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Captain Antilles, R2 & 3P0, and the evil lord GASGANO! in....

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by SuXII, Jun 15, 2002.

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  1. SuXII

    SuXII Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 6, 2002
    STARWARS:Revenge of the Xexto

    Sunlight slowly rose over the horizon pouring into Antilles sleeping quarters like golden syrup. He had purposely positioned his bed so that the light would wake him up for an early start. And this, never worked. As the sun slowly crept in he would slowly pull his covers up until he was no longer visible and went back to sleep. But there was another golden element that would for sure wake him if the sun could not. "Master Antilles, I believe it is time for your wash and breakfast" C3p0 blared out as crystal clear as any efficient protocal droid could. It was times like this Antilles felt 3p0 took his job a tad too serious. "Has Artoo fixed the fresher already?" he said emerging slowly from his covers squinting. "Why yes, sir. There was a slight valve malfunction in the water unit but it is running quit well now." Throwing his covers back and swinging his legs to the edge of the bed, he smiled then dropped his feet into the waiting slippers below him. Antilles temporary home was quiet and far from the other surrounding cottages'. The forest was filled with many exotic creatures and plant life, and the birds song softly out by the artificial river, and today was an especially beautiful day. A day for breaking in fresh recruits Antilles thought to himself slyly wishing he was on base and not vacation. He looked around himself and sighed, deciding to enjoy himself.

    Antilles never did find it pleasurable to be pelted with an assault of chatter while trying to shower. Just to make sure he was being heard, 3p0 would occasionally stick his head into the shower. "3p0, look. You may be a droid and all but i still feel like theres a guy floating around my shower asking me if i want bantha milk or paly juice while im naked. It just aint right." 3p0 stood froze for a moment as if considering the human discomfort. "Very well sir, i will converse with you from a distance. I too have felt the disomforts of nakedness" and with that, 3p0 stepped into the hall with water running down his face and continued his chatter. Antilles stepped out of the shower only to be confronted with his second morning attack. R2-D2. Rolling in with what seemed like every gadget and appendage protruding from his chubby frame. Towels, deoderants, and an assortment of cosmetics where being practically thrown at the Captain. This particular invasion he didnt seem to mind and even smiled as he chose items from the beeping unit. "Oh, your probably wondering why i feel comfortable in here with Artoo, huh?" c3p0 stood in the hallway almost as if he had an expression of confusion on his metal face. "Well, Artoo looks far from human, In fact he could past for a piece of equipment in here." He said laughing and not noticing that 3p0's silence resembled one not actually getting the joke. "You are very correct, sir. Artoo does not look very human nor does he sound human. I am eager to learn as much human behavior as possible. So will it be milk or juice, sir?" 3p0 said sharply scurrying into the kitchen as if making a royal path for his master. "I think i'll have the paly juice today, 3p0. That last batch of bantha milk gave me a horrible case of the pod-engines. I guess trying to transfer and keep it fresh from Tattooine to here is a hard trick." Antilles following 3p0 hoping around pulling up his flight pants while Artoo rolled behind him beeping frantically. "Have you seen my boots, 3p0?" he asked while taking a seat at the dinning area. "I believe Artoo deeto is trying to tell you that you left them outside to dry after trying to fix the fresher yourself yesterday." Antilles turned and looked down at the little droid. "He said all that? well, you know i dont understand a beep hes saying, 3p0. I just hope it doesnt cost me one day."

    Exploding out of hyper-space a large craft drifted towards Yiken, the vacationing planet were Antilles was staying. "We have him sire" a wirey voice spilled over the consol. And standing behind that voice, with all four arms crossed, Gasgano spoke. "Are you sure this time, V
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