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Boba Fett vs. Aurra Sing

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Boba Frett, Aug 15, 1999.

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  1. Darth Predator

    Darth Predator Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 23, 1999
    I wanted back here??!?!?Ok fill me in on what has happened....I am looking foward to writing Boba Fett again(I just finished Tales of the Bounty Hunters..)
  2. Jedi15

    Jedi15 Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 7, 1999
    Sing stepped back, open-mouthed at the sight before her. Shocked didn't even begin to describe what she felt. Memories of her killing Drin's mother replayed in her mind, mixed with that of her confrontations with Mereel, Jaster's terrifying revelation, and Sing's dream.

    When she finally gathered up the courage to speak, it was barely above a whisper. "Shaana?" she gasped.

    Beside her, Mereel looked equally shocked. Tears began flooding his eyes as he gazed upon the woman. "Mother?"

    Sidious looked at the threesome, smiling. "I see there is no need for introductions. Shaana has been waiting to meet you again for a long time, Aurra Sing. What have you got to say?"

    Sing finally recovered from her shock, and it was soon replaced with rage and a thirst for vengeance. Her eyes locked into Shaana's, and she held up her lightsaber. "Prepare to die again, you b!tch!" she shrieked, preparing to strike at the clone's head.

    Choran came forth to interfere, his lightsaber slamming into Sing's in a rain of white sparks. The two combatans engaged in quick and furious battle, while Mereel staring at his mother, dumbfounded. Shaana looked back at him, a blank expression on her face, as if she didn't even recognize her own son.

    Sing toom a few steps back, then recovered and lunged. Choran was taken aback by her strength as he blocked her attacks with his copper-white laser blade.

    When Sing finally saw an opening, she threw a sharp kick to Choran's hip. Her other foot came up and hit the Sith Lord in the opposite side, then she snapped a kick to his ribs. As Choran staggered back, moved in for the kill. The Sith Lord growled and swung a counterattack.

    Their lightsabers locked together, and the combatants tried to overcome the other, their blades dangerously close to touching their faces. Sweat poured into Sing's eye, but she could not wipe them away.

    The momentarily lapse of concentration was enough for Choran. As he knocked Sing's blade to one side, he sent his foot into the bounty hunter's gut, sending her to the floor. Sing felt a burning wave of nausea rise up her throat, but she swallowed it back down, wincing as she did so.

    Choran cackled as he brought his saber down. Sing rolled away as the blade punched through the metallic floor. The woman rose to one knee and smashed her hilt into Choran's gut. The Sith stumbled back, nearly tripping to the floor.

    Sing got up, filled with a new strength. Before Choran could fully recover, she threw a kick to his side--

    --and her leg was snatched it mid-air by Choran.

    His foot hit her in the thigh a second later, then higher up, this time aiming for the groin. Sing was thrown back and landed on one side, dizzy and hurt.

    By the time she looked up, Choran was already swinging the blade down.
  3. Jedi Rox

    Jedi Rox Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 16, 2000
    Three of Trenik's people went down instantly, followed shortly by another two. Everyone dived for cover - luckily there was ample available, behind various crates stacked around the landing pad.

    Drin rolled out from behind a crate and picked off one of the attackers, while Griss covered her with his repeating cannon. She ducked back to avoid a shot from Voxcon. Trenik had pulled his own blaster and fired severla rounds at the hunters, catching one in the leg. Ynndo was nowhere to be seen.

    The remaining four attackers advanced, spewing laser bolts in front of them. Trenik caught Drin's eye and gestured with a backward nod of his head. She nodded in response, and tugging Griss, retreated across the landing pad.

    Voxcon raised his weapon and fired at them. The first shot missed completely, the second went close by Drin's head, the third glanced off Griss' side. He winced, and fell to his knees. Drin took hold of his hand and tugged him back to one of the hidden niches Trenik's people had emerged from.

    Voxcon fired once more, then headed for the Phoenix's entry ramp and the relative cover it provided. One of his people caught a shot to the head and fell, smoking. Voxcon reched the entry ramp and breathed heavily.

    From inside the ship, Ynndo jumped on his ex-colleague. Voxcon cursed, and tried to shake off the Rodian. Ynndo held on tight. Voxcon rolled onto his back, and brought his elbow down on the Rodian, forcing him to let go. Once free, the Guild member sprang to his feet, spun, and aimed a kick at Ynndo.

    Ynndo caught the foot, twisted it, and brought Voxcon to the floor. He grabbed Voxcon's head with both hands, and twisted it to the side, hard. There was a snap, and Voxcon fell back lifeless.

    * * *

    From her niche, Drin saw the Rodian emerge from under the ship. She moved out into the open, blaster ready, followed by Trenik. The remaining two Guild members took one look at the numbers against them, and fled.

    She turned to Griss. "Are you alright?" she asked, concerned.

    Griss nodded. "I'll be okay. A little jaunt down to the MedCenter wouldn't hurt though."

    "You got it," said Drin. One of Trenik's people rushed up with a MedPatch. Drin applied it to Griss' wound, and he breathed as some bacta worked its way into the wound.

    "I will arrange transportation," said Trenik, "Meanwhile, what are we to do about him?" he asked, indicating the Rodian now approaching, Voxcon's blaster in hand.

    "Good question." A pair of Trenik's people moved in towards where the Rodian now stood waiting. He did not object, but glared at them when they attempted to take his blaster.

    "Let him keep it," said Drin, "I think for now he should come with us, at least as far as the MedCenter."

    Trenik shot her a glance. "Are you sure? He's not trustworthy, you know."

    "Right, he isn't. So I'm keeping him where I can see him. I can't think of anything else to do with him."
  4. Jedi15

    Jedi15 Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 7, 1999
    As Trenik rushed Griss and Ynndo to a hovercar, one of the other smugglers pulled Drin aside. Drin recognized the young woman as Sarice, a blue-skinned Twi'lek who dealt in smuggling andris to various gangsters in the galaxy. "What is it?" Drin demanded, impatient, wanting to go with Griss to the MedCenter to make sure he would be all right.

    "I was waiting for you to arrive," Sarice said in a hushed voice. "I have brought some news that might interest you. I found Aurra Sing."

    Drin's eyes widened at the news. She now had the Twi'lek's full attention. "Where?" she asked, her voice cold and menacing.

    "I saw a shuttle land not far from here," Sarice explained. "Somewhere near the Forbidden Zone. One of my scouts reported that he saw Aurra Sing leave the shuttle with several men cloaked in black. They entered one of the warehouses and disappeared. That's the last anyone saw her."

    Drin smiled inwardly, Griss and Ynndo now forgotten. She patted Sarice on the shoulder. "Good work, Sarice. You've just given me the information I've wanted for so long."

    She gave Sarice a quick nod and ran off into the Phoenix. She needed to get some things.


    Sing cleared her head of the pain she felt, and moved fast as Choran delivered a blow that would slice her head in half it it connected. She brought her booted foot back and smashed it full force into the Sith's gut, throwing him back a good distance. Choran hit the floor a second later, and he blacked out.

    Clawing to her feet, Sing turned back to Shaana. She didn't speak. Her eyes did all the talking.

    She wasn't going to leave until Shaana's blood was covered all over her hands.

    Shaana apparently felt the same for Sing. For she ran forth, screaming at the top of her lungs. Sing ran forth as well, grasping her lightsaber.

    Shaana leaped high into the air--abnormally high. Sing cried out as the woman's foot smashed into her chest, knocking her back across the room. Sing hit the floor and slid into the wall, dazed.

    Shaana continued onward, unrelenting. Sing staggered up and waited until the clone was upon her. She swung her saber, intending to decapitate the woman--

    Shaana effortlessly knocked the blow aside, and her fist struck Sing hard in the jaw. It felt like a hammer had smashed into her face. She stumbled, and Shaana grabbed her by the shoulders and smashed her own forehead into the hunter's face.

    She continued doing so for several seconds, head-butting Sing until her nose was a bleeding mass, her face a mask of blood. She rammed her head into her a final time, then moved on to a second attack. She brought her fist back and punched Sing in the face.

    And she punched Sing again.

    And again.

    And again.

    And again.

    Sing fell back to one knee, gasping for air. The fight had lasted only a few seconds, and Sing was already on the verge of losing consciousness. She looked up and flinched as Shaana Drin loomed dangerously over her.

    "Sidious is using you, Shaana," she said, attempting to reason with the clone. "He's using all of us. I wouldn't be surprised if he killed you along with us."

    Shaana shook her head. "I don't care. All that matters to me is revenge. And I plan on getting it."

    Blue fire began circling around her fingers as Shaana channeled the Force within her. Her eyes a blazing white, Shaana sent a bolt of lightning upon Sing...

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  5. Han Soho

    Han Soho Jedi Youngling

    Oct 3, 1998

    Drin shook her dark hair out of her eyes as she hurried towards the weapons stash she kept on the Phoenix. Her heartbeat pounded quicker in her ears as she realized that now, finally, she would get her revenge for her ruined childhood, her shattered life, the horrible betrayal of her supposed friend. Her mother's death would be avenged; Aurra Sing would pay dearly for what she had done to Shaana Drin and her children.

    Her children...

    Not for the first time, Yelgah Drin found herself wondering what had happened to her brother. She had last seen him being carried away by a medical team all those years ago on Alderaan, and for all she knew he had died that day.

    But what if he hadn't? Was he still alive somewhere? If she wanted to find him, would she be able to?

    She closed her dark eyes for a moment, her mind turning over memories of her childhood like rocks in her hands, handling the hard coldness of the past until it was warm and familiar, and so very close... she shut her eyes tighter still as past emotions washed over her, happiness and long lost innocence that could never be reclaimed.

    Then she blinked, and her eyelids fluttered open to find her standing frozen in front of her gun rack, her trembling hands clutching the shelves to keep herself from collapsing. Her teeth closed on her bottom lip, hard enough to break the skin and draw blood. The pain gave her a convenient mental excuse for the hot tears that suddenly welled up in her eyes. She turned away from the weapons, her hands going up to her face, still trembling as her fingers touched the wetness of her cheeks. Drin stared at her hands for a moment, stared at the tears on her fingertips, her mind very far away. Aurra Sing had caused this pain, this empty void in her life, and now her death would nullify it, the teardrops on Yelgah Drin's fingers replaced by Sing's blood. She could never reclaim what she had lost, but she'd be damned if she wasn't going to avenge it.

    Drin's eyes lingered on her hands a second longer, then lifted to the weapons rack again, and the moment of weakness, the moment of pain and sadness and grief, was gone, replaced by a sense of grim purpose. Her hands were no longer trembling as she yanked a blaster rifle off the rack and strapped it to her back. Quickly, she grabbed a heavy blaster pistol and strapped it to her waist, then a lighter one to her opposite thigh. Her eyes hardened as she completed her arsenal with a tiny holdout blaster up one sleeve and a wicked looking vibroblade.

    Her eyes traveled the length of the knife's blade as she held it. True, she was bringing quite a selection of weapons, but deep in her bones, she knew that this conflict would be settled hand to hand, and with this blade she would end Aurra Sing's life and avenge her mother's. It would return red with her so-called friend's blood...

    Drin's jaw tightened, and she stuck it down her boot. She was ready to go now.


    Hopefully, this wasn't too remniscent of Magua from "Last of the Mohicans"... I hope I didn't overdo this thirst for revenge thing...

    --MJEH, Protectress of Bounty Hunters and Dark Side Adepts
  6. Jedi Rox

    Jedi Rox Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 16, 2000
    "Where are you going?" asked Griss, leaning against a doorway.

    Drin looked sharply up at him, her face betraying a clash of emotions.

    "I'm sorry, Griss," she said, "I have to go. Don't ask's a personal matter."

    Griss didn't need to ask. "It's about Sing."

    Drin nodded. not bothering to deny it.

    "Yelgah...I thought you were past this....I thought you...we could..."

    "Well, it isn't that simple," she cut him off sharply, then more softly: "Griss, this is something I have to do. Don't try to stop me. When I'm finished, I'll come back to you, I promise."

    Griss stared at the floor, not saying If you survive. She knew he was thinking it. He looked up suddenly.

    "Let me come with you," he said.

    Drin made sure her weapons were secure. "I'm sorry, Griss. I can't take you with me, wounded. Ynndo will take you to the MedCenter--I think he can be trusted. Otherwise get one of Trenik's people."

    She headed through the doorway. As she passed Griss she paused briefly, and kissed him. Then she headed out.

    Griss turned to follow her, but when he walked out of the ship she was already nowhere to be seen.

    * * * * *

    Darth Choran came to, slowly. The last few moments of consciousness came back to him, and he turned his head to observe what had been happening in the meantime.

    Is this my final test, master? he called, as he silently observed the furious battle between Sing and Shaana Drin.

    It is.

    What would you have me do master? Destroy Sing for you?

    Sing, Drin, Fett, all three.

    It will be done master.

    Ah, but you must land the fatal stroke for each of them. In other words, destroy them before they destroy each other. That will be your test.

    Choran's eyes opened wide. Drin was gathering the Force in her fingers. A bolt of lighting streaked out and hit Sing, who rolled on the floor in spasms of anguish. Another bolt hit her, and another...

    Choran's lightsaber blade appeared. "Noooooo!!!" he yelled, dashing forward and swinging at Shaana Drin. The clone grinned as she ducked under the blade. Her own lightsaber appeared in her hand. Choran blocked a slash, riposted, sent Shaana staggering back a few paces. In a moment the clone had recovered, and was again on the offensive.

    Concentrate on your hate, my young apprentice!

    Yes. The Dark Side. Hate. Choran focused on his hate. Hate of the Jedi, and the Light Side of the Force. Hate of the Republic, and its useless government. Hate of all free life forms in the Universe who did not bow down before the Sith.

    Hate of Drin, of Sing, of Fett.

    Choran's soul was opened, and the dark side flowed in, powerful, rich, evil. His eyes gleamed madly and his lightsaber became a fast blur, diving, swooping, hacking, slashing. By degrees, Shaana began to fall back, until finally, Choran had the opening he needed. His blade went back, ready to slice the clone in half...

    A blaster shot rang out and hit Choran in the chest, sending him flying back across the laboratory, crashing into some equiptment. As Choran lay back, paralysed on the floor, he knew doom was upon him. Fett! he cursed. In another moment Shaana Drin loomed over him.

    Choran screamed as the lightsaber blade plunged into his belly.

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  7. Jedi15

    Jedi15 Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 7, 1999
    Mace stood slowly and started to pace the Council Chamber. He felt Master Yoda's eyes on him. "Something troubles you?" Yoda's quiet voice asked.

    "Yes. A great tide is coming, and there wil be no turning it." He glanced out the window and stared at the Coruscant skyline. "All we know will be no more." There were signs of dissention within the Jedi Order. Many Jedi were upset that the Council had decided against participating in the coming conflict. Some were even willing to disobey that Council decision.

    Yoda sighed. "Nothing is forever. The coming darkness will be balanced with a coming light."

    Mace turned. "Anakin?"

    "Balance he will bring." Yoda stared out the window.

    Mace returned to staring out the window. "Darth Sidious is here on Coruscant." Mace took a deep breath. "If what Anakin said about a presence was true, it would mean...a senator." The Galactic Senate was the perfect place to watch and control events. "He taunts us."

    Yoda gripped his staff tighter. "Taunts us he does, but not all does he see."

    Mace continued to watch the clouds build over the distant hills.


    Sing could barely even keep her eyes open at the sheer pain it caused her. Her entire body felt like it was on fire, and she threatened to pass out. She channeled the Force to dull the agony, but it did little good.

    Had Shaana not been distracted by Choran's unexpected attack, Sing might have died. As she looked up, Shaana cut the Sith Lord down with her lightsaber, a grin of pleasure on her beautiful face.

    A grin of joy.

    Shaana was enjoying it.

    Sing, using her last reservoirs of strength, brought her leg up, kicking Shaana's feet off the ground with a single swipe. The clone cried out in surprise and fell flat on her back, disoriented.

    Sing started to get up, but a gauntleted hand reached out, snatching her by the back of the neck. Sing turned her head and yelped as Mereel yanked her up. She tensed, awaiting for the bounty hunter to attack.

    What he did next shocked her to her very bones.

    "You want to live, Sing? We work together."

    Sing stared open-mouthed at the man. This man, this bounty hunter--her worst enemy--was asking her for help?

    Could he be serious?

    Sidious came forth, pointing an accussing finger at the two hunters. "Kill them!" he shouted.

    At that moment, Dikta's battle droids armed their blaster rifles and opened fire.

    "Duck!" Sing shrieked as she tackled into Mereel. Had they not moved, they would have been vaporized. As it was, the blaster bolts ended up putting several burning holes through the durasteel wall.

    The two staggered back up, and turned to see the battle droids march briskly at them, shooting mercilessly.

    "Follow me!" Mereel said, and he and Sing took off running, bumping aside several of the scientists and headed out into the underground hallway, the droids in hot pursuit, firing all the way.

  8. Jedi15

    Jedi15 Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 7, 1999
    Artoo bleeped several times, causing Amidala to smile at the little droid. Oddly, she thought, she wasn't nervous at all as they waited in the small office. A rather officious bronze protocol droid had instructed them to wait while he processed the necessary documentation. She had never really considered the number of questions involved with getting married. She squeezed Anakin's hand and smiled at him. He reached up and touched her cheek.

    Artoo whistled quietly as the door opened. An older woman entered. "My droid says you wish to be married?" She looked around the otherwise empty room, then returned her calm blue eyes to the couple. "No one else is with you?" She almost frowned. "I understand. You are?"

    "Amidala Naberrie. And this is Anakin Skywalker," Amidala said softly as she blushed.

    The older woman made a polite bow. "Coruscant law just requires that the bride and groom fill our the forms and be of legal age?" Both Anakin and Amidala nodded. "Then my droid will file them with Coruscant records."

    "That's it?" Anakin said.

    "That's it," the woman said with a laugh. "Eloping?" She nodded in understanding. "Here, stand next to each other." She took Anakin's hand and Amidala's in her own. "Anakin Skywalker, do you promise to love this woman for as long as you live? To remain true to her?" Anakin nodded. The woman smiled at Amidala as she placed Amidala's hand in Anakin's. "Amidala Naberrie, do you promise to love this man for as long as you live? To remain true to him?" Amidala nodded as Anakin pulled her close to his side. "You are married now. May your children one day understand who you were and what this day meant to you." She kissed Amidala's cheek. "Good luck." Anakin pulled her into his arms and kissed her, as the old woman laughed. "Young love."
  9. Lelila Jade

    Lelila Jade Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 30, 2000
  10. Jedi15

    Jedi15 Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 7, 1999
    Just upping this thread. I don't have time to post any story tonight. But I will have some by tomorrow (We have Friday off. Yippee!). Well, I'm tired, and I'm off to bed now. So until then...


    Jedi15, Destroyer of Bounty Hunters, Dark Side Adepts, and Family Relationships
  11. Jedi15

    Jedi15 Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 7, 1999
    One more thing: that was a terrific post, Mara Jade! cool.gif
  12. Jedi Rox

    Jedi Rox Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 16, 2000
    Hmm , just as an aside, I've had a few ideas about a sequel to this story....but they only work if Drin DOESN'T find out that her brother is Boba Fett.

    Just if noone else has any ideas.
  13. Jedi15

    Jedi15 Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 7, 1999
    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Geneva,Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Jedi Rox:
    Hmm , just as an aside, I've had a few ideas about a sequel to this story....but they only work if Drin DOESN'T find out that her brother is Boba Fett. know, Mara Jade, Emperor's Hand and I have been discussing a sequel--and the ending for this story--for quite some time now. Jedi Rox, if you want to discuss more about this, let me know.

    And now, as promised...


    "Did anyone see Drin leave?" Griss asked as the smugglers finished cleaning up the mess the battle had made. "She's disappeared. Does anyone here know where she went?"

    "No, sir," Sarice said. "I haven't seen her since the battle ended."

    Trenik looked around. "I saw her just a minute ago. Where did she go?"

    Ynndo said something. "Sheeka ybufi sarik raavif jiukla caosa mindayla sields mitsub Sing." (She may have gone off after kill her.)

    "Sing? Here on Coruscant?" Molean looked dubious. "We would've heard something about it."

    Sarice looked nervous as she exchanged glances with the three men.

    "Then I'm going after her," Griss said. He started to walk off when he suddenly collapsed to the ground in pain. His injury was starting to feel worse. Ynndo went over to him and helped the man up. Griss shoved the Rodian away. "I can take care of myself! Just get me a blaster and--"

    "Forget it, Donocova," Trenik Molean said, standing in the smuggler's way. "You're badly hurt. We need to get that wound treated in the MedCenter before it gets infected."

    "Yes, you need to rest," Sarice assured her. "If that wound isn't taken care of, you might die of shock."

    "I'm not going anywhere until I know that Drin is safe!" Griss snapped, refusing to back down. "She's my friend. I risked me life to save her! We can't just let her roam around the underworld. It's dangerous. She'll be killed."

    "I'll send a search party to look for her," Molean promised. "Drin couldn't have gone far. We'll find her, Griss."

    "I'll lead the team," Sarice said. "I just need to get some things first." With that, she turned and headed back to the headquarters.

    "I'll go with her," Molean said. He placed a hand on Griss's shoulder. "We will find her, Griss. And Sing, if she's here as well." He turned to Ynndo. "Take care of him, all right? I'm counting on you."

    They exchanged goodbyes, Molean ran back to Hell's Oasis.

    As Ynndo helped carry Griss to the waiting shuttle, Griss heard the Rodian mutter, in near-perfect Basic, "Have...bad feeling 'bout this."


    Sarice headed into her personal quarters, making sure that no one had seen her. She got out her small holoprojector and placed it on a table. She turned it on and contacted Lord Sidious.

    A small image of the cloaked man appeared on her bed. "What is it?"

    "My Lord, Drin has gone off to find Aurra Sing," Sarice said quickly. "I have a feeling that she's planning something big for the bounty hunter."

    Sidious nodded. "Good. Just as I have foreseen. Once Sing and Drin are eliminated, I will proceed with the next step in my plan. You have done well, Sarice."

    The Twi'lek smiled, feeling a swell of pride in her chest. " payment, my Lord?"

    Sidious's eyes met her, and the image smiled. "Yes. Your payment. As promised..."

    Seconds later, her room burst into flames.

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  14. Jedi-Green8

    Jedi-Green8 Jedi Youngling

    Nov 14, 1999

    lots has changed here...

    but over 400 posts??????

    That has me amazed.

  15. Jedi15

    Jedi15 Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 7, 1999
    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Geneva,Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Jedi-Green8:

    lots has changed here...

    but over 400 posts??????

    That has me amazed.

    Yeah, I know. It's strange to see how big this thread has gone. Even it strays a lot from the original topic! But I think that it's better this way. cool.gif

    Once again, I want to thank Jedi Rox and Mara Jade, Emperor's Hand for writing this story with me. It's been the most fun I've ever had in the JC forums.


    Jedi15, Destroyer of Bounty Hunters, Dark Side Adepts, and Family Relationships

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  16. Jedi Rox

    Jedi Rox Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 16, 2000
    Jedi15 I'd love to talk. Unfortunately, the email address in your profile seems to have 'permanent fatal errors'. To write to me you can use the address in my profile,
  17. Jedi Rox

    Jedi Rox Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 16, 2000
    "Dead end!" snarled Sing. "What about your famed directional capabilities then?"

    "Shut up, Sing," said Mereel, "We have bigger problems."

    Sing spun around, lightsaber igniting just in time to deflect a powerful laser bolt from one of the droids. As she shifted to block a second bolt, Mereel snapped his blaster up and fired at the droid. The shot glanced off a shoulder, not even causing a dent.

    Sing threw a glance at her companion, and prepared to charge the droid with her lightsaber. His hand grabbed her arm, restraining her.

    "Wait," he said, "I want to see if these things are stupid enough to fall for the same trick twice. Get ready to duck."

    Sing blocked another shot, watching out of the corner of her eye as Fett armed a thermal detonator.

    "Catch." said Fett, throwing the explosive. To Sing's amazement the droid actually did so. Then her brain caught up with her eyes and she dropped flat on the floor, just in time. The explosion passed over her head, singeing the back of her suit.

    Sing waited three seconds, then got up, glancing at Mereel.

    "Like I said: Stupid," he said. "You ready?"

    Sing nodded, and they headed off down the corridor. Turning left at an intersection, they came upon another droid.

  18. Jedi15

    Jedi15 Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 7, 1999
    The battle droid focused its shoulder cannon on Sing and shot, an enormous red bolt of energy sailing toward the bounty hunter. Sing raised her lightsaber and blocked the shot. The red-white energy blade knocked the cannon bolt back to its owner, striking the battle droid full in the chest, incinerating its CPU and sending sparks flying in the dark corridor. The droid uttered no sound as it fell back, temporarily incapacitated.

    But even as she watched, Sing could see the droid slowly but surely repairing the damage. They didn't have much time.

    "Come on, before it pulls itself back together!" Sing shouted urgently. She grabbed Mereel by the wrist and pulled him with her, dashing down the hallway, her lightsaber their guide through the dark. Her injuries sustained from her fight with Shaana and Choran still hurt, but she tried to ignore it. No time to think about pain right now.

    Mereel turned back saw another droid marching steadily toward them, firing at the two fleeing hunters. Mereel raised his blaster rifle, aimed carefully for the droid, and shot it twice within a space of a second. He then turned and continued running. "Another fine mess you've gotten us into, Sing," he snarled at the woman. "Why is it that everytime I run into trouble, you're always there, as if you never go away?"

    "Shut up, Mereel," Sing snapped back, wishing for nothing more than to knock the man upside his head. But she didn't have time for such pleasures. Escape first, fight later.

    They continued running.


    Trenik Molean and his band of smugglers cried out in shock as a good portion of Hell's Oasis erupted into a ball of fire and debris. Pieces of burned metak and duracrete fell upon the group, and Molean quickly took shelter behind a pair of crates. Several smugglers fell as they took serious hits to the head and back.

    After the explosion had died off, Molean ran over to help the injured. "We need some transports here now! These people need to be taken to the MedCenter!"

    As the remaining smugglers began tending to the wounded, Trenik assessed the damage. He had no idea what had caused that explosion, but it had happened near Sarice's private quarters. And something inside him said that Sarice was dead. And why did he feel that this had to do with Drin?

    His mind made up, Trenik knew what to do. He would get every last smuggler left and find Drin before something serious happened.
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    Yelgah Drin assessed her surroundings, taking in everything in sight. Her glowrod cast a pale red glow over the dark alleyway.

    "Come on, Aurra Sing." She sighed. "Where are you when I need you?"

    She quietly crept down the narrow alley, her breathing the only sound she heard. According to Sarice, Sing had last been seen in the Forbidden Zone. But there were hundreds of run-down buildings in this area. Sing had to be hiding in one of them. The question was, how was she going to find her?

    As Drin walked, she thought she heard footsteps echo from behind. Her heart pounding in her ears, Drin slowly turned around, ready to defend herself if it turned out to be one of those cannibals.

    A shadow loomed over her, remaining dark and still. Drin set her blaster to the KILL setting, took a deep breath, spun around with a yell--

    --and stared right into the eyes of her mother.

    Drin gasped and literally jumped back. Shaana Drin stood before her, an emotionless expression on her face. She stared at her daughter as if she didn't even recognize her. Drin remained silent, unable to vocalize anything. Was this really happening? Or was it another dream--?

    Shaana turned slowly around and began heading off in the opposite direction. She cast another glance at her daughter, then continued walking.

    Drin stumbled for a moment, then followed. Something inside told her that her mother would lead her to Sing.

    As she turned a corner, she realized that Shaana had disappeared into the night. She looked around the dark underworld, panic nearly spreading in her mind. If this was a nightmare, she hoped to wake up very soon--

    Her eyes then rested on a shuttle. A shuttle with very familiar Sith designs. Her eyes moved farther and gazed at the building that laid before her eyes. This was what she was looking for. Her quarry would be found in this building.

    Here. Sing is here...
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    Uh oh. Sing's in trouble now. Post soon!
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    Please, more soon!
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