Changing of the Guard!

Discussion in 'London UK' started by Lord-Tice, Feb 13, 2010.

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  1. Lord-Tice Jedi Knight

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    Hello London!

    It's time for me to depart from my duties of CR. Truth is I've been really busy these last few years (burnt out from Celebration Europe, perhaps :p ) and I have neither the time and, if I'm honest, desire to continue.
    Instead it's time to hand the CR ribbon to someone else who does have a bit more time and energy than I, and so I'm please to announce that SithLordDarthRichie will be taking over as London CR pretty much from now.

    I wish him all the best and I'd also like to thank everyone for the good times I've had here. It's been a blast!!

    I'll still be around, maybe attending the odd meet here and there but for now please welcome Richie as your new CR :D
  2. LAJ_FETT Tech Admin and Collecting/Lucasfilm Ltd Mod

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    May 25, 2002
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    Congratulations SLDR!

    Sorry to see you go, Tice - come back and visit when you can!
  3. SithLordDarthRichie CR Emeritus: London

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    Oct 3, 2003
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    [face_devil] [face_devil] [face_devil]

    On a more serious note :p
    I thank Lord-Tice for his great services as CR and hope he will continue to attend events and meets. His input is always valid.

    As new CR for London I hope to be able to bring more prosperity to the chapter and work alongside the other CRs to make the best of many events that are forthcoming.
    London offers so much and getting around it is not exactly hard. Plus it has links to most of the country which makes it easy to travel around.

    I'm hoping that the London Film & Comic Con along with Collectormania London will prove to be popular events that we can attend in good numbers.

    Should anyone have any ideas for the chapter please feel free to PM me.
  4. Cobranaconda Jedi Master

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  5. halibut Ex-Mod

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    Thanks for all your time and work, Tice!

    Congrats Richie!
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