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San Fran, CA City Rep Selection

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by Jedi_Tenken, Jun 6, 2003.

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  1. Jedi_Tenken

    Jedi_Tenken Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 11, 2000
    Hey all,
    SF Fan Force is finally official and with that we also need official representation aka a City Rep. For now I am acting as a temporary City Rep and I actually would not mind doing the position officially. Regardless, if any others here would like to be City Rep for San Francisco we should arrange to vote on it live at the next meeting and online as along as identies can be confirmed to count votes accurately.

    The City Rep is responsible for the everyday up keep of the boards. He or she can delete post, move them elsewhere, or edit them should the need arise, and thus should know a little about html. They essentially represent the city in a diplomatic manner when dealing with the higher up admins for TFN and also other Star Wars/Lucasfilm personnel.

    They make sure everyone in the club is being treated fairly and handle any disputes or problems that may arise. The City Rep also gets events, meetings, and things underway when things are being planned. They can also appoint other Fan Force members to help out and give them fun/honorary title(s) to also help maintain the boards and club. It also should be noted that if you are already in an administration of another club such as the Rebel Legion, 501st, or any other such clubs they can not be City Rep. It is perfectly fine for a City Rep to be a member in one or more clubs, but the City Rep of San Francisco Fan Force can't be involved in an another administrations interests that may compromise Fan Force's representation.

    So if anyone is interested feel free to post here. Final approval of the City Rep is done by the TFN admins via our RSA Linda. I think that's about it... Linda if your reading this let me know if I'm missing anything or have interpreted something incorrectly. :)
  2. padme_skywalkr

    padme_skywalkr Jedi Youngling star 2

    Nov 21, 2002
    I will be assist J_T until the final democratic decision has been made. I can not stress this enough: please vote for a CR because I believe it is important that this group be rep'd by someone the group chose.
    As for the rules & responsibilities of the CR.... here is a copy. It also can be found here:
    [link=]CR Code of Conduct[/link]

    1. You will follow the Terms of Service of these boards to the letter. Yes, it may seem unfair of you to have to be that careful with what you post, but you do have to remember that as City Reps, you are representing your forums. You are role models for the other members of your chapter. They will be looking to you for examples of how to behave and post.

    If you are concerned that what you are posting is against the TOS, don't post it. If what you are saying was fully appropriate for these boards, you would not have that small doubt about it. If you are not sure about something, contact your RSA and ask them - they will be more than happy to help you with any of your queries.

    Further more, if you see something against the TOS posted in one of your forums, you must contact your RSA and have it removed. Yes, it may be an unpopular move, but part of your job is to keep your forums clean and point out to your RSA anything they may not have seen.

    2. You must be polite, courteous and helpful at all times. We're not asking you to be perfect. We're simply telling you that you must not post with 'attitude' during your tenure as a City Rep. Once again, you are representing your forum, and must act as a role model at all time.

    We have set out what will happen to you if you do not hold yourself to this, too.

    The first time you will be warned. We will let you know exactly what we think you did wrong, and what we think you can do to make it not happen again.
    The second time you will have a temporary demotion, time to be determined depending on the offence. Some offences will get longer punishments than others.
    If you commit an offence for the third time you will be permanently demoted and we will ask your chapter to elect a new CR.

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