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Casting the animated characters in a live-action show/spin-off

Discussion in 'Star Wars TV' started by QuangoFett, May 10, 2014.

  1. QuangoFett Jedi Master

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    There have been TCW casting threads before, all of them inactive as far as @Seerow has determined. I've been given tentative permission to start a new one with a broader scope.

    Here's where you cast actors in the roles of the animated SWTV characters. Disney is on the point of announcing spin-off films and there may be live-action TV shows in the pipeline. These, or even the Sequel Trilogy itself, may involve some of the many and sundry animated SWTV characters in some capacity.

    To keep things organised and relevant to this forum, try to follow these guidelines:
    1. Make sure the character is one that was originally introduced in an animated show and one which does not share a genome with any film character*. The character must be one that has appeared in or is about to appear in Clone Wars (microseries), The Clone Wars, Rebels and/or one of the classics. An Expanded Universe novel/comic/game/sourcebook character that appeared in one of the animated shows would also be acceptable.
    2. Specify the era of the live-action show or spin-off film. For example: pre-TPM, TPM-AOTC gap, Clone Wars era, early Dark Times, late Dark Times, Original Trilogy era, post-ROTJ, Sequel Trilogy era. It might be helpful to provide the year or range of years with the standard BBY/ABY notation.
    3. Back up the casting decision with your reasoning for why this actor fits the role. Provide pictures if you wish. Do not embed videos; link to them.
    4. Discuss casting choices.
    *In other words, no clones.

    Here's an example thought up on the spot to demonstrate the format:

    [IMG] [IMG]

    Character: Sabine Wren, from Star Wars: Rebels
    Era: Post-ROTJ, c. 20 ABY
    Actor: Michelle Yeoh

    Michelle Yeoh is experienced, having starred in films like Memoirs of a Geisha and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and she's also known for doing many her own stunts. Now in her fifties, she's still going strong. In a live-action TV show that delves into a growing rift between the increasingly militant Mandalorians and the New Republic, an older, more mature Sabine would find herself at a crossroad...

    And so on and so forth.
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  2. TaradosGon Manager Emeritus

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    ...I'm honestly drawing a big blank for a lot of characters that originally appeared in TCW or CW, especially ones that could be used in any kind of spinoff.

    I guess:

    Character: Lux Bonteri
    Era: c. 14-24 ABY
    Actor: Bill Paxton or Ciaran Hinds

    Both of these actors have impressed me in their respective HBO shows Big Love and Rome. Ciaran I feel has the look down better, but Bill I think can nail a character that is genuinely kind hearted but that never-the-less is capable of going to extreme lengths for what he loves, which I think having lived through the events of TCW, would be appropriate for a post-Imperial Lux, that does not want to re-live that nightmare again.

    Character: Son
    Era: Pre-TPM/2,000 BBY/however old the transponder was that the Father used to draw Anakin and company to Mortis
    Actor: Sam Witwer

    Why change something that works?

    Character: Wulf Yularen
    Era: Post-ROTS, Pre-ANH
    Actor: Sam Neill

    Sam Neill has played a variety of roles throughout his career, from paleontologist Alan Grant in Jurassic Park, to William Weir in Event Horizon. The man always maintains a gentlemanly composure, regardless of his role, or even when he's playing a downright evil entity as he does in the latter, I think he would be the perfect fit for an officer in the Imperial Navy, especially if dealing with the evolution of a character that was once good, but ultimately comes to find a place in a conference aboard a space station capable of destroying a planet.
  3. TheAvengerButton Jedi Master

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    Character: Satine Kryze
    Era: Clone Wars
    Actress: Cate Blanchett

    I mean, she even sounds like Cate. Its perfect. Satine is strong but stubborn, and Cate would have fun with a character with such complexities.

    Character: Cade Bane.
    Era: Clone Wars or Dark Times.
    Actor: Jeremy Irons.

    The dude has got the voice, the mind, and the skills to pull of the roll.
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  4. Darth Valkyrus Jedi Master

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    Character: Sugi
    Era: Clone Wars era, between the first Battle of Geonosis and the Battle of Coruscant.
    Actress: Michelle Rodriguez

    Visually they are a pretty good match, and the character of Sugi matches very well with the kind of characters that Rodriguez has frequently portrayed, be it Letty Ortiz, Trudy Chacon or whoever. A tough, spunky dungarees wearing female who is good mechanically and a good fighter, but still definitely feminine and quite pretty. Even the voice and speech patterns are a good match, you wouldn't need to use another person to VO the character, Rodriguez could do it herself.

    Pics (open)
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  5. Vader'sGoodHand Jedi Knight

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    Character: The Inquistor
    Era: Rebels era. 5 years after ROTS
    Actor: John Malkovich

    Despite looking exactly like him he has been some of the most broad actors in the current age. He plays a vicious villian too.

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  6. Darth Valkyrus Jedi Master

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    Wait... what? o_O
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    I edited it..I copied your formatting and after I posted it I realized my mistake.
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  8. Trebor Sabreon LACWAC-y Mod of SWTV

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    Topics such as these are fun, but just a side note: They are a much more satisfying experience if pictures of the character and actor are included.
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