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Before - Legends "Blood of a Jedi" (Xan/OCs) Update 9/22/05

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by salem-aubrey, Jun 28, 2005.

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  1. salem-aubrey

    salem-aubrey Jedi Youngling

    Jun 14, 2005
    Title: Blood of a Jedi

    Authoress: Salem-Aubrey

    Timeframe: Way before TPM, but it screws up all Saga and JA timelines. Yay!

    Characters: Xanatos Crusio, some Qui-Gon Jinn thrown in, Obi-Wan is mentioned a few times, and lots of OCs

    Genre: angst, action/adventure, maybe some light humor?

    Disclaimer: Recognizable characters belong to their respectful owners (George, Jude, Dave, and anyone I missed). Everyone else (Layla, Lucky, Benji, etc.) belongs to yours truly. ^_^

    Summary: A Padawan that no one wants. A Jedi Master suffering from the loss of his first apprentice. A gang threatening to tear the two apart. What good can come out of this?

    A/N: Just a little something that might develop into a bigger something if anyone likes it :D Uh . . . just some info so you're not too lost . . . Xani's a good (not evil) Jedi Master here - with a bit of a temper, I might add, and his first Padawan was Obi-Wan. Qui-Gon is on the Jedi Council, but he's not there much -- mostly out in his ship, the Ludicrous, not to be confuzzled with the band, loves. My first fanfic shot, so it might be a bit choppy as time goes on. I'm off to Australia in a few days too, so you'll have a looong wait ahead of you soon. *Evil chuckle*

    Blood of a Jedi

    Jedi Master Xanatos Crusio stood silentlly at the floorlength window on the seventeenth floor of the Malawai office building, looking out across the city. It was late at night, and the bustling metropolis of Liwai'a still had hundreds of speeders and air transports of all kinds slowly spilling out of the domed arena several city blocs away.

    He didn't turn away from the scene of lights when the door across the room hissed open, nor when Layla Minori trudged in, looking particularly beaten up, with her best friend, Lucky, at her side.

    Layla stopped short at seeing her Master standing with his back to her. She felt him release his boiling anger into the Force, and immediately decided Lucky should leave.

    "Hey, Lucks, I'll see you later, all right?" she told him, nodding toward Xanatos.

    Lucky got the message. "Okay, Fang. I'll be by tomorrow for my words. And take care of that bruise, man. It's pretty nasty."

    She shot him a sarcastic smile. "Thanks, baby," she spat, shoving him out the door.

    Layla sighed heavily as the door slid closed, and turned around to find Xanatos standing directly behind her. The anger was back again, flashing in his deep blue eyes as her own green eyes locked gazes with him. "You know how much I hate it when you sneak up on me like that," she said.

    "I guess we're even, then, aren't we? You sneak out to go to a concert, and I hover at your shoulder for the rest of your life," Xanatos retorted.

    She gave him a critical look. "It's no big deal, all right? Geez, I'd think after two months you'd finally learn to trust me once in a while!"

    "I would if you'd stop running off like that. I specifically told you to stay here until I got back, and you disobeyed me." The Jedi Master's voice remained calm through his statement, slightly unnerving Layla. Usually he would have escalated to a near yell, then she would bite back another smart-mouthed reply that Xanatos would counter with a piece of 'Jedi wisdom' that would send her storming out of the room.

    Layla tossed her duster over a chair and pushed herself up to sit on the table. "Since when did anyone ever say I had to obey to you?" she asked, raising a pierced eyebrow.

    Xanatos strode forward and grasped her by the shoulders. "Layla, why do you have to act like this? It's that damn Lucky guy, isn't it? He's the one that turned you into this little monster."

    The redhead tried to break his hold on her. "Let go."

    "If the Council saw you, now, they'd throw you out of the Order." He let her go."Put some ice on your eye. Then you can explain to me why your face turned black and blue since this afternoon."

    Layla went to the kitchen and came back with an ice pack. She flopped down on t
  2. Kit'

    Kit' Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Oct 30, 1999
    Fantastic start! I like the interaction between Master and Padawan, and a good Xani is a nice change :)

    The only thing I'd ask for is a tad more description abut the surroundings and what people look like (although I'm not good at this myself either).

    Enjoy Australia (from a fellow Australian). It's a great and very friendly place!

  3. salem-aubrey

    salem-aubrey Jedi Youngling

    Jun 14, 2005
    Oh snaps, I'm sorry Kit! I'll try ta do better, I promise.
    I wrote part of this fic a few weeks ago, and I just got so used to the places and everything that the pictures in my mind made me think I already did discriptions! [face_laugh] Again, I'll do better. Really appreciate ya bringin' my attention to that! [face_peace]
    Australia has to be a great place, huh? I hear it's beautiful down under. :D Thanx!
    Next post'll be up in a bit!
  4. salem-aubrey

    salem-aubrey Jedi Youngling

    Jun 14, 2005
    Get ready for a huge change in temperaments!
    Layla and Xanatos strolled through the cantina, senses alert for any sign of trouble that could disrupt the good-natured atmosphere. The Force flowed freely from the fruits and the vendors selling them, the droids that bargained with men looking for a cheaper price on floor mats, the mothers calling after bouncy, young children that ran ahead to greet the saleslady at the toy store, and the band in the center court creating the cheerful melody of a prosperous community.

    The Jedi Master glanced at his Padawan. "Y'know, Liwai'a is a great place. Maybe we should come back here on a vacation," he offered.

    A flick of furry pointed ears and a nose twitch. She flashed him a sarcastic smirk. "If only," she said.

    Xan sighed. "Still angry with me, huh?" When he didn't receive a reply from the Ligra, he shook his head. "All right, fine. Don't talk to me. It's not like it bothers me any."

    "I just don't understand why you wouldn't at least let me wait for Lucky. I told him-"

    He cut her off. "Layla, we've been over this. Let's not start arguing right here. They'll all end up following us back to Coruscant anyway, so I'm sure they'll understand if they get their song thingy a few days late. Now, it's a nice morning. How about we enjoy it?"

    "I can't enjoy it, knowing I'll be trapped in the same room with six screaming younglings for the next two and a half weeks," she snapped.

    "C'mon, pet. It's not that bad," Xan reasoned.

    "Says you. You won't even have to go near them. Master Qui-Gon could barely get them out to the ship and settled in their rooms without getting torn limb from limb."

    Xanatos suddenly grinned michievously. "I can't get you out of bed without being eaten alive. I'd think you and the younglings would get along just fine."

    Layla stopped at the nearest shop to pick up a handheld fan -- one a queen would use -- with gold embroidery in little circular flowers on a thin, light blue cloth. She lapsed into a medieval accent and gently fanned her face. "Well, apparently, Master, I'm afraid you may not know me as well as you might think."

    They both laughed and she put the fan back. Xanatos motioned to her and slipped his arm around her shoulders. "Come on, you, before all that air gets to your head."

    Master and Padawan continued their lazy walk, crossing into the restaurant district. The smell of food reached their noses, and they shared knowing glances before they slipped inside the nearest Meat City, nabbing a booth next to the window.

    It was a small place, with a green and chrome theme to it. The tables all around them were chrome in the center, rimmed with green, lacy borders. Green walls encased the bar in the middle of the room. Sparkly glass cups hung from a chrome holder above the bar, attached to the ceiling with chains. The lights were kept low to prevent the glare from hurting anyone's eyes.

    Within seconds, a server droid came wheeling over, freshly chromed casing gleaming in the sunlight. "Hello, my friends! I'm Z-T4, and I have the pleasure of serving you, today," it said in a sing-song friendy voice. "And how are you two on this beeeaaautiful morning?" it asked, placing menus in front of them.

    Layla passed the droid one of her rare, warm smiles as she opened the menu. "Just fine, Z-T4. How are you?"

    "I'm wonderful, miss, thank you. Can I start you out with something to drink?"

    "A Sisstini burnout, no liquor, for me, and whatever my Master wants," Layla said, nodding toward Xanatos.

    Z-T4's optical sensors turned to him questioningly. "Sir?"

    Xan looked up from the menu, brushing his hair out of his face. "Uh, what's this Yagino Fizz?"

    "The Yagino? Why, it's a mix of the finest berries in the seven system radius, with Calamari rum and delicious panaro beans. I'll even through in a muja slice free of charge if you'll try one!" Z-T4 exclaimed.

    Xanatos chuckled at the droid's allurement. "Alright, then. Let's give it a shot, shall we?"

    Layla smiled again, scanning the appeti
  5. blamethetahoe

    blamethetahoe Jedi Youngling

    Jul 23, 2005
    HI Cindy!!!!! I like story mucho. Why wouldn't I? :p It was good!!! I e-mailed you. If you didn't know! Talk to you on Tues.!
  6. salem-aubrey

    salem-aubrey Jedi Youngling

    Jun 14, 2005
    A big thanks to Kit and blamethetahoe for being my only reviewers! :D :_|
    No credit taken for the lyrics at the near-end of the post. She belongs to Nickelback.

    Jedi Council Member Qui-Gon Jinn stood waiting for them in front of his small space fighter, the Ludicrous, in the docking bay just outside city limits. Xanatos greeted his former Master and conferred on the younglings whereabouts, while Layla climbed up the ramp to start preflight checks.

    "The younglings have rooms 2 and 3. We can have Layla across the hall in 8. She'll have to check up on them throughout the flight if they're not on the main deck with us. When we get back, I'll head straight to the Council Chambers if you'll help her get them to Master Soffran," Xanatos said.

    Qui-Gon nodded his agreement. "Of course." He stepped toward the ship, motioning to a discolored patch in the hull. "We'll have to watch for hull leakage and what not as well. I'm not sure exactly how well the mechanics repaired the holes those pirates left for us."

    Xanatos let his hand skim along the patch. "I'm still amazed this bucket held out after all that firepower."

    The trio had encountered space pirates on their journey here. The pirates had been intent on commandeering their ship, but after they realized Layla -- who had been flying the Ludicrous -- and Qui-Gon -- firing the weapons -- weren't going to give it up, they had decided to blast the fuel tanks into oblivion. The Jedi had barely made it to the surface without a crash landing blowing them all up.

    Qui-Gon chuckled. "Why not? It pulled us through almost all our missions when you were younger."

    "You mean when we were younger. I remember you having less gray hair when I was your apprentice," Xanatos joked.

    "In my mind, Xani, you still are a Padawan," Qui-Gon teased.

    "If that were so, you would have two Padawans, Master. You'd probably be better at training her than I could ever-"

    Qui-Gon, knowing where this was going, interrupted him in mid-sentence. "You're doing fine, Xanatos. Just give her time to warm up to you."

    The younger Jedi shook his head. "It's not that, Qui-Gon. She's just fine when her friends aren't around. Then they show up, and she turns into Fang."

    Qui-Gon's brow furrowed. "Fang?"

    "Or Fangster. I'm afraid she's gonna go too far. I don't know. She's just so much harder to get to than Obi-Wan was. She's so different."

    His former Master smiled. "That's why you two belong together. How many Masters has she gone through already?"

    "Seven, I think," Xan answered.

    "Six," Qui-Gon corrected. "Don't you think you'd be different too, were you in her position? And as far as I can tell, she doesn't have many friends at the Temple. Layla's just looking for people that accept her. Now which friends were you talking about?"

    "Blood of the River."

    The older Jedi's eyes widened. "The gang? Xan, she really is looking for trouble. If the rest of the Council finds out-"

    "I know. You wouldn't believe how many times I've reminded her of that, but she doesn't seem to care. Please, don't let them know I'm letting her run around with them. I don't want her taken from me."

    Qui-Gon let a moment pass before answering. "Because Obi-Wan was taken from you." It wasn't a question.

    Xanatos folded his arms across his chest defiantly. "Don't bring him into this."


    No answer.

    "Xanatos, don't tell me you took her only because you wanted a companion at your side to numb the pain."

    Again, no answer.

    Qui-Gon sighed. "You two are more alike than you want to admit." He placed a hand on the young man's shoulder. "Keep her close to you; pay attention to what she does. And talk to Yoda. He'll know what to do about it."

    He left the ebony-haired Jedi and entered the ship. Xanatos watched him go, anger boiling up inside him. Did he really take her as a Padawan to replace Obi-Wan? A booted toe kicked at the dirt under his feet. He looked up at the sky. Obi-Wan had always loved to gaze at the passing clouds. You were so close to bec
  7. blamethetahoe

    blamethetahoe Jedi Youngling

    Jul 23, 2005
    Good job! I still like it a lot! =D= One thing I am confuzzled about however is you said Obi-Won died. Which is true except for the fact that didn't he die AFTER Qui-Gon( or however you spell it) died? Did I miss something, or is this kind-of your own star wars idea that really dosen't relate to the books or movies, only on some levels? I e-mailed you! Don't forget to look!
  8. salem-aubrey

    salem-aubrey Jedi Youngling

    Jun 14, 2005
    Kay, this is my last shot. I have lots of stuff goin on, so I don't know if I'll continue this. (Reviews could change my mind.... *wink, wink*

    Layla found herself in the less-used training room on the east wing of the Temple the next night. Rei Soffran had given her leeway to get in some exercise before evening meal. She had to stay with the little monsters over dinner while Rei set up a play area for them. Luckily, she didn't have to watch over them through the night.

    That didn't start until tomorrow, when she had promised to meet Midnight and the rest.

    No worries. I'll think of something.

    The Ligra thumbed on the holoprojector in the corner, dimming the lights with a flex of the Force. As it was warming up, she extended her claws through the folds in her fingers, running a nail file over them to sharpen the tips. When she was satisfied, they retracted again, leaving no evidence that they had ever been there.

    A blue light flickered on on the 'projector, and the sounds of a crowded space port filled the room. It was set to make her lose focus and divert her from the 'target practice' as Layla called it. She snorted at the thought.

    She drew up the Force from the ground, the beam props and platforms around the room, even the very air, joining the flow of things all around. Lost in the splendor, she felt a slight trickle run down her spine.

    It was where the holographic image of an assassin would have stuck his sword had she not moved in time. Layla reached down for her twin daggers in each of her boots, sliding into a forward roll to avoid a series of bolts from a blaster rifle. She whipped them out, easily driving them into the holder of the rifle. The slain rifle owner shimmered and disappeared.

    Layla was already moving, though, rolling under a rancor's waiting claws, leading the assassin into the animal's path. Unfortunately, the two holographic creatures didn't attack each other, but they turned on her together. They cornered the Jedi while three more holo's flicked to life behind them.

    Feeling the imaginary rancor drool on her cheek, she Force-jumped over the first two, somersaulting as she plunged each dagger into each of their necks. They disappeared instantly.

    Layla flipped one dagger blade-down toward the floor, letting the images surround her. They advanced, while she twirled around in place with the blades outstretched. All three collapsed dramatically on the floor and vanished.

    The images kept coming, and Layla took them down one after the other. She would receive a moderate shock if the weapons they carried landed a blow, so she avoided them the best she could. Fully in tune with the Force now, she sensed the assaults before they came, just as she would with a real situation like this. The space port sounds didn't even register with her ears as she twisted and turned through the fray. She could tell when the holoprojector raised automatically to a higher setting.

    The attackers became even more cunning, the weapons more vicious-looking as it went on. It fueled the Jedi apprentice more and more, the harder and more brutal it got. And somewhere in the midst of the training session, she felt Xanatos' presence enter the room.

    One holo' bore down on her, swinging a vibro-ax, and another covered her from behind, boxing her in. She slashed with her right hand, and stabbed with the left, taking down the vibro-ax wielder, then twirling the blades and bending her back to jab the holo' behind her between both sides of its collarbone.

    Delivering a powerful side kick to the image of a Dathomir witch, and a slash of a dagger to a Duro with a jeweled machete, she propelled herself off a platform, landing in the center of a pack of doglike stava.

    Blank yellow eyes stared at her for a second, before they all moved as one to rip the Jedi to pieces. Here is where she threw both of her daggers to take out a pair of Noghri that would soon be a threat to her, then flexed her claws out of their natural sheaths and fended off the stava pack.

    Two, four, five, seven stava flickered
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