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Celebration 3 FanForce Group Discount Hotel Reservations (Deadline July 1st)

Discussion in 'Lincoln, NE' started by DarthJurist, Jun 24, 2004.

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  1. DarthJurist

    DarthJurist Admin Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 10, 2000

    (Posted per GSA request. If you have already made your own arrangements, please let me know I'll lock this, or just ignore.)

    [link=]Jedi_Master_Sal[/link] of the Pittsburgh Fanforce, has been given authorization to coordinate CIII Fanforce Group Discount Hotel rooms for ALL of Fanforce. The deadline to get a Discount Group Reservation with Fanforce is July 1st. The more people we have signing up for the Fanforce group rate, the cheaper everyone's rate will be.

    Please send your info directly to [link=]Jedi_Master_Sal[/link] either through your CR, or if you do not have one through a chosen leader. Either way, only one person per chapter please!. :)

    Message from Sal

    I am authorized to negotiate a group rate for all of Fanforce. It is my hope to secure a full hotel connected to the convention center (by skywalk) for all of Fanforce before the general public is able to book rooms. I am fairly confident that this is possible.

    What I need from you all is a tally of FIRM numbers of interested people from your respective Fanforce chapters. (Also, if you have some "possibles," you may give me a count for those as well.)

    Please format your numbers as such:
    Pittsburgh FF: 14 Firm, 6 Possibles

    I will need your final tally no later than July 1st, so that I may compile the list and start negotiating with GenCon (the promoters of CIII).

    The 501st already has a deal through them for 250 rooms, but I am confident that with the combined presence of Fanforce we will be able to have many more rooms requested, and could then present a valid case for special consideration in regards to discount rates and "pre-booking".

    The room rates quoted to me so far (this was by one specific hotel so rates may differ slightly)
    were as such:

    $134 per night for a single (1 person) 1 double bed
    $144 per night for a single (2 person) 1 king bed
    $154 per night for a single (3 person) 1 king bed, 1 roll out bed
    $164 per night for a single (4 person) 2 doubles

    These numbers HAVE NOT been guaranteed. The price quotes and room sizes where only an initial quote and that by submitting a request it does NOT guarantee that a chapter will have rooms reserved for them.

    A deal first has to be made with GenCon. Once that deal is made and we know GenCon is holding those rooms can we count on it being a guarantee.

    The submission of requests is to show to GenCon proof of what FanForce is proposing. BTW, chapters CAN submit requests after the July 1st deadline, but I need to get the proposal into GenCon on that date. If other chapters want to sign up after and the deal can be made, that can only serves to bolster our numbers and position. They are welcome to join. It should be noted though that if a deal is made for the room numbers I submit on July1st that GenCon may only be able to honor THAT amount of rooms, so urgency is needed.

    Should the actual rates be different (whether higher or lower) you will be notified immediately after I receive that information.

    The bed size may vary by hotel. You will also be notified of that should it differ than what is quoted here.

    The information contained in the replies I receive will figure prominently in the negotiating process and, as a result, will need to be as accurate as humanly possible since a contract will most likely need to be drawn up.

    Do not "pad" your numbers. Only firm numbers, please. (The "possibles" may be taken into account, but I suspect that unlikely.) We, as Fanforce, can not be responsible for extra rooms not filled, so once again I urge you to be absolutely confident with your figures before you submit them to me.

    Since this is just the beginning of the negotiation phase, I do not yet have any answers regarding who, how, and when you will be able to pay for rooms. Rest assured that I will post this information immediately after finding out, so as to give you and your respect
  2. DarthJurist

    DarthJurist Admin Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 10, 2000
    Just to make sure everyone got the word, we have the final decision on the FF hotel block. After a bit of back and forth, LFL has decided not to honor requests from any group. Hence, there will be no FF room block. If you do not yet have a hotel room lined up, get on the phones, or work through other groups/clubs.

  3. jedi_master_sal

    jedi_master_sal Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 20, 2002
    These went on sale as of 9/27/04 @ approx 3pm EST

    Go to:

    to sign up, get tickets and if there's rooms left, reserve them.

    If your a fanclub member, you will receive a special lanyard that gets you into the convention early as well as some exclusive areas.

    If you opt to have your pass sent to you early (don't have to be a fanclub member for this part), you can purchase an exclusice Darth Vader antennae topper. It's actually free, but the shipping is $2.95.

    Also for those who are fanclub members, you will also receive 4 passes to bring in friends and family to the fanclub only events. These do not count as admission to the CON, only to the fanclub portions. That means that your frends or family MUST buy a ticket to get in as well. The friends/family passes are one-time-use. They will be taken at the door of the special events as well as for early entry.

    Here's an example: I have a fiancee who is not a member. She got a four day pass yesterday, but cannot get in early. However, I am a member, so I get four passes. I can elect to give her one for each day to get her in early OR hold onto them for special events to be determined later. I'm probably going to give her one for the first day and then one for the opening ceremonies, then have one each for early entry the next two days and that's it. The last day she won't be able to get in early, but I suspect she be tired enough to want to sleep in anyway. ha ha.

    So there you have it. If you have any furter questions, I suggest you go to the link provided above.
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