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    Hi, I?m issuing a set of two challenges to you all, to it [link=]Bleach wiki [/link][link=]]Bleach[/link]

    1. Articles for a fan made magazine called Bleach Beat

    Links to characters Named on this cover
    [link=]Byakuya Kuchiki[/link] (pictured), [link=]Retsu Unohana[/link], [link=]Toshiro Hitsugaya[/link], [link=]Sosuke Aizen[/link]
    [link=]Kisuke Urahara[/link], [link=]Yoruichi Shihoin[/link], [link=]Isane Kotetsu[/link], [link=]Momo Hinamori[/link], [link=]Izuru Kira[/link]

    Links to Characters that may be helpful
    [link=]Renji Abarai[/link]- Byakuya?s Lieutenant
    [link=]Rukia Kuchiki[/link]- Byakuya?s ?sister?

    2. Write parodies of songs popular or otherwise using bleach as a basis

    Interesting idea, but challenges have to go in the NSWFF resource forum and be okayed by the mods./>/>
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.