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    Game Background

    For years, Jabba the Hutt has ruled his slaves with an iron fist. Many of them valued their pitiful lives too much to risk escape, while the few that did usually ended up dead. Between the treacherous desert surrounding Jabba's palace, and the legions of gangsters the Hutt employs, the chances of getting out alive are always very slim.

    But, not impossible. For those slaves that are clever and resourceful enough, freedom can exist. It is the year 3 ABY, and over the years Jabba has devised a new game for his twisted enjoyment. The Hutt is aware that many of his slaves crave freedom, and he is willing to give it to them - for a heavy price. Every few months the Hutt releases a group of slaves out into the wilderness of the Dune Sea. If they can survive the dangerous journey across the wastes of Tatooine, they are free.

    The desert's conditions are deadly: soaring temperatures during the day and freezing nights, no settlements anywhere close to the palace, and wild predators that roam freely across the sand and rock. As if this was not enough of a challenge, Jabba gives his slaves a day's head start before sending out his most dangerous killers. These bounty hunters receive rewards for finding and killing slaves. Jabba's only requirement is that their heads be brought back to him, to emphasize his power over his other servants.

    Jabba and his court watch this twisted game from holoscreens inside the palace, betting on who will survive and who will die. Cameras fly around and spy on the activities, making sure no moment is missed. No slaves have ever survived, and even bounty hunters have died while trying to earn their credits. Sometimes slaves turn on each other, and sometimes bounty hunters do the same.

    Will you survive?

    The Rules

    2: Absolutely No Force Users Allowed in the Game!
    3: No Godmoding, violators will be removed from the game.
    4: Follow TOS rules.
    5. Canons are allowed, as long as they are affiliated with Jabba.

    Character Sheet

    Image optional.



    Additional Information

    *Please note if you are a slave, you can't start off with a weapon. You can find one in the wilderness, create one, or steal one from a bounty hunter in a fight. Same goes with a vehicle.

    *If you are a bounty hunter, you may have weapons. These include knives/sharp objects or small guns. If you make a kill, you must deliver the head back to the palace and recieve payment.

    *We will need a mixture of slaves and bounty hunters. About 10 or so slaves and an equal amount of bounty hunters. You may create multiple characters or NPCs as long as it is a good mix of the two.

    *Slaves get a head start before any bounter hunters start tracking.


    Jabba the Hutt loomed over the holoscreen set up directly in front of his throne. His bulbous eyes widened in pleasure, watching the group of slaves being tossed out on the sand outside his palace. A few begged to be let back in, while others huddled closely together, wimpering. A few of the smart ones had already started walking out towards the Dune Sea.

    "Ohhoho." The Hutt noticed a few of his minions exchanging credits and betting on who would die first. This would be the most interesting match they had seen yet.

    "Time is ticking. Let us begin," he said in the microphone attached to the screen. He sat back while Salacious Crumb cackled. Inside the palace, the lucky slaves and revelers who had not been picked gathered around to watch.



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