Lit Bullying within the walls of the Jedi Temple...

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    I remember Kenobi being bullied to some extent in the Aprentice books.

    Do we know about any academies/temples that had a bullying problem?

    Does the light side of the Force compensate for the younglings being kids and not having well developed frontal lobes?

    Did any jedi end up embracing the dark side because of bullying?

    Plenty of people that later turned out to be geniuses were bullied in their teens.
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    It wasn't exactly "bullying," but one could arguably count the Count here. He sort of succumbed to peer pressure during that incident with Lorian Nod.

    Luke's students were a more rowdy bunch. Lots of bullying going on with that lonely melty bugkisser Raynar Thul fellow. Obviously that didn't end well for anyone involved in the long term.
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    Well, I dunno, Desann frickin' stabbed a kid to death, does that count?
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    Sheesh, Desann was just expressing himself. You need to get on board with modern teaching approaches.
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    I wouldn't call it bullying per se but didn't Scout receive some minor teasing in Yoda: DR for her less exceptional abilities from some of the other students?
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    In Chistori culture stabbing someone to death is the standard way to propose marriage.
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    Nice catch.