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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by DarthIntegral , Apr 10, 2006.

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  1. Winged_Jedi

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    Feb 28, 2003
    OOC: Sorry I took ages but I'm back now.

    [5]weapon forging
    [6]weapon wielding
    []animal riding
    [7]armor forging
    [4]strategical thinking
    []luck (only given by GM)

    +1 Politics added
    +1 Anywhere to transportation


    Kaspir City

    This was it, at last. As dawn broke out over the Kaspirai plains, the day of the Great Expedition had come. Nida Raius stood at those great city walls with a group of two hundred explorers and soldiers, ready to journey into the wildest lands of the north and expand the borders of the great Kaspirai empire. A thousand cheering commoners stood there to see their young hero off into the golden sunrise, singing his name as if he was a god rather than a man. It did not bother Lord Jahuslear that the peasants saw Nida in this way. Soon the boy would be far, far off, and any challenge he might have laid to the throne of First Knight would have disappeared with him into the distance.

    At the gates themselves, the nobles had gathered to give the adventurers their best wishes and gifts for the long journey that lay ahead. Once all the other aristocrats had said all that they needed to say, Nida?s family stepped forward to share a moment of intimacy with the proud young man. First were his elder brothers, Korunn and Veri, who both hugged their sibling and urged him to keep strong. Then came Jin Jrastar, his cousin, who presented him with a ceremonial sword as a present for the expedition. Then came his father-in-law, Hideo Irijima, who whispered calmly that his prayers and blessings would be with the boy over the next few years. Then came the father himself, Grachh, old and scarred. The grizzled war veteran hobbled over while the nearby group kept a reverent silence.

    ?Be careful,? said Grachh softly to his son before kissing him lightly on the forehead and moving away. Finally she came, radiant and beautiful in a flowing gown of blue and white, her eyes sparkling in the morning?s sunlight. Clea, wife of Nida, approached and embraced her husband for an eternity, holding onto him as if he never had to leave, just as long as she never let go. Eventually they parted, and he glanced at her curved stomach, pressing a hand gently to it, a silent goodbye to the life that grew inside.

    ?It is time,? grunted Lord Jahuslear from nearby, and Nida nodded slowly, barely acknowledging the words of his leader.

    ?Farewell!? he cried to the crowds suddenly, raising his sword into the air in salute. The gesture was symbolic of his strength and his love for his people, but there was also defiance there, burning strong in his face and in his eyes. For a brief moment his gaze met that of Jahuslear?s, and it seemed to say more than a hundred words ever could.

    I?m coming back, it said. Count on it.

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  2. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Weebacca
    Clan: Bacca
    Location: Wookie Forest

    "Very well, hop in and I'll take you to the nearest village." He then pulled out a large backpack made from woven wookie fur lifting the flap, "You'll need to stay still and come this way, since I don't think you could make it up to the level." As he finished his sentence he flexed his other hand extending his long sharp claws.

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  3. DarthIntegral

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    Jul 13, 2005
    GM OOC:

    My appologies, also, for my absence recently. Been traveling to weddings out of state. Kinda eats away at time. :p Good to see you back, Winged. Let's see if we can get this game rocking!

    Also, mitth, trimaj is correct. 5 in communication means that you can set up a sattelite settlement away from your main settlement and have just about no problems in relaying information. Quite useful, I might say.


    chuckles +1 anywhere
    mitth +1 anywhere
    winged +2 anywhere


    A Narration of the Lands

    It seemed that many things in the lands that had once gone unnoticed by some were now longer able to go unnoticed. A clan of Houk known as the Lijuter Rasa Imperium would soon be noticed by all. They had a small settlement close to the Hollow Garden, sandwiched between the ocean and the great river. Those who watch from afar waited with great interest to see how these Houk would interact with the rest of the land, and to see what turmoil they would bring.

    Turmoil had already been brought to the Wookie Forest, where the young Muriad explained to his furry host that he needed to stay with his fallen comrade, unrevealed at this time as his father, and fast until the spirits of the elders took him to be with them. This would leave him quite vulnerable, but he had achieved a level of trust with the Wookies who were interacting with him, and he believed that they would not take advantage of him.

    Those in clan Mandalore were in complete turmoil. Their famine and their harsh weather bringing upon them a wish of death. And, many of those in clan Gungo were threatened by a lack of crops, bringing turmoil to them. The great rains had wiped out much of their fertile lands, and they decided to pack and move, heading out in three directions, splitting their clan forever. Some headed around the south side of the beach, lead by Gungo Alpha, where they would no doubt encounter The Kaspirai. Another headed north, lead by Gungo Berrax and Gungo Trico, where they sould no doubt encounter a wandering, stranded Twi'lek. The third group, lead by Gungo Prinzoz wandered in any direction they felt lead, with no purpose, no direction, and no goal, save that of survival.

    But, more wanderings were taking place this day. Lord Nokku of the Grandala, worried by the disappearance of young Wiki, left with ten of his best men armed with their best axes into the jungles, heading into the land of the Hollow Garden to search for the heir. And, Zion, the Wise, leader of the Muriads, felt a stirring within him from his ancestors, about an incoming danger. He put on his best armor, and the ten strongest males left in camp were directly behind him, with the rest of the clan, mainly females and children, staying a distance behind them. They marched off into the east, where no doubt, they would meet the incoming members of the Traex Shodaire.

    Zion lead his men without fear, calling out periodically "I am Zion, the Wise, and I will meet this incoming danger without fear! Face me now!"

    And he had no idea he was leading himself into a divinely ochestrated slaughter.

    And none truly knew what was happening as the lands underwent a great change.

    The future, it seemed, was truly full of turmoil.

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  4. Zandoran_Celix

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    Feb 16, 2005
    Lijuter Rasa Imperium
    Tellan Milor, Imperium Warlord

    [blockquote]Much had begun in the way of change. Rasa the former leader that the new regime was named after, had left Lijuter in the search of a place that would allow the Lijuter Council to make valuable trade agreements. That ahd failed. Rasa had died in the crash and had left Tellan to pick up the pieces, which he had.

    Now though, alliances had to be formed if they were to survive. Their skills for war had been developed well, but otherwise they lacked in everything else. Trade would be needed for valauable food and other goods.

    Tellan had gathered together many of his greatest guardsmen and now adressed them and their families and th eothers of the Imperium.

    People of the Lijuter Rasa Imperium, We must act now. We have grown to large for just ourselves and our land to support us. we must gain trade from anotehr group. Many our our scouts have seen others in the jungles. I will lead my Guardsmen to try and discover one of these groups.

    The groups cheered and the men raised there battle axes into the air. Some carried a large Scythe like sword, which was also rasied in a triumphant roar.

    Houk were never really one for Alliances, one wrong step and a war could erupt wihtout even a warning. Proper war protocol was never observed, and the tempers of the Houk were rarely sometihng one wanted to cross.

    Hopefully most would tread carefully, for it is said only Wookies could truly match the strength of a Houk.

  5. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005
    post up soon. sorry for my absence. haven't really been able to write anything the last little bit, and this is something of an epic for me. be looking for it tommorow, or the end of the week at the latest.

    and welcome zand.
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