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Provo CIII - Mountain Base Patches

Discussion in 'SouthWest Region Discussion' started by FenigDurak, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. FenigDurak

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    Dec 6, 2002
    Hi. My name's Leah. I'm the CO for Rebel Legion's Mountain Base. I was hoping to get your input and involvement on the latest of endeavors the Base is doing to show our support for th Legion as a whole (plus LEgion and 501st is recognized more openly by Lucasfilms and often get cool mentions and stuff from them!). What I'm planning are Base patches. I know we all seen them for various 501st Garrisons and there is no reason not to have this for Rebels as well. The general idea is that you wear it to C3, show how Mountain Base isn't as empty as people think ;), and maybe even experience some cool feedback from people at the con.

    This is in no way an attempt to shrink the size of any of the Fan Forces.

    I'm not going to limit the patches to RL members only. I'm hoping that you'll get a patch, wear it, see how it really is a benefit -not a detriment- to be in the Legion, and join.


    I think we'll be adding 'Rebel Legion' along the botton in English and leaving Mountain Base in Aurebesh around the top. Not sure yet. I want to see what it looks like first.

    Before I do any of this though, I want to see what kind of interest I can generate in these. They will, of course, be inexpensive per patch, but I'd have to place a minimum order of about 50 patches to get them to be inexpensive. Let me know in the next week or so through this thread or a PM. Same for any questions.

    Thank you,

    Edit: Rebel Legion has been added and a few options are available for your perusal. Only one will be sent for production, so feel free to vote! I'm voting for #5.