Arena Cheerleaders in sport

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Cheerleaders in sport

Yea 8 vote(s) 38.1%
Nay 13 vote(s) 61.9%
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    Never got a t-shirt canon at a game in my general direction. There was a hot dog canon guy. Only for a season but one of the best seasons of my life because I thought I'd get a free hot dog every home game.

    I never got a free hot dog. But the hope was there!
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    Ahhhh. The Lakers don't do that sort of thing, but I do have a t-shirt from a giveaway that occurred for game 5 of the '08 WCF... it hasn't fit for about 4+ years now. :(

    And as to the topic at-hand: Concerning the NBA, cheerleading was pioneered by Jerry Buss (those Laker Girls you might have heard about) in the 80's; before, it wasn't done at all, or at least by extremely few teams- now every goddamn team has them. This would be the biggest fault/problem I had with the fellow, during an otherwise historically great tenure as owner. And to add to the irony: I believe the Celtics were the last holdouts in this regard, due to Red Auerbach's opposition- quite the sage!
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    Al I have a question. Hypothetically, if, after a game, you were to find yourself at a party and the cheerleaders happened to attend and you got to drinking and they also got to drinking and you started hitting on one of them at what point would you stop having sex with her if she hadn't told you to stop, if you would at all? At which point would you stop if she did? At which point would you stop your advances if she didn't show interest altogether?

    I know that's a little off topic just curios.
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