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  1. Somebody_For_Someone

    Somebody_For_Someone Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 27, 2001
    Carry On

    DISCLAIMER: I own nothing. Motor Ace performs ?Carry On?. You know the rest.

    Looking for a single friend

    And energy to help me get by

    While we?re passing the time

    They stood, bloody and battered, several feet away from each other, lightsabres ignited.

    ?Anakin, you can control you anger! I know you can!?

    ?No! Can?t you see I?m so powerful, Obi-Wan? I?m more powerful than I ever was when I was your Padawan! All you ever did was hinder me!?

    ?Do it for Padme! She needs you!?

    ?Padme is dead! You liar! You?ve lied to me for the past twelve years!?

    With that, Anakin ? now Vader, made one last lunge at Obi-Wan with his lightsabre, but the block was more powerful and sent him reeling. He stumbled backwards until he teetered on the edge. Tiny pieces of rock crumbled away beneath his feet as he flung out his arms and flailed to try and regain his balance, but it was too late. The rock had already given way under his weight and broke off.


    Obi-Wan?s eyes flew open. He sat there, thinking for just a slight moment that it was just a horrible dream and that everything was fine.

    Then it hit him. The ?dream? had taken place only days ago, and his apprentice really had turned to the Dark Side and become Darth Vader. It was now 0230 local time, and he was in his quarters in the Lake Country on Naboo.

    He didn?t want to go back to sleep, now that he was wide-awake. He pulled on his robes and stepped out of his quarters, not wanting to disturb anyone, although he did want someone to talk to, and tried to find somewhere, some way, to think and pass some time.

    Is it real?

    Does it give too much away?

    It?s pumping out my heart ?til you come back A reason to stay
    Do you know?

    Is this way home?

    Is this way home?

    Padme Amidala started on yet another cup of coffeine. It was lukewarm, and the jug in front of her was now almost empty, but she didn?t seem to notice anything as the tears poured silently down her cheeks. She slumped over the table; her very pregnant body too exhausted to do anything but stay there, freezing in the flimsy nightgown, and keep drinking. Her mind, though, was rigid, stuck in the turmoil and grief that came with losing a dearly loved one.

    It was just over two years ago now, that Anakin had sat across this table from her, as her bodyguard, and enjoying supper with her.

    ?Too much caffeine is bad for you, M?Lady,? came a quiet voice from the door.

    She didn?t need to look to see whose voice it was, but she glanced up, anyway. ?Have a seat, Obi-Wan. I?ll get you a cup.?

    Obi-Wan took a seat?Anakin?s seat?across the table from her. ?No need. I took one myself.? He took the jug and filled his cup to the brim. He took a sip, and there was a prolonged silence. He was the first to speak.

    ?You know we?ll have to separate the twins very soon after they?re born,? he said.

    Padme nodded. She knew she had to do this to keep her as yet unborn children alive. ?Yes, I know,? she said slowly. ?But isn?t there any other way to do this??

    Obi-Wan gave her a grim look. ?I?m sorry, Padme, but there?s no other way. They?ll be separated and then we?ll both have to leave with them as soon as possible. I?ve already made arrangements. I?m afraid we may not be coming back here ever again.?

    Once again, Padme nodded, but this time there was something else ? was it a slight determination? ? in her eyes. ?That?s okay. There?s nothing left for us here anymore.?

    We just stare while the wheels fall off

    And everyone seems to carry on

    Carry on

    No time to tell you how much we?ve lost

    ?Cause everyone needs to carry on

    Carry on

    They both wanted so badly to do something to keep the twins together, and with their mother, but there was always the risk of Vader finding out. Both of them knew that any child of his would pose a threat to him, and he would have them hunted down. There was simply no other way, but to let Obi-Wan?s plan go ahead and just watch as the Skywalker family fell apart. They j
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.