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Can't Be Really Gone Part 5 (JA, Obi/Qui AU) Completed 3/25/2003

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by masterobiwankenobi, Mar 14, 2003.

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  1. masterobiwankenobi

    masterobiwankenobi Jedi Master star 1

    Mar 1, 2003
    Disclaimer: The Star Wars characters, and the Star Wars universe that I borrow them from belong to George Lucas. The story belongs to me. You can use my story on your site if you want, just let me know first.

    Title: Can?t Be Really Gone
    Characters: Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Adi Gallia, and Siri.
    Spoilers: For JA books #1-9.
    Timeline: Obi-Wan is 13. Takes place About 9 months after JA#8.
    Rating: PG-13
    Summary: Alternate Universe after Jedi Apprentice # 8, where Qui-Gon did not take Obi-Wan back as his padawan. Obi-Wan is held prisoner by a group of terrorists, while everyone at the Jedi temple believes that he was killed.
    Author: Peggy Schultz
    Website: [link=]A Journey Through A Galaxy Far Far Away[/link]
    Authors Note: This was my first Star Wars fan fiction. I first posted it on I have made some corrections to this story since posting it there; the most obvious changes will be on part three.

    Can?t Be Really Gone
    Part I

    Obi-Wan Kenobi took a quick glance up at his new master, Craydin Shaw, trying to determine whether or not the young knight had noticed his fidgeting.

    Since Craydin had asked him to be his apprentice, Obi-Wan had been trying very hard to be the perfect padawan. He did not want to disappoint Master Craydin the way that he had disappointed his first master, Qui-Gon Jinn.

    While on a mission to the planet Melida/Dann Obi-Wan had made friends with some kids and had decided to help his new friends, and leave the Jedi order. It was a mistake, one that had cost him the trust of Qui-Gon. After that the Jedi Master did not feel that he could trust Obi-Wan again and did not take him back as his apprentice.

    Qui-Gon had lost his previous padawan, Xanatos, to the dark side, and was reluctant to take on a new padawan. Obi-Wan hadn?t realized until it was too late that his actions on Melida/Dann had hurt Qui-Gon nearly as much as Xanatos had. Obi-Wan was crushed when he found out that Qui-Gon would not take him back again, but he knew that he no longer deserved to be his padawan learner.

    ?Obi-Wan,? Craydin began, ?is something wrong??

    ?I?m ok, Master Craydin, it can wait,? Obi-Wan replied. Craydin had obviously noticed his fidgeting.

    //?Obi-Wan if something is wrong you can tell me, I remember what it was like to be a padawan, I know how boring these negotiations can be to a young boy?,// Craydin told the boy through their new training bond that they had finally been able to establish after nearly four months as master and padawan.

    //?No, Master Craydin,?// Obi-Wan answered through the bond, //?I just need to use the fresher, but I can wait, really.?//

    //?Don?t be silly, padawan, go to the fresher, it may be a while before we break for lunch. Do not be afraid to ask for something. And perhaps next time you will not drink quite so much juice for breakfast,?// Craydin smiled.

    //?Thank you Master,?// Obi-Wan grinned as he quickly got up and made his way to the public freshers, which were located in the east wing of the building, on the opposite side of the conference hall.

    Just after exiting the freshers Obi-Wan felt a sudden sense of danger through the force, right before someone ran into him from behind, and knocked him to the ground hard. He heard his lightsaber hit the floor and slide a few meters away from him from the force of the huge man who had run into him. Obi-Wan could feel blood trickling down his chin from where he had bit his lip.

    ?I?m very sorry, kid,? the man said extending his hand towards Obi-Wan. The man's voice was deep and husky sounding.

    Obi-Wan let the larger man help him to his feet, before saying, ?that?s ok, but maybe you should try taking your time in the future.?

    ?True,? the man laughed, ?I was in a bit of a hurry, but you came out of the room so suddenly. ?Are you alright, you are bleeding??

    Obi-Wan wiped the blood away on the sleeve of his robe, and said, ?I?m fine, I just bit my lip.? Obi-Wan then walked over to retrieve
  2. Arldetta

    Arldetta Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 19, 2002
    Hey I know you! :D Nice to see you here. ;) I liked this at ff.n. Is this updated at all? Even if it isn't, I'll be happy to read and review it here anyway. :D

    I'm glad that Craydin knew the Qui would take Obi back eventually. But it was also good that he recognized Obi's potential despite his background. Look forward to more. :D
  3. masterobiwankenobi

    masterobiwankenobi Jedi Master star 1

    Mar 1, 2003
    thanks arldeta, i feel honored that you like my story. you are one of my favorite writers. :D I already have the story finished, and will be adding the next part tomorrow, unless, i get replies from anyone who wants it tonight. ;) :)
  4. Arwen-Jade_Kenobi

    Arwen-Jade_Kenobi Jedi Knight star 5

    Feb 9, 2002
    Great Start! I really want to see where you take this

  5. Lurkalidth

    Lurkalidth Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 5, 2003
    What a captivating start! Will be interesting to see how things develop.

    Thanks for sharing it. :D
  6. masterobiwankenobi

    masterobiwankenobi Jedi Master star 1

    Mar 1, 2003

    ?Avery,? Azia told the large man who entered the room where they were keeping their unconscious prisoner, ?what are you going to do with the boy??

    ?Hultz just contacted me a few minutes ago. He was able to get the force suppressor, but it will be at least three hours until he gets back. I have to give Jedi boy here another dose of the drug.?

    ?But you can?t,? Azia pleaded, ?Doctor Zul told me that you can?t give anyone the drug more than twice in a twenty four hour period. You?ve already given him four doses in 20 hours.?

    ?The boy keeps waking up every four hours. It is time for his fifth dose.?

    ?But Avery, Doctor Zul told us that if we keep giving him too much in such a short period of time that the boy could have severe side effects, ranging from amnesia to the failure of his internal organs, and if that happens he will die.?

    ?And if I allow him to escape, the Vardell army will kill all of us for our involvement in the bombing of the Capital building.?

    ?I heard a national report that the boy?s teacher is confirmed dead, and they presumed our prisoner is dead. They must think that he was burnt beyond recognition.?

    ?Yes I heard that too,? Avery concurred as he began to prepare another dose of the drug.

    ?My point is that they won?t be looking for him. We could drop him off in the wallabies Calli fields. Even when he first regains consciousness he will be groggy, and weak for a while. We could leave Vardell like you said that you wanted to. By the time that the boy finds his way to the authorities we could be long gone, and he may not even remember what happened. He?s just a boy, Avery.?

    ?A boy who is being trained to be a Jedi Knight,? Avery growled, and then looked up into Azia?s pleading brown eyes. With a sigh, he relented, ?fine, I guess I can let the boy regain consciousness long enough to find out what he remembers. But Azia, if he remembers me, I will have to drug him again. He should regain consciousness soon.?

    A few minutes the boy began to stir and Azia began to wonder if she was doing the right thing or if the boy would be better off if she left Avery kill him. She suspected that another dose would kill the boy, without him ever regaining consciousness.

    The boy slowly opened his eyes and then blinked a few times before his eyes finally adjusted to the light.

    ?How do you feel?? Azia asked.

    ?Like I was just run over by a herd of tauntauns,? the boy suddenly got a strange look on his face, and then commented, ?except I don?t remember what they are. Who are you? Where am I??

    ?My name is Azia, you were injured in an accident; don?t you remember what happened??

    ?No,? the boy said and then looked over at Avery, who stood near the bottom of the bed. ?Who is he??

    ?You don?t remember me?? Avery asked looking shocked.

    ?No, should I??

    ?Do you remember anything?? Azia asked.

    ?I- I don?t know. My head hurts.?

    ?What about Hultz? Do you remember Hultz?? Avery asked. Azia looked at the large man wondering what he was doing. The boy had never seen Hultz, and of course wouldn?t remember him.

    ?What is a Hultz?? the boy asked.

    ?He?s our brother. I?m Avery Pajan, and you are Rory Pajan.?

    ?Rory,? the boy repeated, and then shook his head, Azia thought that he was going to tell Avery how wrong he was, but then the boy said, ?I don?t remember,? as he drifted off to sleep again.

    Azia and Avery both left the room. Once in the hall Azia turned to Avery, ?what do you think you were doing??

    ?Getting us a new recruit for our cause, Azia, I knew that the boy would be of some use to us,? Avery smirked.

    ?You can?t be serious, Avery. His memory loss may only be temporary. He may wake up again and have all of his memories intact.?

    ?And that is why I will have the drug handy, while he is awake until Hultz brings the force suppressor.?

    ?And just how are you going to explain to him why you are forcing him to wear it?? Azia asked.

    ?He is sick with a rare illness called um, Wren. And he has to wear a special
  7. masterobiwankenobi

    masterobiwankenobi Jedi Master star 1

    Mar 1, 2003
    Author?s Note: ~~ indicates a dream sequence~~

    Qui-Gon sat on the floor of his quarters meditating. It had been three weeks since Obi-Wan was officially declared dead. He had attended the services that were held for Craydin Shaw and Obi-Wan Kenobi, but still felt as if something was not right about what happened on Vardell.

    The sound of the door chime brought Qui-Gon out of his meditation. He was surprised to see Clee Rhara standing on the other side of the door.

    ?Clee,? Qui-Gon greeted, ?it is nice to see you.?

    ?It is always good to see you as well Qui-Gon,? Clee nodded.

    ?Please come inside,? Qui-Gon invited her inside wondering what the woman wanted. He was familiar with Clee, and would talk to her on occasion if they happened to be in the same room together, or on a mission, but he did not consider her one of his close friends. He did not think that she had ever been in his quarters before.

    ?I was cleaning out Craydin and Obi-Wan?s quarters. I finally worked up enough courage to do it. Isn?t it funny how easy it is to fight in battles where the odds are against us, but so hard to clean out the quarters of a lost Knight and padawan??

    Qui-Gon nodded, and motioned for the Jedi Master to sit on the near by couch with him.

    ?I thought you may want this back,? Clee told him as she pulled a river stone out of her robe pocket. It was the stone that Qui-Gon had given Obi-Wan for his thirteenth birthday.

    The stone, that Obi-Wan had discovered was force sensitive, had helped to save the boy from loosing his memories, while he was subjected to a memory purge while on the planet Phindar.

    ?I can?t believe that he kept it,? Qui-Gon commented as he took the stone from Clee?s open palm. Gently he ran his thumb over the surface of the river stone.

    ?Of course he kept it. He kept it on his desk in his bedroom,? Clee smiled slightly and continued, ?He told me that he kept it there so that he could remember that he was once the student of the legendary Qui-Gon Jinn, and to remind him that there are consequences to his actions, so that when faced with tough decisions he should consider the consequences first.?

    Qui-Gon was surprised, and glad that the ordeal on Melida/Dann and afterwards had taught him a lesson. He mused that it had taught himself the very same lesson, but unfortunately his lesson had been learned too late.

    ?Adi, told me what you had told her in the shuttle about taking Obi-Wan back as your apprentice if he did not get picked by anyone else,? Clee smiled sadly, ?Yoda, Tahl, Adi, Craydin, and I knew that you would come back to your senses one day, and realize that you and Obi-Wan belonged together. That is why Craydin was only Obi-Wan?s temporary master. Obi-Wan had thought that it was due to his probation but it was actually because we knew that you would come to your senses eventually. The council wasn?t so sure though and told Craydin, that after six months that Obi-Wan would stay as Craydin?s apprentice on a more permanent basis incase you did not come to your senses. I suspect that that decision had a lot to do with Master Yoda.?

    Qui-Gon was at a loss for words. He could not believe it; if he had returned to the temple sooner he would have been able to take Obi-Wan back and perhaps he would still be alive. He could not get the thought that he could have prevented the boy?s death out of his mind.

    ?Are you going to go back to Vardell to attend the memorial services that they are going to have for the victims that had died in the bombing??

    ?I don?t think so,? Qui-Gon admitted. ?It is for the people closest to the victims, like you who were like a mother to Craydin, and Master Yoda who thought very highly of Obi-Wan.?

    ?Qui-Gon you were his master first; and Obi-Wan cared for you a great deal, even though you were not together anymore. If it were not true, he would not have kept the river stone. And I suspect that you cared a great deal for him, even though I know you would never admit it. Yoda asked me to tell you that you should go to the service to
  8. Velvet_Elfin

    Velvet_Elfin Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 5, 2002
    Wow Padawan great story.

    Uping so Everyone gets a chance to see more Obi angst. LoL

  9. masterobiwankenobi

    masterobiwankenobi Jedi Master star 1

    Mar 1, 2003
    Thanks for the up Master, :)
    but it seems that no one else agrees. :( :_|

  10. Lurkalidth

    Lurkalidth Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 5, 2003
    Aw, c'mon; cut yourself a break.

    It's a good story. I like it! :D
  11. masterobiwankenobi

    masterobiwankenobi Jedi Master star 1

    Mar 1, 2003
    Thanks Lurkalidth

    I'm glad that you like it.

  12. masterobiwankenobi

    masterobiwankenobi Jedi Master star 1

    Mar 1, 2003
    AN: I would Like to thank my master Velvet_Elfin and Grandma Elfin for betaing this for me. You guys are the best. :D

    Obi-Wan Kenobi said goodbye to the old woman and her son, who were kind enough to give him a ride to the memorial service, and turned towards the stage.

    ?Obi-Wan wait,? the woman called after him, ?would you like us to stay with you until you find your family? There is a large crowd of people here.?

    ?No, thank you ma?am. I?m supposed to meet them back stage. They?re expecting me. I?ll be fine, don?t worry,? the boy told her wishing he could believe it himself.

    ?Young man, I am the mother of five children and twelve grandchildren, worrying is what I do best,? the woman explained. Obi-Wan smiled at the old woman, and hoped that his mother was as kind and humorous as this woman.

    ?Take care of yourself Obi-Wan,? Tarrin told him.

    ?I will, and thanks again for the ride,? Obi-Wan nodded, turned back toward the stage and started to make his way toward it.

    On the stage a woman sang a beautiful song about a lonely man?s journey through life. If he had not been so anxious to find the Jedi, before he ran into Hultz or Avery, he would have enjoyed listening to the beautiful music. He could smell the aroma of food being prepared in the concessions stands, and it reminded him that he had forgotten to eat today.

    As he made his way to the stage, Obi-Wan looked back and forth through the crowd, watching for any sign of Avery or Hultz. He could not help but feel that he should have taken the advice of the Jedi Master that he had spoken with over the Comm. Unit and let the Jedi come to him.

    Looking straight ahead he could see the entryway to the backstage area, and the security officers standing near the entrance. On opposite side of the stage from the security officers, Obi-Wan saw a tall man with a beard and long hair watching him intently. A woman with dark skin and dark hair stood just behind the tall man, also watching him. There was something very familiar about the both of them, although the man seemed the more familiar of the two.

    Obi-Wan began to quicken his pace, when he felt a hand grasp his shoulder, preventing him from moving forward. As he turned around to see who was behind him, he felt something hard jabbed into his back. He stiffened, knowing that it was most likely the barrel of a blaster.

    ?Hello, Jedi boy, we?ve been expecting you,? Avery?s unmistakable deep voice said. ?Now, you are going to walk with us toward the Northern section of the building to where it is still under construction. If you cause any trouble at all, Hultz will kill your Jedi friend. I believe I heard her Master call her Siri. Hultz and Siri are waiting for us.

    ?I don?t remember anyone named Siri,? Obi-Wan retorted, glancing over at the man and woman who were still watching him.

    ?Whether you know her or not, do you want to risk killing her?? Avery asked, pushing the blaster harder into the boy?s back. Obi-Wan knew that his back would have a large bruise, assuming he survived this.

    ?Ok, let?s go,? Obi-Wan said as he relented and let the larger man lead him away from the stage and the waiting Jedi. Obi-Wan could only hope the man and woman watching him were Jedi Knights. He had to trust them to recognize him and come to help him.

    * *** * *** *

    Siri Tachi stood near the stage watching the beautiful woman sing about the journey of a lonely man?s life. She felt a lump begin to form in her throat as she realized that the man described in the song could be a Jedi Knight and Obi-Wan would never get the chance to be that man. She wondered why she had not told him that she didn?t hate him, as she had allowed him to think.

    She had been with her Master, when Master Yoda informed them that Master Mace had contacted the Council. He told them that a boy, who might be Obi-Wan had made contact with him claiming to have amnesia. He told them that the boy had been having dreams that he thought might be memories of him being a Jedi. He also mentioned having a padawan braid.

  13. Obi the Kid

    Obi the Kid Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 13, 2000

    I'm reading!!! Actually, I just found this and am only thru the first post, but I am enjoying so far. Trying to sqeeze in a few min on each board while I'm not to busy at work. :D

    Gonna try and read more in a bit!

  14. masterobiwankenobi

    masterobiwankenobi Jedi Master star 1

    Mar 1, 2003
    Thanks Obi The Kid I'm glad that your enjoying it. :D
  15. Lurkalidth

    Lurkalidth Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 5, 2003
    Amazing! This is very exciting, nice twists. (Of course, Qui "I was too hard on Obi" angst is always enjoyable. :D)

    Thanks for posting this. Gotta find out what happens next.
  16. masterobiwankenobi

    masterobiwankenobi Jedi Master star 1

    Mar 1, 2003
    ?Obi-Wan!? Qui-Gon yelled as he ran toward the boy, his heart beginning to pound in his chest as if someone was beating a drum inside of him. He had just watched the man violently shove the teenager down the ramp and then shoot him with his blaster. He couldn?t lose the boy now. He had just found him alive.

    It seemed to take longer than it should have, to run the short distance that separated the Jedi Master from his former Padawan. Qui-Gon, Adi, and Siri reached Obi-Wan as the small freighter began to lift off. The boy?s hand, still on the end of the ramp, fell limply to the ground. He looked up at Qui-Gon with pain filled eyes.

    Qui-Gon knelt down beside the boy, checking over the wound. To his relief it was not bad; he had been hit in his right shoulder. ?Obi-Wan,? he said.

    ?I know you; don?t I?? Obi-Wan asked starring up at the Jedi Master kneeling beside him. Qui-Gon could see the pain in the boy?s blue/green eyes, but there was no recognition in them.

    ?Yes, you do; I am Qui-Gon Jinn. Your wound is not bad, but we need to get you to the healers,? Qui-Gon told the boy. He turned toward Adi Gallia and noted that she had already used her com-link to call for help. Obi-Wan nodded, and looked up at Siri who stood near Qui-Gon.

    ?It hurts,? Obi-Wan murmured.

    ?The healers are on the way, and the authorities are on alert to find Obi?s kidnappers,? Adi explained as she switched off the com-link.

    ?I dreamed about you. I think it was a memory,? Obi-Wan told Qui-Gon, looking into his deep blue eyes.

    ?That is possible,? Qui-Gon?s heart ached at Obi-Wan?s words, and he wondered if it was a good memory or a bad memory.

    ?Let me get this off of you,? Qui-Gon said, reaching for the device around the boys neck. He was surprised when Obi-Wan stiffened.

    ?Will I get sick?? Obi-Wan asked.

    ?Sick, what do you mean?? Siri questioned, glancing from Qui-Gon to Obi-Wan.

    ?Avery and Hultz told me that I am sick and that I need this medical brace to regulate my medication. Was that a lie too?? Obi-Wan looked from Siri to Qui-Gon for an answer.

    ?Yes, Obi-Wan. This is a Force suppressor, it?s used to prevent you from having access to the force.?

    ?The Force,? Obi-Wan repeated, ?I read about that in the library. If they used it to block out the Force, then does that mean that I?m a Jedi??

    Qui-Gon smiled slightly at the innocent question and responded, ?Yes, you?re a Jedi Padawan.?

    ?I was right about the braid then,? Obi-Wan mumbled.

    ?Can I take this off now?? Qui-Gon asked reaching for collar around his neck.

    The teen nodded, still looking nervous. Qui-Gon, used the Force to gently unlock the clasp of the device and remove it from Obi-Wan?s neck.

    He immediately used his left hand to examine the part of his neck that he had not been able to touch in weeks. ?I feel different,? Obi-Wan confessed, ?Somehow it feels like I?m whole now, except? I can?t remember who I am.?

    ?Obi-Wan, I?m going to use the Force to accelerate your healing. I need to touch your arm,? Qui-Gon said quietly.

    ?Ok,? Obi-Wan nodded, taking a deep breath.

    Qui-Gon gently reached out, putting his hands on the boy?s arm just below his injured shoulder, and closed his eyes. Calling again on the Force, Qui-Gon directed it so that it surrounded the boy.

    ?Obi-Wan, you gave everyone a real scare, we thought that you were really dead,? Siri told him. ?Bant, Reft, and Garen will be very glad that you?re still alive.?

    ?Who are they?? Obi-Wan asked.

    ?They?re your best friends at the temple. They were very upset when they heard you were dead.?

    ?What about you, are you my friend too?? Obi-Wan asked innocently.

    ?Yes, we were not as close as you and the others, but yes I consider you a friend,? the girl admitted to him. Qui-Gon smiled remembering Adi?s comment about Siri liking Obi-Wan but not wanting to admit it to him.

    A group of security officers, and healers quickly approached them, led by, Yoda and Clee Rhara. Yoda, who sat on Clee?s shoulder said, ?Good to see you alive it is, Pad
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