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Boston Rebels Spoiler Policy - Please Read before Posting! Thanks!

Discussion in 'Boston, MA' started by strawbary, Aug 3, 2004.

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  1. strawbary

    strawbary Syracuse CR, RSA Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Mar 11, 2002
    Boston Rebels Spoiler Policy posted per CR request

    Welcome to the Boston FanForce forum, home of the Boston Rebels! We enjoy talking about all sorts of things here, and it's no surprise that on a Star Wars message board we do discuss many Star Wars things. However, we realize that some individuals would like to refrain from being "spoiled" while still being able to engage in some amount of discussion.

    What's a "spoiler"? As far as Episode III and other yet to be released Star Wars things go, we will follow the spoiler policy set forth by TFN. The policy can be found [link=] here[/link] for reference.

    Basically anything that is officially released by LFL is open for free discussion in our forums. While we will have threads designated for such discussion, be forewarned that this material may find its way into more casual conversation in our other threads. We will not be shielding this non-spoiler material in any way in our forum, so if, for example, you have a particularly strict non-spoiler desire (way beyond the protection TFN provides with its policy), it would probably be best for you to avoid our boards until being spoiled is no longer an issue.

    We have a few official threads at the moment to discuss upcoming Star Wars things, and this thread will be updated if others are added:

    [link=,_MA/b10095/16627545/?0] Episode III Title and Official News Discussion [/link]
    This thread is used for non-spoiler Episode III discussion, according to TFN's spoiler policy.

    [link=,_MA/b10095/11512717/?32] Episode 3 Spoiler thread **Spoilers**[/link]
    This thread is used to discuss all Episode III spoiler material, again according to TFN's spoiler policy.

    [link=,_MA/b10095/16538314/?6]The OT DVD ***Spoilers**** thread[/link]
    This thread is for unrestricted discussion of all aspects of the DVD release coming this fall. We currently don't have a non-spoiler thread for this, but if you'd like one, you're welcome to start one of your own.

    There are other Star Wars things we discuss, like video games, toys, and books, but in the past we've never needed spoiler/non-spoiler specific threads for them. However, you're always welcome to create your own spoiler/non-spoiler haven if one does not already exist and you feel it is necessary for your participation in the discussion. Otherwise, please use common sense when posting about upcoming Star Wars stuff. If you're posting about news that's been obviously leaked instead of officially released, have a little courtesy for your fellow user and black out the text of your post so that those of us who wish to be spoiled only have to highlight to read, and those of us who don't wish to be spoiled can ignore your "invisible" posts.

    Fortunately for you all, your chapter representative is completely spoiled, so if you have any doubts about what you are posting, don't hesitate to [link=]PM Starwarschick14[/link]

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