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Cheklev Trilogy #1: Revenge of the Sith

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Hamtaro, Aug 27, 2002.

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  1. Hamtaro

    Hamtaro Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 16, 2002
    Cheklev smelled the salt in the Mon Calamarian ocean. He looked behind him. People were rebuilding a recently set up Jedi Meditation building destroyed four days ago by unkown terrorists. He thought of Octa Ramis's failed apprentice, a Dug named Poto Macc. He showed anger towards Jedi besides Octa. One week ago he stole a B-Wing and left Mon Calamari. He hoped his apprentice, Enstei, would not suffer the same fate. He would be leaving soon to the backworld of Anoth to send supplies to the youngling New Republic colony on the backwater planet, Anoth.

    Enstei made the final preperations on the Hydian Gem. When Master Luke had approved him for training he went to Cheklev and became his apprentice. His comlink beeped "Clearance to take off, Hydian Gem" said the familiar voice off Keyan Farlander.

    Seven day later they arrived at Anoth. They went ot the givin coordinates and found only rubble. They got out of their ship and looked around the compound. They saw one toppled AT-ST. Theyw ent over to it and found a message container. "Cheklev, I have left to Mon Calamari to visit Leia and Han. Sighned, Winter." Well, at least SHE was alright. Then everything blacked out.

    They awakended in a prison cell. Two stormtroopers stood guard outside. "You fools should not have come." came the familiar voice of Poto Macc. "You will be executed immedialtly, Jedi" he said. "My master has prophcies of a New Sith Order, I am his apprentice and will rule by his side while you and the Yuuzhan Vong all die of our terrorists and plauges." " Why has the Imperial Remnant attacked a New Republic base." Poto MAcc bellowed, "Silence fool! We are not allied with those cowards who make Truce with the enemy!" Cheklev responded "Commander Thanas or Lt. Kasna Moor will look for us." Poto responded "Fool! I expect and hope this happens! Your small mind will be your apprentice's undoing!" and he stormed off.

    He and Enstei were lead to a room with Poto S staning there with his red lightsaber ignited. Cheklev and Enstei were defenseless Poto raised his aber above Cheklev's head and started to bring it down. He looked up to see another saber crossing it. Tahiri. Corran, Octa, and Jaina all ignited there sabers. Corran tossed the friend's lightsabers to them. Poto ran down a corrider. "Get him" Coran yelled while holding off stormtroopers. Cheklev ran after him and told Enstei to stay behind. He got to the docking bay just to see a Lambada-class shuttle flying away in the distance.

    Poto Macc borught his shuttle to a stop in the Exis Station docking bay. "Master, they have taken Anoth." His master just looked at him and talked to his aide and left the room.

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