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Can he just do that??

Discussion in 'EU Community' started by pmben1, Nov 28, 2002.

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  1. pmben1

    pmben1 Jedi Youngling

    Nov 28, 2002
    I think at this point in my life I've read every book they've come out with and I come to some great conclusion...Namely that The New Jedi Order series had some deep thought put into it...seriously. There has got to be one big white board out there outlining the next 10 years of SW's my reasoning...This series started in 99...Bunch of new characters including Vergere, who was introduced about book 6...But along the way Greg Bear decides to write a book, "Rouge Planet" published in may 2000 (remember that date). The next book in the NJO is out in June of 2000. So it was probably written a couple months earlier. Now, back to rouge planet...Greg introduces this book as between episodes 1 and 2 and brings life to vergere. All being what it is we don't care about her really...until Aug 2000...A new NJO book is putblished. Conceivably written a few months earlier (lets say MAY through june) and this is the first book that mentions vergere...coincidence? I think not. And think back even harder...things just seem to be coming into play...I mean things like the 2 twins and new Anakin make sense being included in later books, but honestly! they are managing to tie 5 years of books together in one big series! And what's not already explained is being released in new books that happen to come out just as the info is needed...I must say; Bravo. Bravo to whatever mad man came up with this whole scheme, because its working...I do have one small problem though...R.A. Salvatore, who wrote the first book in the NJO series...He just made up Mara's disease! That's sort of cheating in my opinion. So we need an explanation! But wait! I sense that a new book on Luke and Mara should be coming out to explain it all! wait, no! it's not just a sense...but the truth! Because Zahn is writting such a book! Coincidence? I think not...If only I could theorize about physics this well...
  2. Jedi_Liz

    Jedi_Liz Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Apr 24, 2000
    I don't really understand what your question was.......but I doubt that Zahn will be writing Mara with her disase. This book is set 2-3 years before she was infected.

    I think you need to go to lit with this.
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