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    The Tidewater Alliance has a very large contingent going to CIV. We are staying in the Westin, Gen Con headquarters. Many of our associates world wide from other groups and regions can look us up there as we already have many get togethers planned. Flights are booked, reservations made and plans are on going. This will be an event to remember.
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    Be the next Star Wars Celebrity at Celebration IV
    April 09, 2007

    Turn on your dazzling charm, perform your best Star Wars talent, and be prepared to walk away with the glory at Star Wars Celebration IV this May. Celebrity Master of Ceremonies Jay Laga'aia will host Star Wars Celebrity on the Concourse Stage at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and you could be there, performing for your fellow fans.
    Show off your talent to the world right now by posting a video online! If you're heading to Celebration IV, this is your audition to be part of the talent show. If you can't make the trip, your audition may be shown to the audience in attendance.

    Audition performances must be limited to 90 seconds each, but up to three minutes will be allowed for finalists who make the cut to perform at Celebration IV.

    What kind of performance qualifies? Anything that is a talent, as long as it is one person performing, it fits a Star Wars theme, your audition is 90 seconds or less, and you comply to common sense rules of decency and good taste for a family-attended show.

    You may have background music. It must be playable on a CD at the show, or be from a musical instrument that you can carry on stage for your performance. You can sing, dance, juggle, joke, make a droid dance -- anything that's entertaining.

    The very best entries will be chosen to perform on the Concourse Stage in what are scheduled to be semi-final rounds, and in a spectacular final round in front of celebrity judges who will not be shy about telling you what they think of your performance. It will be fun, and it will be your chance to shine.

    The very best performer, voted by the panel of judges at Celebration IV, will be awarded an extremely rare, life-sized stormtrooper statue from the Lucas Licensing Archives, created by Don Post. This stormtrooper will be shipped to the winner's home after the show. The performer voted to have the next-to-winning number will receive a Han Solo statue, encased in carbonite, by Illusive Concepts, also from the Licensing Archives. What's more, each of the finalists will receive a special gift just for being so entertaining!

    To begin, register on YouTube.com to set up an account. Then once you have your video clip ready to upload, go to http://youtube.com/my_videos_upload and upload your movie. Though YouTube.com allows videos up to 10 minutes in length, remember that your audition should only be up to 90 seconds long. Leave 'em wanting more and save your energy for the stage in L.A.

    When you upload your audition video make sure to write the tag "starwarscelebrity" so we can find it! Very soon, we'll be creating a Star Wars Celebrity Community on YouTube.com where you can see your video and other submissions, as well as messages and the latest news you'll want to know.

    Enter today! Last day to post your entry for consideration for the Celebration IV Star Wars Celebrity show is Friday, May 4 at 12 noon PDT.


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    I dont know, I have a bad felling about this. lol
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