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Star Wars Castaways

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by SirakRomar, Sep 5, 2012.

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    Today the freighter Lisander has been reported missing by officials. The cargo freighter, that was flying under the imperial banner had been on it´s way from Ukio to the Outer Rims and had been scheduled to stop at Subternel in the early morning hours.It was carrying about 500 passengers for the FarOut colonization project. The ship had not yet shown up at any spaceport, nor has any emergency beacon been located and Moff Caso has confirmed, that a squadron of Tie/RC has been send out to find it, so far without results.
    - Holonetwork New 336


    Star Wars


    “The aft-shields are gone, they´re gone!” The young female officer yelled, but the Captain did not listen anymore. He typed numbers into his nav-computer, fighting the distractions by the repeated rumbles that ran through the ships, the sirens and the smell of burning electronics that spread in the comfortable cockpit of the Lisander.
    “Override security protocol now.” He stated, as if anybody knew what he was doing.
    “Whatever, Sir, hurry. Hurry!” The woman answered and their Verpine engineer did not shut up over comm., throwing cracking noises at them, that were probably his language. Nobody knew what he was saying, but even such an alien tongue could not hide the panic in his voice.
    The Captain looked up and his breath froze in his lung. The attacker was turning and approaching them once more. They could not take another hit. All they could do was . . .
    “We jump!”
    His hand pulled the lever, just the second the torpedoes were registered and triggered the alarm of the Lisander. They would probably drift through space forever now, as their target left it´s route and escaped to Hyperspace.
    Everybody on the bridge sighed in relief. People leaned back, laughed and were almost beginning to celebrate their survival, when the single bling made them all become statues.
    The young female turned to her console and closed her eyes. Then she confirmed their worst fear.
    “The attacker must have calculated our vector, he entered hyperspace right behind us.”
    It was impossible. The Captain had not given him enough time and the coordinates . . . they could not know about them. Nobody did. Nobody!
    “Prepare the passengers for emergency procedures. We´ll drop out of hyperspace in two minutes.”
    The Navigator looked at his Captain, obviously confused. “Sir, why should we . . . “
    “Gravity field.” The Captain only said and he already knew his Navigator would not find any planetary body on his map. It did not matter. It was there. And they would soon lead their attacker right there . . .


    Welcome to Star Wars – Castaways. You might have guessed it, those Castaways are you.
    This is a prototype of a game designed by DarkLordoftheFins and handed to me recently. I was intrigued and now I gave it a shot.
    I aim for an episodic drama, so to say. The pilot and the seasons first Episodes ran back on our Tempboards. Now we are back here and we will continue with the adventures of our Castaways.

    The game is set at some point after Yavin IV and before The Empire strikes back. The planet you are on is jungle planet and more you won´t know in the beginning.
    To New Players: This game will take once and a last time (for quite a while at least) new players now that we have come here to the new boards. If you wanna join write me a PM with a CS or idea and we go from there.
    To Old Players: Nothing new there for you, we ended about two thirds into the Episode 3 of Season I and there is where we will pick up with my next update.

    On Characters
    You could be anyone or anything, as long as you wanted to go to the OuterRim. Sure, you can be awesome bounty hunters or soldiers, but I encourage you to try more usual characters. Ordinary people. What you cannot be is 1. A Jedi/Sith/Force User or 2. An imperial officer who was on duty.
    Everything else, including Stormtroopers will be fair game, as there actually were ten on board for unknown reasons. If you want to go down that route, please PM me to get some details. Any ideas you feel you need to talk about, send me a PM.


    The CS:
    Survivor´s Name:
    Age/Appearance: (description or pic)
    Equipment: I ask for realism here, you guys did not know you´ll strand on a planet, but were leaving a burning ship. So you won´t have survival gear on you or heavy weapons.
    Who are you? : This replaces the usual bio. Give us a sentence or two who you are. Don´t spell out everything, just tell what others would probably be able to tell from a short conversation with you.

    No Godmodding
    PM CS to me for approval
    Post the CS if you want to, or use the first post to describe yourself.
    Take your creative freedom, but stay reasonable.
    Have Fun!
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    Mar 30, 2007
    What happened so far . . .

    The Lisander was a bulk freighter from on it´s way from Ukio to the Outer Rim. Half transport, half passenger ship it was a peaceful routine run . . . until an unknown force attacked the ship and forced it to make an emergency jump into the unknown. Soon after dropping out of hyperspace, the hunters still in pursiut, the ship was hit by a proton torpedo and it got evacuated. Four escape pods were launched with an unknown mix of passenger and crew aboard.

    One landed in a valley, where they found each other in danger from strange beasts and an escalating group dynamic. Among them was a famous rebel, under the cover of a simple trader identity, a coreworld woman with her own secrets, a runaway slicer, a mysterious Count and his personal Twi´lek companion, an aging Bounty Hunter as wall as a Stormtrooper with an enigmatic prisoner who seemed to have an unnatural range of abilities. They split, formed bonds and rivalries and finally reuinted in search for other survivors which they found . . .

    . . . in the shape of a second pod. Where the navigator of the crew, a female mechanic with a kid and a dark past, a young Weequay hunter, a green goodwilled giant, a secretive Doctor from an exotic alien race and an arrogant Muun noble were actually trying to make sure they survived. Things soon became complicated when they found out, that they were in the territory of murderous giant bugs.

    And on top the hunters seemed to have followed them on the planet, a Nikto attacked one group and a second prisoner was cut loose and is roaming the forest and have the Imperials from the ship actually survived . . . and slowly a dark presence makes itself known among the survivors . . . or should we call them . . . CASTAWAYS?

    Episode 3 - The Swarm continues . . .


    Pod 1: Status unknown

    Pod 2: Status unknown

    Pod 3: 7 Survivors

    Keil Garris (HS29)
    Eliza Thorn (Spycoder)
    Celia “Cece” (Ktala)
    Lorn Lorsai (Fin)
    Count Elzo of Karideph (NPC)
    Lisa the Twi´lek (NPC)
    Stormtrooper AD767 (NPC)

    Pod 4: 8 Survivors

    Doctor Zerr (TTemp)
    Meset, the Weequay (Mitth)
    Anora Cole (MyrialofKanz)
    Sed Cole (NPC)
    Bom (Yvarema, NPC)
    Flight Lieutennant Vars (NPC)

    Presumed alive:
    Zelia/The Woman (MonoGirly)

    Known Losses:

    Unknown Kel`Dor (NPC)
    Losot (LordT)
    Ozan Hill (Muun, NPC)

    Flashback Guestroles:

    The Vulture (TGI), Ukio
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    Mar 30, 2007
    ooc: And on we go . . .

    Stormtrooper, Bom, FL Vars, Sed Cole
    The Jungle of Death

    Before Eliza could answer, the bugs crawled closer already. And they grew more. hudnreds were in the woods around them. Too many . . . far too many for any gun to stop them.

    "They will eat them." Sed cooly said and stared at the two humans surrounded by the giant bugs. "Help, need to help." Bom only replied, but he did not stop running. None of them did. The second group had a chance, now with Solo and the Coreworlder distracting the first wave of bugs a better chance than ever, to reach the river. A desperate cry was heard through the buzz. FL Vars voice, as the bugs had probably overrun him . . . "They will eat them and they will be dead, just like the Wookies were all dead." Sed cooly analysed the situation.

    And among the movements from the bushes were not only bugs. right into the swarm Lorn arrived at the scene and through the force he felt them all . . . all except Cece. She was near, but lost in the mindless rage of the bugs.

    Tag: @Myrial (in whatever incarnation she reappears), Sir_Draco, HanSolo29, spycoder9, Mitth_Fisto, @ DarkLordoftheFins

    The Voice in Cece´s head
    The Jungle of Death, nearby and yet too far away

    Cece saw it now. The woods were a mass of movement, as hundred of bugs joined those first. The Stormtrooper was gone, they were all gone and nobody what weapon she had, there would be a few hundred to many enemies to fight in a second or two.

    "Turn." The voice said. "Run." The voice hissed that word. "When you reach the bushes who glow violet a bit . . ." The was a break, and three, no four bugs entered the clearing, starting to spread to both sides to attack her from the sides. "JUMP!" And this time the voice sounded like the command of someone who . . . tried to save her? Who was afraid for her? It sounded like that.

    Tag: Ktala


    The Treehouse
    Kashyyyk, Settlement 0.5

    Anora could smell the burned flesh from her balcony and below her the Empire showed what use i had for Kashyyyk now. It burned the settlement to the ground, killing hte slaves, the children and grown-ups alike. Stormtroopers marched through the streets. An AT AT throned over the scene, like a beast guarding the ritual of destruction. The almost religious fever with which the Empire wiped the place out, that Anora and all those soldiers had called home for half a decade. And Anora was all alone, her husband was on a battle station far away.

    The knock on her door was almost suufocated by blaster fire. But then she heard it and Sedric slept in her arms, as a familiar voice came from outside. "Anora, Anora, open up. I . . . have news."

    Tag: Myrial


    Ladies, Gentlemen, we are game!
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    Sep 2, 2012
    GM Approved!

    Survivor´s Name: Bronwyn Navarr

    Age/Appearance: (description or pic)

    About 5'7", athletic build, she's normal weight. She is 32 years old, with wavy auburn hair, vivid green eyes, and a round face with a square jaw.

    Equipment: A small bag containing credits, a kolto patch, and a datapad.

    Who are you? : Bronwyn is a medical geneticist, hailing from the planet of Carida. She worked at a small MedCenter on Tatooine, but was recently transferred to Bespin.
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    ooc: This post was SirakRomar approved!

    The Jungle

    They were marked, all of them. Something had gone wrong. Maybe they had stumbled into another field, or the bugs had a way of marking victims. Anyway, they were all marked and he had no idea where Cece was. Nearby. And yet divided by a wall of rage shielding her. He could not help her now, but he could save some of the others, probably. The anger about Zelia´s attack and his failure to resist the lure of those familiar path . . . it was still burning inside of him when he used the force to catapult himself into the air and land right between the bugs and the man called Keil and his girlfriend . . . or whatever she was.

    He heard the river. It wasn´t far. Had they tried to reach it? Well, what else could they have tried?

    A passing thought reminaded Lorn of his earlier breakdown and he hissed out air. Doubt was your enemy, anger your ally. Had his Master not taught him exactly that?

    Old teachings. He would have to see how true they were in this strange new galaxy and this unfamiliar era. "The river is close. When I say run, you run, you hear me?" He hissed to Keil and his girl. He turned his head only half, otherwise keeping his back to the two. Maybe they saw it. Yellowish cat-eyes staring at them filled with the rage of Lorn. Maybe they had no eyes for them. But he did not wanted anybody to see him like this. Never again.

    Summoning the force, he did not hold back, he did not keep any strangth for a second attack. Looking at the nearing bugs he smiled. One try. All he had was one try . . . oh how familiar this was. War. And the sad realisation, he was living for it.

    "You hear me?" He asked again and extended his hands, slowly.

    Tag: HanSolo29, spycoder9, @others (probably seeing me, probably not)
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    IC: Meset
    Running toward a river, through the wood of blind death

    Taking it in he kept the pace, saving ammo as the truth was a shot was merely a wasted one unless you were shooting what was literally attacking you. And so he ignored the two that served as a distraction for his group, he ignored the extra rustlings in the brush and he ignored the scent of vegetation and insect that cloyed like a miasma of decay around them. It was an overgrown land and so they ran to a river in the hopes that it would wash them clean, that it might provide a path clear was secondary at this point.

    There was only the moment and it was now. No father to kill for you or to fear killing you, no target to acquire alive or dead and retrieve for verification. Only the run and each step falling after another, each thrum of beating wing building on one another, and each breath mingling with the last.

    There was only the run.

    TAG: @All
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    IC: Keil/Han
    Bug Central

    The bugs advanced, forcing Eliza and himself closer together in the already cramped circle. He didn't mind getting close, but this was ridiculous. His idea of a good time didn't include fending off a horde of large, man-eating bugs. Hell, at this point, he would be better off dealing with the bounty hunters. At least bounty hunters had brains (well, most of them) and they didn't go around mindlessly trying to eat you. At least, he hoped not...

    One of the creatures near the front of the group decided to be brave and lunged forward in an attempt to grab a quick bite. It would be the first of millions and Han's gut reaction was to nip it in the bud. Using reflexes alone, he lashed out with the branch held securely within his grip and battered the lone bugger across the side of the head with the tip. The feeble attempt to hold them off had little effect and in the next instant, the bug took hold of the end with its pincer and snapped the branch in half as if it were just a twig.

    Han's jaw became slack and he simply stared at the bug as he took several cautious steps backward. It wasn't as if he actually thought that branch would work, but he thought it would have lasted longer than it had. That left them back at square one - defenseless.

    "So much for that idea," he mumbled under his breath. "You know, I could really use your help right now...if you have a suggestion or plan or...if you could just say something...that would be great. At least then I won't have to go down to the grave knowing I was ignored..."

    Then again, maybe he wouldn't even have to worry about that.

    Even as the words left his mouth, a man - the prisoner that had disappeared earlier - fell from above and landed directly in front of where Han and Eliza were standing. Han staggered backward even further and for the second time, found himself instinctively reaching for his blaster, only to come up with nothing but air.

    "The river is close," the man hissed, his eyes glowing an odd shade of yellow as he craned his neck to look at them. "When I say run, you run, you hear me?"

    Oh, sure, the river. Just what he wanted to do - crawl back to the others and be strung up and held captive by their twisted desires. Still, maybe it wouldn't turn out as bad as he thought...those yellow eyes were more than a little convincing. He didn't want to mess with this psycho.

    "Um...yeah, sure," he stammered as a nervous smile appeared on his lips. "We'll run..." He turned, exchanging a glance with Eliza. No matter what happened, he hoped she would still have his back.

    The man then turned, extending his arms toward the oncoming swarm. Han furrowed his brow and watched the man curiously. He didn't know what he had planned, but he had a feeling it wouldn't end well. Inhaling deeply, he poised himself and waited for the man's signal.

    TAG: spycoder9, DarkLordoftheFins, SirakRomar
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    Oh Great, Now Im hearing voices, in the Jungle of Death, nearby and yet too far away

    Cece saw it. The forest came alive. More bugs than trees. Everyone else was gone. And she was alone. She could not hold them all back. Her fingers tightened around the weapon. And after all of this ... now she was hearing voices. Or a voice, really. Did it matter?

    "Turn." The voice said. Not really wanting to trust a phantom voice, but not really having any choice in the matter ... what else was she going to do? It made her feel helpless, something Cece truly hated, but lately ... She sighed deeply. Cece turned until she heard the next command.

    "Run." The voice hissed at her. That was something she was good at. So Cece started running once more, barreling through the trees as she tried to keep focused on what she was doing. The voice spoke once more. "When you reach the bushes who glow violet a bit . . ."

    Glowed Violet? Was this voice kidding? But sure enough, as Cece ran, she began to see a bush that somehow, seemed to have just the faintest of glows around it. Unfortunately, the voice had suddenly grown quiet, and as she neared a clearing near the bush, four bugs entered the clearing, preparing to attack her in all types of nasty ways. Cece was about to bring her weapon up, and shoot, but the voice suddenly rang out clearly in her mind once more.


    THAT command was different. Strong. It had more force behind it. More emotion. The only thing in front of her was bugs, and a strangely glowing bush... and no time to think it through.

    Cece pushed herself to move even faster, as she concentrated, bringing her arms forward as she JUMPED ... as high and far as she could. She could only hope to prepare herself for whatever may lie on the other side of the bush.

    Tag: SirakRomar[face_nail_biting]
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    Aug 19, 2007
    The Doctor
    Fields of Death

    He saw the rebel and his friend, and yet he knew there was nothing they could do to save the fool. Nothing, but ignore him and save themselves. Without the emergency packs any expertise or friends the two would have died anyway. So the Doctor kept close to his companions and did not stop running. Leaving it to his cold intellect to sell him the idea of abandoning their saviors, while . . .

    And then there he was. Lorn. In all his glory. As they passed them, The Doctor saw the glowing eyes, almost felt the power radiating from the man he had kept frozen for so long. He was so beautiful. A superior pedator in a jungle full of predators. Oh Lorn, if you only knew . . . what we did for you!

    Proud like the father he wasn´t really, he smiled and fired another shot in a nearby bug. The two and Lorn would buy them time. seconds, seconds they needed. Because the river was nearby. The saving river . . .

    Tag: Others
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    Mar 30, 2007
    Myrial of Kanz seems to be unable to access the boards right now. Maybe she forgot her password? Anyway, she send this to LordT who forwarded it to me . . .

    Anora Cole - The Jungle - Unknown Planet

    Holding Sed tight she ran and ran. Solo was in trouble, but she could not care less. Pushing Bom forward and using every chance to shot at one of the leaping insects she just had one thought. Survive. And survival lay only in the river. Whereever it was. "Faster!" She shouted and tried to get even more speed out of her muscles, out of her bones . . . to make them move faster through pure will. Sed, she could not let Solo kill Sed, too.

    This was not Kashyyyk or Myrkr, this was worse. It was as if this world wanted to kill her and her childe and all her companions. vars, where was he? Gone. Maybe dead. Dead. If not yet, then soon. Dead. They were all dead, if they . . . did . . . not . . . get . . . to the river! Faster, faster, faster. Remember Kashyyyk, remember what you told them, always. Speed is deadly, armor slows you down. Agility is protective, your gun is only a good aim in the dark. Faster! Faster!

    Tag: @KiraRomar, Mitth_Fisto, @TTemp


    Anora Cole - Treehouse over Sadowuun - Kashyyyk, 0 BBY

    He was dead. She knew it the second that knock came to her door. They were burning down the town, retributing the dead Imperials from the uprising and cleaning up before leaving. nobody cared for one civilian woman. She would be packed up and transported away. Not to the space station her husband was working on. And somehow that had calmed her. The Empire showed a new side now. A cruel, uncaring indifferentiating disgust of the Wookies. They were no longer workers, nor were they slaves. They were assets that had no more use. Material burned so they enemy could not use it.

    Anora could not say she did not understand the logic. She simply did not feel it was right. She did not approve. And the same time she was afraid, what disapproval would mean to those troopers.

    She looked at her child, laying there peaceful sleeping while a world died around him. Then she turned to the wooden door and opened it. "How?" She asked whoever stood behind it. It was all she needed to know now. How had they taken her husband from her?

    Tag: SirakRomar
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    Mar 30, 2007
    Bom, Sed Cole . . . Count Elzo, Lisa
    The River

    They ran, bugs now swarming like an ocean of anger all around them, but they made it . . . they made it and jumped into the river . . . the water washing away the spores, the bugs hurling around, landing at the shores, buzzing, their stings spasming back and forth, but they did not enter the water, they did not follow them. They did not see them. The River . . . the river had saved them . . .

    Bom held the boxes above his head, the others were all in the water up to their chin, but he had his chest barely covered. Sed screamed out, as he landed in the cold water. But Meset, Anora, her Childe, The Doctor and the green giant were safe now. A second later Lisa came out of the jungle, one of the insects on her back and stumbled into the water. She was bleeding from the wound at her back, but she was alive and once her body hit the water the bug leaped away in terror, as if water terrified him more than anything. Then theCount appeared and collapsed into the stream, catching breath the elder Gentleman hardly could keep himself above water.

    And the rivers were sprawling now with bugs, bugs waiting, frustrated they had lost their prey, as the giant cloud of the Swarm came down in the jungle. Hundreds of thousands of the beasts were buzzing in a choir of destructive desire.And yet, they did not enter the water, even when they could hardly find space at the shores to set down anymore.

    Tag: Mitth_Fisto, Myrial (or whatever you will be called), Sir_Draco


    The Bugs, Lorn (with Fin´s approval)

    They became more and more, surrounding their targets, leaping forward and the attack was imminent, when it suddenly happend. Lorn´s hands spasmed, as if pushing against an invisble resistance and a wave was send from them, so powerful it hurled through the bugs like a whirlwind. It wasn´t only his power, it felt as if against his will, his dark will, the bugs were defensless. Bodies were pushed against bodies, buzzes of despair thundered through the trees as they tried to escape the shockwave send from the man´s hands . . . and like a Corellian myth of old he divided the sea of bugs and a path became visible. Even trees bednd aside. He felt his strength waning, the exhaustion take control and yet his anger kept him strong. "Ruuun!" Lorn yelled and began to charge, sending out a second, less intense wave to push the bugs even further aside. From behind they began to attack this unforeseen enemy. they leaped up, jumped at them, but there was nothing to be done about it. the thre humans would run and make it to the river now, now exactly, or they would be buried under the bodies of these things within seconds . . .

    The river, the river was so near now . . . thrity, forty steps . . . and yet it could be a few steps too many . . .

    Tag: spycoder9, HanSolo29, DarkLordoftheFins

    The Voice
    The jungle, the bushes, the surprise

    Cece did as the voice told her. She jumped right into the slightly violet glow of those bushes, she jumped right through them, as they seemed to bend aside to make her pass . . . and then there was water. but there was no ground, no river . . . just falling, as she fell and fell together with millions of galons of water, suddenly consuming the sound of the buzz, just as the buuzz had consumed the sound of the waterfall seconds before. Upon impact in the pond below Cece felt the cold water and darkness embrace her . . .


    And then there was only the feeling of cold, wet numbness . . .

    When she woke up she felt a hand on her face. "Cece, didn´t I tell you to watch out for yourself?" Jovan, it was Jovan´s voice. He could not possibly be here, but yet he sat above Cece, obviously having dragged her out of the water and smiling down to her. "And you always thought you´d save me, did you?" The young boy smiled at her with his sheepish grin.

    Tag: Ktala

    The Dying Man
    Somewhere on the planet

    Bronwyn Navarr woke up and felt the wet, grass under her skin. It cooled her, also she felt heat nearby. A strong source of heat. When she opened her eyes, if she dared to, she would see the pod, the escape pod burning. Bodies lay around. Yet she seemed unharmed, no pain came with her consciousness as she slowly woke up. Picutres of the exploding ship, the escape pod, the other inamtes replayed before her eyes.

    They had crashed. They had all expected to die and yet through some mircale she had survived.

    "Your not even harmed, are you?" The voice came from nearby. From a man burned in his face and his arm hanging at his side, obviously broken. A large wound was where once his stomach had been and the whistling sound when he breathed revealed his damaged lungs. Burned maybe. Or some broken rip stabbing him from inside. "Is it a blessing or damantion?" The man laughed a bit, but he could not keep it coming, as the pain was to bad. Around her was jungle. Thick, impentratable jungle. They were alone. Only them and the burned bodies of a dozen more passengers who had not escaped . . . for long.

    Tag: Admiral_Volshe
  12. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Meset
    The River through the Jungle

    Each moment had blended into the next, a run of steps, targets, and saving ammo. It wasn't until they saw the river that it clicked what a repugnent act he was about to be forced to do. He would have to soak, literally soak in water.

    Growing up on a desert world there were a few things that did not sit well with a man, especially not this hardened bounty hunter. Water was one of them. Although it might mean saving his life he didn't like it. And if not for the immobility of his facial features to fully express it, his scowl after resurficing would of been dreadful to behold. Still the bugs did not advance, they did not dive in, they did not try to swim or even skim them out of the water. For this he was now confused.

    He watched as the bugs began to settled, dronned about the edges of the river. Most of his group was safe, and tredding water, most unsettling. Yet as they waited he tried to keep them from talking with a motion of a finger before his lips. The element of pollen was gone, but the fact that they had already been trapped in a pod likely due to noise was bothersome. Just becuase the bugs weren't skimming the water now, didn't mean they wouldn't if they heard something. It also meant there was a reason they were afraid of water, whatever could scare a swarm of bugs was only hightening his desire to get out of the water.

    Trying to get his bearing he motioned to the others, trying to ask with one hand 'up river? down river?' as he was uncertain at this point if the way out was up stream from here or down stream.

    TAG: River dwellers.
  13. Admiral Volshe

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    Sep 2, 2012
    IC: Bronwyn Navarr
    Somewhere on the planet...

    The jungle blurred before her eyes as Bronwyn attempted to stand up and some footing. The acrid smoke of the wreckage didn't help, and her head started to pound. She stepped away from the burning pod, and went over to the injured man.

    She carefully examined his injuries. He was gravely injured, his lung visibly swollen, and most likely punctured. She could only glance at his abdomen, the gaping hole causing her to reel. Ignoring his instruction for her to leave him, she wrapped what remained of his jacket around his waist, hiding his most gruesome injury.
    Realizing she still had her small bag, she reached inside for any available medical supplies. She grasped a decent sized kolto patch, and pulled it out.
    Managing to break it into a few pieces, she covered the wound in his chest. She used the remaining pieces to create makeshift "stitches" for his abdomen.

    When she had finished, she patted him on the shoulder and smiled, trying to comfort him. He calmly smiled back, and closed his eyes. As he inhaled, a small whistle escaped his chest.

    Something deep inside told her he wouldn't make it, that her efforts would be in vain, but she had to try. If he lived, she wouldn't be alone.
    A warm breeze blew through the small clearing, and the man's breathing whistled again.

    Bronwyn sat down in the grass. She was overwhelmed. The jungle seemed endless, and as of now, she had no supplies or shelter, and knew of only one survivor.

    She would need to start planning something, and soon.
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    Sep 7, 2002
    The jungle, the bushes, ... I KNEW IT!!!

    Cece did as the voice told her. She jumped through the bushes that strangely almost seemed to move out of her way. But she knew it wasnt anything that Lorn was doing. It had to be her imagination. And she was immediately met by water. . . tons of it, as it went flying by her, just falling.


    *Gah!..I need a new word*

    *This sucks only slightly less than bugs*, the thought came to Cece as she fell like what seemed like forever, before she slipped into the water below, and then all she felt was a cold wet numbness . . .

    When she woke up, she felt the cool air first, and then a hand on her face. Her eyes snapped open as a familiar voice chimed out.. "Cece, didn´t I tell you to watch out for yourself?" Cece's eyes went wide as she stared at what could only be a ghost. Jovan. But it was Jovan´s voice. How could it be him?!?! Perhaps the place had finally made her mad! She laid there, staring at him as he sat above Cece smiling down to her. "And you always thought you´d save me, did you?" he asked as he smiled at her with his sheepish grin.

    Cece's head suddenly felt like it had been dunked underwater once more, and that she might faint. "" she croaked, still feeling like she had drank just a bit too much water. He was dead. She had saw the explosion earlier.Cece suddenly sat up, and moved to hug him, simply too happy to see him alive. But it was too quick a motion, and her head suddenly swam. Cece groaned as she closed her eyes once more. That explained the hunters questions. Cece suddenly smiled.

    "Im glad to see you too..." she said softly. And she was. She slowly opened her eyes once more to look around. While she was happy to see her friend, she was still worried about Lorn.. and even the others a little bit. Did they get away? Had they made it to the river? Cece drew up her knees, and hugged them, as she shivered slightly. But she was away from the bugs, and right now, she was very thankful.

    And very confused.


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  15. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Keil/Han
    The Jungle

    When the time came, Lorn didn't tell them to run in the traditional sense. It got way more interesting than that. Han could no longer differentiate between what was real and what he could only describe as a trick of the mind. Lorn, a seemingly average man, pulled off one hell of a parlor trick by using an invisible force to part the swarm, creating a path right down the middle for them to escape.

    If Han knew any better, he would have said that this 'trick' was actually a clear demonstration of that Force thing that Kenobi and the kid had believed in. He had called the kid crazy and foolish for wanting to follow in the old man's footsteps to become a Jedi and trust in that hokey religion, but now he was starting to eat those words. Maybe, just was real.

    In any case, at least now he knew why the Empire considered him so dangerous...

    He was still staring dumbly at the scene unfolding before his eyes when the signal came - weak, but still quite clear over the low din of the bugs:


    Han didn't have to be told twice. He took off at a dead run through the center of the clearing as he made for the river.

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  16. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Eliza Thorn
    The Jungle

    One minute the bugs had been approaching her and Keil from all places of the wood. Hundreds and hundreds of them, all coming to do who knows what. Eliza looked back and forth from Keil’s face to the bushes. She had been almost ready to say a good-bye, if things weren’t going to work out, but the crazy man from before emerged from almost nowhere. She had always known he was powerful, he possessed some kind of abnormal aurora about him. Now she realized he was probably some Force user. And now he was urging them to run at his word. Keil glanced at her, and she nodded her head once.

    Then the man turned to the oncoming swarms and held his arm out. Suddenly the bugs scattered like flies. Definitely a Force user. And then, through all the noise around them, Eliza heard his scream.

    And she took off. She knew Keil was still alongside her, and she could hear the roar of bug bodies behind her. But she had to keep pushing. Past all the craziness, past all the betrayals. . .past everything.

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    Mar 30, 2007
    GM Note:

    Oh I hate GM Notes, but here I am again. First of all, update comes on Sunday. Promised.

    Second, Myrial got kind off a situation, right now. She usually did her posts in her break on her computer at work (doesn´t seem to have one herself) and the new boards seem not to work there anymore. she can read on her phone, but posting is a bit tough that way. Not even proxies work, as she tried that, too. She said she works on resolving the situation, but for now she says she wants to stay in the game. I will post for her or we´ll appoint a player to do that for her, but she will only be here through representation for now. Hope she resolves those problems soon. Until then I wanted to let you know she is still in here.
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    Aug 19, 2007
    The Doctor
    River, River

    Billions of years ago his people had come out of the oceans and had began to walk on two feet. Now he understood why they had never returned. It was cold, wet and unbcomfortable, draining heat from his body and making his clothes wet. water was wet. disgusting. he hissed out air as he pushed his head above the water and he just hoped his tentacle was still water-proof. If not he would soon have a problem. "Sithspit!" He hissed out, but surprsessed the tone to avoid noise.

    The bugs set down on the shores of the river. May. far too many. he aimed at one and diecded then it made little sense. If these masses jumped into hte river they would probably fill it up in seconds and there would be no river. And no group of survivors. their best hope was their survival insitnct did not allow them to come in. "Bugs that big will have a hard time breathing in water. Pressure and all that."

    He gave the others a wild grin and winked at Sed Cole. "Next move?"

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Anora Cole – The River – Unknown Planet

    She made sure her son was above water when she dived in and then quickly pushed herself up. Loosing breath could be deadly in these situations and if the water was salty it would kill her in a few hours. Breathing out she looked around and pointed her gun towards the shore, as she made sure everybody else was there now. Meset, Bom who went into the water next to her with a splash. The doctor was there. “Vars, where is Vars?” She asked with a suppressed voice and as she looked at the shore all she saw were bugs. Millions of them. Looking to Meset she saw his gesture and nodded. She held up her fist – stay here, then one finger – one minute, then she allowed her hand to make a circle in the air with her index finger – then we move, and finally she pointed stream upwards.
    One minutes, what had not made it here by then was probably dead.

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    Anora Cole – The city in the Trees – Kashyyyk

    Angry she entered the plaza in the middle of Sadowuun, where a dozen Wookies were on their knees, their hands behind her heads. She pushed aside the sotrmtrropers and behind her the officer yelled at them. “Don´t shoot! Don´t shoot, she is one of ours!” Nobody did shoot, also it was not what worried her. It wasn´t even interesting to her. She was here to get even . . . with the only creature she knew on this planet that . . . was an enemy. “You filthy beasts, are you happy now? Are you happy he is DEAD?!!” She yelled at the wookeis and probably they had no idea what she was talking about. Then she grabbed her gun from her holster. “Don´t shoot her! That is an order!” The officer yelled, as he saw her draw the gun. The Stormtroopers stepped back, aiming at her, but she ignored them. She pointed the gun to the head of the first of the dozen Wookies and pulled the trigger. “He was a good man!” She yelled and held it to the next ones head. “A GOOD MAN!” She yelled again then and pulled the trigger once more. She repeated that ritual another ten times, until they were all dead. Then she shot into their bodies once or twice, until the blaster was empty. Only then, breathing heavy, she realized what she had done. They had nothing to do with her husbands death. They had been . . . she screamed out to make sure the thought did not reach her mind and then she fell to her knees.
    And through the deafening sound of hurling thoughts she heard someone clap his hands. She looked up and saw a man who had stood at the side of the small plaza, obviously. He was now approaching her, clapping his hands. The sun in his back blinded Anora, yet she could see the cybernetic replacement of most of his right face. “Who are you?” She asked and considered reloading her gun.

    “Someone who understand the power anger can give you. And the difficulty to control it, once it is unleashed.” The man replied and offered her a hand.

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    Mar 30, 2007

    Count Elzo, Lisa, Sed Cole, Bom, Bugs
    The River

    Anora did not have to wait a minute, all she needed to wait was five seconds and then she saw the Count and Lisa coming out of the woods, the Count bleeding at his right arm and both jump into the water. And just a second later and suddenly the bugs burst into all directions. Some landed in the River and desperately tried to fight their way out of it while drowning in terrified spasms, some where just thrown aside, as if something inside the woods had exploded. And before they could begin to guess what it was, Han Solo and Eliza came out of the jungle and jumped into the water . . .

    The Shore

    Han and Eliza ran, just a few steps . . . a few steps and they were at the river. But as Lorn tried to follow them, he felt how the bugs reacted to his show of power unimpressed and only more angry. He was right behind the two, when the bug got him and the sting went deep into his leg. Blood sprayed from the wound as the sting withdrew and together with the bug Lorn stumbled into the river, blood floating from his wound now. The bug buzzed out in panic and slowly sank into the water, drowning.

    And then nobody came. Ten people were there and around them hundreds of thousands of bugs buzzing angrily at the stream. They were blind now, but they knew something was there . . .

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    The Lake below

    “How?” He laughed at her and then he looked at the lake. “How.” He repeated the words, as if they were silly. Jovan stood up and took of his jacket, putting it around Cece´s shoulders. “Oh my dear Cece, you will have a hard time on this rock, believe me. You and your friends. Well, those who will make it.” He smiled at her. “Now it´s time to wake up. And follow the blue trees. Follow the blue trees Cece, there is someone you need to meet.” He smiled at her and before she knew . . .

    . . . she was awake. She was lying on the shore of the lake and coughing. Someone had dragged her out of the water and . . . put a jacket over her. Jovan´s jacket was still there, but reality was identified by the buzzing, now far away and coming from above. The Swarm was still hunting her friends. But she was save.
    And as she turned to the woods she actually saw a single tree who held blue leafs for no apparent reason.
    Tag: Ktala

    The Dying Man, They Mysterious Man
    The Third Pod

    All the first aid in the world would not safe the man, as the hours progressed it became obvious. He was dying. And two hours after Bronwyn had given him first aid, all aid came too late. He stopped breathing. He had not said another word, had not regained consciousness before dying.

    “I am sorry for your friend.” The voice of the man came from behind. And when Bronwyn turned he stood there, wearing a black uniform, like the crew of that freighter had. He looked young, maybe in his thrites, maybe even in his late twens. And his blue eyes stared down at her, as he gave her a generous smile that nevertheless seemed to be a bit sad . . . or was it cold?
    “I am sorry for all of them.” He looked around at the bodies. “But you should go now. They are coming and when they find out you are still alive, they will hunt you and they will kill you.” He said it, as he was talking weather. He knelt next to one burned body and seemed to touch it. “You know? They are like scorpions. And you know the tale about the fox and the scorpion, do you?” He smiled at her again and looked into the forest. He behaved as if it was nothing strange a man was suddenly here. As if a meeting between them was an ordinary event. And yet something cold radiated from him. “If not I can tell you. Another time. Because you must really go now.”

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    Apr 2, 2007
    I follow rivers . . .

    The pain was . . . abstract. He had almost forgot how it felt to be wounded. He had felt pain lately. A lot, as his body seemed not to take the decades of sleep too well. But being wounded was different. The shock to your body, the conscious behind the pain made a big difference. And he found no mercy for the spasming, suffocating bug, as he saw it in the water next to him. His ody felt exhausted and the pain almost brought him to his knees. He knew there was only water below him and any collapse would be his death now. Looking around, he hoped the other two had made it and he saw to his satisfaction they were alive. Where was Cece? Reaching out he wondered why he could not find her, when he had found the Coreworlder so easily.

    "Where is Cece?" He asked out loud, looking also for the Stormtrooper. Then his eyes fell on the new arrivals. The people from the pod. "Have you lost any?"

    He asked and hten he realized they probably had. "What the Sith happened?" He alsmost shouted out and looked at the shores which were now a sprawling mass of bugs not daring to touch the water. No way to get out of the water. If anybody was out there now, he was dead.

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  22. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Han
    The River

    Damn bugs were persistent...

    A couple more feet was all that separated them from the banks of the river and yet, they kept on coming. Weren't bugs supposed to be afraid of the water or something? Clenching his teeth together, Han stole a glance over his shoulder at the approaching swarm and took note that their lack of fear wasn't even the most disturbing part about all this. It was the noise. Even with the rushing water ahead, those damn bugs still somehow managed to drown out the roar of the river with their constant clicking and buzzing. It was a unique kind of noise that he wouldn't soon forget, that was for sure.

    Then again, with the way they were gaining, maybe he wouldn't even have to worry about that.

    "Quick, get in there!" he heard himself shout as they finally reached the edge. There was no hesitation as he thrust out his hands and pushed Eliza into the water before she could respond. She would probably hate him for that, but she didn't seem like the type of girl who liked to get her feet wet. She'd get over it...they all did.

    As for him...well, that little maneuver put him off balance and it didn't take much effort for him to get into the water either. He slid down the bank and literally fell into the water before the current drug him under. Snagging his boot on a rock along the bottom, he managed to stabilize himself and push up to the surface.

    And that's when things started to get interesting...

    While Han worried about catching his breath and clearing the water from his face, he took note that the crazy wizard that saved them was shouting to the others. It took a moment for him to realize what he was saying, but once he had, he wished he hadn't.

    "What the Sith happened?"

    As if finding the others was trouble enough, he had to go ahead and stir the pot. Glancing over at Eliza, he offered up a grimace before starting to casually move away from the others.

    "This ain't gonna end well..."

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    Sep 7, 2002
    All Alone? - The Lake below

    As Cece shivered, she heard Jovan laugh at her question. “How?” he repeated as he looked at the lake. “How.” He repeated the word, as if it were some type of joke. It made Cece's hair on the back of her neck stand on edge. But she did not pull away, when Jovan stood up and took of his jacket, putting it around Cece´s shoulders. She was freezing. “Oh my dear Cece, you will have a hard time on this rock, believe me. You and your friends. Well, those who will make it.” Me and my friends? Wasnt he going to be here with her? What did he mean by that? Cece wondered.

    Jovan smiled at her. “Now it´s time to wake up. And follow the blue trees. Follow the blue trees Cece, there is someone you need to meet.” He smiled at her as confusion hit her. Wake up?? Wha??!?!

    Her perspective suddenly changed . . . she was awake. She was lying on the shore of the lake and coughing.Cece looked wildly around her, looking for Jovan. But he was no where to be seen. But who had dragged her out of the water then? She froze, when she noted that Jovan's jacket was still around her shoulders. She gently reached out and touched the jacket, to make sure she was not halucinating. As she breathed deep, she could still hear the buzzing from the bugs, but now it was far away and coming from far above.She was safe for now. As safe as one could be on this planet, at least. She was frightened. Really frightened. Was she going nuts? Was it something left over from dealing with Lorn? Where was Lorn? Had he made it? He was not with the others, so he might have. With effort, Cece pushed herself to a standing position, and looked around. As she turned to the woods to get her bearings, she actually saw a single tree who leaves were blue.


    Thas what Jovan had said. "Ah, Veck!" Cece muttered softly, as she looked at the tree. She checked the rifle that was still tied around her. She shook it, making sure no water was inside, and she checked her hold out blaster as well. Even though she was away from the bugs, that didnt mean ...

    . . . wait.

    Didnt Jovan say there was someone she needed to meet?! Here? Cece groaned. She then gave a small grin. Maybe she would find Lorn on the way. With a sigh, she shouldered the blaster, and began to walk, following the trail that Jovan had told her. Why not? She didnt know where she was, and where else to go. Maybe she would find out something more about this crazy planet, while she was at it. She just knew she needed to move. She was wet, and she needed to dry out. And if it got dark, and she was still alone.....

    Cece gritted her teeth, as she began to follow the path laid out in front of her.

  24. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    ooc: Episode 3 is coming towards it´s end . . . not yet, but soon. And once more, for Myrial!

    Anora Cole - The River - Unknown Planet

    "Keep your voice down!" She hissed at the young man in his black overall. "They can smell and they cna here. So if we stay wet and silent, we´re save." A look to the shore made sure the bugs did not attack. "Your friends seem to be gone. Let´s hope the best, but there is nothing we can do about it." She pressed through her teeth and her gun aimed at Solo. Killing him now would be easy. He had murdered Vars. Or had he? Had she not pushed him so far? Shoot him immediately or don´t threaten him, both would have meant Vars awas alive. Instead, . . . her weakness to finish it had cost them lives. She smirked and lowered her gun, holding it above the water. Looking at Meset and nodding upstream she formed words with her mouth.


    Then she waved to the others to follow her. They were almost safe. She did not wanted to loose any more people to these bugs.

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  25. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Meset - The River of an unholy wet world

    Letting things proceed as they will with the gathering in the wet waters, he soon received the confirmation and the order. It was time to move, up stream. So they would.

    With a tap on Bom, under the water to not make noise he nodded and began to make his way against the waters. A hard way to go with barely your head above, but it was the chosen way, and so they would go. And hope to whatever deities they might that the bugs didn't have a change of heart concerning exposure to water.

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