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Beyond - Legends Case Files 1: an Anakin Solo Mystery. A/T, B/V, 43 ABY AU

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by THE EVIL CLIFFIE, Feb 21, 2012.


    THE EVIL CLIFFIE Jedi Master star 2

    Jul 11, 2008
    Title: Case Files 1:An Anakin Solo Mystery
    Characters: As the title says, Anakin, Tahir, Ben, Vestara, Lon Shevu. Other characters may be mentioned and/or feature.
    Genre: Mystery, natch, but there will hopefully be a lot of humour and a good dollop of romance/mush.
    Timeline: 43 ABY.
    Note: This is an AU in which Anakin dodn't die at Myrkr (obviously) but was badly wounded, and ultimately survived the war. The role he played will be revealed as we go on, but nothing changed hugely from the canon NJO. Dark Nest and LOTF didn't happen. The events leading to Vestara's presence will be explained.

    Now, on the the 'fic.


    It?s usually quiet early in the mornings outside CSF?s Senate District precinct. With dawn turning the sky every shade from blue to crimson, and the endless traffic painting iridescent lines on the air, there?s something magical about Coruscant, and it seems to encourage people to be well-behaved. The fact that the night shifts are going to bed and the day shifts are rubbing at their eyes and cursing at their alarm-chronos probably helps.

    It?s unusually quiet inside, too, although that?s got more to do with exhaustion than respect for the capital?s beauty. The Rapid Investigation Unit is one of CSF?s highest-intensity divisions; whenever someone wants a result fast, they come to us. That means a fast burnout rate, high blood pressure, and a lot of meals eaten on the go.

    I?m sitting in my office, sipping the bad caf that makes up most of my diet these days, trying to find some connection in the images I?m looking at. There are ID holos of a rodian, a bothan and a twi?lek, next to grisly shots of their bodies, as well as miscellaneous shots of their surroundings - bloody shards of glass, a tuft of dark hair, and a smashed datapad.

    I finish the caf, grimacing at the overly strong dregs at the bottom, and chuck the foam cup in the bin. I?ve done it so many times I don?t even need to use the Force anymore. It hits the inside with a hollow thwack. I look out the window again. Light streams over the domed roof of the opera house across the skylane and slowly inches down my window. Even though I know it?s impossible, I try to pick out which, of the innumerable spires visible against the lightening sky, houses my wife. As always, I draw a blank. It?s never quite visible, due to the ostentatious roof of the Opera House. If I had my way the dome would be flattened, so I could, in some ethereal way, continue to watch over my home while I?m here.

    The sound of my door takes me out of the reverie, as does the smell of more caf, although it?s still the cheap stuff the dispensers spew. I look up, and see Vestara Khai pushing open the door, which bears the words ANAKIN SOLO, CHIEF OF DETECTIVES on a classy little brass plaque. In her right hand is a steaming cup of my bitter elixir, in her left one of Danni?s huge-display datapads.

    ?Drifting off, sir?? she asks, a smile twitching her lips, although the scar at the corner of her mouth gives her a permanent half-smile anyway.

    ?No, just watching the sunrise. I?m getting too familiar with it lately.?

    It?s true. We?ve been pulling an insane amount of all-nighters lately, what with the so-called ?senate killer? on the loose. Even when I can sleep, it?s in fits and burst here, or in a speeder. I haven?t been home in three days. It?s a good thing I keep a spare razor here, or I?d look like Jacen. No-one wants that.

    ?Anything new?? I ask her.

    ?Well, Danni managed to trace the blood.?

    Danni Quee is our lab tech. Apparently, she got tired of Zonama Sekot after fourteen years spent helping the Vong ? sorry, Yuuzhan Vong ? set up a new home, and enrolled in CSF?s forensics department. That she got assigned to the RIU is either coincidence or, as I suspect the Force?s terrible sense of humour.

    ?Yeah?? I reply, taking a sip of the Caf. It?s mouth-scorching and too bitter, but thankfully it?s strong as the all nine corellian hells put together. All I need right now is caffeine. Well, that and to see my
  2. aalagartassle

    aalagartassle Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2011
    A nice start, I'm not overly fond of AU stories but this one certainly piqued my interest. Good to see old case style writing.............. Matlock!!!!!!!!!!!style. Don't worry about only uploading half a chapter it breaks it up well and adds.
    PM me when the next halfs up.
  3. Kahara

    Kahara Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 3, 2001
    Interesting AU, it reminds me of a Star Wars take on CSI and other TV shows along those lines. Having Anakin work with Coruscant Security instead of just being a standard save-the-galaxy Jedi is unusual and I like how a few others such as Danni were incorporated as well. I'm interested to see if Tahiri is a Jedi or doing something else as well.

    THE EVIL CLIFFIE Jedi Master star 2

    Jul 11, 2008