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Beyond - Legends Calendar Challenge 2012 Military appreciation Corran Horn

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    Calendar Challenge 2012 Military appreciation Corran Horn
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: NJO
    Characters: Corran Horn, OC?s
    Genre: challenge
    Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to George Lucas.

    Military Appreciation

    Corellia was offering him asylum. The man who destroyed Ithor was returning home and was guiding his X-wing down to one of the public spaceports of Coronet City. He hoped to get away unnoticed and a weary smile passed his features when he saw more X-wings parked on the tarmac. He had seen the strike cruiser in orbit and surmised that those X-wings had their home on the cruiser. Maybe they would do the trick. He had only the main hall to cross to where Rostek Horn would be with a waiting speeder.
    Corran engaged the repulsor lifts and guided the X-wing down. And climbing down he spotted the markings on the X-wings. A black spider was in the middle of a black web ensnaring a sign with the words ?Spiders stick together? and twelve X-wings supported the web.

    - - -

    ?Where?s your mom??

    ?She should be here any moment but aw this.?

    ?Geez we aren?t that famous. This is ridiculous with all those flashing holocams and sticking their noses everywhere even when it is very private reporters. No, no and no I won?t answer any ques? Hey the green guy is getting all the attention.?

    ?And he shouldn?t. Come Spiders; we have to endure the reporters. We are Spiders coming to celebrate the birthday of the mother of our commander. And there she is; Jacky Sandor the famous instructor of our famous Spiders.?

    ?Now you have gotten their attention Major Guyet. Now ?we? have to endure the welcome of those sticky, irritating and frustrating questions asking and almost blinding your eyes with their flashes reporters.?

    ?Yes Issa and you are the one to answer those questions and with that, he can get away. We love the appreciation but he can do without that.?

    - - -

    Corran Horn smiled. With the Spiders getting now all the attention he crossed the hall unnoticed and slipped in the passenger seat of the waiting speeder.

    ?You had to run the gauntlet??

    ?No I had Spiders helping me and I hope Mirax will get no attention either.?

    ?She is home and waiting for you.?

    - - -

    Snuggled in his arms was Mirax. She had given him the warm welcome. She knew what he had had to endure. She knew the truth. She would support him and be there when the galaxy needed the man who killed Ithor.
  2. Hazel

    Hazel Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 9, 2010
    [:D] Corran too.

    Great reunion!
  3. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Awesome stuff. Fits as a missing moment too.

  4. LexiLupin

    LexiLupin Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 27, 2011
    Aw, that was great. :) I feel so bad for Corran in NJO- it really wasn't his fault. [face_worried]

    I really like what you did with the military appreciation aspect though- it wasn't the focus so much as a sideslip for Corran so he could avoid his own... 'appreciation.' Or lack thereof.

    Well done!
  5. Thumper09

    Thumper09 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Dec 9, 2001
    GFFA Paparazzi!

    I really liked how the Spiders helped Corran out by being a distraction when he landed. The ending with Mirax was touching: the line "She would support him and be there when the galaxy needed the man who killed Ithor" was wonderful.

    Great job! :cool: