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Ark Changes in the Election Process: Read All About It Here...

Discussion in 'MidSouth Regional Discussion' started by hyperspace_police, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. hyperspace_police

    hyperspace_police Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 22, 2005
    In case you haven't noticed....Things look a bit different this year...

    Jaira and I got together and I think that we have spoken personally with everyone about not having the whole "officers" thing.
    In the past it has just casued hurt feelings, misunderstandings, and everything that could be blamed on somebody falling on the shoulders of a few people.

    This is not my FanForce, it's not Nyborg's, it's not Jaira's...It's all of our Fan Force. It will be what we want it to be. Will become what we make of it.

    The majority of us belong to other Star Wars Costuming groups and because of this and Real Life...Perhaps the Fan Force needs to focus a bit more on enjoying Star Wars with our friends.

    I'm not saying NO COSTUMING...before the darts start flying at me...I'm saying that good, bad, or whatever...The presence of certain other groups has taken a center stage type thing on Events. However, with that being said. There is an understanding that Fan Force folk who want to costume are welcome at any of those events that may have a different name on the headline.

    It's not about having your name in lights. It's not about having our group name out there. It's about giving back to our communtiy and we need to band togehter. Most of us are in 501st or Rebel Legion anyway and if we try to have our own events and make the events the other goups are having...Well, we're going to have a major Star Wars burnout. (As a matter of fact, this has already happened to some members)

    We came together over Star Wars and thats where our love lies.

    Can't we all be friends, get together for game nights, go catch a move, go out to eat, hit some conventions, and choose perhaps one or two Charity events to head up?

    I would like to keep Bowling for Kids and the Susan Komen Race for the Cure as Fan Force events, inviting the 501st and Rebel Leigon in to help us meet the fundraising goals. I would like everyone's input.

    Back to the officer thing:

    What we have to have to remain a Fan Force is a CR, a Chapter Rep.

    The fan force rules can be found here:


    The Chapter Rep Rules of Conduct can be found here:

    [link=]CR Code of Conduct[/link]

    Now, with that being said. We have a few decisions to be made on how to select a person to take on this job...

    Here's what has been mentioned so far. Please feel free to add anything. Ideas are being begged for...

    The CR should be someone who:

    1. posts regularly on these boards, perhaps at least every other week as a guideline.

    2. is an adult over 21

    3. is not military deployable

    Please give us some input here.

    We will be discussing this on the forums through the end of the month and a new CR will be selected during the month of February.

    I would like to see us keep a secretary of sorts...but something informal...more of a way to keep contact between members up and things like that.

    We are in the final stages of choosing a server for the website that we will have that will be seperate from these boards.

    Thanks and feel free to yell at me if you feel it necessary.

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