San Diego, CA Bootleg of Episode II debuts on internet

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by CessnaDriver, May 10, 2002.

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    Fri May 2002 10 05:22:27 ET

    More than a week before the movie's release, unauthorized copies of the next STAR WARS episode have hit the Internet!

    "One bootleg version of ATTACK OF THE CLONES appears to have been made at a private showing of the film, using a tripod-mounted digital camcorder pointed at the screen," the LOS ANGELES TIMES reports in fresh editions. "Another evidently employed a more sophisticated version of the same technique."

    The early release of CLONES is just the latest example of how bootlegs of blockbuster movies appear online long before they are available in video stores--in some cases even before they hit the theaters.

    SPIDER-MAN appeared on the net a day before its official premiere.

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    There is really no way they can stop this from happening. Digital cameras keep getting smaller and smaller and easy to conceal, and are affordable to most people.
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    I hate it :( when people bootleg / pirate movies like Attack Of The Clones before it premieres. :mad:

    I would fully support George Lucas and Lucas Films Ltd, if they decided to go after these BootLeggers, and haul their sorry butts into court. :D
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