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Charter Questions

Discussion in 'Tampa Bay, FL' started by Annya_Latoure2, Aug 2, 2005.

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  1. Annya_Latoure2 Fan Force CR Tampa Bay, FL

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    Nov 15, 2003
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    The following is the charter as it stands now. Our next elections would be between October 2005 and January 2006. The charter can be brought up at any monthly meeting, but could not be amended until a quorum vote. It would have had to be sufficiently advertised on the boards, aproximately 2-4 weeks and then voted on by the membership.


    Active: Attend at least 3 official meetings in a calendar year.
    Post regularly on the Tampa Bay Fan Force board.
    Read and sign charter agreement,
    (This means you have read and agree to abide by the charter)

    Benefits of Official Membership:
    Voting privileges
    May be part of committees and special interest groups
    May be nominated and hold official position

    Inactive: May attend meetings and functions
    May attend special interest groups
    Post on Fan Force board.
    Will be considered a guest
    No voting privileges
    May not hold office

    Members of a current Fan Force Chapter relocating from another location may transfer their membership with a letter of introduction from former FF chapter.

    **Structure: **

    Reps from each interest group
    City Representative
    Assistant City Representative

    Quarterly rotation of the chairperson to be selected by a lottery of interested persons. 1 serves first, 2 second and so on. Representatives from each interest group may continue indefinitely or quarterly with the Chairperson rotation. City Rep, Asst. City Rep, Secretary, and treasurer will be elected positions held for a term of one year, but may be reelected for additional terms. Terms may run consecutively, if the person is unopposed.

    Voting Policy

    Only official (active) members may vote.
    A Quorum of 1/2 plus 1 of active membership must be present to call a vote on any issue.
    Voting method will be determined before election and posted on the FF board.
    (Online poll, in person, at meetings by secret ballot or show of hands, or vote by proxy)

    Official positions: Secret ballot and vote by proxy by private email.
    Majority vote (1/2 plus 1 of the active membership)

    Official business: At meetings
    Secret ballot
    Show of hands
    Vote by proxy
    (Online or private email)

    General business: Show of hands
    Majority vote

    Voting on policies will be posted on the boards and you will have 30 days to vote. If you have not voted in this time period, your voice will not be heard.

    Minor Policy
    The chapter adheres to ALL Local, State and Federal laws regarding Minors.
    Violation of this policy will result in expulsion from the chapter and any criminal prosecution of the violator.

    Minors will adhere to conduct codes of the Chapter. We are not a babysitting service nor will we accept bad or disruptive conduct of any member at any function of the TDB1138.
    Violation of this policy may result in reprimand, suspension, and/or expulsion from the Chapter to be determined by the governing council.

    No minor under the age of 16 may attend any functions of the Tampa Docking Bay 1138 without parent or guardian in attendance.
    Violation of this policy may result in reprimand, suspension, and/or expulsion from the Chapter to be determined by the governing council.

    No minor may go on any away event without parent or guardian in attendance TDB1138 is NOT responsible for the supervision of minors in attendance of these events.
    Violation of this policy may result in reprimand, suspension, and/or expulsion from the Chapter to be determined by the governing council.

    Minors over the age of 16 or older, may attend meetings and local events of the TDB1138, without parent or guardian in attendance, with a signed parental agreement, this does not hold the chapter responsible for their supervision.

    Minors are responsible for making arrangements for their own lodging and transportation to events. The TDB1138 is not responsible lodging and transport of any member.

    Minor's Parental Waiver/Permission Agreement

  2. vampyregodz Jedi Knight

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    Apr 30, 2003
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    Thanks as this past weekend was our 3rd meeting and we have never been given a copy of the charter to sign...shouldnt this be presented at a members first meeting?
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