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    I'm glad you liked Olympos - I got iut years ago and I keep meaning to get around to it (not sure if it's at home or here, actually).

    And yeah, The Lies of Locke Lamora and Red Seas Under Red Skies are both really good.
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    I've added Simmons to my "need-to-read" list. Sounds like something I'd really enjoy :)
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    No, definately not. There are a whole host of Trojan War characters in the book, and part of the story does involve the War taking place on Mars (a terraformed Mars) some indefinite time in the future. That's the guts of the first book, Ilium. But the whole story takes place on many more levels than that, and you never stay in Troy for too long.

    What impressed me most about Simmons was not only how riveting his writing us, but how no plot line was ever boring. I mean, take Orson Scott Card, for instance. When I was reading Xenocide, I always wanted to get out of the parts with Ender in them and get to the Chinese girl (I don't remember her name, sorry) and her father. The parts with Ender were as boring as the parts with the girl were interesting. Iluim and Olympos aren't like that; every single part of the story was compelling in some way.
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