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    Overlord Vexx
    The Prevalence - In Orbit Around Mandalore

    It is only Vexx's superior self-restraint that keeps him from crushing Slay's skull with his talons. She is thinking about immediate results rather than long-term goals and this sort of thinking frustrates him almost beyond what he can bear and still remain civil. He starts to stalk over to her, the rhythm of death itself drummed out by every clank of his metal talons against the durasteel floor, when Slay's apprentice speaks up and calms his mounting anger.

    "Your apprentice seems more in tune with the symphony of war than you are, Advisor," he mimics the same tone Slay has just used addressing her apprentice, "Have you forgotten that the attack on Sundari was intended as a secondary objective. The main intent here was to give the appearance of a plan to besiege the city, but it is only to serve as an illusion. It is not our main intent. Permitting me to refresh your memory, the plan was to wear the enemy down without directly engaging them."

    Slay may not know it, but she is indebted to her apprentice. Vexx had been dangerously close to disregarding the consequences of throttling her only moments ago, before her apprentice had spoken up and appealed to his strategy. He inclines his head to the aspiring Sith before turning his yellow eyes back to Slay as she points out the supposed flaws in his current plan.

    "We will not send reinforcements," he declares, already aware of Slay bristling at this news, "Instead, we will retreat. Let them have their city and revel in the battle they have won. They will soon learn that there is a much bigger plot to all of this and for your sake, I hope you will soon learn the same."

    He paces away, hands clasped behind his back. He can relate to Slay's desire to join the battle. He too is a warrior down to the core. Commanding from afar is not his preferred position, but he knows patience will pay off. He will get his fill of direct engagement soon enough. He glowers over his shoulder at Slay. It would be a pity if she did not live long enough to join him on the front.

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    GM Update

    IC: Jia Hiss

    The Caamasi meditated in tranquil peace with his eye's closed, drawing on the force to give him strength. He sensed the pirates walking to his cell, felt them as they stood just outside the door.

    The barrier opened, and the three beings observed him for a moment.

    "What do ya think it is boss?"

    Jia didn't give them a chance to answer, he leaped to his feet and unleashed a wave of energy knocking them all back. One soldier tried to shoot him, but he pulled the humans blaster out from his hand. Simultaneously he kick his leg into the pirates Talz companion's chest.
    Both were soon out cold.

    All that remained was the Captain, a Klatooinian male with a large axe.
    The leader had gotten back on his feet, and was charging Jia. The Jedi leapt out of the way, and the brute found himself barreling into the wall of his cell.
    The Captain collapsed with a thud.

    Only then did Jia Hiss see their lightsabers hanging loosely on his belt.

    "I'll be taking these back if you don't mind." After retrieving their weapons he locked the door behind him, and opened Cebara's cell door. His fellow Jedi didn't ask any questions, only leaping to his feet, so he could attend to his likely terrified Padawan Learner in the next room.

    "This facility is crude." Jia explained as the Mandalorian attempted to sooth his apprentice. "But if you want it could be a far more practical base of operation than the shack we set up camp in the first night. The captains in my old cell, it shouldn't be hard to persuade him to join our cause."



    IC: Prena Masorna
    Kashyyyk; Kachirho City

    After a long day of debate, and tedious discussion amongst her advisors Prena was relieved to finally have a few hours of peace.
    She now stood at the balcony of her room in the Wookiee city. Looking out over the greenery, she could just make out the ocean waves calmly splashing on the beach several klicks beyond her chambers. The sun was setting over it, offering a beautiful picture that rivaled her home world of Naboo. Oh she missed it now, and longed to return.
    Still, she could not until Sergeant Aldrich was certain enough security measures were in place.

    At that moment her thoughts were interrupted by the chiming at her rooms personal communicator. With a sigh, she moved to answer the call. The stout features of Jedi Master Reth Voquen came on the screen, and she offered a wane smile in an attempt to hide her irritation at being interrupted.

    "Quen Masorna." The Lannik began. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything."
    "No of course not, I'm happy to hear from you." She stated as quickly as I could.
    A grave expression came over his face. "I know you're lying." Prena's eye's bulged. Could he really sense her anxiety at such a distance?
    "You need to brush up on your acting lessons." a smirk came to his features, and she realized he was toying with her. The Queens shoulders sagged, and she offered a short laugh, "It has been a long day Mast Voquen."

    "No matter, I simply called to inform you that I have returned to my base of operations. And that the Jedi are prepared to do our duty."
    "It will take time for the UUW to make up for the damage brought at Naboo." She informed him. "We won't be staging any full scale attacks until we can get our fleet functioning again."

    "Just as well." He nodded in understanding. "Our own fleets are still being retrofitted with weaponry. These pirate vessels are more designed for hit and run tactics than full scale war. Still, I should think some action ought to be taken to prevent the Hutts from retaliating in a timely manner?"

    She smiled, in agreement. "We have an agent in their territory working to undermine their efforts. If you like I can put you in contact with him."

    "The Jedi are at your disposal Queen Masorna."


    IC: Amorr Donnan

    The Twi'lek had been busy the last few days. Flying from one world to another, setting up a foothold in the new Hutt territories. He had just finished with Christophsis, and come out of hyperspace in the Hutts latest conquest.
    Though before he could even take into account their forces in the sector, his holotransceiver signaled an in coming message.
    The worst possible time to, he was just about to power down the vessel so he could move past the larger ships without being detected.

    Instead he lingered back, and only powered off most nonessential items.

    He finally activated the relay, in low power mode. A fuzzy image of a short being with pointy ears came formed above the display. But the signal was weak.

    "Tztz..aster Voquen. Quee... *pop* gave me this freque...chtzzzz Hear me? Can you... tzzzzz Jedi. I am..."

    Despite the poor quality of the audio, Amorr understood the gist of what the being was saying. He was the Jedi Queen Masorna had recently been in contact with, and she told this 'Voquen' to contact him and offer aid. Amorr wasn't very trusting, but he didn't have time to press for more information.

    "I get what you're saying Jedi. But I'm not too keen on letting your people interfere in my operations." He whispered, though perhaps he didn't have to. Its not like the Hutt fleet could hear him at this distance either way.
    A pause followed, and the Twi'lek feared his message hadn't gotten across.

    "We... chtzzzu side. Give... us... chance frzzzum prove... our commitment."

    The Jedi was trying to work around the static, but his message was clear, and Amorr didn't want to waste time arguing.
    "Fine. My operatives on Ando are planning a strike on the Kolto refineries there. If you want a chance to prove yourself send aid to help them."
    Without hesitation the Jedi agreed. "We...jzzzt...spatch Jedi Ki-Hon.. tz... apprentice immediately."

    Amorr turned off the communicator instantly, and began guiding his vessel towards the surface.

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    Jeston Kryze
    Mandalore, Sundari

    Jeston moved towards the balcony, to watch the turrets bombard the vessel above. While the shield were holding off the worst of the attack, it was apparent they were weakening.

    Initially the destroyer attempted to fire back, but apparently realizing such course of action was useless they began to turn tail and run a minute later. Soon fading from sight across the evening sky, Jeston briefly cursed, they had let it get away!
    But the cheering of his men prevented him from vocalizing this concern.

    Destroying the ship would have served as a far greater signal, but its retreat would do almost as well.

    Reluctantly he decided to fall back into the building, wandering briefly. The battle had been costly, but they had won. Just as he said they would. He came to a stop in the control room, where corpses still lay about the small chamber. Kneeling by his fallen brother, he held in tears. "Ni Kelir ratiin partaylir vod..." he spoke in a horse tone, as he held the fallen mans hand.

    It was at this moment one of his followers interrupted him. "Jeston, Ba'vodu Sargi is on the communicator."

    Jeston stood, and silently moved passed the soldier. The communications room was down the hall, and sure enough a hologram of his uncle was waiting for him. "Jeston." the older man began, but the young Mandalorian had enough.

    "We won. Sundari is liberated, no thanks to you. My only brother is dead, and the Imperials have retreated. I have done more for our clan than you ever have!"

    There was a look of condescending pity in Sargi's eye, that made him sick. "Jeston, you have to know such outbursts do not help the clan. Creating division will only serve the Sith's ultimate goal."

    "The Sith are gone Uncle! Mandalore is liberated! Not one living sorcerer remains on our planet, because of the blood split by MY clan."

    "They are still in the system Jeston. You have to know they won't leave so easily..." His uncle had a pleading tone in his voice, but that just sparked his anger. "A mere fraction of our total force pushed them out of Sundari! If you would stop cowering in the forests we might force them out of system all together." he clenched his hand for emphasis.
    This only elicited a sigh from Sargi. "You really believe it's that easy don't you?"
    A short pause followed, as the two Kryze contemplated their situation.

    "I don't want another civil war." Sargi finally spoke hesitantly. "Such a waste of Mandalorian blood would serve no purpose, I'm sure we can both agree." Jeston reluctantly nodded in concurrence as his uncle went on. "Let us meet then, on neutral ground. I favor luring the Sith to our position, you would prefer going on the attack. I'm certain we can find common ground somewhere."
    With visible reluctance Jeston agreed. "There is an outpost a few clicks from Sundari. We will meet there."


    IC: Darth Slay
    The Prevalence

    As the evening turned to night, the war council concluded, and both Slay and her apprentice moved to retire to their respective chambers. Only, Slay was to restless to sleep, so as they left the communications room she pulled on Wacten's arm, and led him to a small empty room that had been converted to a sparring dojo.

    "Let us see how your training has come along apprentice." She could see concern in the older mans eye, though he stood resolute before her. "If that is your wish, master."

    They both ignited their crimson blades instantly, and Slay went on the attack. She struck thrice at his abdomen, and he evaded all her attacks. "You are too passive." She snorted. "Unbecoming of a Sith."
    She thrust her blade down at his leg, before dragging it up, aiming at his chin." He caught her blade on his own, and pulled it just far enough away to avoid grievous injury. "It is not a reluctance to fight Master. But a desire to win."

    She launch another furry of attacks, for which Wacten blocked or evaded each one in an almost elegant fashion. "You have been practicing." She deduced. "Form III?" Slay scowled. "That is the Jedi's form."
    She carefully pushed him backwards, towards the wall in order to limit his mobility.

    "It is a tactical form Master." He stated, in an almost mockingly polite manner. "You underestimate it at your own peril. In the hands of one with patients it can be a deadly tool."

    Slay lashed out furiously, attacking him in a ruthless series of sequences she was sure would off balance him. To her surprise he held his own. She had expected him to capitulated like in their previous sparring session, and at this point she realized he actually had the potential to be a threat.

    Her frustration boiled over as she arced her blade wide expecting to cut him in half, only to see him leap over her. She attempted to turn and reengage him, but felt his boot in her stomach as she did so.
    All of a sudden she felt her own back towards the wall she was driving him towards. He was leaning on her, blade inches away. "Yield." He demanded.

    With a smile the Iktotchi head butted him, driving her left horn into his right eye. He cried out in pain, and collapsed on the floor.
    She eyed him with contempt. deeming her previous concern premature. "A lesson for you apprentice. When you have your enemy defeated, never give them a chance to strike back."
    Recalling her lightsaber to her hand she left the injured Wacten Plus squirming on the floor as she retired to her bed chamber.

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    Overlord Vexx
    The Prevalence

    Cold yellow eyes watch from the shadows as master and apprentice engage one another. Vexx never could resist observing a duel, although this is not what one would call an "innocent" observation. The cyborg has a motive, though not necessarily one of any high priority. He is learning the way in which Slay fights. Typical aggression exhibited by most Sith he has witnessed in combat; she has as much patience in dueling as she did in the war room a few hours ago. Vexx smirks behind his skeletal mask; he could have a lot of fun irritating her in a duel.

    As he watches the progression of the sparring session, he sees immense potential in the apprentice. His chosen style is under-appreciated by his master and while Vexx is not inclined to rely on Soresu unless he is faced with blaster-wielding opponents, he is a practitioner of it as a secondary form to compensate for the weaknesses in his favored Makashi combat style. He has half a mind to kill Slay just to take over training her apprentice out of sheer disdain for what he is witnessing now.

    The duel comes to a disappointing close with the wounding of the apprentice. Vexx growls softly under his breath. He has never agreed with the training styles he has witnessed from most Sith Lords. His own master, Draconis of the Sith Empire, had a clever way of training that Vexx had stubbornly bucked for a long time before he submitted to it and later found it to be effective. He has witnessed and been on the receiving end of his master's disapproval, but he had never seen Draconis lose his cold demeanor. His wrath and any subsequent punishment he dealt out was always amazingly calm, which had a tendency to evoke even more fear than it might have if he had been inclined to rant and rave like Slay.

    Once the Iktotchi departs and leaves her collapsed apprentice to writhe in agony, Vexx emerges from the shadows and approaches Wacten, his metal talons clanking on the floor with each footfall as he comes to the man's side and gazes down on him with an unreadable expression.

    "You show great potential," his cybernetic voice rumbles like distant thunder in the silence of the room, "It is a pity that you are saddled with an incompetent master. It is not my preferred form, but I too practice Soresu when the situation calls for it. You are a natural, but you lack a secondary element to fall back on. Warfare is ever changing, necessitating the ability to know when and how to adjust accordingly."

    In a rarely shown moment of compassion, Vexx reaches through the Force to lessen the pain of Wacten's wound, not enough to remove it completely, but enough that the man can at least recover his dignity and get to his feet to take himself to the infirmary for proper treatment. He says no more as he calmly turns and strides away, hands clasped behind his back as he moves back toward the shadows from whence he had come.

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    IC: Scale
    The night was dark and quiet, almost peaceful. The Besadii guards were drunk and happy. They had displaced their rivals, the hated Trandoshan mercenaries, and they now had a prestigious, easy and lucrative assignment of controlling the Kolto facilities. The slaves were also acting rather subdued lately. The rabble rousing and trouble among the workers that had occurred under Scale's watch had not been a problem for the new Besadii Masters.
    Several platoons of Scale's Reavers were camped outside of the main Kolto production facility. Leading this group was Captain Fafnir. Scale was also present along with his captive, Gysor's Twilek majordomo, Vuro Wilt. Unlike the Besadii guards, the mercenaries were alert and on edge, ready for action.
    "The Besadii have been given control of the Kolto facilities General" Captain Fafnir said. "I do not like this, encouraging the laves to revolt like this for.. political reasons. If the Jedi destroy the Kolto plan instead of simply free the slaves, my men will not be deployed to prevent this action. We may be too late to stop them!"
    "Your fears are unfounded Captain. You are thinking like a soldier and not like a Jedi. These facilities produce medicine that saves millions of lives, destroying them would condemn people across the galaxy to certain death because of the loss of these medical supplies. I tell you that their objective will be the camps and not the facility itself."
    Scale had just finished speaking when a cry of alert came from the sentries. The guard post and the slave barracks had come under attack by unknown aggressors. The attackers were reportedly being led... by two Jedi.
    "Stang! Your tactical insights never fail to amaze me!" Fafnir said. "The Besadii seem sufficiently overwhelmed. I will take the troops and subdue this rebellion as we had discussed."
    Fafnir's troops were deployed to the barracks while Scale stayed behind with his hapless prisoner. The Trandoshan Mercenary stood over the captive Twilek with a gloating smirk. He had always been fond of bragging, especially when his auditor was a... captive audience.
    "As you can see, we had every detail of your little scheme. You plan was doomed from the start and the slaves and Jedi that you used in your little plan are walking into a slaughter. All that remains is to find the conclusive proof that Gysor had set this all up to sabotage me and collude with the Jedi, and his time in power is finished!"
    "You're insane and paranoid Scale!" Vuro Wilt said. "I told you nothing because I know nothing. I tell you that I was never involved ith the Jedi or any attempt to frame you."
    "All lies!" Scale growled. "But we will get the truth from you soon enough. The ambush was designed to capture the lead conspirators alive and whole, or at least intact enough to resolve our questions!" One of the assault vehicles that Fafnir and the Mercenaries had used in the assault was driving back towards Scale's encampment. "Perfect timing" Scale said, flashing a predatory, reptilian smile at Vuro. "It looks like our net turned up some prey after all. The time has come to get my answers!"
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    GM Update

    IC: Prena Masorna
    Kashyyyk; Kachirho City

    The Queen had awaken early, hoping to have time to herself before a ruckus of new problems took her away for the day. She dressed in a grey jumpsuit, and threw on a camouflage poncho, before strapping her heavy blaster to her ankle.

    To her chagrin as she stepped out of her room a Wookiee guard insisted on accompanying her. She could handle herself, and really wanted some alone time. Still, Prena could sympathize with guards desire to keep her safe. Wookiee's were a notoriously loyal species, and they probably couldn't bear the thought of something bad happening to her.

    As the tall being entered into step beside her he growled a question. To which she responded "I'm going for a walk in the forest. Never been fond of being cooped up. Plus I'd like some fresh air."
    He snorted back a surprisingly candid retort, and she was thankful for that. It was rare to come across someone who would say what they mean with her. She was a Queen yes, but she nevertheless loathed the niceties of politics. "The balcony may offer some fresh air, but it is just as confining as my room."

    They carried on the conversation as they walked from platform, to platform. All the way down the lift, Greskkeran, her blunt companion, attempted to dissuade her from going on the short voyage.

    "Yes, I've heard you're forests are quite dangerous. But this isn't the shadowland. I hear the wildlife of Kachirho is somewhat less hostile. Or am I wrong?"
    Greskkeran didn't answer right away, but after a moment of hesitation he growled a response that basically translated 'Perhaps for a Wookiee.' Prena laughed. "Well then, good thing I have you by my side. Though I should expect a warrior of your stature to be braver than that." She offered it as a playful taunt; to which Gresk roared in surprisingly haughty way.

    "Fine. Then you should have no problem watching my back as I study the remarkable fauna of your planet."
    She turned her back to him, and came upon a large bed of flowers. Prena knelt to pluck some of the multi-colored buds.
    Just as she finished her first bundle, a hissing noise came to her attention. She raised the floret to her ears, wondering if that may be where the strange noise was coming from.

    But before she could say anything she felt Gresk grab her in his large arms, he threw her to the side just a blaster shot rang out, burning strait into his shoulder blades. Prena screamed in surprise, but refused to allow herself go numb. Leaping behind a tree, she untethered her blaster. Where had the shot come from? Was Gresk ok?

    Risking a glance beyond the tree, the Queen saw the large Wookiee laying motionless by the flowerbed. A brawny orange Trandoshan came into view from the other side of the clearing. "A good Wookiee is a dead Wookiee." He was saying, either to himself or her. "The scorekeeper will look favorably on this kill." There was what may have been a sadistic grin on its face. "Now, to deal with you little lady."

    She gulped, and fired two shots at him, both of which he dodged. "A feisty one. I like it. Queen Masorna is it not? Yes, the Hutts have a nice bounty on you're head."
    He unleashed three shots in her direction, all of which exploded in the large tree she was hiding behind. "To my pleasure, they will accept you dead or alive. Put up a good fight, and you're death will be even more prestigious to me"
    The Queen took a calming breath, but before she could act she heard a loud roar. It was a Wookiee war cry, and a green-bow caster bolt tore into the woodwork near her. It clearly caught the hunter by surprise, and in that instant another shot kneecapped him. Prena ran out of her hiding spot waving her hands. "No, don't kill him." She hated the hunter with a passion for what he did to Gresk, but couldn't let that blind her.

    Chief Yirrawa was leading the party of Wookiees, and he scoffed indignantly at her request. "I know you despise Trandoshans. This one tried to kill me, and I would certainly like to see him dead as well. But he is an asset. He knew who I was, he might know more about our enemies."
    "Just Kill me." The squirming creature shouted in pain, as he writhed on the ground. Capture was the ultimate disgrace for Trandoshans, that would offer her some comfort. Yirrawa offered a skeptical grunt, and Prena could understand his reluctance. "Yes, I'm sure you come across these kinds of hunters all the time. The conflict between you're peoples is well known; but I don't believe this was an accident. Greskkeran sacrificed himself for me, that means I was the initial target, not him. We need to be sure they didn't transfer my location before engaging.
    Finally the Wookiee's consented.


    IC: Jia Hiss

    Jia wasn't sure which promise convinced the Klatooinian to side with them: money, glory, or land.
    Perhaps he just figured he didn't have a choice
    , he'd rather serve as part of Jedi leadership than be locked up in the brig for the rest of his life. In any case, with the aid of the pirate captain, Jintor-Valez, they began touring their new base of operations. With a simple gesture he ordered his troops to stand down. "I don't know what you think we have to offer Master Jedi." He started, rubbing the back of his head. He was clearly uncomfortable taking orders. "We number about a hundred, got a couple ships stored in the hanger two floors up. But they ain't military craft. We're pirates boss, we don't exactly go around conquering worlds here and there."

    "It's a start." Jia stated. "We have the resources needed to build up a fleet, we just need individuals capable of recruiting warriors to man them."

    "Right." He shook his head. "Right, we can help with that. A couple of my lieutenants are Zeltron." A goofy grin came upon Jintor's face, after an awkward moment Jia nodded. "Ok, well I need to report back to the council."
    He pulled Cebara to the side and whispered to him. "Keep an eye on this guy. Personally I don't like working with Pirates, but we don't have much of a choice."

    With a polite nod Jia stepped away, pulling his hood up he left the base and began the walk back to their ship.

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    IC: Sorvi Jatas

    "Be careful!" The Jedi's green blade sliced through a Gamorrean guard as the Aqualish fighters continued their attack on the Kolto refinery.
    Sorvi growled in response. "If you get yourself killed it ain't my fault!", she tossed another grenade which exploded taking out a line of machinery with the Guards standing near it.

    "We didn't come to destroy kolto!" Ki-Hon hissed. "It's the slaves that matter!"

    "These Hutt slime captured my brother. He's probably dead in a ditch right now!" She fired her rifle "I'm not in the mood to go easy. We free these slaves they capture more. We blow this place, and we set them back months."

    The Jedi took up position next to his apprentice, intercepting blaster shots and cutting down guards. "At what cost!?! These medical supplies are necessary to protect lives!"

    Sorvi lobbed a thermal detonator before leaping behind cover again. "You really think the Hutts will allow these supplies to be used to help innocents? You're more delusional than I thought."
    The Jedi jumped behind a box of Kolto as the detonator exploded killing a dozen guards, and caving in the hallway they were coming out of.

    "Leaving the slaves to die is unjust. In doing so you will be no better than those you seek to defeat."
    Sorvi's tusks twitched. "We don't have time to argue!"
    She pointed to one of her rebel companions. "Hand me the explosives. We need to level this entire building if we really want to hurt them!"

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    IC: Sargi Kryze
    Mandalorian Outpost

    Sargi felt uncomfortably exposed as he stepped off his shuttle. His two companions, of houses Viszla and Itera respectively came as ambassadors for their individual clans. They could be trusted to look out for their own interests, but he wasn't convinced they were as committed to a unified Mandalore as he was. The only reason they served him now was that their clans had been decimated by the Sith. They could not take his in a fair fight, but if their weakness became apparent, all bets were off.

    He glanced up at their planets dark sky, dawn was on the rise. They had done their best to scramble all possible communications off the planet. Even so, he couldn't help but feel nervous.

    The door to the facility opened, and Jeston stepped out. Two Kryze guards were by his side, if this discussion went south Sargi would be surrounded. A sacrifice he was willing to make, he would gladly die to ensure the survival of Mandalore. He was still convinced defense was the best strategy, if they attacked the Sith directly they would be annihilated.

    His nephew offered a short, reluctant bow. "Su cuy'gar ba'vodu."
    Sargi offered one in return. "Hello Jeston."

    The meeting room is prepared." Jeston waved behind him. Sargi glanced in the chmaber beyond. The top floor of the security complex had been cleaned out, and powered up. A table was ready, with Cassius tea prepared for them.
    Sargi sighed in relief. If Jeston had intended to challenge him he would have just come out and done it. To defeat him any other way would be dishonorable. "Very well, let the negotiations begin."

    IC: Eden Yull
    Bridge of The Prevalence

    Yull was still getting the hang of being the captain of a star destroyer. Every day he went through a basic routine, system checks, recording communications, ensuring the troops are at their stations, and so forth.

    He still couldn't understand these Sith, he always felt as if he was walking a tightrope between life and death. One misstep and he wouldn't know what hit him. Even during his service to the Corusant Crime Families he hadn't felt that sort of pressure,

    He stood now at the bridges central computer, reading reports as they came in: Two interceptors malfunction on a routine flight, a shield generator technician was electrocuted during repairs, a Sith apprentice was immitted to the infirmary with an eye wound.
    As he came upon the fourth item in the list his heart stopped.

    With a shaky finger Eden transferred the information onto his datapad, and walked as fast as he could to the command deck where Overlord Vexx now was. Captain Yull made a soft coughing noise in an attempt to get his superiors attention. "Sir." he began more timid than he would have liked. Would he be killed for being weak?
    "Sir! We have scanned a pair of shuttles heading towards a Mandalorian outpost in the fields west of Sundari." He put a more assertive tone in his voice, and cringed again. Would he be killed for acting tougher than he was?

    "One came from the forests, the other from Sundari. It could be Sargi. This could be our opportunity!" He attempted to find a balance between the two.

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    Captain Fanir stepped out of the assault transport, looking somewhat worse for wear. General Scale approached them eagerly. "Did you catch the Jedi?" he asked the weary mercenary.
    "The Master is pinned down protecting the slaves as you planned" said Fafnir. "But the Apprentice is planning to blow the kolto facilities!"
    Scale cursed bitterly while Vuro Wilt began to laugh. "Was this your plan!" Scale said turning to the T'wilek. "If so it was well played. But the Jedi weren't counting on facing Scale's Reavers! Bring this slime with us Fafnir, I want him to visit the end of his friends."
    The Trandoshan mercenaries re boarded their attack craft and headed towards the burning Kolto facility. Scale and his forces arrived to a scene of utter chaos. Much of the kolto harvesting equipment had already been entirely ruined and the bodies of Mercenaries and slaves alike were strewn across the factory floor. Flames spread unchecked as a result of the fighting and the battlefield was covered in a pall of thick smoke. The slaves had ruined half of the plant and were close to taking the rest of it when Scale's forces arrived to their rear. The doors of the transport opened and the bloodthirsty mercenaries emerged, cutting a bloody path through the slave army's flank. The sudden re appearance of the Mercenaries took the rebelling slaves and the UUW agitators quite by surprise and the tide of the battle quickly shifted. They rallied together valiantly for a last stand but they were soon overwhelmed. At last, the slaves were depleted so that only the Jedi remained standing.
    "Surrender to us Jedi" Scale said. "Your cause is hopeless and you have no chance of escape, but if you lay down your arms, we will be merciful."
    The Jedi pulled out a thermal detonator, a look of crazed determination on her face. "I know all about your mercy General Scale! Korwin has told me what you did to her master, and the whole galaxy saw what you tried to do to the Queen! I think that I would prefer to die, and deny you of your prize."
    "Really" Scale murmured. "Even if it means killing your leader."
    "What do you mean. My master has already escaped you. My fight here has tied up your forces fighting here, giving the rest of the slaves time to flee."
    "That may be true, but he was not who I was referring to. I am talking about the double agent that the UUW has used to lead this campaign. I am talking about the T'wilek!" Scale pulled Vuro Wilt forward.
    The Jedi woman just looked at him, mockingly. "That man had nothing to do with our operation." she smirked. "Why don't you contact your forces, ask them what is happening at Christophsis. You truly do know nothing."
    Fafnir pulled out his comlink. "General Scale Sir. Our soldiers have reported the presence of more slave rebellions in our crystal mines. They are led by a male T'wilek."
    "Did you hear!" Vuro screamed. "I was innocent."
    "So you were" said Scale "Perhaps Gysor was loyal too? He can not learn of what we've done, of our talk of sedition!" Scale "It can't get out". The General began to babble crazily. Fafnir and the Jedi both looked at the Captain General curiously. The Fafnir stepped forward to take action.
    "Sorry about this pal" Fafnir said looking down at Vuro Wilt. The mercenary thrust his vibro blade through the T'wilek's throat.
    "Well that decides it. We will never submit to you" The Jedi Woman flashed a bloody smile, "The galaxy will be free from your tyranny. It is just too bad that I will not live to see it." The detonator flashed in her hand.
    "It's going to blow!" Fafnir shouted. "Get back!" The Trandoshans threw themselves backwards to get away from the bomb. The silver sphere exploded into a wave of fire, and the Jedi and the nearby Kolto tanks were gone. Captain Fafnir pulled himself to his feet. "Put those fires out", he shouted, waving away the other Mercenaries from himself and Scale "Rescue the remaining Kolto tanks if you can. Perhaps this can be salvaged."
    Scale was quiet now, but he had the look of a haunted being. The Jedi were really getting to him Fafnir thought. In all his years of service, Fafnir had never seen the General so shaken. Fafnir had the sneaking feeling that the Reavers would be needing a new General soon.
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    GM Update
    IC: Prena Masorna
    Kashyyyk; Kachirho City

    She observed the solitary Trandoshan, through the glass window looking down into his cell. Her handmaiden Tiiné was inconsolable, convinced she should have been there to protect her Queen. when the attempt on her life was made.

    Prena's focus was elsewhere, however. "Please pull yourself together my friend. There was nothing you could do."
    Pulling away from the young women, she looked to Chief Yirrawa, who was glaring at the reptile from across the room. "Where do you suppose he came from?"
    The Wookiee's sarcastic growl seemed uncharacteristic of the Chief she had gotten to know from recent weeks.

    "Trandosha is of course the most obvious conclusion. But I suspect there is more to it, the assassin who tried to kill me over Naboo was also a Trandoshan. Could the Hutts have set up operation there? It seems a bit far out, they couldn't reasonably expect to hold any base placed there."
    Yirrawa offered a grunt, before pointing out that the species was known for being aggressive. The Hutts didn't need to occupy their planet to hire their hunters.

    "We need to know more. He's not talking to your people, let me go in and talk to him."
    As expected Yirrawa pointedly refused. "Give me a chance. He can't hurt me, he's in chains!"

    The Chief was still hesitant, but did not say no. So the Queen pushed right past him, and entered the dark cell. Shadows cast the orange, scaled creature in an eerie light. But she was not afraid.
    "Let's start with your name, who are you?"
    He lifted his head as if it weighed a ton. When his yellow eye's flickered on her, he hissed but did not recoil as he did with the previous interrogators. "I am Dressk of Trandosha."

    That was a start. "Why are you here?" A slow sinister laugh followed, but she noticed it seemed weaker than she would have expected. Almost hollow. "Wookiee pelts are a fine trophy to my people."
    "But you aimed for me when you had the shot. My friend..." she choked on his name. "he sacrificed himself so I could live."

    The lizard paused, but she did not recognize any sympathy in his eye. "The Hutts have placed a very large bounty on your head. Far more valuable to me than the honor of another Wookiee kill. Half the hunters in the galaxy are searching for you. I never expected to get the chance myself, but when the opportunity presented itself I would have been foolish not to take it."

    That much she figured, but there was still more that had to be asked. "Did you contact anyone else before taking the shot?" The captive shook his head, but did not speak. "Will more hunters be coming?"
    No answer, and a cold shiver came down the Queens spine.
    She turned to the door.

    But before she could leave Dressk spoke. "My people will eventually notice my absence. If they haven't already. When that happens, they will come looking."
    Prena's heart stopped, and the Chiefs words rang through her head.
    The Hutts don't have to occupy Trandosha to gain the benefits that it's people offered.
    It was a direct line to Nal Hutta. It could not be ignored.


    IC: Iress
    Orbit, Cerea

    The Jedi Master was gazing tranquilly at the green world below, as he did every morning in order to center his mind. Cerea truly was a beautiful world, it's inhabitants were rather primitive technology wise, but its people had good relations with the Jedi Order. It was for that reason he had chosen this world to set up his operation.
    It was usually uneventful.

    But on this day, things were different. Half a standard hour ago, Captain Yim informed him that an unmarked transport had entered the system. Only a moment previously the Jedi was informed the shuttled had settled in Hanger One. "Then let us greet our guest." The Rodian offered in a musical tone.

    Finally he turned, and waved his apprentice to the turbolift. The Master sensed young Kes-Yun Thane was bustling with questions. "All in good time Padawan." In truth Iress did not know who it was either.
    That was why he wanted to greet the mysterious individual personally.

    He had been informed that it was urgent. Iress was suspicious of this individual, the mans thoughts were alien to him. Unusually calm, organized, but hidden and difficult to read.

    As they approached the hanger the Master decided it would do him best to listen with an open mind.
    Captain Yim was there, with a large garrison of soldiers. The man who stepped off the shuttle stood out among all of them. His skin was a dark blue, and his eyes a ghastly red. Iress wasn't sure what to make of him, but her apprentice clearly knew more.

    "A Chiss?" He stated with surprise. It made sense that he would know more than Iress, Kes was Cerean. This was his world, he would know his people, and their neighbors better than him.
    "You recognize this being apprentice? By all means fill me in."

    The teenager hesitated briefly. "Well, I don't know much Master. They have always been a bit of an enigma. In truth I thought them to be a myth. Most of the worlds around the Unknown Regions have heard of them. Great warriors, wise, thoughtful. Just the general stuff.

    "Can you communicate with him?" Iress pressed curiously. This startled Kes, but he responded. "I know a couple trade languages but..."
    "That will not be necessary." The Chiss spoke in a soothing tone. "I am most comfortable in your own Galactic Basic. I am Captain Thar'Joul'Doatar of the Chiss Ascendency. I come on behalf of my people, to inform you that are under threat. You have angered someone, someone very dangerous. And he will not stop until you are driven out of this region of the galaxy."


    IC: Ki-Hon

    Ki had been surprised, and disappointed when his apprentice had chosen to side with the bloodthirsty rebels.
    Jiga Tull had seemed to be such an innocent girl, scarred by conflict perhaps. But he couldn't fathom that she might fall so far. The look in her eye as she broke off their defensive position, to aid in Sorvi's attack on the equipment was haunting.

    Saving the slaves was there goal, nothing else mattered. Maybe losing her first master had a worse affect on the young women than he could have guessed.
    Now as her death rippled through the force, all Ki could do was hope she found some peace as she was reunited with the force.

    Now, far from the scorched factories the Jedi Knight took a seat by his small shuttle. He had guided the slaves this far, now it was there turn to find freedom for themselves. "I don't know how many of you will fit in there, but I intend to stay. The rebels are disorganized, frantic. Their leadership is dead, and the rest will be hunted down if they don't reorganize. Perhaps a gentler hand might lead them back into the light."
    He glanced at each person, they were scared, hungry, and confused. "If you want to join the cause, I would be thankful. If not, then the shuttle has enough fuel to take you half way across the galaxy if you see fit."

    To his surprise most of the former slaves chose to stay.

    Tag: @Shadow Trooper


    IC: Sargi Kryze

    The Mandalorians gathered around the table, and for a few brief minutes and awkward silence followed.
    "I don't want to send you to your death." The leader put bluntly. "But if you are insistent on this plan of attack of yours, I can provide you some resources..."

    "It won't work unless we get everybody behind us." Jeston insisted. "I am not naïve Uncle. I know we have a fight ahead of us, that many will die. I don't like it either, but if we are to cower in the forests we might as well no longer call ourselves Mandalorian! We are the finest warriors in this galaxy, we can handle anything."
    Sargi sighed, and rubbed his temple in irritation. "That is exactly what Rev and Oren thought..."

    "You fear death, that is your weakness Uncle. No one not willing to give it his all should lead."
    Sargi was dumbstruck for a second, he could never fathom his little nephew would throw such an insult at him.
    "I do not fear death! I am more capable then you know, but I did not survive this long by being stupid!"

    This boy had only seen a fraction of what the Sith were capable of, that much he was certain. Sargi had served under the dark lords in the months prior to their capture of Coruscant. That time was enough, they were savages. Masters at torture, killers through and through. Nothing scared them, least of all a self absorbed little besom like him!

    Fortunately for the negotiations Sargi had enough sense not to speak these thoughts out loud.
    "It is about our culture Jeston. Why should we charge ahead foolishly, let them wipe us out? Our heritage? Our history? If we lose the battle you are proposing we lose everything."

    His nephew was shaking his head. "If we do not fight, then we are unworthy of the culture and history we embody."

    He stood, and moved to leave. Sargi tried to stop if. "If you insist, I can offer you three corvettes, and a Kedabe-class battle ship. With a full compliment of start fighters for each."
    His nephew didn't respond. "Just please, Jeston, if you make it past the blockade, run, escape, hide! Don't let our culture die with you."

    The boy grunted, clearly holding his emotions in.
    "Goodbye Sargi."


    IC: Darth Slay
    The Prevalence: Orbit around Mandalore

    The Dark Lady was infuriated when she learned of the opportunity presented!
    Told by a lowly technician, she practically strangled the man to death right then!

    "What is Vexx waiting for!" She demanded, though the man was incapable of responding.
    "Oh I know. 'A better opportunity to trip Sargi up". Well I'm not waiting forever! We need to strike!."
    At the edge of her vision she saw movement. Letting the technician go she turned to see her apprentice, now sporting a large grey machine sticking out of his eye socket. Clearly placed there by the medical droid.

    "That's it, we're mobilizing a force and taking this fight to them!" She grabbed the mans arm, and began leading him to the hanger, but he resisted. "We should run this by Vexx first. Discord placed him in command here!"
    With a snarl she tugged his arm again. "I am on the Dark Council, and it is my command we fight! Do not think so highly of yourself that you dare to defy me." She leaned in, her left horn reflecting of his prosthetic eye. "Or do I need to remind you of that again?"

    He hesitated, clearly contemplating the wound he was still healing from. Before he could say anything he felt another arm on her shoulder. It was the technician. "Madam... Lord Vexx was... just informed himself. At least... wait to see what he says..."

    With a scowl she used her claws to cut the mans neck. "How dare you touch me!"
    Glaring down at the soon to be corpse she declared. "I know how he will respond. And it does not matter. Either he will join me in glory, or he will fall in shame before the dark lord."

    When her gaze returned to her apprentice, she realized he had escaped. Most likely to inform Vexx.
    "Coward." She dismissed him. "After this is done I will be sure to report this weakness to Discord."

    Then she continued on her journey down to the hanger, in a commanding tone she ordered. "Scramble the starfighters! Board the transports! We will not get another chance at this!"

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