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Lg.Is, NY City Representative Nominations

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by StarFromIHJ, Feb 16, 2003.

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  1. StarFromIHJ

    StarFromIHJ Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 5, 2002
    Since we have recently had a vacancy in the position of City Representative please post your nominations for one here. We will vote on it at the meeting Sunday (2/23/03).

    The definition of a CR from The [link=]All new FF FAQ:[/link]


    These are the people you will be dealing with the most. They take care of the every day running of the chapter they were elected to represent. They are the organisers of your area, organising everything from meets and board graphics to titles, colour schemes, and even in the case of some, the chapter's website.

    They report and problems they can't handle to the Regional Support Administrator's as well as mentioning anything that needs to be moderated. They liase with their local Regional Support Administrator to get the chapter's news posted on the Fanforce main page.

    They are also the only level of the Fanforce staff that is publically elected.

    The age minimum for City Representatives is 18. We also ask that they reside in their chapter all twelve months of the year. They are required to keep their plain blue font on a transparent background so that they are easier for you to find, although they can also be indentified by their title which will tell you both their position and the city they hold that position in.

    There is a limit of one City Representative per city. While there are some chapters that have more than one, they were also "grandfathered" in. When the additional City Representative's retire, they will not be replaced.

    Also, CR's must follow a [link=]Code of Conduct:[/link]

    [blockquote]As you all know by now, I'm sure, there has been a lot of discussion about the behaviour of City Reps, what is expected of them, and what will happen if they do not live up to those standards. After a discussion in the Old Folks Home, we have come up with the following guidelines to try and make it clear to everyone where we all stand. Now before you all protest, both the RSAs and the GSAs have all agreed that we ourselves are also held to the standards that we are asking you to uphold.

    They're reasonably simple, really, there are only two of them.

    1. You will follow the Terms of Service of these boards to the letter. Yes, it may seem unfair of you to have to be that careful with what you post, but you do have to remember that as City Reps, you are representing your forums. You are role models for the other members of your chapter. They will be looking to you for examples of how to behave and post.

    If you are concerned that what you are posting is against the TOS, don't post it. If what you are saying was fully appropriate for these boards, you would not have that small doubt about it. If you are not sure about something, contact your RSA and ask them - they will be more than happy to help you with any of your queries.

    Further more, if you see something against the TOS posted in one of your forums, you must contact your RSA and have it removed. Yes, it may be an unpopular move, but part of your job is to keep your forums clean and point out to your RSA anything they may not have seen.

    2. You must be polite, courteous and helpful at all times. We're not asking you to be perfect. We're simply telling you that you must not post with 'attitude' during your tenure as a City Rep. Once again, you are representing your forum, and must act as a role model at all time.

    We have set out what will happen to you if you do not hold yourself to this, too.

    The first time you will be warned. We will let you know exactly what we think you did wrong, and what we think you can do to make it not happen again.
    The second time you will have a temporary demotion, time to be determined depending on the offence. Some offences will get longer punishments than others.
    If you commit an offence for the third time you will be permanently demoted and we
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