W.VA CIII Thank-You's

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    I would like to offer the following thank-you's:

    1. Thank you Robin for hauling some of our stuff on the ride to Indy.
    2. Thank you Ithorian and Raptor for driving
    3. Thank you Dot for holding my place in line
    4. Thank you Dot for my breakfast Friday morning
    5. Thank you guys for being patient while I hogged the bathroom at times
    6. Thank you guys for putting up with my "hissing" :p
    7. Thank you guys for all the LAUGHS!
    8. Thank you guys for not walking too fast Friday night so I could keep up in those teetering heels
    8. Thank you Sal and Em for making room for us at your table at the Celebration Party
    9. Thanks to everyone from the Pittsburgh crew who rode in the caravan and hung out with us at the convention
    10. Thank you to the anonymous Fett who let me help him put his armor on! :p
    11. Thanks to my TIE pilot friend from the 501st who stopped to chat each time I saw him
    12. And thank you to all those I'm forgetting to mention because I'm scatter brained!

    I love you all! *HUGS* :D
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Not open for further replies.