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Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by cwbrune, Dec 5, 2000.

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  1. cwbrune

    cwbrune Jedi Youngling

    Dec 5, 2000
    Me again!
    I was just wondering if anyone has seen these odd little numbers! Here in Edmonton, if you walk through any dollar store, you can usually come across some hideous looking rip-offs. I managed to grab quite a few little items like:
    5x RC'd figures. All of them came on the same card... Luke Jedi. They are horrible cast's of the originals, and the paint jobs are even worse! So far I only managed to find Yoda, Leia, Obi-Wan, R2 and Luke as an Imperial Guard.
    I also found a Biker Scout and Speeder bike carded on a RC. It kind of looks like "Deluxe" sets that Hasbro had out a couple of years back. They also had a carded Swoop bike, but when I went back to get it, it was gone.
    Then there are these "Pull Back" toys from a company called "Tampo Printing" and they are labeled as "Star Force". Again, casts of what seems to look like the "Dye Cast" ships from MicroMachines. So far I have the A-Wing, Falcon, X-Wing and the Mon Cal Cruiser. They changed the look of the ships slightly and changed the paint color... eg. The Falcon is silver coloured and has two cockpits, one on either side of the ship and a bunch of other crap stuck to it, that I can't quite identify!?
    Then there are my favorite... 4x carded "Galaxy Empire" figures, Han, Chewie, Chewie in bounty hunter disguise and Luke Jedi. These babies are 6" tall and are loaded with hideous looking weapons. Pretty interesting figures to say the least! They made other ones that I really wanted to get, but couldn't find.. Vader, Boba Fett and a couple of other ones.
    And finally my gem... A 12" Stormtrooper with removable helmet. The box is 8"x12 1/2", with a printed picture of Vader holding his lighted saber out in front of him. The rest of the front has a window to see the figure, which is all white except for a couple of small markings which are black. He also comes with 2 light gray blasters which look like bazooka's! The sides of the boxes have the same photos of Vader's found on the Kenner Collectors Series. No company name on the front or anywhere on the box for that matter. The back has only two photos, Vader and the Stormtrooper.... I'm still trying to find that one.
    A friend of mine gave it to me when I was down in Lake Charles, Louisiana doing a delivery.
    Okay... I'm done! Thanks for reading this (if you did?)!
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