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    OPERATION: Entertainment
    A Music and Movie Drive for the Arkansas National Guard

    Guys, I think this would be a good idea to help support not only our Arkansas National Guard, but all of our troops overseas.
    This does not require us trooping an event and dressing out, but instead where we can come together and do something good as a whole. I got the idea off a local radio station's website. Here's the skinny on what we can do. I am planning on checking with my superiors here at State Police and see if I can get the troopers and other employees to donate a cheap DVD or music CD...that you can get at Wal-Mart for not much. If you can, let's see what we can do for our troops... And perhaps you can also check with your co-workers if it's allowed to do so. I would like to collect as many as we can get, and then drop them off here locally. There are several places here in Little Rock. The closest one for me, is the Fire Station on South University. There's no rush on it as I doubt that it can all be done before All-Con in March.


    Arkansas soldiers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan face a heavy pendulum that constantly swings from high intensity combat action to long periods of pure boredom. Downtime is an important opportunity to rejuvenate and relax.

    Because of terrorist activity, snipers and land mines, our soldiers aren't able to be outside to play ball or exercise. Inside, there is limited internet use and not enough music and movies to go around.

    We are asking for your help in collecting CDs and DVDs and donating them to the Arkansas National Guard. This will provide hundreds of our soldiers with a safe diversion.

    Drop-off locations for your CDs/DVDs/paperbacks are currently at participating central Arkansas fire stations and at The Point and the Today's THV studios.

    The Plan

    We will collect and send music and movies to our troops overseas. They will exchange and trade them back and forth with other units and branches so that eventually, thousands of our service personnel will have the enjoyment of hearing the music and watching the movies you have so generously donated.
    The Arkansas National Guard will deploy 3,200 men and women beginning Saturday, January 5, 2008. This will be the 39th "Bowie" Brigade's second tour in Iraq, and they will be gone for an entire year. We hope you'll join us in sending them off with boxes of great music and movies that will bring them a little closer to home during their absence.
    God Bless Our Troops! And God Bless America.

    Kinds of Music
    ? Rock and Roll
    ? Country
    ? R&B
    ? Jazz
    ? Contemporary
    ? Alternative
    ? Folk/Bluegrass
    ? Classical/Opera
    ? Hip Hop

    ?even Disco!

    Kinds of Movies
    ? New Releases
    ? Action
    ? Comedy
    ? Sports
    ? Westerns
    ? Drama
    ? TV Series
    ? Self-Help Programs
    ? Military

    ?even Romance!
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    That's a great idea. If you don't mind, I'll post this information in the Memphis board to see if any of our members would like to participate with y'all.

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    OK guys...

    Bumping this up... Lets see if we can get something rounded up.

    You can bring anything you've got to the Bowling Event...

  4. locokarma Jedi Knight

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    I see no problem with that... :)
  5. locokarma Jedi Knight

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    Today, I dropped off what had been collected.
    I made a short explanation to the lady @ 94.1 radio station and gave her one of our squad's cards. All in all, there was only about 30 DVDs all together donated.
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