Broken Vows (Post AOTC) - A/P's Marriage is Discovered: The Consequences (Preview for next story!)

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  1. ForbiddenLove Jedi Padawan

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    A Valentine's Day Up!

    Today is the perfect day to read this story!

  2. Scruffy-looking Jedi Youngling

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    May 26, 2002
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    First, let me thank everyone who responded to the bonus chapter!

    Second, it's a good time to briefly discuss the background for this story, as it is closely related to the next. My Ep 3 script was my first fanfic, then I decided to write others based on some plot bunnies that cropped up. The first was, how did they decide to get married? I explored that in Love of a Jedi. As part of my Ep 3 story, I came up with the idea that the Jedi discovered their marriage between Ep 2 & 3, but allowed it to continue. From that assumption, I created the story of Broken Vows. I also wrote the ending for Love of a Jedi in such a way that it became the first story in an ongoing series of stories involving Padme, which will continue in the Ep 3 story and the conclusion, where Luke and Leia learn of Padme. And in case people are curious, the very title Broken Vows refers to Anakin's vows to the Jedi, not to Padme. :eek:

    Finally, I can think of no better place than here to provide a preview for my next fanfic project: the fleshing out of my Ep 3 script into a complete fanfic Episode III, entitled Revenge of the Sith. Here are a few excerpts from the Prologue!


    In the darkness of space, Anakin felt exultation.

    Pushing the throttle forward, his starfighter leaped ahead, blazing across space at maximum speed. He was rapidly burning fuel that really could not be wasted in such a fashion, but he didn?t care, for it was only in rare places and times like this that he was free? to a point.

    There was no such thing as perfect freedom, he knew. Even here, he was completely dependent on his fragile ship?s life-support systems to maintain his even-more fragile body. The fact that he was a Jedi?a powerful Jedi?mattered not in the slightest. He frowned. If the Force is all-powerful, why can it not sustain me in the base vacuum of space?

    Such thoughts were childish, dangerous even, but more and more they occupied his mind. In those increasingly rare times he had free to himself, it was natural for him to think about his place in the scheme of things?about the unknown future and what it held for him. More and more he could feel the pull of some ineffable, unknown current, beckoning him to a place he did not know?

    Enough! ?Concentrate on the moment,? he said to himself, the words echoing to him across time and space. I keep thinking of him recently, he considered. Even though he is farther and farther in my past, he seems to be more and more in my mind these days. I wonder why?

    Suddenly he laughed aloud, defiant. No more thoughts of your childish past, he warned himself; he was a man, a Jedi? and more. Focus on the present, that?s all that matters?

    Quickly he scanned his instruments; no contacts, no threats. Checking his position, Anakin noted that he was at the far edge of his patrol area?it would be prudent to pull back. Arcing his fighter in a graceful turn, he plotted a course back to the task force.

    * * * * *

    Breathing regularly, Obi-Wan sat cross-legged on the mat in the meditation chamber. The lights were almost completely dimmed, but at full intensity they would have revealed only a silvery blank wall. Outwardly he was in perfect control of himself, a state he now struggled to maintain within. Do not ignore your doubts; face them square. As he had grown and matured as a Jedi, a master to a padawan, he had learned just how important it was to not only seek balance, but to keep from being unbalanced. There is a time for everything, in other words. Even a time for fear.

    A person like himself had far too many fears to list, even more so in present circumstances. I fear my death, but not so much. Indeed, if his death was the only thing at stake now, he would not shirk away. What I fear above all else, is the darkness rising, and its impenetrability. All the conflict, death and destruction he had lived through over these past three years, painted the shadowy outlines of a midnight fate, closing
  3. Catkin Jedi Youngling

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    appetite definitely whetted! loved those extracts.

    So, just to clear up my muddle headed brain, are you saying that this new story leads on directly from Broken Vows? If I'm understanding you correctly from your explanation, you once wrote an Ep III script and since then broke it down into the three stories, Love of a Jedi, Broken Vows and now this, Revenge of a Sith. Sorry for my confusion. I look forward to reading this new one.

  4. Altaira Jedi Padawan

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    Looking forward to it, Scruffy.

    It will be a dark time for all involved. Thanks! :)
  5. REBADAMS7 Jedi Padawan

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    Cosider the appetite whetted!
  6. aotc02 Jedi Youngling

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    I'm looking forward to this new story. It sounds interesting!
  7. Arriss Jedi Master

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    <singsong voice> Ohhhh Scruffyyyyyy, where's the new story, hmmmmm???

    We're still waiting after that little tease you posted! ;)
  8. Scruffy-looking Jedi Youngling

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    Some announcements...

    First, thanks to ForbiddenLove for posting the 1000th post in Broken Vows! :D

    Second, for Catkin and anyone else who might be confused: my two fanfics Love of a Jedi and Broken Vows are prequels to Revenge of the Sith! :eek: After I wrote the script, I began working on my other fanfic ideas -- to make it even more confusing, the ideas for my Luke/Leia/Padme story actually came next, but since it chronologically follows the Ep 3 script, I decided not to write that story until I finished writing LoaJ & BV, and now RotS. ;) Techincally, Love of a Jedi is a standalone story, but I added subtle details to foreshadow RotS. Broken Vows is definitely a prequel for my Ep 3 story, because originally when I wrote the script I wrote it based on the assumption that the Jedi somehow learned of A/P's marriage, but allowed them to be married. That assumption in turn became Broken Vows. So in short, they are all separate stories, but they also collectively constitute my 'Padme Tetrology' :p

    ...And finally, I am pleased to announce the imminent beginning of Revenge of the Sith (A Fanfic Episode III)! :eek: It will be posted sometime tomorrow, around late morning or early afternoon. Keep an eye here for the actual announcement--or just keep checking in on the Fanfic Forum! ;)

    Take care and have a good week!


    ANNOUNCEMENT! ANNOUNCEMENT! Revenge of the Sith has now been posted! :eek: Click [link=]here [/link] to read!

  9. PadmeLeiaJaina Jedi Grand Master

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    Hey Guys,

    Dropping in to say that the winter fanfic awards are finally open. They will close on April 20th. You need to PM the moderator with your votes and cannot vote for the same story more than 4 times.

    Here is a link, the more votes the better! :)

    [link=]Winter Fanfic Awards [/link]
  10. Mr_Boba_Jango Jedi Master

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    As one of my all time favorites fics, Broken Vows is definitely worth the read. If anyone would like to sit down this summer and enjoy a sophisticated, dramatic, angst filled, and action packed story which fits nicely between Episodes II and III, I recommend this, Scruffy-Looking?s best work. Its also a must for those who love the love story between A&P.

    Certainly worth an UP!

    Give it a read. :D

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