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Before - Legends 'By the pricking of my thumbs...' JA, (Obi/Qui) - *Updated 30/04/2007*

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Princess_Arulmozhi, Dec 21, 2004.

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  1. Princess_Arulmozhi Jedi Master

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    Nov 16, 2004
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    Title: 'By the pricking of my thumbs...'
    Author: Princess_Arulmozhi
    Timeframe: JA,I think. Obi-Wan's 19.
    Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn
    Genre: Hmm. Humour? Mush? A bit of both, I think.
    Summary: Obi-Wan learns...to sew. Among other things.
    Notes: This is my first fic, actually - and as I've never read any of the JA/JQ/whatever books (you don't get them where I live), I apologize for blunder(s) committed. And oh...English isn't my native tongue.
    Disclaimer: I make no money out of this, and the characters belong to George Lucas.

    Note 2: // Indicates conversation via bond. But you know that.



    Obi-Wan Kenobi dropped the needle and sucked his finger, on which a bright red spot of blood had promptly appeared. "Oh, blast."

    //Padawan? Is something wrong?,//

    And double blast. He had forgotten to raise his shields. But what was his master doing, eavesdropping on his mind?

    //No, master. Nothing is the matter.//

    //The truth, Obi-Wan.//

    //When have I ever lied to you?//

    //50, 678 times.//

    Obi-wan blinked. //You actually kept count?//

    //Don't change the subject, Padawan mine. And the truth - what have you done now?//

    //Aside from pricking myself with this sith-blasted needle for about the thousandth time, nothing else, Master.//

    A mental sigh, though flecked with amusement. //Language, Obi-Wan, language.//

    //I do try, master. But it's hard to, with this new-fangled assignment you've seen fit to torture me with.//

    //Ah. Ingenuity is my middle name, young one.//

    Obi-Wan snorted. //I could think of better names, revered Master mine.//

    //I'm well aware of your proficiency with nicknames. Never try that with me, though.//

    Obi-Wan knelt down to pick up the errant needle from the floor, and ended up meshing it further into the carpeting. Stifling a curse, he pressed his finger firmly on it, and succeeded in bringing it up, firmly stuck to his finger. //Considering the leisurely way in which you're taking this conversation, Master...I gather the seminar isn't going well.//

    //On the contrary, Padawan, it is going exceedingly well.//


    There was a brief pause, during which Obi-Wan re-doubled his efforts to thread the needle. A smile apeared on his face as he waited.

    //As a matter of fact...// His Master's mental voice trailed away.

    //Yes, Master?//

    //I have a sore back, the Twi'lek to my left is snoring, and the speaker is an enthusiastic Corellian who insists on his audience receiving a bath.//

    Ob-Wan's smile grew. //A bath?//

    //Each word is a watery assault. And I'm seated in the front row.//

    Obi-Wan raised his eyes in mock anguish. //My poor Master. Though I must admit you deserve this.//

    //Insolent wretch.//

    //If you will *insist* on being one of the best swordsmen in the Galaxy, Master - together with being one of the most dignified members of the Most Enlightened Order of Force-Sensitive Beings...a lecture on 'The intricacies of Sebullian Funeral Customs' isn't something you can escape.//

    //Such impudence, padawan. Remind me to set you on kitchen duty the rest of this month.//

    //Thank the Force. We'll have Non-Charcoal toast the whole month.//

    //*And* cleaning the refresher tanks for the next six weeks.//

    A pause. //Pardon me, Master. No unsavoury word regarding your accomplishments will ever pass my lips again.//

    //Why am I not particularly glad at that statement?//

    //You possess an unnaturally suspicious nature, Master. As well as one that exults in torture. I've pricked my finger again.//

    //Which merely indicates that you're not doing it right. Take the thread and...ease it into the needle's eye. I did, after all, demonstrate it to you.[/
  2. dianethx Jedi Master

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    Mar 1, 2002
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    You shouldn't be afraid. This was adorable. I loved that Qui-Gon was so bored that he was having a telepathic discussion with his Padawan and that Obi-Wan was clumsy with the needle. Doesn't he know that the sewing is never complete without a little blood? LOL.

    Great job. Keep going. I'd never know that English isn't your native language.
  3. Master_Noi Jedi Master

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    Sep 8, 2004
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    I can just imagine Qui being bored at a conference.

    That was a cute little piece. :)
  4. VaderLVR64 Manager Emeritus

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    Feb 5, 2004
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    That was great! I really enjoyed it. You did a wonderful job with their banter, and they were both very much in character. Loved it! :D
  5. SarkaVrae Jedi Master

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    Jun 3, 2004
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    I too really enjoyed this! Very amusing conversatin so far. Can't wait for an update. :)
  6. Shaindl Jedi Master

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    Jun 18, 2002
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    Good god, your first fic, you try humour and English isn't your first language? Honey, if this is what you produce on your first try, you're not going to have any problems whatsoever. :)

    You succeeded wonderfully on all sides. The humour was dead-on and the conversation was totally realistic. Looking forward to more!



  7. MistiWhitesun Jedi Master

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    Aug 16, 2004
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    [face_laugh] Fine job!

    English isn't your first language? :eek: [dropped_jaw] You've got to be kidding me?

    Keep writing! :D
  8. Eme-ma_Himou Jedi Master

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    Aug 29, 2004
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    this is GREAT!
    great comedy and one of the best Fanfics I have read so far...

    But there is one thing I found a problem with: keep writing! Finish this story!

    Are you sure english isn't your first language? That's wierd...

    by the way, what is your native language?
  9. Layren Jedi Master

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    Oct 28, 2003
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    This was really cute! You did a fantastic job with keeping Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon both in character and AI look forward to seeing more of this story :)

    Are you SURE english isn't your first language? :p
  10. AthenaLeigh Jedi Youngling

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    Aug 3, 2004
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    Oh, that was lovely indeed! I love that Qui-Gon is trying to teach Obi-Wan to sew. Yes, it does require much patience. Just wait until the poor dear realizes he's made a mistake and then has to do it over again! Patience, patience, patience! The banter was great. I'd totally forgotten you said English wasn't your first language as I read. Very wonderful first stab at writing, so to speak.
  11. Princess_Arulmozhi Jedi Master

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    Nov 16, 2004
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    **Peeps in cautiously, wondering if anyone has looked in...**

    **shrieks in ecstasy, at the feedback. Oh, oh oh!**

    **levitates into the stratosphere at the thought of so many great writers responding - then reluctantly settles down.***

    dianethx: Thanks:) Have always wanted to portray something of this kind between Qui and Obi. I love mush and angst - but I also love ordinary conversation - sometimes! {And may I say here that I loved your 'The Loud Exhale'.:)

    Master_Noi: Ah. (bows) Thank you, Master.

    VaderLVR64: **heaves sigh of relief**. Thanks. Now that was something I hoped I didn't mess up - the characters, I mean. It's easy to go over-board...and, well, make it - too sappy.

    Sarkavrae: And an update is what you'll get.:)

    Shaindl: **skips in glee** Oooohhh! That, from another master story-teller...! I *am* glad the humour worked out - I was wondering if I shouldn't have included that word.:)Thank you so much.

    MistiWhiteSun: Thanks. I will:) - so beware!

    Eme-ma_Himou: Wow. Thanks.:)As for my native tongue - not sure if you've heard of it - it's Tamil. Now you know.

    Layren: Glad you enjoyed it - considering how I enjoyed myself over the Qui-Gon medical records:). And I'm *sure* <grin>

    AthenaLeigh: 'My first stab' is right. I hope I make it through.:)And Obi-Wan has a lot to get thru before he masters the art.:)

    Now for the update.

    Note 1: I've no idea if healer Han'yaei appears in the JA series, or is the figment of someone's remarkable imagination here - I first read of him in Layren's 'Qui-Gon medical records' fic. If anyone'll tell me, I'll put in the necessary acknowledgements.:)

    Note 1a: Healer Han'yaei *is* Layren's property :D - I'm putting him in with her permission. Thanks, L :)

    Note 2: I started out wanting to write a small bit, but it grew and grew and...you can see the result for yourself.

    **keeping fingers crossed**


    Part 2

    At any rate, they had tried to.

    A week earlier, they had returned to Coruscant after what had, in both their opinions, been an irritating mission at best, complicated by exhaustion. Several warring factions on Nelth V, to which freezing planet they had been sent, served to break down negotiations - resulting in a whole-sale riot which the Jedi Master, in a rare fit of irritation, had described as a 'no holds-barred brawl - and one in which our younglings would have conducted themselves better.'

    Obi-Wan had not felt so charitable. A gash in his side caused during said 'brawl' had not made things any better - he had to admit that it might have been worse, if Qui-Gon had not despatched his attacker in short order. As it was, the injury had been serious enough to force him to spend the hours travelling back home in a healing trance. Returning to the city-planet invoked mixed feelings in him - he was glad to step inside the Temple, which had a calming influence on him - but had he been given a choice to spend a week in meditation, or a day at the healers - he would have taken the first choice without a murmur.

    Events, however, had proceeded fairly smoothly. Qui-Gon left to meet the Council, having assured himself that Obi-Wan received medical treatment - fortunately, the latter's presence had not been insisted upon. The apprentice had submitted, after extracting a promise from Healer Han'yaie that a ward would *not* be named after him.

    Reports, meetings and de-briefings followed, and a day later, the council had pronounced itself satisfied with the proceedings - excepting the riot. It was the tentative opinion of one or two honoured members that this could have been avoided. Fortunately, Master Windu and Yoda put their foot and claws down for once, claiming that all had been done that could have been done, and if the citizens of Nelth V derived amusement from butchering themselves against all reason - it was cold enough for that - then so be it.

    And Qui-G
  12. dianethx Jedi Master

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    Mar 1, 2002
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    Thanks, Princess for your lovely comment. [face_blush]

    I love that Obi-Wan was able to rescue Qui-Gon this time. His musings were right on and I loved this part

    "Master?" Obi-Wan was waving his hands in front of Qui-Gon's face, chuckling. "Coruscant to Master Jinn, who seems to have lost his bearings..."

    Qui-Gon snapped back to the present, heaving a deep breath.

    "Focus, master," intoned his padawan. "The here and now. It is only the present that matters..."

    Qui-Gon smiled, swatting a napkin at the chuckling apprentice.

    What had he been thinking? Of course the boy was ready.

    Ah, gotta love it.

    Great job so far. I'm looking forward to more! :D

  13. Shaindl Jedi Master

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    Jun 18, 2002
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    I second Diane. Thank you for your lovely comment. You're too sweet. :)

    Wonderful flashback - Qui seems to be more injured than he realises. Loved his thought about stupid it was for a Jedi Master to underestimate an opponent. :D

    The end of the post was good too - I'm really enjoying the gentle humour here. Great job!


    PS: If you don't mind my asking, what part of India are you from?
  14. AthenaLeigh Jedi Youngling

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    Aug 3, 2004
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    Oh, interesting. Nice battle scene. The apprentice had submitted, after extracting a promise from Healer Han'yaie that a ward would *not* be named after him. *giggles at that part* Great work so far. Can't wait for more.
  15. Valiowk Jedi Grand Master

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    Apr 23, 2000
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    "Coruscant to Master Jinn, who seems to have lost his bearings..."

    That was cute! :) I can't really see the connection between the two posts yet, but I'm sure that you'll develop the story well in future. Looking forward to reading more!
  16. VaderLVR64 Manager Emeritus

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    Feb 5, 2004
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    How did I miss the second post? I love this story. You're very good at battle scenes, a talent I envy! Great work! You're a very good writer.
  17. SarkaVrae Jedi Master

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    Jun 3, 2004
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    great job! i'm really enjoying this story :D
    the battle scene was great, very fast paced and full of energy. i loved the description of Obi as he came to save Qui. "the angel of light" part was very vivid! :)

    Healer Han'yaie is Layren's creation, I do believe. :)
  18. Princess_Arulmozhi Jedi Master

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    Nov 16, 2004
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    dianethx: '...Ah, gotta love it. ' :D. I'm working on more, at the moment.

    Shaindl: Qui *is* injured - but I don't think he'd ever admit the fact - especially when there's an injured Obi around as well. :)

    >>>what part of India are you from?>>>

    The South. Tamil Nadu, to be very specific - the southernmost state ('The State with a smile', they call it - because the coastline is a lot like a human face in profile :D )

    AthenaLeigh: >>Nice battle scene.>> Oo, thanks! - battle scenes are always a bit complicated, I think - especially when one doesn't have much idea about the intricacies of sabre-fights. You have to force yourself to think of a battle which doesn't sound...idiotic. (BTW - isn't 'A Taste of Youth' your fic? The one where Qui turns into a five year old? Ooo...*loved* that one. Wish you could elaborated on it :)

    Valiowk: I *will* be connecting it - soon :) - and I hope it works as well as I've imagined it, when I'm done.

    VaderLVR64: *goes pink with pleasure* Thanks :)

    >>>How did I miss the second post?>>

    Probably because I was racking my brains as to how to edit the subject-line, after I updated - I'm still feeling my way around the boards. Eventually did find my way out. :)

    SarkaVrae:>>>...i loved the description of Obi as he came to save Qui. "the angel of light" part was very vivid!>>>

    Hah! Fait accompli. I really *worked* on that part :D And thanks for telling me about Healer Han'yaei's owner. Have done the needful :)

    Irrelevant Note: Argh. Mark-up codes are irritating.

    Relevant Note: Am working on Part 3 - would have started sooner, but for chaotic class schedules, which involve all manner of juggling around of chores(not to mention the different venues), and getting back home by 9 PM. Ugh.

  19. Princess_Arulmozhi Jedi Master

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    Nov 16, 2004
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    Okay...here's Part 3. And Merry Christmas, all :)

    As you know, words in italics are just thoughts, and // indicates thoughts via bond.

    Following on the events taking place a week before the sewing episode (Part 1)...

    Part 3

    Morning meal at an end, master and apprentice made their way to the training salles - or so Obi-Wan thought. They were walking along a particularly wide Temple corridor that led to one of them - when Qui-Gon turned to his left, into a smaller pathway that branched away from the bigger one.

    "Master?" Obi-Wan queried as he walked faster to catch up with his master's longer strides, yet keeping to the custom that demanded that he be two steps behind him.

    "Yes, padawan?"

    "I thought we were going to spar."

    "We are. At least, you are."

    "Oh?" Obi-Wan frowned, trying to make sense of this statement. Was he going to spar with someone else, then? "The training rooms are further along the E'erhul Corridor, master."

    "I'm well aware of that fact, padawan." Qui-Gon threw the younger Jedi a look of amusement. "My residence here is of some duration, I believe."

    Obi-Wan grinned. "I wouldn't know. 'Temporary residence' would describe it more accurately."

    "Ours is a 'hop-skip-and-jump' existence at best," the master admitted, smiling. "but then...that is our way."

    Obi-Wan's gaze was centred on an intricate geometric design - one of the few embellishments allowed on the pillars supporting the pathways, inside the Temple. "Of course." he murmured.

    Qui-Gon cast a glance at him. "Our lives are committed to duty, Obi-Wan," he spoke as though striving to drive away an unseen, unacknowledged unease. "Very few are chosen for that path - it is an honour."

    "I know, master."

    "And yet...?"

    Obi-Wan bit his lip. "I'm..." He stopped.

    "Unsettled. I know."

    The apprentice raised his eyes. "That's wrong, isn't it?"

    "Wrong? I wouldn't say that. The rest of the galaxy may view us as iron men, endowed with supernatural powers and capable of unheard of feats...but the Jedi are only human. We have our moments - oh, more than a normal being could ever guess. A life of duty may sound intriguing to some," he chuckled, and Obi-Wan smiled in response. "but one sometimes longs for something a little more..."


    "That wasn't the word I was thinking of."

    "Neither was I. More along the lines of..." Obi-Wan paused. There was that fleeting feeling of irritation again. Restlessness? Unease? Why? "I don't know... I can't describe it."

    "And you find that perplexing. Disturbing."

    Qui-Gon had come closer to the truth than his apprentice would have liked. "Perhaps. I ought to meditate on it."

    "Meditation is a cure for unease, in most cases..." Qui-Gon paused. "But I was thinking along other lines. Speaking of which," he stopped in front of a small doorway, plain in appearance. "We've arrived at our destination."


    Obi-Wan raised his eye-brows as the door opened, and they stepped inside. Considerably smaller than the average training room, it had one another sterling quality - barring a mat that covered the floor, it was completely featureless.

    "I've never been here," he remarked as he walked over the mat, testing it out. It had a soft, springy quality - almost at once, he realised that it must be one of those used in a regular training room. "Is this a training room too? It's quite small."

    "Small, yes," Qui-Gon answered, as he busied himself in a corner of the room, shedding his robe. "It will serve our purpose, however, for the present. All the other training rooms are occupied continuously."

    "There's always enough space for a pair, master."

    "At the moment, privacy is of more importance - at least, I thought it would be. There'll always be time for a display in public."

    Display in public? Obi-Wan pursed his lips. //Ah, the famed Jinn-inscrutability is in evidence, I suppose.// he voiced through their bond. //As is usual, I couldn't make out head or tail of that last stateme
  20. dianethx Jedi Master

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    Mar 1, 2002
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    Okay, now I'm really intrigued. What is the Ischila and why should Obi-Wan be concerned about it? Qui-Gon is being mysterious again and he's slightly worried, too. One of the trials that Jedi must pass in order to go further towards Knighthood?

    Really looking forward to more. Soon!
  21. Princess_Arulmozhi Jedi Master

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    Nov 16, 2004
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    dianethx: You're intrigued? I'm glad. :D I'm working on the next instalment(s). Qui-Gon is being mysterious - with a reason, and Obi-Wan...well - you know the trials he *always* faces:)

    As for the journey towards knighthood - every adventure is a trial, wouldn't you say :D
  22. SarkaVrae Jedi Master

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    Jun 3, 2004
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    very good banter again--you seem to have that part down to a fine art! :D

    very interesting and mysterious, this story is becoming! can't wait to see where you take this! :)
  23. Layren Jedi Master

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    Oct 28, 2003
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    Very interesting updates! I look forward to seeing how you connect all this!
  24. Princess_Arulmozhi Jedi Master

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    Nov 16, 2004
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    SarkaVrae and Layren: Thanks. :)

    Right now, Tremors are hogging the news.
  25. Shaindl Jedi Master

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    Jun 18, 2002
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    Very intriguing. Everyone's being so mysterious - Qui, Yoda and the Keeper of the Artifacts, there. Looking forward to finding out what the Ischila is. And, as always, your dialogue is first-rate.

    Great job, PA!


    EDIT: I just read about the earthquakes and flooding in southern Asia. I hope that you and your family are okay. Let us know when you can.
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