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    Hey all! I hope everyone is doing well and I'm sorry for not having been too active on the boards for the last year or so. I've been spending a lot of time working on some short films and web series. I'm hoping to spread the word where I can, and I figured some of my friends here might be interested in what I'm making.

    Brook Hubbs Short Funny Videos

    Here you can check out my primary project, also called SFV. These are written and directed by myself. Currently there are plans to make 13 in total. #4 just released this last Sunday, premiering at MaGuffy's Pub in Beaverton for a crowd of about 30 people. The next short parodies Tron, The Matrix, and Inception, and even Star Wars: A New Hope for one scene. There are plans to bring in lightsabers in one of the future videos, and as we are all big Star Wars fans there will be plenty of other references. This series is just getting off its feet and we're looking for fans everywhere.

    The other project I'm involved in is called What Apocalypse. It is produced by two of my roommates and a good friend of mine. I'm the director of the pilot and likely future episodes to come. The show revolves around three slackers who are unaware of a zombie apocalypse going on in the outside world. While the pilot is mostly devoid of zombies, it sets the stage for what's to come. The series is being worked on and episodes will start releasing in the Spring, if all goes according to plan.

    You can check out What Apocalypse here:

    The final project I actively participate in is the website Triplebeard. We do reviews of films, TV shows, video games, and more. I currently participate in the films department. We also do developer and celebrity interviews, and will be covering PAX East '11 and Emerald City Comic Con '11.

    You can check out Triplebeard here:

    Anyways, hope you all can make some time to check these out, and if you do I hope you enjoy them. And spread the word!

    - Brook
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