the baby,? said the head officer.

    ?NO!? Thel yelled and lunged toward the pod. He couldn?t get into it, but he punched the button to eject the pod, which shut and released with a mechanical hiss.

    Whatever the Imperials had in store for him, whatever they had done to his wife, they would never get their hands on his daughter.

  3. _Tenel_Ka_

    _Tenel_Ka_ Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 11, 2001
    * * *

    While Thel Hansen awaited who knows what kind of punishment, torture, or gruesome death, the escape pod carrying the dead Janissa Hansen and her pitifully crying baby spiraled closer to the planet of Honoghr. It passed through the upper atmosphere and went crashing through the forest of Omnipar, sole woods of the Clean Land. It finally came to a battered stop near a tiny village of Nogrhi.

    The young warrior, Ichebar, was the first to approach it, drawn by the noises while hunting in the deep forests. Over the past year, his people had become accustomed to seeing starships, but never one so close.

    It seems unthreatening? he thought, Most likely it is harmless?

    He pushed the largest button.

    At the touch of his fingers, the door hissed open. His keen ears were assaulted by the frantic wailing of a baby. A wave of sentimentality hit him as he investigated more closely and found that this being?s guardian was dead. He scooped up the child, intending to carry it back to his village. The little girl waves her scrawny arms and fingers and kicked weakly with her legs. A mop of light brown hair framed a round, red-cheeked face. Tears ran from crystal blue eyes, flowing down to a fragile neck.

    She?s so frail, he thought, So delicate. Not fierce or dangerous at all.

    He poked her nose curiously and was so startled when the tiny infant tried to bite him that he almost dropped her.

    ?Maybe not so frail,? he chuckled to himself, ?Perhaps we can make a warrior out of this one yet.?

    And with that he continued in the direction of his sister?s house

    * * *

  4. _Tenel_Ka_

    _Tenel_Ka_ Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 11, 2001
    Chapter Two: Sixteen Years

    ?Sixteen years,? Senika murmured, looking solemnly at the escape pod, now overgrown with jungle, in contemplation. The gargantuan trees of Omnipar surrounded her closely, with fog curling up from numerous streams and the sounds of wildlife chirping nearby. Foliage hung from branches so thickly that it was nearly impossible to walk through the woods without ending up covered in it.

    Senika sat on a rock in front of the crash site, the place where she had come to rest sixteen years ago. Her long brown hair fell in two braids down to her feet and thoughtful blue eyes looked out from a gamin?s face. It was a face that always looked distant, but was undeniably intense, the kind of gaze that one had to look away from if they were caught in it. She was dressed in a rough blue shirt belted with a brown cord and tan pants that ended right below the knee. A tiny necklace with a circle pendant, taken from her mother?s body, hung loosely around her neck.

    Picking up a rock and throwing it distractedly at the tomb of the escape pod, Senika sighed for the millionth time in that hour and continued to struggle with her thoughts.

    ?Sixteen years of living with a family that loves me, yet does not include me. Sixteen years of pretending to be something that I can never be. Sixteen years of frustration and tears over the things everyone but me can accomplish. Yet, sixteen years of happiness for the simplicity of my life?? Senika threw another rock, this time with more feeling, at the pod, and it rebounded with a sharp pinging sound.

    She wasn?t usually prone to philosophical musings, and there?s wasn?t an official coming-of-age ceremony among Noghri females, or at least any one that she?d be participating in. But today was the anniversary of her Noghri birth and it pushed aside her normally carefree thoughts to focus on something deeper. No one knew when her real birthday was, their belief was that Senika?s life had begun when she was adopted by her Noghri family.

    Though Senika loved them, indeed, she loved them like the true family they?d become to her, she had memories of another family. She remembered, deep in her heart, a human male?s face, leaning over hers, laughing joyously as he tickled her. It was just a figment, a glimmering in her forgotten consciousness, but it was there and it haunted her.

    Senika propped her head in her hand and leaned her elbow against her bent knee. Angst was being continually aware of something wrong in your surrounding environment, but unable to clearly decipher it. Maybe if she sat here long enough, she could figure it out.

    That face? it must be her human father. But what did it matter to her?

    Senika?s eyes widened and her hand dropped as she straightened in understanding.

    Finding out would satisfy her curiosity, but more importantly, it would give her the evidence she needed that told her she belonged somewhere. Somewhere, she wasn?t a step behind everyone else in everything and she could, for once, excel. Somewhere where everyone wasn?t stronger, faster or more clever than her.

    And as the thought dawned on her to discover that face, to trace it back and find it, Senika felt a surge of elation. She jumped to her feet gracefully, incredibly acrobatic for a human, but only mediocre among Noghri. A huge smile spread across her face as she leapt down from the boulder and started sprinting full-speed toward the village.

    She had never felt an urge more pressing, more suffocating than that feeling. She would get off this planet somehow, she would seek out this person of her memories.

    She would find her father.
  5. _Tenel_Ka_

    _Tenel_Ka_ Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 11, 2001
    Note: the word in italics that Senika uses to address Malika means "mother" in Noghri. However she doesn't use this all the time, as her confidence in her position in Noghri life fluctuates.

    * * *

    Malika looked fondly onward from her sitting position in front of the tiny wooden hut, watching the lively young girl that ran towards her at full speed. The middle-aged Noghri female was shelling a pod-like vegetable just recently harvested, humming gaily to herself. She stopped her work and watched with approval the petite and wiry teenager that seemed to fly over the ground towards her, with long braids flying out in her wake. The smiling blue-eyed whirlwind came skidding to stop in front of her

    ?Tawny-lok,? said Malika, using the Noghri word for ?fair-haired?, Senika?s nickname, ?Where were you just now??

    Senika grinned widely, puffing slightly from running and sprang off the ground into a handstand. She proceeded to walk around on her hands in front of Malika, casually putting all her weight on one arm, then the other. Her muscled tensed, then she pushed herself into the air, executing a flip and landing with a light thump.

    ?Nowhere Yamai,? Senika said innocently, dusting off her hands, ?I was only visiting the river.?

    Malika looked at her sternly, ?Your clothes aren?t wet.?

    Senika looked hurt, ?I wasn?t in the water yamai, just on the rocks.?

    Malika smiled, glad to know her little girl was still incapable of telling a lie. She just didn?t have the face for it.

    ?I wish you wouldn?t go into the woods so often. It?s dangerous,? Malika scolded lightly.

    Senika?s face shadowed, and her voice became wistful, ?I wouldn?t have to worry about it if I had weapons like the others.?

    Malika smiled inwardly. What a surprise Senika had in store tonight.

    ?Where is Kyliba?? Senika asked suddenly.

    ?Inside, he just got back from his walk,? Malika said, resuming her vegetable shelling.

    When she looked up again, Senika had disappeared, and the door of the cabin was clattering shut.

    * * *
  6. _Alisas_Silverleaf_

    _Alisas_Silverleaf_ Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 11, 2002
    Great postie, Katie! :D
  7. _Tenel_Ka_

    _Tenel_Ka_ Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 11, 2001
    Why, thank-you Ali! ;)
  8. _Tenel_Ka_

    _Tenel_Ka_ Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 11, 2001
    Senika?s bare, callused feet treaded softly over the worn wooden floor. The whole cabin had been built out of the same light, golden wood. It had high ceilings and exposed rafters, which were hung with dried spices and vegetables. At the back of the cabin were two bedrooms. One was Malika?s, the other belonged to Ichebar and his wife, Beytakilena. Most of the main room was taken up by the kitchen and dining area, with a small sitting area underneath the loft where Senika slept. To the right of the door when Senika came in was the bed where Kyliba slept.

    Kyliba, the father of Malika and Ichebar was sipping tea at the large carved table, his walking stick leaning against his knee. He didn?t look up as Senika came in, for his hearing was still perfect and he could tell her by her step.

    She poured some tea for herself in a decorated clay mug and sat down at the seat across from him. Kyliba waited for her to speak, proud of his adopted grand-daughter for learning how to think about her words before voicing them aloud. It was a Noghri habit for sure.

    ?Geedo,? she began, calling him ?grandfather? in Noghri, ?When you were off planet, protecting the great Emperor and Lord Vader, did you ever see a place where information about people was kept??

    ?What do you mean Senika?? he asked patiently, a smile tugging at his mouth.

    Her cupid?s bow lips pursed in a thoughtful manner and her eyes narrowed as she tried to fit the words together. Her hands gestured as she explained.

    ?Like our generation tree, except? much, much bigger. Perhaps one that keeps track of their soldiers??

    Kyliba was puzzled, but he knew the answer to the question, ?They have computers, Senika. There are huge computers that have information on many, many people, not just the Empire?s soldiers. Think Senika, where is the center of the galaxy??

    He had taught her how to read and speak Basic from a young age, finding it pleasant to teach in his old age, but Senika never had a chance to practice the language so her Basic was limited. Along with those lessons had been stories of his travels in the galaxy while in the service of the Empire.

    ?Coruscant,? Senika said suddenly as the answer came to her, ?Right??

    Kyliba nodded paternally, ?Yes, my Senika. And Coruscant is where the records are.?

    ?How do I get there?? she asked anxiously, defiantly.

    Kyliba looked up to see her eyes shining in determination and he felt an ache in his heart for having to dash her hopes.

    ?You can?t go there, twany-lok. You could only go if you served the Empire and you cannot because you are not physically Noghri.?

    Senika?s face twisted with anger and she dropped her head.

    ?That?s always the case, isn?t it?? she muttered bitterly.

    Kyliba hated to see her upset and reached a gnarled hand across the table, resting it comfortingly on her shoulder.

    ?Senika, my dearest, you are Noghri in my heart,? he said softly. And it was true, not just sympathetic condolences. In his eyes, Senika was Noghri from her delicate human toes to the golden-streaked brown hair crowning her head.

    They were interrupted by the sound of footsteps outside that were unlike Malika?s. Senika sprang from her chair and opened the door to tackle the person entering in a breath-restricting hug.

    ?Ichebar!? she cried delightedly, then more scoldingly, ?You?ve been gone three days! You said it would only be two!?

    Ichebar laughed and gave a Noghri grin. ?It took me longer than I thought to attain your surprise.?

    Senika tilted her head in question. ?My surprise??

    ?This,? explained Ichebar, pulling out a long roughly packaged object, covered with a sturdy hide cloth from his belt.

    ?I see Malika kept it a secret after all,? he commented sardonically, seeing the puzzled expression on Senika?s face. ?Open it.?

    With curious glances at him, Senika undid the twine holding the hide to the object, slowing unraveling it, then discarding it in a pant pocket. She unfolded the cloth and a gasp escaped her as she saw the present. Her hand shaking, she held up
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