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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by blubeast1237, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    Brilliant Turtles, Dazzling Blues

    Let me tell you a story...

    There once was some people with powers. Then there were people with power. The people with powers, we'll call them Jedi, tried to save everyone and have Galaxy-wide peace and whatnot. The people with power, we'll call them the Empire, killed all the Jedi and rose to power. They control every aspect of everyday life. Sucks? Who you telling?

    All this happened like 15 years ago. We live in a different galaxy now. Its like, literally, hunt or be hunted, if you help the wrong people(the rebels), you will find yourself dead in a dumpster somewhere. You serve the Empire, people are probably going to throw things at you and you might be killed, but the pay is good.

    Who, Me? Man, I'm on a whole nother side. I'm a Bounty Hunter. I work for myself, by myself, y'know? There are those who want to take even me down though. They are the ones that want power. I'll call them Black Sun and the Bounty Hunters' Guild. They are a rising power now, they are going to stamp out people like me. The Unalligned. Now I have to take low bounties and watch my back everywhere I go. I'm at war with the galaxy and if you're like me, you are too.

    -----Maximilian "Superboy" Marshall


    Welcome to [b]Brilliant Turtles, Dazzling Blues[/b]. This game is about the Fringe elements of Star Wars under the time of the reign of Emperor Palpatine. Black Sun, notorious criminal organization group, and the Bounty Hunters' Guild are the main factions of this game, but the story will be driven by you, the characters. These groups are expanding their empires, sinking the teeth of the underworld into multiple planets. This is the main story.


    This game is going to run under the "Free Roam" concept. Your lives and choices are determined by you. Whether you are a Small Time Spice Dealer trying to start your own Enterprise, a podracer living in the fast lane, a gun-toting mercenary out for revenge, or even a ship stealing dirty pirate is to be determined by you. I am merely here to show you how the galaxy around you is changing and you will either have to adapt or be left behind and perish.

    [b]Character Sheet [/b]

    1. Obey the TOS
    2. No GOD-Modding
    3. PM Character Sheets to me for approval.
    4. Any questions? Feel free to ask. The game will be updated frequently and I'm almost always around.
    5. Keep OOC to a minimum.

  2. Spatz

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    Oct 10, 2008
    Name: Skarlin DeShaddaa (DeShaddaa is pronounced like Shaddaa)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Species: Squib
    Homeworld: Tatooine
    Affiliation: Independent (Though has ties to Kan Fell?s Strike group.)
    ---Traits: Generally kind and caring, but has a high tendency to be ruthless in combat, over doing every kill. This and the fact that he's a Squib, which means he's a great haggler. This makes him heavily dangerous in marketing.
    ---Likes: Haggling, Technological work.
    ---Dislikes: People who question his skills or criticize his ship.
    ---Habits: Generally he will fiddle with objects when bored.
    ---Skin Color: Unknown
    ---Fur Color: Red with silver stripes.
    ---Eye Color: Red
    ---Clothing: Industrial exploration outfit.
    ---Other Attributes: Earring in left ear, scar over right eye, cybernetic right eye.
    ---Other Details: Walks with a minor limp, and has a powerful physical build.
    Weapons: DC-17m, DC-17, DLT-20a.
    ---Name: Shadow Weaver
    ---Class: Light freighter/Ugly
    ---Hyperdrive Class: 2
    ---Weapon(s): Two twin turbolaser turrets. (Aft and Dorsal mounted.) Anti-Personal ground buzzer. Forward mounted twin laser cannons. Twin cluster missile launchers. (10 each launcher.) Tractor beam.
    ---Shields: Assorted shield generators, most found on Raxus Prime.
    ---Sublight Speed: 120 MGLT
    ---Crew: 1
    ---Passenger(s): 3
    ---Max Cargo: 200 metric tons.
    ---Interior Description: Very junky, as if it was pulled straight out of the scrap on Raxus, instead of being built from it. Though all seats are comfortable enough, and it takes no more than one person to have complete control of the ship, making it very versatile.
    ---Other Details: Built around a YT-1300, it has many different pieces from various ships found on raxus. It?s power generator is probably the only thing not recovered from Raxus, as it is one of the newer generators used in a YZ-775.
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: roughly 8k midi-chlorians
    ---Religion: NONE
    -----Crystal(s): Shard of Kaiburr, shard of Pontilla, shard of Krayt Dragon pearl, and Stygium crystal.
    -----Blade(s): 1, short and thin, perfect for cutting.
    -----Color(s): Black
    -----Handle Description(s): Built for a back hand wield, this saber is preferred for Shein and Juyo/Vaapad styles.
    ---Force Abilities: Form VII, enhanced speed, strength, and other physical attributes, mind tricks, and small force bursts.
    ---Force Weakness: Currently unknown
    ---Other Force Object(s):
    ---Personal History: Born and raised on tatooine, Skarlin has a much better accent then that of his parents, making haggling for him easier. During his upbringing he was taught the jawa trade language, and thus has contacts that many people don't. This and the fact that his father had been a jedi, and trained him in the ways of the force, but had hoped that he could get a proper master. Unfortunatly by age 13, order 66 had been executed, so this dream was going to go unconfronted. At age 14 his parents began bringing him everywhere on their YT-1250. At age 15 he had created his saber, having managed to get a black crystal in the understreets of Coruscant from some shady businessman. At age 16 he had arrived with his parents at Raxus Prime, about a while after the battle there had happened. When introduced to such a profitable location, and the option to assemble his own craft with the aid of his parents, his eyes shone with glee. By age 18 he had finished the ship, a now overly customized YT-1300, complete with a mass driver cannon modified for spacial use. It also sported a dock big enough for the luckily salvaged ARC-170 that he got on Raxus Prime too. At this point he decided to go off on his own, his parents safe from the empires grasp. At age 20 he came to coruscant, where he managed to set up a business that sold scrap ships to people. These ships were in decent quality, but he always made extra profit. Though because of this, sales went slowly, and he had managed to sell 10 in three years.

    ---Military History: None, all com
  3. Hitman90

    Hitman90 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 4, 2005
    Character Sheet
    Name: Owen Barrard
    Nickname: Deadeye Owen
    Race: Human
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    -Height: 6'2
    -weight: 189 lbs
    -Clothing: Big black coat, dark green shirt, dark grey pants, heavy black boots, black gloves, blaster holster.
    -Facial features: has a thin and narrow face. a rough beard, and messy short brown hair.
    -Build: athletic
    Equipment & Possessions
    -personal pssesions: none
    -Primary weapons: DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, E-11 blaster rifle.
    -secondary weapons: vibro dagger.
    Organization: Chaos Brigade(Pirate gang)
    -Rank: Captain
    -Name: The BloodClaw
    -Class: light Freighter
    -hyperdrive class: 2
    -weapons: Twin laser cannons, back mounted ion blaster cannon.
    Bio: Born on the planet of Socorro to the owners of the black trail cantina, Owen grew up knowing most smugglers that come through his small port town. Throughout his childhood he was taught simple survival skills, such as blaster marksmenship, haggling, and ship piloting; and through many conversations with smugglers and tradesman he learned the "street smarts" needed to survive in certain trade routes and planets. then at age 19 he came in contact with a pirate, known as Saren DeMarkos, while at his parents business. he spoke with Saren and was convinced to join the pirate and his gang, the Chaos Brigade. up until this point, owen felt annoyed with his humdrum life on Socorro. Serving people in a cantina was not his view on adventure. Owen wanted something more in his life, Owen wanted to live above the realm of everyday society. he wanted to live in total freedom. When Saren offered him the chance of a lifetime to be a pirate, to be an outlaw, Owen took it. He began his Journey as a Pirate.

    Owen's new life started as soon as he boarded Saren's ship, The BloodClaw. Through his years of service Owen becomes closer to Saren. He become his, sort of apprentice. he learns everything he needs to from Saren. He very rapidly claims in rank while in Saren's crew. He then finally reaches the Rank of first mate, or the second in command. By this time he had developed the same ideals as Saren. these ideals were the bases of galactic anarchy. they lived in the idea that a man does what he wants when he wants. this belief created Owen to be a ruthless pirate. From this time forward owen learned everything from Saren. that is until Saren's death during a raid. Owen and saren were part of the boarding group; so as they were entering the ship they ambushed by the crew of the ship. saren and many other pirates were killed in the battle, while Owen barely made his escape off the ship. Due to this loss, Owen then became captain, he would begin trying to rebuild his gang. he travelled into the core systems in search of members to join him and his gang.
  4. Croup

    Croup Jedi Youngling

    Mar 21, 2009
    Character Sheet

    Name: Adam Kaan
    Age: 28 (Born 32 BBY)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 6?1, 210 lbs, Short Brown Hair, Tan Skin, and is generally described as good looking.
    Equipment & Possessions: Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon (only used in sticky situation), KX-80 Repeating Blaster Rifle, Bryon Pistol, 2 DL-22?s, a Dagger, Brown Boots, Blue Pants, White Under Shirt, Light Tan V-Neck Collared Over Shirt with Brown Leather Shoulder Pad, Brown Leather Jacket.
    Ship: The Bad Wolf (Modified YV-666 light freighter) Modified with a larger engine and smuggling compartments.
    Organization: None (Independent Smuggler/Bounty Hunter)
    Bio: Adam Kaan wad born on Nar Shaddaa to the bounty hunter Kal Kaan and wife Allana. Kal was killed by a rival bounty hunter two months before Adam was born. When Adam was four his mother became very ill; knowing she was going to die soon she sent Adam to live with his Aunt, Sabe, and Uncle, Beed, on Coruscant. On there way to the spaceport to pick up their nephew Sabe and Beed were killed in a terrible speeder accident. Adam left alone with no one to care for him was sent to an orphanage. There he grew in to a strong and bright young man.

    Coruscant be at the center of Imperial propaganda Adam grew up believing the lies they told and when he was done with his basic public education Adam joint the Empire. Adam was sent to the Imperial Military Academy on Carida to be trained as a Stormtrooper. Eighteen months into his training Adam flew a small one-man ship in a routine training exercise. It was the first time he had ever flown a starship and his commander recognized his skill as a pilot. His commanding officer wanted to send him to the Imperial Naval Academy, but the high commands shoot down the CO?s request saying that Adam only had a few months of training left. Adam?s Omega Exercise was to lead a platoon of troopers to crush a rebellion of spice miners on the moon Naboo. After killing all the rebels involved in the incident Adam was ordered to kill the family members of the rebels as well. He reluctantly carried out his orders. This was the first time Adam had questioned the Empire.

    Following a short leave on the Inner rim Adam put in a request to attend the Imperial Naval Academy. As a Lieutenant and a skilled combat leader his commanding officers did not want him to go, so they told him if he took the entrance exam and passed he could go. He took the test among cadets who had spent months preparing. No one thought he would pass. His commanding officers felt that they were safe in their decision and the other cadets thought he was a joke. Not only were they proven wrong but of the group of cadets he took the exam with he scored the highest.

    Adam?s high exam score ensured him a spot in the thirty month academy training course rather than the one year course. Here he proved himself as an expert pilot and learned the basic of starship mechanics. With only one test to go he would complete his training at the top of his class. His final test he was to lead a squad of fighter escorts to protect a group of bombers. Their target was a Twi?lek farming village that had rebelled against the local government. He led the mission without any problems and finished at the Imperial Naval Academy top of his class, and again he felt the empire was wrong in their actions.

    Finishing at the top of his class ensured him a spot in flight school to become a TIE pilot. After a grueling training program he finally became a TIE pilot a feat only ten percent of the people who join the program accomplish. Less that a year went by and he was given a delicate. He was ordered to take a squad of TIE fighters and attack a group of rebel ships passing closely by Tatooine then retrieve the cargo they were transporting. During the attack he only lost one fighter. The ship crashed to the planet surface and the fighters split up to retrieve the cargo from the different wrecks. On the planet below he came across one of the wrecked ships a short distance outside of a city and approac
  5. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Approved by the BEAST

    Name: Caval Romar
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [image=]
    Equipment&Possessions: Comm, Datapad, Blastvest, Astrogation-Charts, DL-44 (+backup gun in Captains Quarters), Vibrodagger, flightsuit, spareparts, forged customs papers (real ones, too) and the . . .
    Ship: The YV-330 "Last Exit Eriadu" called the LEE. Modified with x1 Hyperdrive and an additional heavy laser cannon as well as better subdrive-engines. [image= ]
    Organization: None
    Bio: Caval Cern, as he was born, was raised in a family of law-enforcers on Yelsarin. Soldiers, investigators or like his father . . . customs officers. The problem was, they tried to protect the law, when it was threatened by the republic itself and ended on the wrong side of imperial justice.
    Using his excellent knowledge of customs and starships Voren Cern, Caval´s father made his way into smuggling business. From smuggling soon he and his band of friends went to pirating the space lanes they had once protected. Had they made a few different decisions or had Voren Cern lived a little longer, they might have become rebels. But after Voren died, in part from a shot to his leg but basically from his broken heart, they turned fully to crime. Caval and his best friend the Bothan Karn Key´lya were what remained of an morale authority within´ the fast growing gang. And soon their informants and contractors became darker and more and more in-acceptable to the young man. It was against anything he considered his family to stand for. When he met Mervy Romar, a young smuggler he fell in love with . . . he felt it was time to get out of the business. It was the day he wanted to explain he was leaving he heard about the groups newest plan. The medical-supply ship Mercy. 50 metric tons of vaccine for Sulon. He couldn´t allow that. He informed the authorities of the planned coup and as he warned Karn of the apparent attack by the Empire hoped he could get away with nobody killed. Karn warned the others and they took Caval hostage. When the empire hammered them, all of the gang died. Only Karn survived, fleeing in a Tie-Fighter. Caval was shown the "gratefulness" of the Empire by being set free. Branded a traitor.
    He tried to watch himself clean of this, by marrying Mervy Romar. As it was usual in their family he took the females name. Her father Rozek brought him back to his feet, leasing the "Last Exit Eriadu" for him and helping him modify the ship. And a trained pilot and pretty knowledgeable in customs procedures Caval Romar soon turned to "private transports" as he called them. With his little crew he made good money and even as the live among the stars lead to him and Mervy break up, he could assure his daughter a good education.
    These days he works all over the galaxy, living on his ship with his friends and secretly hope to conquer Mervys heart back for him. While always looking over his shoulder, if his "old friend" Karn isn´t there. He knows the Bothan has sworn to kill him, after he had escaped the Empire.

    ooc: Crew of the Last Exit Eriadu are available for players (PM me) but if nobody is interest I´ll make them up in a follow-up post
  6. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    Great turnout so far. Some players still need to post their sheets and some more have shown interest. I would like to start sometime next week, so I will give players about 3 more days to send in sheets. This is going to be fun, I love the characters so far.[face_peace]

  7. Rally_Fan_84

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    Jan 14, 2009
    Appointed by that blue thing in the corner that we should all pretend isn't there but be careful of :D

    [b]Name:[/b] Tyrigan "Ty, Headbanger", Guelf
    [b]Age:[/b] 39
    [b]Gender:[/b] Male
    [b]Appearance:[/b] The stresses that come with being a top-caliber law enforcement officer have given Tyrigan an appearance that makes him appear older than he is.

    His short-cut hair is definitely of the salt and pepper variety, mostly black as a moonless night but light gray at the temples and pocketed with white hairs,a trait that his goatee shares. His facial features are typically described as having a harder edge but not noticeably so. His eyes however are different, being jade green with flecks of silver. It is rumored that he can break a suspect with a hard stare alone, however this is a rare occurrence due to a pair of reflective maroon-colored and charcoal gray framed pair of glareshades that are seemingly fused to his face for most conditions.
    While his face doesn't have any visible scars, the lines that stress has given him are sometimes very noticeable on his olive-colored skin.

    Standing 5'10'' and being of medium build, Tython keeps himself in good physical condition, mostly through hard work, loads of stress, and extended foot chases through back alleys. Opting not to wear the normal paramilitary uniform of the service that he works for, he instead is often found in unremarkable street clothing for the climate, although he retains a blast vest and combat boots, consequences of lessons learned the hard way when he was younger.
    [b]Equipment & Possessions:[/b]
    1x modified [link=]V-35 Courier Landspeeder[/link] (siren and lights, more powerful engines, restraining gear in third seat, brackets for weapons and boxes for gas charges and power packs in cargo space)
    1x [link=]Forensics Droid[/link] (FACTU-606, "Eff Six")
    1x retractable [link=]stun baton[/link] (hip clip)
    1x combat vibroblade (ankle holster)
    1x [link=]Q2 Holdout Blaster.[/link]
    2x [link=]DT-12 heavy blaster pistols[/link] (side holsters)
    1x [link=]SFOR Carbine[/link]
    1x [link=]DC-15x Sniper rifle[/link] with image enhancing scope

    [b]Ship:[/b] 1x modified [link=]YU-410 light freighter[/link] "[b]Bull Rancor[/b]"
    1x Ion Cannon
    1x Tractor Beam Emitter
    4x Holding Cells
    1x Weapons and vehicle bay (speeder plus 2 bikes)
    1x Forensics Lab
    Kwymar Sector Marshall paint scheme (dark blue with gray stripe down the middle of the hull)

    [b]Organization:[/b] Kwymar Marshal Service, Chief of the Kestsos System Rangers
    Tyrigan is a rarity among law enforcement officials in the fringe. While he hasn't totally stopped all crime in the system he has charge of, the crime rates are noticeably lower there than in the vast majority of the rest of the Outer Rim.

    Born and raised in the Corellian System, Tyrigan Guelf knew what he wanted to do from an early age. Entering the Corellian Security Forces as soon as he was of age, he was quickly accepted into the Tactical Response Team, operating not only as a starfighter pilot but as a sharpshooter, a skill that his grandfather taught him through annual hunting trips. He also eventually found work in the Narcotics Interdiction Division as well, where his quick thinking and lateral reasoning served him well.

    Although his career with CorSec was exemplary, his attitude and adherence to his own moral code before law served to hold him back, along with more than one excessive force citation in his record (allegedly the origin of his nickname of "headbanger").
    Eventually he was given the option to take "The Long Walk", meaning an early retirement and a generous stipend with the clause that he go into the outer rim and bring Corellia>
  8. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    bad_feeling_haver, post yourself where you see fit. I am still accepting sheets. I felt alittle ancy tonight, so I'm starting early. So Everyone, let us begin.:-B

    Ernard Toil
    -CoCo Town, Coruscant

    [blockquote]Ernard rolled the blaster in his hand as he and Koshek, the giant Torgruta to his right, walked off the ship and onto the landing bay that was directly outside of Skarlin DeShaddaa's store. The man had made himself a good, honest living. Ernard scratched his head. This was all about to come to an end.

    DeShaddaa had not done anything to them, but that did not stop them from walking into his store and Koshek taking the butt of his rifle and smashing the man's walls up. Shelves, glass, even ship parts rolled on the floor and the stunned patrons looked startled and ready to interfere and stop the mad man, but they did not. Maybe it was because of the Repeater that was rolling in Ernard Toil's hand.

    "Skarlin DeShaddaa?" Ernard said, nonchalantly checking his blaster. The noise Koshek was making seemed to not even register in the man's ears. He was talking to the red and silver squib behind the counter. "Looks like you have a problem here."

    Skarlin would not recognized these men and, no doubt, he should hate them for what they were doing. But one could understand if Skarlin agreed with Ernard Toil. He indeed had a problem here.[/blockquote]
    Tag: Spatz

    Bug Eyes
    -Orbit of Coruscant

    [blockquote]The three ships that were organized around the Bloodclaw were Imperial ships. Bug Eyes was no fool. They were in deep fodder. They were pirates who had come to the Core looking for recruits and they had found them. Bug Eyes' informants had not lied to him about that, or that the Captain of the Ship was one, Owen Barrard. A small time pirate, but he had served under the notorious Saren DeMarkos.

    For years, Black Sun had tried to talk Saren into joining the Organization as a transporter. They would let him carry on stealing ships and collecting "booty", but occasionally, they would load his ship with contraband. Pirates were idiot barbarians, but they had their uses. If the great Saren DeMarkos had joined Black Sun, other pirates would seek to get into the game as well. A domino effect. Sadly, Saren had denied time and time again, even fought off Black Sun ships who were seeking to force him into submission. He was a great, determined man.

    Owen Barrard, however, was a new breed, or so, Bug Eyes hoped. Bug Eyes had tipped off the Imperials to the Bloodclaw's presence and, from a safe distance, he now watched to see what would unfold. The Imperials would fire upon the ship if the Bloodclaw refused surrender, but Bug Eyes was not unreasonable. If the Pirate could get out of this, then maybe he was worth even more than the great Saren. Maybe.[/blockquote]
    Tag: Hitman

    Lisa Neckloid

    [blockquote]Who in the hell is Adam Kaan? Lisa starred at the 3-D hologram depicting a youthful, good looking man. She tossed her hair with her left hand, while arranging the message with her right. All she had been ordered to do was to relay a bounty to the guy. Farther than that, she would not go. People got killed doing stupid crap like that.

    "Adam Kaan, I have a bounty for you. The bounty is on the head of Caval Romar, small time smuggler and transporter. No killing, sorry to disappoint." She raised an eyebrow, seeing that many of his bounties did not make it in alive. "Ship Name: Last Exit Eriadu. Last known location is Yelsarin. Has a Father in law there. The rest of the information is being sent to you now. Toodles."

    She ended the transmission and turned to Karn Key'lya, his image appearing to her right. "Hey honey, got a bounty for you. Adam Kaan, rogue Imperial and the Empire wants him. Dead or Alive. He should be on his way to Yelsarin. It should also interest you that Caval Romar has ties there. That is the best I can give you. Romar'
  9. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    ooc: that´s what I call a great start, blue.

    Approved by the beast that got the blues!

    Name: Karn Key´lya

    Age: 39
    Gender: Male
    Equipment&Possessions: Datapad, Breathermask, Grenades (poisongas, 2 plasma, 2 blast), communit, holocam, cloaks, blast-vest, body-armor, nightbinoculars, two scout-droids, one translation unit, starmaps, outdoor survival gear, food for 1 week, ammo, energy cells, recharger battery, burning fluids, repairequipment, Bounty Hunter Registration (Imperial and Huttese)
    Weapons: usually on man - DT 57 Heavy Blaster Pistol, BlasTech Bryar Pistol, Vibroknife, Vibrostileto (boots) owns: 3x SC14C Pistols, Blackscale "Hall Sweeper" Carabine, E5 Carabine, 2 Thermal Detonators

    Heavy Modified BTLB Y-Wing, The Raptor equipped with a x1.5 Hyperdrive and stronger sublight drives, it also has no flak-battery, but instead extra storage space and a high-end security system with attached with two retractable mini-turrets to defend the ship. The Astromechdroid has become integrated. Called Raptor by Key´lya [image=]
    Organization: Benelex Bounty Hunter Guild
    Bio: It isn´t much known about Karn Key´lya inside the House Benelex. Nor can the spies of his people say they know him or his past. He showed up one day, at hteir door and put a bounty on a mans head. Then he asked fpr a job, so he could pay it, if somebody foud the man. The bounty hunter in place mocked him and ended up dead. After explaining he had been insulted and threatened by the hunter, the guild decided he might be more worth alive. They demanded 20.000 credits compensation for the death of the hunter and gave him the opportunity to earn them. Karn turned out to be good at it. A pragmatist to the bone, he made his kill. Occasionally also his catch, though he preferred the bounties, where he brought them back in a bag.
    Soon his debt was payed and he began to rise within´the guilds ranks. Even though too brutal in many assignments, he never said no to any "hit", as he called bounties. He worked together with other hunters, used the Bothan Spynetwork and Huttese Connections. But even his colleagues considered him cold. His money he spend on two things. Two things only. Weapons and information. Especially regarding a man called Cern. A man he seems to have a personal problem with. And Karn Fey´lya is cruel enough, when it isn´t personal.
    Latley he has learned the guy might have changed his name. To the silly surname Romar. Now . . . the hunt is on, again.

    ooc: I had a wicked idea for an opening post, that I´ll begin to do later. Dunno when it goes up. [b]Good game everyone![/b]>
  10. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    Caval Romar
    Telos IV; Law Enforcement Center

    He was always amazed how much this all had become routine. From a guy doing it for a living he had turned into a professional. A bored but concentrated guy in control of every detail of a job negotiation. He did not overlook anything, got all the hidden signals and information and . . . was simply shocked by himself. A generation ago his family had hunted men like him. Now he was one of them. A Smuggler. Or today . . . for Telos Law Agency . . . a private transport.

    Supplies had run short after the spice price had drastically dropped. They had barely made any profit. Their usual dealer had been gone into hiding. Debts, Caval guessed. He had too many bets on gladiator-games running on his name. Way to many. A friend had made contact with Telos and as Caval´s reputation was good, he got the job offered. Good money, fuel and extra equipment. It looked like an easy way to deal money. Hutts were after them. Hutts were easy to shake. When you used to hide from the Empire. And no Bounty Hunter would take accept bounty on an official servant of the Empire, right? He could never work again for them.

    No, this looked like a nice job to get a few credits out of a useless stay on Telos IV. A man couldn´t ask for more. Especially a man who had made a bad business decision.

    "No questions." He said to his contractor and turned to his passenger. Escorted by two stormtroopers and looking every inch like a cop. "Sir, my name is Caval Romar. I have been hired to transport you to Picutorion. My ship is on the platform and whenever I get to acknowledgment from my account on Ukio that my advance payment has arrived me and my crew are at your service." He was friendly, cool, detached. In short. He was professional. And he had always thought one became a pro by intent.

    He wondered what kind of equipment they forced on his pride. LEE, the Last Exit Eriadu wasn´t the best available ship in the universe. But it was a damned fine one. With all the right strength for the right reasons. They hopefully wouldn´t mess with her energy matrix. Or throw on their favourite toys only to mix up his hyperdrive configuration.

    "May I show you the way, Sir?" He asked politely and gestured to the doors towards the platforms. Finally he realized the two stormtroopers were still following the man.

    "They won´t come, will they?" He pointed at the stormtrooper escort. "Because that would ruin my reputation." He said and smiled. "No offense, guys."

    Tag: Rally, blue
  11. Spatz

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    Oct 10, 2008
    IC - Skarlin

    Skarlin simply sighed in dismay. This wasn't exactly the first moron to rough up his shop, even with patrons in it. Skarlin knew how to deal with fools like this, without using the force. Tapping the button under the counter in front of him, Skarlin grinned as a door opened up to his right. Out came a slightly aged, but still functioning B-2 battle droid, upgraded with a heavy cannon on his left arm. Skarlin then spoke with a amused tone.

    "Punk, I'd have thought people like you would know better, but apparantly not. As for Sizix here, well he's been almost literaly itching to test out his most recent upgrade. Now your options here are to run without problem, or to run with Sizix here unleashing his powerful arsenal across your sorry hide." Skarlin was already using the force to draw a blaster to his hand, out of sight of his patrons. Sizix's shield kicked in, showing that it would take a lot to oppose him. Skarlin's hand was now resting carefully on the blaster lying under the counter.

    Tag - Ernard Toil (Blu)
  12. Rally_Fan_84

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    Jan 14, 2009
    OOC: Before this goes farther and gets out of hand allow me to clarify something. Tyrigan Guelf is the Captain of the Kestos System Rangers. While he is the commanding officer of the Rangers, he is not the Commissioner of the Kwymar Sector Marshals' Service. Think of his branch as a district of a city police police force.
    Moving on...

    IC: Captain Tyrigan Guelf
    Location: Thani, Telos IV
    [i]As Tyrigan Guelf (known as Tyr to those who had earned the right to call him something other than Captain or Boss) entered the office that he had been directed to after arriving at the Kwymar Sector Marshals Service headquarters on Telos IV, he couldn't help thinking about the events that had transpired prior to his arrival, and subsequently curse every single officer and bean counter above him that had put him in this situation.

    Hours earlier he had been on stakeout inside of an asteroid, a small construction that was for all practical purposes undetectable. It was part of an ongoing investigation into a collection of persons or groups that were starting to come into violent conflict over the underground spice trade. While Guelf mostly left the spicers alone provided the shipment's werent too big in nature or that they stayed out of trouble, he drew the line at free-wheeling brawls over the stuff that got civilians killed.

    With some judicious force and plenty of noses to the grindstone, he had been zeroing in on who was doing the shooting and was about to make another big arrest when a coded and encrypted transmission had come through for him. He had been ordered to cease any activity he was currently involved in, immediately if possible, and report to KSMS Headquarters on Telos IV. Since he could not find any justification for making the Commissioner and his cronies wait longer than they had to, he had left the stakeout to his capable subordinates and taken the provided fast courier ship to Telos IV, opting to leave his light freighter turned patrol and interceptor ship, the Bull Rancor, in the Kestos system in case more patrols and firepower were needed.

    When he finally arrived on Telos IV there had been no initial indication that the Imperials were around, so when he entered the Marshal's headquarters building and was greeted by a matched pair of stormtroopers, he started to simultaneously worry for his future and wonder just what the people in charge were up to.

    However he was not sent to their office, rather he was sent to the office of [b]Kram Solito[/b], a man who had once been a Kestos Ranger, had served under Guelf, and had earned his respect.

    All of this ran through his head as he entered the office with the stormtroopers in tow. Kram had been behind his desk, and in front of it had been a man who could only have been described as a spacer, introduced as [b]Caval Romar[/b].
    After so long as a cop, Guelf had become accustomed to reading body language while people talked. It was surprisingly insightful and reliable. Romar had been polite enough, but the way he wanted to leave in a hurry and his stance indicated that he was not comfortable with the situation, meaning it was the stormtroopers or the presence of authority.

    While he certainly didn't like being pulled away from his post to clean up a mess in another system that the law enforcement there couldn't handle, he felt the same way about the stormtroopers as Romar did[/i].

    "I have to agree with Mr. Romar here. I refuse to go on this idiotic assignment with the Imperials breathing down my neck. I'm not going anywhere with this kind of backup. I hate to dump it in your lap Kram, but you know why."

    [b]Tag:[/b] Caval Romar (Drac), Kram Solito (Blu)>
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    Apr 2, 2007
    ooc: So, I don´t know how much time to play I´ll have in the next days and weeks, but I am in and wanted to make that clear with one hell of a long opening. It just hit me yesterday night. Hope it is okay I took a few NPC´s under my wing. They all did not made it, so I think I haven´t done anything wrong. :p It was just to give myself a fine introduction, blue.

    [b]Karn Key´lya[/b]
    [i]Apartment Complex Tower 112, Byblos[/i]

    Byblos. Not a good place to start a fight. Security was high, the huge city-towers shadowing the city with all their imperial patrols and security equipment protecting rich and powerful members of the various galactic hierarchies. He had gone civil. Leaving all of his weapons except the Bryar at his ship. And he had preferred he had left his "new partner" there, too.

    [b]Seydon Pax[/b] couldn´t stop talking. According to his file he was an excellent marksman and trained in close-quarter combat. Elite Stormtrooper, five tours of duty on Melassa and another one on Klatooine. Bla bla bla. Karn only knew about the young human man that he couldn´t stop talking. And the Guild had asked him to evaluate his qualification to join them. Probably their way of punishing him for not bringing the last bounty in alive. Actually, not even in one peice. Things got out of control on Raxis Prime. They should have known. Instead they gave him a trainee. Making Sydon Pax his partner.

    "The apartment is on level five. Don´t draw your gun until I do, understood?" Karn mumbled to the blond man. "Yes, Sir." He only replied grinning. "It is rather exciting to be in private business, you know? When I was in the force I took five colleagues with me for something like that. Pull blaster to stun and go for him, hehe." Karn felt his head was almost about to burst. "Sure." He only said and nodded to the man guarding the door. A Bith, nodding back. He had given the tip.
    "Now shut up and concentrate. When we are up there you need to cover my back, understood?" Pax nodded. "Got you, Boss." He grinned. Karn felt the need to hurt him.


    Target was the latest victim of ongoing gangwars. An Advocze named [b]Kleim[/b]. Technician. Quite gifted from what he heard. Had refitted a few old Z-95 that had been used to kill a Hutt. Now his family had a blood feud thing going on, with a list of people who should soon show up dead. Hutt feuds were always fun. A lot of jobs and good payment. And Kleim? He wasn´t even hiding. Probably never knew they were coming for him. The turbolift arrived at the 47th floor and Karn kept Pax from leaving. "Whatever happens, you keep your mouth shut understood?"
    Pax nodded. Somehow Karn doubted he would stay in the game for long. The boy had skills, but he had no staying power. And he was annoying. Nobody saved the ass of an annoying hunter. "Good."

    He want through the shiny halls of the 47th floor. Holograms advertising speeders, food and presumed holiday paradises were everywhere. Someone who lived here deserved to die, Karn grinned. They finally found it. 47-566. He pressed the caller button. Pax looked around, his hand on his weapon. Why didn´t he took out his bounty hunter registry and showed to everybody? "Should I show my registry?" He asked as if he had partially read his mind and wanted to show his lack of intelligence. "Shut up." Karn replied. The door opened. A female Advocze looked at them. "Kleim there?" Karn asked. "Why do you ask?" She replied but someone was moving in the apartment. Karn didn´t hesitate. He grabbed the female and pressed his Bryar Pistol to her head. "Kleim? I got your wife. Don´t do anything stupid!" He shouted into the apartment. "We need to talk. Only talk!" He shouted after him. Pushing the woman inside he entered the vast living room. The wall consisting only of one huge glass-front. Kleim was there. Holding a gun in his shaking hands.
    "Weapon down! Weapon down!" Pax shouted in best stormtrooper manner.
    "Who are you people?" Kleim returned.
    "We need to talk. That´s all. Lay your gun down and I won´t kill your wife." Karn calmly remarked>
  14. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    Hey guys. At the moment, I am not in my house, but have internet access at my hotel. Sorry about the absence, but expect updates for those of your that posted later tonight or midafternoon tomorrow.

  15. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    Ernard Toil
    -CoCo Town

    [blockquote]Ernard was, to say the least, stunned by the droid. Koshek stopped his onslaught and lowered his weapon, but he grinned and teeth-filled grin. His partner was less happy. It was supposed to be a simple rough'em up job. Boss Hujo had told them that he wanted to take over CoCo Town and for that he needed income. Most of the other shop owners had given in for his "protection". There were a few select shops that had not given in. Skarlin's was one.

    He sighed. "Damn. You're good Skarlin, I'll give you that. We know when we're outgunned...Koshek." Ernard turned and began to walk towards the door. The togruta turned to leave also, but something rolled from him towards Skarlin's counter. It was a flash grenade and before anyone had time to stop it, it exploded.

    When everyone was able to see, one customer was on the ground, clinching his leg that had been shot and their were large blaster holes all over Skarlin's shop. Ernard looked back to the shop and smiled as he ran to the transport. Boobi Knox, next door, rushed into Skarlin's shop with a blaster rifle that had "illegal" written all over it.

    "Damn! Skarl, you alright? I see them boys runnin'. Let's get 'em! Teach'em to mess with ah' shops."[/blockquote]
    Tag: Spatz

    Kram Solito
    -Telos IV

    [blockquote]"Quite alright, Captain." Kram said, standing up. His thundering voice filled the room. "Troopers, stand down!" The Imperials ceased their march behind the Captain and stood in place.

    Kram grabbed his old friend by the shoulder. "Tyr, you better be alright then."

    The technicians completed their work on Mr. Romar's ship and the ship had wasted no time leaving. This was ordered by Kram because the more time the ship spent here, the more time the spies would have time figuring out their plan.[/blockquote]
    Gumbi Husk
    -Picutorion Orbit

    [blockquote]"Here he comes boys." The Wastemaker had hidden in the shadow of Picutorion until he had been given the go. Captain Tyrigan Guelf had a big bounty on his head. No, he had big bounties on his head. Plural, meaning he had pissed multiple people off. Gumbi was a Bounty Hunter and the Wastemaker was a heavily armed ship that was closing in on the Last Exit Eriadu faster than was friendly or appropriate.

    Picutorion had ground problems and would offer no assistance to Caval Romar's ship. Now was a perfect time to see what weapons Kram Solito had equipped his ship with.[/blockquote]
    Tag: Rally, Draco

    The Wastemaker(YU-410 Model)


    [blockquote]He bit the tip of his pen. This Karn Key'lya was scary. He was a killer and, not just two days before, he had killed another man. Roth sat looking at the screen in front of him now. Lisa had given the killer information to make a stop at Karideph to meet Roth, because the man might contain some information on a man named Caval Romar and to drop off a package to Roth.

    He realized that he had broken the tip of his pen and he paused and stared at it before tossing it over his shoulder. Damn, all there was to do was wait. The package was important, so he would have to meet Karn. Roth left the cafe and went to his hotel to wait. Wait for the message that Karn would send once he was in the system. Roth sighed and ran a finger over his lightsaber hilt.[/blockquote]
    Tag: Fin
  16. Croup

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    Mar 21, 2009
    IC ? Adam Kaan

    Adam thought about the bounty for about two moments before he decided to take it. It would take more cunning and wit than a kill job but he would have to kill anyone which was always a plus. He wouldn?t have to worry too much about a smuggler either if the info was on the up and up, but then again he was a smuggler and he would not to mess with himself or rather he would not want to mess with someone like him.

    He took the little earnings he had won and left the sabacc den he had been in when had received the message. He could smell the warm night air. Nar Shaddaa, filled to the brim with criminals and alien haters who would slit your throat as soon as look at you, but it was the only planet he could call home. He took his earnings and bought the strongest pair of binders he could find. He had lost the last pair catching a Wookiee taking an experimental drug that was wanted alive.

    ?We got a job,? he said happily as he started up the engines. The ship glided up out of atmosphere. He set the navicomputer for the Yelsarin system, and as soon as the coordinates were set he activated the hyperdrive.

    TAG: Anyone
  17. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007

    [blockquote]The bounty hunter had taken the bait. Lisa had told her that he was wanted by the Empire, but Leanne was not here for the bounty hunters or the Empire. The Hutts had sent her to kill him. Thye had hired him on multiple occasions, but recently, they had discovered that he was a one street guy. Only good for killing and there were other smugglers and killers out there with certain diplomatic skills that would prove more profitable for the Hutt Organization.

    Adam Kaan was now obsolete and he was to be erased. She walked up behind him with her blaster and aimed. "Goodbye, Kaan."[/blockquote]
    Tag: Croup
  18. Hitman90

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    Apr 4, 2005
    IC: Owen Barrard

    This was Owen's first journey back into the core worlds and it wasn't a pleasant one. He was now starring out the windows of the cockpit, he saw himself surrounded by imperial ships. he knew that at this moment in time there was not an escape route. he could not stand and fight, and he could not run away. he was stuck. just then one of the members of his crew came up behind him. he was nervous and scared. the look of fear overwhelmed his face. his face was soaking wet with sweat. The man then began to speak:

    "Captain, what 'er we gonna do? we're surrounded"

    Owen looks at the crew member:

    "damn it! i 'm not gonna be kept in some imperial prison."

    Damion then runs to the controls of the cockpit. he gets the ship ready to enter hyper drive when suddenly his ship is being fired at from the laser canons of the imperial ships. he and his pilot try to maneuver their way around the ships trying to dodge each projectile. They happened to turn themselves around so that they were facing the planet, then suddenly one of the ship fit the side of the Bloodclaw. Owen then knew that he was gonna have a rough landing.

    "everybody brace themselves, were gonna have a bumpy ride!"

    he then lets out a huge, obnoxious laugh as the ship is speeding towards the ground. He lets out the landing hatch and tries to slow the ship the best he can. when the ship hits the ground it is still moving fast, and so when it landed it did considerable damage to the ship. the ship then skids across the surface of the floor causing wreckage into near by buildings. many of the crew members did not make it during the crash landing, however Owen and his pilot made it out with mild wounds. the ship then slows to a stop. Owen kicks out the cockpit window, realizing that the ship landed nose first. he spills out of the ship on to the ground below. As he looks up, he tries to regain his senses. he sees his pilot running down the street, through the crowd that have come to see a spectacular crash. Owen then staggers up and begins to limp down the street. As he is making his way through the crowd he hears "STOP!" he looks back only to see two troopers running right behind him. he then tries to limp as fast as he can, looking around to find any point of escape. he then sees an ally way. he looks back at the troopers and sees that the crowd is slowing them down a bit, so he hops into the dark ally, in an attempt to conceal himself from the stormtroopers. He takes out his blaster pistol, preparing himself for a fight. to his surprise the stormtroopers run by, not even noticing where he has been hiding. Owen, after a few moments, peeks out to see how far they have gotten. he must have been satisfied with the distance. because he then slowly walked out of his hiding spot into the crowded street. he then began to walk down the street a nearby cantina. he sat down and ordered a drink. He then begin to make a rundown of his situation and what he needed to do.

    "Man this has been one hell of a night, aha ha ha ha ha. Whew! now all i need to do is find a new damn ship and crew, nothing to it. except for of course i don't have any money. hell i don't even know where to start."

    TAG: bluebeast1237
  19. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Approved by that bluebeast - Minor PCs as Crew for the LEE

    Waiting for Bad-Feeling-Haver who added one, too.


    Name: Gaddel
    Age: 47
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Yoda´s Species
    Equipment&Possessions: Hold-Out, repair-stuff
    Ship: Crewman of the LEE (Mechanic)
    Organization: LEE-Smugglers
    Bio: While many members of his species have become legendary, all Gaddel ever wanted was to be left alone. He wasn´t granted that wish, as he travelled through the galaxy and soon became involved with the underworld. His skills with engines and machines was soon well known and he simply enjoyed working with them. What he did not enjoy was working for people who used his skills to get better tools for killing. therefore he jumped the chance when he met the LEE-Crew and joined. Romar is relaxed enough to let him do his work and has the same aversion against violence he has.

    Name: Nokat "Noknok" Noket
    Age: 43
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: An Arcona . . . I´ll look a picture of him up
    Equipment&Possessions: Blaster Pistol, all kind of personal stuff in his 2nd Mater quarters aboard the ship
    Ship: Crewman of the LEE (Co-Pilot)
    Organization: LEE-Smugglers
    Bio: A long time smuggler Noknok knows his way around in the criminal underworld. A skill most useful to the crew. After having lost his own ship to the Empire it was Mervy Romar who once introduced him to the LEE crew and her then husband. He and Cavar became friends and eventually partners. What should have been a short stop became Noknok´s new home. He is a member of the LEE´s crew now and second in command. even though he has adapted Caval´s style of trusting the crew to get things done.

    [b]Caval Romar[/b]
    [i]On board the LEE, Picutorion Orbit [/i]

    [b]"Transponder Signal says it´s name is the [i]Wastemaker[/i]. Seems to be heavy armed and approaching fast. Maybe just a patrol or something."[/b] [b]Noknok[/b] said and obviously did not believe that himself, as he powered the rear shields to maximum.
    [b]"Sure, the Wastemaker sounds like a patrolship." Romar[/b] replied and shook his head, while accelerating the [b]LEE[/b]. The ship was not very fast, but it could take a punch. A few punches. And it had never been harmless. With the updates they had received on Telos IV is was quite a fighter, actually. [b]"Gaddel, prepare for damage and get our guest. We need him and all other crew members in the gun-turrets. Now!"[/b] Romar yelled into the com.
    [b]"On my way I am."[/b] The quaking voice of the small green technician replied.
    They had seen there share of battle. Pirates, custom-patrols and crazy fanatics on unimportant borderwars. But considering his guest, he expected this on to be bad. Really bad.
    They had left [b]Telos IV[/b] in good mood. his guest had been in the Captains quarters and his crew had been celebrating the easy money they earned. And argued about if they would really give back the new armament. Now they would have to earn the money. But if there was an honorable crew, it was the LEE´s. If they said they delivered something the Corellian gods blessed the souls of those trying to keep them from it.
    [b]"Ok, Nonok, we do this like amateurs. Let them approach us. Our shields take the first round and activate these new torpedo launchers."[/b] He made an rather ineffective maneuver to escape the attacker. Once they would be in reach, they would take care of them in close proximity. When a torpedo was hard to dodge. And if this did not work, two heavy turbolasers were nothing to sneer at.
    [b]"And if they are better then us?"[/b] Noknok asked, half joking, half serious. Romar gave him a look and grinned.
    [b]"Then we are still smarter than them."[/b] He replied. Grinning. The two new red lamps from the launchers went on. warheads were active. Since his times as pirate, he hadn´t shot one of these.
    But some things you never forgot.
    Romar opened a channel to the passenger [b]Captain Tyrigan Guelf[/b].
    [b]"Captain. I know we are the transport, >
  20. bad_feeling_haver

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    Oct 5, 2008
    OOC: Yeah, sorry. I got a load of work just when Blu sent me his approval. And I have to cover a lot in this first post. But here it goes. (And I like those other crew members, Draco). I'm playing two characters.

    Approved by blubeast:

    Name: Yao Har
    Species: Kel Dor
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Yao Har has peach colored skin and virtually always wears the necessary atmosphere goggles and mask. He wears a plum-colored sleeveless robe tied with a red sash at the waist. Under that he wears a common white spacer?s shirt and black pants. He wears metal kneepads and brown boots that come up to the kneepads.
    Equipment & Possessions: BlasTech E-17d sniper rifle (carried disassembled), 2 BlasTech DL-21 blaster pistols, replacement energy cells, datapad, commlink, a scope that attaches to his atmosphere goggles that allows for better rangefinding, atmosphere mask and goggles, small tanks of Dorin gas (stored in his quarters).
    Ship: Crewman on Caval Romar?s Last Exit Eriadu
    Organization: None (other than Caval Romar?s band)
    Bio: As a young man, Yao aspired to be a law-enforcement officer for a district of Dorin. He trained to do this in certain paramilitary combat tactics, especially sharpshooting, and by the time he was about 20 he was serving as a law enforcement officer in a Dorin city.

    A cousin of Yao?s named Peran, whom he had once been good friends with, developed personality disorder and turned to a life of crime as an adult. On one occasion, Yao tracked down a thief who happened to be this cousin of his. Peran appealed to Yao?s sympathies, and Yao?s sense of morality was somewhat less black-and-white than the average Kel Dor, young and idealistic as he was. Not wanting to see his relative executed, Yao let him go on the promise that Peran would give up crime. Yao claimed to the other authorities that he had never found the thief. A few months later, Yao heard that Peran had been apprehended, and subsequently executed, for murdering two innocents in a botched burglary.

    Although no one else knew that Yao was responsible for letting Peran go free, Yao could not stand the guilt and exiled himself from Dorin. He drifted through the spacelanes, guilt-ridden and depressed. He took to heavy drinking and fell in with the outlaw element, applying his training to mercenary work. Yao preferred to work with the more well-intentioned outlaws, but he no longer sees himself as a good person or trusts his own judgement much, and has taken some less-then-honorable assignments in his time. When he met Caval, Yao felt he seemed noble enough, and for no better reason than that, (unless you count the fact that he needed a job), Yao signed on to the LEE crew.

    IC-Yao Har
    On board the LEE, Picutorion Orbit

    "Gaddel, prepare for damage and get our guest. We need him and all other crew members in the gun-turrets. Now!"

    Yao Har hurriedly drained the drink he had made himself as Caval's orders came over the shipwide comm. He had allowed himself a little bit of mirth in celebration of the pay the crew had recently received, but duty called. He inserted his atmosphere mask and slid one blaster into his holster. He scooped his atmosphere goggles off of the small table in his atmosphere-controlled cabin and popped them into his eyes. Grabbing his second blaster, he stepped out of the cabin and rushed down the corridor as he slipped the baster into his other holster. Yao grabbed the ladder that lead to the turret pods and dropped into the lower one. He took his seat at the controls as he slid the gunner's headset over his head as best he could. It didn't fit quite right because of the sensory organs at the base of Yao's Kel Dor skull. He was able to adjust he microphone to a serviceable position though. "This is Har on cannon 2," he acknowledged.

    "Ready all systems are. Dance we can." Gaddel reported.

    "Let´s dance." Caval only replied and as the first salvo of the enemy hit them, he pushed in the back-thrusters and yelled into the com. "FIRE, FIRE!"

    Yao braced himself as the ship turned to cre
  21. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Karn Key´lya
    Karideph, Some Cantina

    It was one of these stinking holes every starport had. Karideph, the industrial center of the Minos Cluster was poised to have many of them. Aliens and scum ran around everywhere. A Hutt was laughing his slimy head of in the corner, probably believing he had some kind of control over the petty little "underworld" here. Smuggler´s and second-class hunters. A thermal-detonator in the rush hour would have helped a lot. He would have done the Galaxy a favour.
    But this was where the guy was. And this was where Karn had gone to. Roth. Whoever Roth was. He hadn´t heard of him. Meant he wouldn´t need to keep him alive if he went funny.

    Karn did not liked meetings. Not at all.

    He had been said he should enter the system and contact Roth. He had taken another approach and had landed in the industrial area. Bribing people there was always easy. Then he had asked the spaceport guidance center if someone had asked about him. He had found an old Wookiee who had a price on his head. He had answered his questions. 500 bucks. Not even Karn killed old men for 500 bucks. He would have, had the Wookiee gone funny. He hated funny.

    Roth had asked about him. If a Bothan in a private owned fighter had landed. Given specifics about his Y-Wing.
    Info. He had some. Never good. People who knew too much were always a danger. And knowing too much did never mean you knew a lot. So he had checked the security and found Roth here. Had payed 200 bucks to get into the camera room. They had thought he looked for a bounty. Were cooperative. Thought he get rid of trouble for them.

    Fools. Everywhere you went in the galaxy . . . a few million awaited you.

    He watched "Roth". Lisa was a good source. A great digger for information. But eventually she would betray him. Eventually they all always did. And he was still hunting the last one who did. He wouldn´t let another one run. So he was careful. Of his House. Of his allies. Of everybody. And when in doubt, they wouldn´t be allowed to live.
    One was amazed by how good this went. How few retributions were made when you killed among killers.
    Karn stared at Roth. He had stared at Roth back for five minutes.
    Roth had a lightsaber. A Jedi? If so, a nervous one. Probably the saber was a trophy?
    Anyway, Roth wasn´t here to kill him. Or he did not know. If someone was send after him, he would have been better prepared. Karn set his Bryar to maximum energy and stood up. Slowly moving to the man from behind. He appeared next to him and sat down. His one hand at his blaster. Pointing it beneath the table at his conversation partner. "Forgot to send the signal, sorry." He smiled a humourless smile.

    "Mine will stay under the table as long as your does." He snared at the man. Pointing to the arm of Roth. His left hand put the package on the table. It was heavier than one thought. "This is for you. You got something for me?" Karn asked. Staring the man into the eyes. Something was there. Treachery? He wasn´t sure yet. Probably fear. "Caval Romar.Go ahead. Tell me what you know." He hissed and leaned forward.

    Tag: bluebeast

    ooc: Yes, he is paranoid.
  22. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    Happy Easter, everyone! Any questions or requests, my PM tis open![face_peace]

    -Hotel 14, Karideph

    [blockquote]The twitch in his hand stopped when Karn Key'lya sat down in the chair opposite of him. His gaze rose from the table and to the Bothan's face with, obviously, deliberate slowness. The dark brown fur mixed with the large black robe made the Cathar seem bigger than what he was. "Caval Romar, you mean Caval Cern, don't you?" He nodded after a silence confirmed that both of them knew the man's real past. "He is now on a mission to Telos IV. Transporting an Imperial Ranger, Mister Tyrigan Guelf. Even I don't know when they are leaving, but my informant states that they are going to Picutorion."

    He grabbed the package off the table and rose. "We should be leaving. You are going to take me with you to get Caval Romar, as he now goes by. I will pay for all expenses. You can have him, but my job is Mister Guelf." A bead of sweat rolled down from his eyebrow. The words had flowed from him easily, but he was choking in his throat. The Cathar blood in him told him to be more stern and not panic, but he could not help it. His eyes grew hazy for a moment.

    "We need to leave now."

    Imperial Stormtroopers bursted in through all doors and the inhabitants of the Hotel revolted with illegal blasters and aggression. Roth slipped his lightsaber in his pocket and pulled out a large blaster as he proceeded toward the stairs. He reached the roof of the hotel and a quick measure with his eyes determined if he would be able to make the jump to the next roof. He looked to see if Karn Key'lya had followed him.[/blockquote]
    Tag: Fin

    Gumbi Husk
    -Picutorion Orbit

    [blockquote]"Argh! Where the hell did they get those weapons?" Gumbi screamed over the shipwide com. He was outgunned. The shields had taken a major beating from the torpedoes and were temporarily out, but Gumbi was an experienced Captain and they had never stopped returning fire. All of the Wastemaker's laser turrets were occupied and were showering the Last Exit Eriadu's shields with shots, some of them were even getting through, rocking the ship violently.

    The Wastemaker dived and reappeared with amazing speed above the LEE, raining hell down upon it. A wire shot from the belly of the Wastemaker to the top of the LEE. The shields immediately went down on both ships along with all other equipment but the backup red lights filled the LEE. One word flickered, in backup blue, across the monitor in front of Caval.


    It was obvious. They were being boarded.[/blockquote]
    Tag: Rally, BfH, Draco

    Brooklyn Goyle
    -14th District, Coruscant

    [blockquote]A high tempo beeping woke Pyeelo in his cockpit. It was his personal comlink. The one that Black Sun used when they had a job for him. He had already done one job for them yesterday, but this was the cost one had to pay for power. A voice came over the comlink.

    "Hel-he-Hello! Is anyone THERE?! PLEASE! L-L-L-Look! My name is Brooklyn. Brookyln Goyle. I work for Black Sun, just like you. I killed someone. It was an accident, I SWEAR. Please! I found your name in my Fa-Father's notebook. You clean this up, right? You can do this right?! PLEASE! I'm in the Coruscant Heights Hotel, r-ro-room number 4571ab. She's bleeding everywhere. Hurry, please. I have money!"

    Now, Pyeelo would know the last name Goyle. He was one of the highest ranking Black Sun figures on Coruscant. He was what was called a White Tab. A criminal in big corporations. But this was his son and Pyeelo would not have heard of him. Though, the fact remained the same, this was the type of job he had been waiting for.[/blockquote]
    Tag: BfH

    Klide the Bartender
    -Cruise Cantina, Coruscant

    [blockquote]"A ship?" Klide said to the low down dirty scum sitting at his bar. "My cousin Colo is
  23. Hitman90

    Hitman90 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 4, 2005
    IC: Owen Barrard

    "He might be willing to join given the right price."

    Owen looked at the bartender with a puzzled, confused look.

    "Given the right price? well i hope that price ain't too damn high. but, uh thanks for the information."

    Owen then picked up his drink and walked outside the cantina. he continued walking around the corner where the bartender told him his cousin was. Owen then saw a man fixing up a rag tag ship.

    "you the man i'm supposed to speak to about gettin outta 'er."

    TAG: Bluebeast
  24. Croup

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    Mar 21, 2009
    IC ? Adam Kaan

    Adam pressed the small red button on the console in front of him. The lights changed to a red color and the alarm sounded. Adam swiveled around in his chair with is Bryon Pistol already drawn.

    ?Those lights and that alarm means that the self-destruct has been activated,? he explained calmly. ?Only I can deactivate it, so handover your gun. My first mate here will lock you in the cargo hold and when we reach Yelsarin we will let you go. This is the only option you got. It?s your move alive and well or dead.

    TAG: Blue
  25. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Forgot to add: GM APPROVED :p

    Name: Jake Pavex
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: At a height of 5?11?, Jake has short, dark brown hair and blue eyes. When he?s out at work ? which is scavenging ? Jake tends to wear his specially-made EVA suit but otherwise he wears a dark red vest over a dark green tunic, brown pants, and black boots. His left hand, which had been blown off at the wrist in an accident, had been replaced with a prosthetic, complete with synthetic flesh.
    Equipment&Possessions: Having come to reject people and like machines, Jake has been able to make a variety of equipment that he now uses for his job. While the S-5 blaster pistol holstered at his side is pretty standard, the rest of his gear is not. His prosthetic hand, for example, had been modified so that, when needed, Jake could send thousands of volts of electricity through a person?s body when he touches them. As for the gear that he uses when he?s out in space working, Jake uses a specially-made EVA suit with a large jetpack where up to three modified buzz droids can be held, magnetic boots, hook and tow line at his belt, a plasma torch and other tools, transmitters and beacons, and he usually carries a laser designator that looks like a rifle.
    Ship: A heavily modified [link=]YV-929 Freighter[/link] named the Krayt?s Fang. Having managed to acquire it when he had decided to get away from the ?civilized? galaxy, Jake had modified it countless times throughout the years. The result was not only a freighter but a mobile workshop. A lot of the weapons had been removed so that Jake could turn most of the lower half of the ship into a mix of a cargo hold and a workshop; a small hangar really complete with a magcon field. Within the cargo hold/workshop are not only his tools and the six modified buzz droids, but also a harpoon and tow cable that he uses to reel in wreckage that could be scavenged for parts. As mentioned before, the modifications had ended with a slice in the number of armaments that the ship possesses. The armaments include two concussion missile launchers ? one located at the front while another is located at the aft of the ship -, an ion and laser cannon at the front, and a second laser cannon at the back that has surprises of its own.
    Organization: None
    Bio: The Clone Wars had already been raging by the time Jake was conscripted into giving a helping hand at his homeworld of Boz Pity at the delicate age of thirteen. Having recently come under siege by the Republic because of its use as a staging area by the CIS to strike at the Core Worlds, Jake had been conscripted by the remnant forces that were still taking up guerilla actions against Republic forces that had been stationed on the planet. Though being too young to fight wasn?t a question ? kids everywhere were taking up a blaster ? Jake instead had been taught the art of bomb-making. At the end of the Clone Wars, when he was fourteen years old, the child could not only make bombs but also rig them into speeders and whatever else was needed.

    With the rise of the Galactic Empire and the influx of new clones, ships, and weapons, Jake had been taken from Boz Pity and continued to be used as a bomb-maker by rebel forces. It was during terrorist actions on Cartao that Jake decided to quit at the age of eighteen. Their cell having been located, stormtroopers initiated a major assault that took the lives of nearly all of the terrorists there and Jake lost his hand when the explosives that had been set up in advance for self-destruction detonated too early. However, what Jake gained was the freighter that the terrorists were using ? the Krayt?s Fang ? and a whole new life.

    For the next year and onwards , Jake had decided to spend his time away from the civilized galaxy and instead made his own home in space as a scavenger. With his freighter, Jake has been moving across the galaxy, going to one ancient battlefield to the next, a
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