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Colum, OH bored

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by DarthFloyd, May 23, 2002.

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  1. DarthFloyd

    DarthFloyd Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 29, 2002
    Hey all, I was bored and since noone posted anything in almost 20 hours(im guessing cuz i cant calculate time on this board), I figured I would start a thread. I know we all love the movies, but what else is everyone into? Toys, Cards, RPG? Is anyone here a definite purist, a definite EU-er, or a mixture of both? just trying to get an idea of everyone in the group.

  2. Amidala-Leia

    Amidala-Leia Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 5, 2002
    I'm a mixture of purist and EU. Some of the books in the EU are actually pretty good. Anyone that hasn't read them should at some point. I'm not much into the action figures, but I do enjoy the games(computer, video, and board) and legos ;)
  3. DarthClerical

    DarthClerical Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 28, 2002
    I'm into just about everything. I've read pretty much all the comic books and novels. I collect just the action figures and the lightsabers, due to a lack of space for the ships. I also own pretty much all of the computer games and lots of other miscellaneous stuff. I Play the RPG too.
    I really enjoy the EU and think that it meshes well with the original material.
  4. lazer310

    lazer310 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 23, 2000
    I am mostly a purist to the saga. I know of some of the stuff in the EU, but I don't go out of my way to read the novels unless something important happens. Like the death of Chewy. Tragic......

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