Before - Legends Chosen By Destiny (Dooku's POV, Dooku comes upon a young boy. angsty, vignette)

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    I know, I know, I keep promising... They are coming, its just everytime I work on them, another vignette pops up. They will be up this week.

    Yep, another Qui/Dooku piece, which may fit into a series of vignettes later. Still deciding on that. But I hope you enjoy this!

    Chosen by Destiny

    I look at them, mentally assessing each potential, looking for the perfect one, even when I know, none will live up to my standards. I don?t know why I am so picky about choosing an apprentice, only that the one to become my apprentice will have something special about them, though I don?t even know what that is. It is frustrating at times, how the Force plays with me. Yet I will abide by its wishes for now, it is all I can do.

    I turn away; the one is not here today. He or she may not be here for a long time. I wonder if I will die waiting for my chosen. I sincerely hope not, Yoda has been pressuring me more and more, and yet I can only tell him, the Force isn?t ready, and even his legendary patience grows thin at that.

    Walking away, I ignore the disappointment that I feel and head for the door, only for a small hand to grab hold of mine. Turning back, I look upon a tiny boy, possibly no more then ten years of age, though he seems smaller then his age. Long brown hair is tied back in a simple tie, while dark midnight blue eyes look up to me in puzzlement and wonder. There is something about those eyes?.

    ?Knight Dooku, please wait,? the boy says, pleading with me silently, though his voice only betrays interest.

    ?Yes?? I ask, a strange feeling coming over me every time I glance into his eyes, yet I find myself looking away each time, unwilling to dwell upon the emotion.

    ?Why do you seem so sad? What are you looking for?? the child asks with the simple honesty only he can possess.

    ?I?? I don?t know how to answer him. How does one tell a child that the Force is ordering me to look for something I don?t even know, and have yet to come in contact with in the last ten years I?ve been a Knight. How does one explain that I am tired, lonely, and wishing the Force would decide? I know, I shouldn?t be lonely, but I am of the few who as waited so long to take an apprentice, and none within this temple share my thoughts of how the Force works, not even my former Master, Yoda. I know not how to explain all of that to such a simple being, without confusing him.

    ?The Force works as it will, you know,? the boy says, snapping me from my thoughts.

    Puzzlement settles over me, and I look at him, not truly understanding, ?Why would you say that, little one??

    He blinks, opens his mouth, only to close it again, seemingly puzzled himself at what he says, yet he does his best, ?Well, it is true, I can feel it. Even if the Masters say emotion is unworthy to consider in the Force.?

    I stop, completely; I think I even forget to breath for a second, my only thought connected to this child. He shared my ideals, that emotion is apart of the Force, and should be used with it, not turned away. Such curiosity, and excitement blooms in me. I kneel in front of him, and lay a hand upon his shoulder.

    ?Tell me more,? I say softly, and not his weary look, and understand, ?Do not be afraid, I will not inform any others of your ideas.?

    He nods, trusting me so easily that it makes me nearly smile, before continuing, ?Love must be a factor within the Force, because if the Force forbids love, then what is there to live for? We would only go about our lives, never becoming attached, never truly loyal to anything. Kindness, compassion, both are virtues that should be upheld, but without love, any form, what is the drive for them?? he pauses, testing my reaction it seems, then is satisfied and continues, ?Also, the Council is not right about everything.?

    I smile at this for I am truly amazed, this boy does share my belief on love, emotions and now even the Council, truly this is a wonder!

    ?In what are they wrong?? I ask, for I wish to explore this more, though my heart stirs at each word from this child.

    ?Like in not choosin
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    an interesting look from a perspective not often seen here.
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    one word....


    I really liked this fic! You have a very distinct way of really making the reader feel what the chars are felling. It's quite a talent!

    great job!
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