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Discussion in 'Star Wars And Film Music' started by Freelancer257, May 9, 2009.

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  1. Freelancer257 Force Ghost

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    I recently wanted to play my copy of the Ultimate Edition soundtrack for The Phantom Menace, having left it in its case for a few years. Both discs have deteriorated badly, to the point where most tracks are unplayable.

    Other discs kept in the same place are still ok.

    Has anyone else had this problem with the Ultimate Edition, or other Star Wars CDs?
  2. Cerrabore Jedi Master

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    Jan 17, 2004
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    Yeah, my UE is in terrible shape.
  3. DarthBoba Manager Emeritus

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    I converted mine to MP4 quite some time ago, but from what I remember it wasn't doing too hot before that.

    But this happens to all CDs as far as I can tell.
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