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Breaking Point: A true story

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Thelegacyofallmen, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. Thelegacyofallmen

    Thelegacyofallmen Jedi Youngling

    Nov 8, 2010
    (This Rp was based on a old group project my friends and I attempted for an english project. Though we were unsuccessful in our class attempts it was a story that really intrigued us. The idea that a small fantical group could change the world with just one action as easy as a nation could be something intresting to work on. )

    This is a story of one such group committing the unforgivable sin: the assault of Walt Disney World and the events that followed the attacks, leading into World War III. Based on a true story.

    Walt Disney World

    Orlando, Florida

    October 1, 2017

    The smell of candy and hotdogs wafted through the air. The park was always packed to the brim with customers but today was even more so. The fifty year birthday celebration for the iconic amusement park was guarenteed to bring out the children and their families and thus, attendance numbers were at an all time high.A mock steamboat slowly floated down the stream that separated both sides of the park. Children and adults alike leaned against the protective railings and cheered with exitement at the appearance of the classic 'steamboat willie' vessel.

    The crowd continued roar with approval even after a group of men appeared on the deck of the small boat, most people assumed they were part of the celebration festivities. The men faces were covered by various garments, some wore white hockey masks and others wore bandannas and ski masks but one thing consistent:They were all armed to the teeth. One of the armed men tossed a grenade upwards and a second later...


    A sweep of concussive force from the explosion sent a number of people sprawling on the pavement, ripping a huge hole into the group of people. Naturally, the confusion swiftly escalated to panic as the boat stopped as the attackers climbed up and vaulted over the safety railing onto the street.

    The screams of the dying and wounded was more than enough to unfreeze many of the tourists legs as pushing and shoving knocked many patrons over, women and children alike. More rounds were fired into the dispersing crowd, the more bodies dropped, twitching and contorted in unslightly positions. One of the gunmen began to grunt orders to the other men and pointed to the dead bodies. "Compruebe los cuerpos de los objetos de valor y matar a los heridos {check the bodies for valuables and kill the wounded."}

    The orders were intiated without question, a few gunshots here and the group moved silently until they reached the main intersection of the amusement park's entrance. A security guard popped out of the ticket booth with his pistol drawn and managed to fire off two shots before his entire body was riddled with bullets, slumped against the open door. His shots managed to down one of the attackers, killing him instantly. The lead gunman looked around at his compatriots before turning his gaze towards a tiny security camera. He made a vicious throat-cutting guesture "Hemos derramado sangre por primera vez en nuestra guerra. Hemos matado a su joven y su edad, a medida que asesino a nuestros hijos. Su forma de vida es un cancer que debe ser silenciado por la mano a la sentencia. Pagar por tus pecados!"

    {We have drawn first blood in our war. We have killed your young and your old, as you murdered our children. Your way of life is a cancer, one that must be silenced by the hand to the judgement. Pay for your sins!.}

    The lead attacker vigioursly tore away his mask and with glee stuck his face into the camera. He was middle aged and bald, long scars were eteched over his sunken waxy skin. His left eye was completely white and his expression was the look of a lunatic having the time of his life. "My name is Ozi, I am one of many!"

    "El sufrimiento recibiran la justicia!" began to be shouted in unision over and over again.

    {The suffering shall recieve Justice!}

    Ozi smiled. Victory was theirs, as the war would be. He had nothing but time.

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  2. Thelegacyofallmen

    Thelegacyofallmen Jedi Youngling

    Nov 8, 2010
    (feel free to choose any reasonable character background you want and PM me them for evaluation)

    CS Sheet
    Name: John Thunderhawk
    Age: 24
    Place of birth:Bismark, North Dakota
    Alleigance: United States Army
    Rank: 1st Lieutenant
    Unit: 2nd platoon, A-CO 2/75 Ranger

    Personal history: The youngest of three children born to an oil excutive and a woman of the Lakota tribe John possessed an apitude for the outdoors at an early age. His siblings were considerably older than he so he spent much his time playing alone in the woods building forts and hunting animals. He was also an accomplished football player and even earned a scholarship to play middle linebacker at the University of Nebraska. Eventually earning his commission as an infantry officer.

    Upon his promotion to First Lieutenant he signed up for the Ranger Orientation Program, a path way for prospective officers to gain entry into the 75th Ranger Regiment.
    A proud Lakota desendant, he is fearless and instinctive with a vast knowledge in survival skills and methods.

    His downfall is though talented, many times he gets carried away and believes too much in his own ablities.However, his lack of actual combat experience makes him a bigger risk in comparison against many of his peers.
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