Celebrity themed pancakes

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  1. DarthTunick SfC Part IV Commissioner

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    Charlie Sheen: a stack of fluffy pancakes, sprinkled with a suitcase of powdered sugar.

    Jack Nicholson: 5 plates of short stacks, all with different toppings & syrups.

    The Bieber special: 2 stacks of pancakes topped with veal.

    Elton John sandwich: A pancake sandwich, with sausage & eggs in the middle.

    Prince William: Stack of pancakes with an egg cooked in the middle of each cake.

    Gary Buesy: A pound of cut up pancakes served in a mannequin head.

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  2. Grimby Technical Consultant

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    The James Bond: Two shots of pure maple syrup - shaken, not stirred, with a stack of pancakes on the side.
  3. Jedi_Johnson Jedi Master

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    They've got to be a little nutty too.
  4. hear+soul Jedi Master

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    That sounds delicious.

    Is that wrong?

    edit: Grimby, I dig it. :cool:
  5. Nevermind Jedi Knight

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    The Gilbert Goddfried: A stack of pancakes topped with lightly toasted crow and the Affleck dead duck.
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