Can Anyone Please Help with a Simple Background?

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    Hello everyone!
    Its been years since I have been on here! But I have returned begging for someone to help me so I can finish my power rangers fanfilm.... All I need left to finish is some backgrounds to add in behind my Rita Repulsa actress. And the wooden banister too. She is the final scene to film and it will be this weekend.
    I need 2 backgrounds that shouldn't be hard to make for the talent that is on these boards.... So please, if you can, help me.
    Background 1: A shot into rita's palace like these pictures but without the people, blue ball thing, and telescope.

    Background 2: A shot as if you are now behind her looking over the banister towards earth. but a little further back than this picture.

    These don't have to be super detailed, nor super accurate! Just so that it resembles the palace and balcony.

    I am begging! Please help if you can!
    Thank You!
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