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Canada Casting Call - Star Wars: Secrets of the Rebellion

Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by Cervantes, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. Cervantes

    Cervantes Jedi Youngling

    Sep 12, 2006
    XPress Entertainment, an Edmonton-based promotions and production company, is putting out a casting call for specific roles in our current production, "Star Wars: Secrets of the Rebellion".

    About the film:
    "Star Wars: Secrets of the Rebellion", is a feature-length non-profit fan-film created for the Star Wars universe. Featuring a large cast and crew of dedicated and talented professionals, the mission statement of SotR is "To create the most ambitious Star Wars indie production in history while staying true to the format and style of the Star Wars saga". This is not your typical fan-film, but rather a professional-quality production that will rival "mainstream" movies in all regards. The film has already garnered international attention, and its release is currently planned for at least 6 major cities across North America.

    About the roles:

    - X-Wing Pilots: There are currently 3 openings for X-Wing pilots. These are speaking, solo roles that occur at an important juncture in the movie. The actors portraying these roles must be able to accurately and effectively communicate the emotion and intensity of the scenes. X-Wing pilots must be available in Edmonton November 4th and 5th. Please mention if you already have, or plan to get, a suitable and authentic Rebel Pilot uniform and helmet.

    - Captain Reymus Antilles:
    Our Captain Antilles requirements are fairly strict, in order to mesh properly with established movies and canon. You must be a white male, appearing to be in your mid-thirties, of average stature and size, with dark hair. Reymus has an authentic English (not Scottish) accent, so you must be able to do this in a convincing manner. Capt. Antilles has a sizable and important role in this movie, and you must be able to communicate his character growth with nonverbal cues. You must be available in Edmonton on January 27/28, 2007, and the week of February 17-25, 2007.

    How to audition: The preferred method of audition will be via a short video clip, emailed to "". You can use a webcam, or a handheld camcorder, to record your audition. You can either ad-lib based on the suggestions below, or you can base your performance off of existing movies or books. Don't worry about being costume-accurate, we want to see your acting ability, not your tailoring.

    For the X-Wing pilots: Please record a few minutes of what you would look like in an intense dogfight. Talk to your wingmates, show us your emotion as they are shot down, and as you shoot down opposing TIE fighters. Issue orders and battle plans.
    For Captain Reymus Antilles: Antilles has a wry, dry sense of humour, underlying emotion, and an undying dedication to his cause. Please record a few minutes of footage of the following situations: Commanding your Rebel Battlecruiser. (issue orders, and react to explosions and attacking craft.) Interacting with your long-time Jedi friend (trade jokes, discuss random items and occurrences, etc). Reacting to emotional situations (learn that your plan to steal the Death Star plans has succeeded, then learn that the entire team died in the process).

    If you would like further information about Xpress Entertainment, or "Star Wars: Secrets of the Rebellion", please visit .For information about this casting call, contact Mike Young at

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