Butt.... (HUMOR obi and qui.... what else? )

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    Obi-Wan is about 15

    Obi-Wan groaned inwardly as he walked down the hall way with his head hung low, carrying his books in his left arm loosely

    OBI-WAN: I hate studies...

    Obi-wan grumbled to himself until he turned the corner and ran into Mace and Qui-Gon.

    Obi-wan walked straight into the tall masters and fell back hard on his rear with a thud and "Oof."

    MACE: Padawans these days... where has all the grace and nobility gone that was there when you and I were that age qui?

    Obi-wan smirked as he collected his books.

    OBI-WAN: If I remember correctly you and master qui-gon weren't exactly angles when you were my age though...

    Mace and Qui-Gon looked at eachother grinning alittle when Plo Koon walked down the hall with Kit Fisto.

    QUI-GON: Plo! Kit! Just the humanoids mace and I were looking for!

    Obi-Wan rolled his eyes alittle as he stood up.

    OBI-WAN: sure... everyone forget about the padawan laying on the floor who could possibly have a broken leg...

    KIT FITSO: You're leg isn't broken...

    OBI-WAN: I could have been...

    KIT FITSO: from falling back on your buttock?

    MACE: you mean butt...

    Plo and Kit giggled when Mace said "butt."

    QUI-GON leaned over to whisper to Mace: remember... Plo and kit crack up everytime someone says butt...

    MACE: oooh yes... I remember now... do you remember "why?"

    Qui-gon let a grin spread across his face.

    QUI-GON: ahhh... fond memories of past youth...

    Obi-Wan tilted his head alittle.

    OBI-WAN: What are you two talking about?

    Kit and Plo looked at eachother with large grins.

    KIT FITSO and PLO KOON: buuuuutt.....

    The two burst out into wild giggles and Obi-Wan raises an eyebrow.

    OBI-WAN: Ok can we pretend to not be five year olds?

    MACE: it all happened back when...

    (Scene waves away like in thte cheap effects found in alot of old sci-fi movies)

    KIT FISTO: What's wroung with the screen?

    PLO KOON: Shut up man... were in the middle of a flash back...

    (Plo and Kit's voices sound like echos)

    A young Mace, Qui-Gon, Plo Koon, and Kit can be seen walking down the hall of the temple, each being about 15. Qui-Gon was still as tall as ever and Mace had a fro... long with Kit having his tenticals on his head standing on near End.

    OBI-WAN: Nice hair styles..."

    KIT: Hey that was the style back then!"

    Mace: I have almost forgotten how much hair I had back then..."

    The young Mace looks around.

    Mace: Yo bros... did you all hear what i just heard?

    the other three look around then look at Mace again.

    Qui: Funny...

    Kit and Plo looked at eachother and snickered.

    Kit: don't listen to the voices....

    Plo: I bet he thinks the force is speaking to him again...

    Qui: hehehe

    Mace: that's not funny! The force really did speak to me!

    Qui: Ya.. and it told you to switch the heads on the jedi statues?

    Mace: .... shut up...

    OBI-WAN: Whoa... hold up! You switched the heads on the council member statues?!

    MACE: that was a long time ago...

    QUI-GON: yes... and you got 48 hours of meditation for it...

    Qui-Gon, Kit, and Plo chuckle but stop suddenly when Mace glares at them.

    Mace: there they go again! Honestly guys I think the force is talking to us!

    Qui: I heard it that time

    Plo: same here

    Kit: me too....

    KIT FITSO: hehehe we think we're the force speaking to us...

    QUI-GON: I only wish that made sence....

    PLO speaks in a god-like voice: This is the force speaking....

    Qui-Gon: wicked....

    Mace: I told you the force spoke english! Kit you owe me five credits!

    Kit: I couldda sworn it new huttese...

    PLO KOON: wow... we were about as bright as a siths robe back then...

    Qui-Gon and the other four looked around a bit as the voices speak to them then look down a hall and see one of the old female wookie Jedi masters. Her name was Carrlia.

    Plo: Mace! I dare you to moon her!

    Kit: ya! show her your better half..

    Qui-Gon snickered as Mace hit Kit in the arm.

    Plo: I'll pay you ten credits!

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    Hee hee! OMG Aayla that was TOO funny!
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    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh] OMG that was funny
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    Muwahahahahaahahaha! thanks for the replies ;)
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    As soon as my teeny tiny brain can come up with something else I'll post again maybe
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