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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Darth_White, Jun 10, 2005.

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  1. Darth_White

    Darth_White Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 7, 2005
    Hiya! Im looking for players and two Co-GMs(one for light side characters and one for dark side characters to help everyone out with their characters game play(plus the GM's get to play to so don't be rude.Plus someone please help me with everyone's story including mine?.PM me if u wat to play of be one of the GMs and if I approve put GM Aproved next to ur character.

    1. Obey The GM(s)
    2. No god-moding
    3. 1 character per person
    4. PM (Pravite message) me your sheets or they will be void
    5.No Auto-hitting (it gets annoying after a while belive me).
    6.No attacking others unless its aproved with a GM or a SubGM
    7.No swearing
    8.HAVE FUN!!

    ~Character Sheet~ PM me this sheet when you are playing (and try to fill it all the way,but its okay I can help you with som stuff on the sheet).

    Name: (Im always being Darth Nihilus)
    Vehicle:(If the character has one from the game.Or if not, put N/A)

    Light or Dark:(which the character is on from one of the games).
    Biography:what ever u want to put down

    I approve myself and I will play with him.

    ~Character Sheet~
    Name:Darth Nihilus
    Vehicle:The Ravager
    Species: Unknown
    Apperance:Black robe with mask.
    Weapons:A single red lightsabor
    Light or Dark:Dark Side
    Biography:It has been revealed that Darth Nihilus consumes the Force from Force-sensitives in order to stay alive. He can even consume entire Force-sensitive planets.

    Little is known of Nihilus's true beginnings, other than the fact that he was a survivor of the Mandalorian Wars, and may or may not have at one point been a prisoner of the Mandalorians. After the war he was found by Darth Traya to be Force-sensitive, and she began training him in the ways of the Sith at the Trayus Academy on Malachor V. After his true powers and potential were realized, Nihilus, along with fellow Sith student Darth Sion, plotted and turned against their dark mistress Traya. They cast Traya down, stripped her of her power, and expelled her from the Sith Order. Nihilus and Sion had now begun their shadow war against the remnants of the Jedi Order. They hunted Jedi to the brink of extinction.

    Darth Nihilus ravaged and consumed whole worlds, to feed his insatiable appetite for power, from the bridge of his flagship, the Ravager. Nihilus's powers were so all-consuming that all those who came into contact with the Sith Lord became slaves, mindless servants to his will.

    One such servant of Nihilus was Visas Marr, a Miraluka female from Katarr, a planet consumed and destroyed by Nihilus. The Sith Lord sent Visas on a mission to find and bring the last of the Jedi before him, so that he could consume his power and essence. However, this would be the mighty Sith Lord's undoing, for the Jedi exile broke her from Nihilus's bonds, and she turned against her former master. Along with the exile and Mandalore, she defeated him on board the bridge of the Ravager. After his death, his body dissolved in an aura of dark side energies.


    The Jedis are falling into the dark side,but they put in charge of you to change all of that (If you are part of the light side). The Sith are creating an army of Sith Warriors and trying to take all over the galaxies to restore the old ways of the Sith and its your job to kill all Jedis,republic,and the dark side opposers. (If you are part of the Dark Side).

    We will start the story until we have some players,but I can start players off if they want me to.

    NP edit: Seriously. Stop it.
  2. starwarsismyally

    starwarsismyally Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 26, 2003
    This is like the third time you have tried to post this rpg, I sense that it will be locked.
  3. DarkSithDrew

    DarkSithDrew Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    Yah... When A mod tells you not to do something,I suggest you dont do it okay?!
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