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Celebration Europe II - Who will be there? - Jedi-Con 2014 announced!

Discussion in 'FanForce Community' started by Skiara , Jul 12, 2013.

  1. Skiara

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    Nov 5, 2002
    I know there are more people lurking in here than posting. So maybe this is the right time to come out of lurking mode. ;)

    Who will be at the CE II in Essen (Germany) in the end of July? Who can be met there in RL? Will you be there with a costume? What are your plans (visiting lots of shows, buying as much as you can, get to know more SW fans...)?

    I'll be there on Saturday only. I'm there for the fun of it, maybe buying a small thing or two. And how about you? :)
  2. Skiara

    Skiara ~• Manager WNU •~ ~• RSA FFC •~ star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 5, 2002
    Not sure, if anyone is interested in a short report, but since I wrote one, why not re-posting it here? :)

    The CE II was my second celebration and all in all I enjoyed it a lot. We just had one day (Saturday) and so we had to focus on the important things. First we went through the whole CE area. If one needs to get SW stuff, this would have been the place to go. One seller next to the other and it was so crowded at certain tables that it was hard to get a view of the selling things. During this time we found a baby AT-AT and the Lego area with quite some nice figures. At the selling area, one could get some CE II specials. Three of them were a limited version R2, 3PO and Yoda. Each of them were sold just on one day of the CE II.

    Beside of the chance of buying something, you could get an autograph for 120€ from Mark Hamil or for 70€ or 60€ from Carrie Fisher as well as other actors and SW people. For me it was a bit too much money, but for lots of others it seemed to be just fine - at least the queue infront of those tables were very long. :p

    In case you prefer a lifelong lasting present for yourself with a never-losing-feature, there were also some people (about 10 I think) who waited for you to make you a tatoo.

    Later on we went to a few panels. The hall was full most of the time and we just found seats in the back. During the costume challange they asked a not participating little girl with her Amidala costume to come infront of the stage. She was really cute and gave brilliant answers - and she didn't mind that she lost her throat somewhere. See here! :eek:

    My most favorite panels was the last one with Carrie Fisher and the long queue told me that I wasn't the only one. :p She brought her dog with her on stage, but she forgot to teach him that ewoks aren't anything to eat. He loved to "play" with the puppy ewok he found at the stage and so the first few minutes the focus was on her dog and not her - until she brought him backstage again. Really funny! :D

    Btw Warwick Davis was the moderator of the panels and he did a great job! Just seeing his intro-movie before each panels was a bit boring, but that wasn't exactly his fault. :p

    We even met a lot of old faces (aka FF members) and it was pretty cool to talk to them again. Since we found an announcement at the CE II about the next Jedi-Con in 2014, I bet we'll meet there again. :D

    All in all it was a nice day, but I'm looking a bit more forward to the next Jedi-Con a bit more. It's more familiar.

    Will anyone go to the Jedi-Con 2014 or plans to? :)

    Edit: If you like to read more reports, reviews and stories about the CE II, here's the place to go. :)