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SWRPF Archive Clans 3: Spirits of Good and Evil

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by DarthIntegral, May 15, 2009.

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    Dec 15, 2008
    OCC quick question mister integral sir, if you zoom on the map, how many miles in an inch? did this on here instead of a PM because i thought it might be useful overall information.
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    Oct 17, 2007
    IC: Thryta Melagan

    Starting Commodities: I think this is right.

    Fur (4)
    Meat (4)
    Wood (2)
    Minerals (2)
    Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts (1)

    By the time they got to the outskirts of the city it was almost day break. Many creatures were starting to wake up, and scurry about getting ready to do the days business. This was normal for the forest. But one thing he noticed was not normal. On the side of the path was a pair of tracks. There was nothing abnormal about tracks, but it was the type of foot that made this track that bothered him. Thryta had seen a similar track before. A track that belonged to a human. A human had been near by. And recently. Whether this was good or bad was yet to be seen.

    Thryta stood back up, and handed his Kybuck over to the hunter who didn't catch anything. "Here, take him. Claim him as your own catch. Your family needs the food more then mine." The other man thanked him for it, and threw the beast over his shoulder. With this as their cue the five of them made there way into town.


    About a week later Thryta was surprised when Humans appeared on the city's doorstep. They claimed to be traders from a distant land which they called Magnifica. Thryta knew of them from old story's but he didn't really believe they existed. Finding them as real Thryta allowed them to enter into there city to do business. But just to be safe he set two armed men to watch them at all times.

    Later on that day Thryta entered the market place to see what goods they were trying to sell. They were selling a map of the land, and bridge, and some swords among other assorted objects that Thryta had no use for. The map was really the only thing that interested him. Though it was a rather large price it would cost more to map it out himself. In the end he ended up buying it at the price of two furs, three kybucks, a bundle of wood, and a large jar of wild fruits.

    Before leaving he told the merchants that they had three more days, before they had to be out. With that Thryta left the market, and did not see them there again.

    [b]TAG: Myself for now.[/b]

    Ending Commodities:

    Fur (3)
    Meat (3)
    Wood (2)
    Minerals (2)
    Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts (1)

    I am pretty sure this is right. I took out what I lost, and added what I gained.>
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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Dact Rul'de

    Starting Commodities:
    Live Animals
    Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts

    Dact ran a comb through his shaggy hair. It was the beginning of another day out on the tundra, a land he doubted many tribes coudl survive out in. However, he was proud to know that his fellow clanmates had learned how to survive in the climate, and for this he thanked them immensely. The clan had never really liked relations with other groups; they had always liked being isolated, and the tundra was a perfect place for them to be alone and concentrate on life instead of inter-group relations.

    After he was done combing his shaggy hair, Dact placed the comb down on the small table that held all of his items and washed his face using water that had been melted only a day before. The cool water felt good on Dact's face; he was going out on a hunt that morning, and he knew that being awake would help substantially. Shaking his head to remove all of the excess water droplets from his face, he blinked a few times to determine that he was awake. Grabbing a tunic from the rack, he put it on and left his tent.

    Out he stepped into the frozen air. He took a deep breath; although it was cold, the air always smelled very sweet and refreshing. A few small children ran after another child, playing a simple game. Dact smiled; he was like that once. Innocent and unaware, for the most part, of his surroundings. However, any thought about his childhood brought back those memories. His brothers, lost to the evil beast in the forest, he could see the terror on their faces as they were brutally slain by the beast's claws. These memories had played through his mind hundreds of times over his life, and he could never force them to go away. They always stuck around in the back of his mind, haunting him like an evil spirit. At this moment, another member of the clan ran up to him.

    "Ready for the hunt?" asked Pid Ka'de, one of his friends from his childhood.

    "I guess so," Dact replied.

    "You're having those memories again, aren't you?" Pid asked. Dact nodded. "Hopefully this activity will get that off your mind."

    "It's not so easy to forget that kind of thing," Dact said. "It sticks with you, comes up when you never expect it."

    "Well, just take your mind off of it. Come on, the rest are waiting for you to show up!" Pid raised his spear and ran towards the edge of the camp. Dact walked inside his tent and grabbed his bow and arrows, a weapon that he had used for many years. Checking to see that he had a full quiver of projectiles, he made his way out of the tent and followed Pid.

    As Dact made it to the edge of the edge of camp, he could see five warriors plus Pid standing there, waiting for him to say something. Taking a deep breath, Dact walked towards them, saying "Fine day to go hunting, isn't it, boys?"

    "It sure is!" said Pid.

    "Agreed!" said one of the warriors.

    "So, what's todays target?" Dact asked the scout of the group, a very slim man who was about seven years his senior.

    "I found quite a nice hil-erg yesterday. It had nice blue feathers, kind of like what Od Fer-de has in his tent. I reckon that there might be more than one of them, too."

    "Sounds good. Lead the way," Dact said, nodding to the man, who nodded back and led the group out towards the forest.

    TAG: Me

    Meat (2)
    Fur (2)
    Live Animals (2)
    Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts (2)
    Wood (2)
  4. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: Maghr Nedjam
    Nedjam Palace/ Traex

    Starting Commodities

    Meat (4)
    Fur (2)
    Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts (Grain?) (5)
    Wood (2)
    Minerals (2)

    [blockquote]As usual, when Maghr awoke the sun was well up and well on it's way to the zenith of it's path across the sky. Grumbling about the light coming in the window he covered his eyes and tried to sort his thoughts. What needed to be done today? Was there anything he had forgotten or just given up on the previous night? Oh... Feth. I have to do THAT today. That was make a speech to the a gathering about the qualities of Logair. Why couldn't I have shoved that off on someone else? The answer was obvious, because he was the ruler blessed by said God. It was only fitting that he should speak about Logair and encourage others in his worship. Needless to say, the ruse he had lived with for more than a century was getting tiresome. Very tiresome, but it simply was not yet time to move beyond it. Veldeer was still quite reviled, and it would not do to lose his influence with the populace.

    Throwing his covers off Maghr decided he had lazed about plenty long enough, regardless of how late a night it had been. It always was for him, ever since his wife had died. Ever since Veldeer demanded... Well that was a thought better left for another day. Helleer had made him very happy, but that was the past. In the past it should stay.

    Rolling off of the bed, still wincing at the light, he walked over to the chamberpot and did his business. I also have to sit in ruling with the others today, there was a merchant who came in last night that needs to be visited, and Hurldan alone knows what else. While his family didn't specifically worship the other gods it was well known that they existed. The powers of the other two families was proof of that. Just as the lack of any of the Praex having powers was proof of the weakness of Logair. In Maghr's personal opinion, one shared by many of his family, the golden furred weaklings were of little more use than slaves. If you weren't willing to fight for your freedom or life then why should you be allowed to have either? At our expense too. Worthless freeloaders.

    Heading over to his desk, and the scrolls that littered it, he called for his son, who was also his assistant and heir designate. Roldar Nedjam entered, obviously having been working just outside. Unlike his father Roldar still was able to get up early after a long night, and in some instance's never bothered to sleep. He was an odd color for any of the Shodaire, a deep, bruise colored purple and it always caused Maghr to shudder slightly upon seeing him. There was something off about the younger Defel, but no one had ever found what. No matter, it would reveal itself in time if it was supposed to.

    In Roldar's hand there were several scrolls, obviously new things that would need to be dealt with in due course. "Just put them on the right side of the desk. I'll get to them later." He absently waved a hand in the indicated direction. There was also a bowl of fruit in the other, which was automatically placed on the left side of the desk, the same as every other morning.

    Roldar inclined his head, silently laid the scrolls down, and waited to be spoken to again. That was another thing about his son that bothered Maghr, he never spoke unless it was necessary. Ever. Everyone knew he was highly intelligent, potentially more so than any other Shodaire in the city, but he almost never shared that intelligence. Something had made him extremely reserved, and Maghr was damned if he had a clue what it was.

    Picking up his flint knife, Maghr started slicing off bits of fruit and eating them. "Has my speech on Logair been finished yet? I'll need it in under two hours." At Roldar's nod the God King relaxed. Today wouldn't be too awful, especially after that was done. While Maghr whished he could delegate more of the administrative duties his family had undertaken for generations, there were somethings that simply could not be dealt with by an
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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Dact Rul'de

    The hunting group continued its trek into the forest, searching for one of the rare blue-feathered hil-erg creatures. There were always rumors about these creatures appearing in the forest, and usually these rumors turned out to be false. However, Dact knew that his scout was right; he had a perfect track record of finding things. With such a good scout, we're always in good shape he thought to himself as he walked along. He could see the back of the scout, who was making sure that the entire group was out of hamrs way if a sinister beast jumped up and attacked. There was hardly ever an attack in the forest, but the scout wanted to make sure that one such ambush coudl be prevented if at all possible.

    "This was about the area I saw the animal in yesterday," he said, motioning to a clump of bushes. "I reckon that its nest isn't too far from here."

    One of the warriors behind Dact moved towards the clump of brush, his spear pointing towards one of the plants. "Soemthing's not right," he said.

    "What are you talking about?" said the scout. "This is the right place, I just know it."

    "No, something else is out of place. Fresh tracks on the ground," said the warrior, his eyes squinting in suspicion.

    "It could be anything," said the scout.

    "I don't think . . . move!!" said the warrior before shouting out in surprise. Dact turned to face him, only to see that the warrior was on the ground, bleeding from a gash in his arm. A vicious six-armed beast with yellow eyes and a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth stood above him, ready to go in for the kill with its sharp claws. Dact pulled the bow off of his shoulders and, attaching an arrow into the bow, he took aim quickly and shot at the beast. The projectile hit it in the arm, and it squealed out in pain. This disturbance gave the bleeding warrior a chance to retreat to the safety of his fellow hunters, who brandished their spears at the beast. Angered, it turned to look at Dact, its eyes even more yellow out of hatred and rage. Slowly, it started to advance on him, and Dact reached around to grab another arrow frim his quiver. As he grabbed one, he noticed that the beast was down on all six of its legs, and was prepared to charge him. Closing one eye to help his aim, Dact stared the beast down before letting loose the arrow. Right as the arrow screamed towards it, the beast jumped up to attack Dact; the arrow lodged itself in the chest of the beast, and it howled out in fury. More roars accompanied this initial reaction,a dn the beast, obviously very injured in the attack, continued to advance. Dact knew that he would have to act fast to stay alive; grabbing his bow, he gave the beast a swift conk on the head, causing it to crumple to the ground, where it twitched a few times and died from the wound caused by the arrow. Dact, once he landed, took several deep breaths as he calmed himself. It had been a dangerous thing to do; he might have been killed in the act, but he hadn't. He was lucky to have survived the assault.

    Looking around, Dact spotted the downed warrior, who was being helped up by two of his fellows. The scout came up behind Dact, and still had a look of surprise on his face. "We're lucky that he survived," Dact stated firmly. "That was something that I ws sure you would have found out rather quickly, given your track record."

    "I'm very sorry, sir," the scout said, bowing his head a little. "I got too overconfident of my abilities and ignored the obvious signs of a hostile creature."

    "He's bleeding badly enough that he'll die unless we get proper medical attention quickly," Dact said, indicating the injured warrior. "We'll have to postpone the hunt for now."

    "But our prey might get away, sir!" protested the scout. "If we let it get away now, it might never come back!" Dact gave the man a sharp look.

    "My clan is more important to me than any sort of rare creature in the forest. We are family. I cannot let someone die just so that the rest of us can contin
  6. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: Callu E?gala
    Praetor's House, Traex

    Starting Commodities

    Meat (6)
    Fur (4)
    Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts (Grain?) (5)
    Wood (4)
    Minerals (4)

    Item's Previously Purchased

    Wooden Swords

    [blockquote]Morning was not really Callu's favorite time of the day, but it was the most productive. There was always varied amounts of paperwork to deal with, as well as other things that she had to go and oversee depending upon what day it was, and then every afternoon she was required in court by the God Kings for advice on her people and other things in general. Oddly she had even managed to garner some little amount of influence and power for herself, which was the last thing a musician could have ever expected. She had her relationship with Deimos to think for that, which had actually changed from that of musician and monarch to something a bit more. Something that had to remain hidden, as much as it pained her.

    Silently she glanced over at something that he had given her, a new harp that he had personally had a hand in making. The sound wasn't quite what it could have been, but the sentiment of it was something she cherished in the extreme. That he had taken the time out of his busy schedule to make something for someone who was a member of what was generally considered second class citizens was practically unheard of. If only her people weren't so pacifistic, but she understood the stand that they had taken long ago. And it was true, she absolutely abhorred violence, but Callu still understood the need for it in some instances. When her people had nearly been wiped out was a perfect example of this.

    While the Praex weren't slaves, they weren't viewed as equals by the greater Shodaire population. That was something that Callu had spent the last eight years trying to understand, and change. The understanding had come slowly, but the change was non-existent. When someone knew they could hurt you and yet you would do nothing about it, well the person causing the pain generally did not care about why you allowed it, just that it made you prey. And in a world full of sentient hunters being prey was not a very healthy stance to take. Her people had been kidnapped as slaves, enough of them left to survive so they could be enslaved again after they had recovered. That was what the lizard monsters had been doing when the Shodaire had arrived and saved her people. While she knew they were honorable, she did not like being looked down upon.

    Sighing softly, Callu shook her head. Change seemed like it would never come. It seemed as though the status quo had been ingrained into both clan's culture's and that it simply would not be dislodged no matter what. All it would take was one person really, one regular person who was willing to change they way they saw things, to do something different, and show others that it was better. But that person had not appeared and even though Callu had prayed to Logaire and Hurldan for this change or some idea of what to do there had been no response. Maybe the Shodaire are right, and only their Kings can speak to the Gods? It's certainly true that none of my people have been blessed in the same way. I can't understand it, why would the God of Peace bless a warlike clan? It makes no sense. That was something her predecessors had pondered, and it was likely something her replacement would wonder about as well. There were writings on the subject, mainly private journals of the previous Praetor's that were passed on from one the next, and were full of knowledge. She was certainly thankful for them and the knowledge and wisdom that was contained within those scrolls. Hopefully she would be able to have such an effect on those to follow in her footsteps.[/blockquote]


    Ending Commodities

    Meat (6)
    Fur (4)
    Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts (Grain?) (7)
    Wood (6)
    Minerals (6)


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    Dec 15, 2008
    Starting Commodities

    8 minerals
    6 fur
    4 meat
    1 wood
    1 fruit

    IC Liandra

    Snorting slightly at the short hug Lar'roo looked down at his Little Sister with affection, but she did miss the concern mixed in his eye's as well.

    Stepping back she asked again "What is wrong, what happened?".

    Shaking his head in a gesture much like his brother Lar'roo answered "Your maid, Marriel, has been killed" grimacing at her expression he continued "And if you hadn't gone out as you did then you would probably have joined her".

    She stood stunned, unable to think beyond the fact that Marriel was dead. She had been much more then just a maid, she had practically raised her after her parents died, even though she was only a twelve years older.

    "I don't... i can't-" Liandra collapsed more than sat on the ground and put her face into her hands crying.

    no, why does everyone always leave me

    IC Lar'roo

    Glancing War'roo and motioning him to stay where he was, Lar'roo knelt his massive form down beside her "I know little one, it hurts, and I am sorry for your loss but you cannot grieve yet".

    Liandra turned her face up and looked at him miserably "Wha-" she started, and then visibly steeling herself, she straightened and asked in a more steady voice "What happened".

    "Someone sent an assassin to kill you"

    Now she stood up, anger on her face but controlled "Does it have anything to do with my leaving for the mines next week and the potential meeting with the strangers to the east?"

    Lar'roo to stood up "I do not know, it is a possibility... if it was who i think it was it is a very good possibility, but one of several"

    Damn it Brawl, you where right

    Shaking his head again, and snorting when he realized he had done it he said "But enough of this, you must prepare for the meeting, if it takes place, and prepare also for taking over production of the mines"

    "What do we do about the assassin?" she asked coldly.

    Misunderstanding what she meant in his own concern for her safety he replied "I was considering sending Carl to follow the scout we sent to the strangers, but i think perhaps he should go with you" at this War'roo stirred but said nothing "Grandson, you are a fierce Warrior and skilled hunter, but four eyes are better than two" he looked at Liandra and flashed a fierce smile at her "And besides, the man has a gift for killing people"

    Liandra returned his smile and said in that same cold, and now he saw deadly, voice "No Big Brother, how are we hunting him down"

    "We'll discuss that later for now, go sleep. the guard outside will show you to your new room"

    As Liandra passed War'roo headed for the door War'roo said "I'll be along in a minute"

    To drained to wonder at this Liandra only said "Ok" she then turned and said "Good night Big Brother" before leaving the room.

    War'roo walked over to his Grandfather and sighed "Your not going to sleep tonight are you"?

    "No, no I'm not"

    "Hmm... this could not have happened at a worse time, Carls brother just dying last year on a hunt and now this, almost to the DATE of Marcus's death?"

    "I know War'roo, do you think it was on purpose? do you think Marcus was murdered as well?"

    War'roo thought a moment and concluded "No, no i don't think Marcus was murdered, there is more than enough in the jungle capable of killing a hunter, especially one of the humans but... by the great tree Lar Marriel was like her older sister mother and best friend all rolled into one! and she and Marcus where" he stopped taking a deep breath "I'm just worried about how much more she can take, i know she's strong but you saw the look in her eye and heard the tone in her voice, it's like she's going feral"

    Lar'roo looked sharply at his grandson "What made you say that war'roo"

    "What? feral?" realization dawned on the young wookie "I'm sorry grandfather, poor choice of words"

    Feeling ashamed Lar'roo walked over and put his hand on the his grandsons shoulder "No, the fault is mine, you should not have to avoid a topic because of something that happened when you where still learning to walk" he cocked his head to
  8. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Beggining Commodities

    Meat (8)
    Fur (4)
    Fruit, Vegetables, and Nuts (4)
    Minerals (7)

    IC: Toco

    It was a journey that was difficult, that was hard, the white blooms and white moss that grew on many trees forming the back drop of their camoflauge. They moved by the shadows and these colors that seemed to confuse so many, both he and his partner moving to the west, to find what they may find and carry out their orders depending on what they found.

    Turning his head slightly he looked at his companion, Roco, he seemed to have picked up something. Both moved behind some moss, staring out as they watched whatever it was approach, both ready to fight or run depending on who's task it was to do which job.

    They came, large hairy, hot, and...carrying stuff. Stuff that looked like it was at least made for them, intellegent on some level then. Stepping out of the moss behind them he stood there looking at them for a moment, knowing Roco would take this time to remain hidden, "What brings you here?"

    It was a simple question in this region that as far as they knew they might or might not be able to lay claim to, if it belonged to these then so be it. Time to intiate contact procedure 2.

    TAG: WinkWink since I went there.

    Ending Commodities

    Meat (12)
    Fur (2)
    Fruit, Vegetables, and Nuts (2)
    Minerals (9)
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    Sep 25, 2004
    My much delayed Entry

    Starting Commodities
    Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts (2)
    Live Animals (2)
    Wood (1)

    Desert (+2 Meat)
    Herding Lands (+2 Live Animals)
    Mountains (+2 Minerals)

    Hunting (x2 Meat: +2 Meat)
    Herding (x2 Live Animals: +2 L.A.)

    End Commodities
    Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts [2]
    Live Animals [6]
    Wood [1]
    Minerals [2]
    Meat [4]

    [b]IC: The Storyteller[/b]
    [i]Location: Gran Dol Vawda Camp[/i]

    [color=chocolate][i]A story you seek? To pass the stars away? But why would you seek to sleep at night, when the harsh sun has gone to bed?

    What is that you say? the history of our people? Have you not heard?

    Ah, but our beginning is not the entire story! I shall enlighten you young one, so that you too shall know the history of our people.

    The true beginning, or at least the functional one they do not often mention in our origin tales.

    It was another blazing day in the Grand Desert....[/i][/color]

    "Fsss!" a GDV soldier hissed as the scout group crawled up a sand dune. On the other side of the dune, so watchman said, was a caravan. One not of the desert tribes, but of fair skinned people coming from the North. They had a elaborate dress and seemed out of place in the desert.

    There were men there carrying weapons, but they did not seem hostile. The weapons they carried were light arms, not the bulky tools of warfare.

    The soldier help up a hand and motioned for the group to hold. If things went awry, this group, and the one on the facing dune were charged to make sure the caravan did not come home alive.

    Down on the desert floor, the third group, diplomats from the Confederacy were also approaching the position. It was their job to ascertain what these people's purpose was.

    As the soldier peered over the dune, he could see the groups drawing closer...

    Amongst the diplomats was the chief of the tribe, Qua Dol Vawda. It was not custom of the Vawda tribe to lead from the rear. And so it was the king who rode out to meet these newcomers. As the foreign caravan turned the corner, the Vawda group were there, here in the "pass" between the two sand-dunes.

    There was a pause. A tension between the two groups.

    Qua, keeping his hands in plain sight, slowly approached the caravan, his hands in plain sight, but his face and body mysteriously robed in desert garb.

    "You have come out far." the chieftain spoke in Vawdanese, hoping someone in the group could understand this desert tongue. "And I am left to wonder why. Who are you and what brings you deep into these wastes?"

    [b]TAG: DI[/b] >
  10. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: Turgal Mastigar
    Plains of Logair, Nearing Pratora

    Starting Commodities

    Meat (6)
    Fur (4)
    Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts (Grain?) (7)
    Wood (6)
    Minerals (6)

    Previously Purchased Items

    Wooden Swords

    [blockquote]A scout had just returned and was relaying information to those present. "There are bodies, both ours and the beasts. We have never seen their like before, great shaggy things that seem to blend into the plains. I nearly tripped over one that was laying there. Also there were Praex..." He didn't really need to continue on that one. Everyone there knew they as a people had failed with each death. "But none near the settlement. They must have been fleeing when the attack came. I can not tell if any made it back or not. From the number of bodies it appears as though half of the soldiers stationed here have been killed, but it appears that the defenses have been holding. Even now the beasts seem to be gathering for another assault to the north of Pratora." And with that there was silence, save the rustling of the long grasses in the wind.

    Several moments went by before Turgal said anything, having been going over options. But the answer was reasonably apparent, they had to get behind the beasts. "We will circle around as silently as possible and trap them between the town's walls and ourselves. We can crush them that way, take the fewest casualties." Everyone nodded, and without another word they set off to get into position. The entire way Turgal felt that something was not right. Almost as if he were forgetting or underestimating something.[/blockquote]


    Ending Commodities

    Meat (10)
    Fur (6)
    Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts (Grain?) (8)
    Wood (6)
    Minerals (8)

    OOC: sorry that one's so short, but i've been thinking about it for literally hours now and i can't break it up any different right this second.

    WINKWINK Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 15, 2008
    10 minerals
    6 meat
    4 fur
    3 wood
    1 fruit

    IC Wookie Scout

    A... something stepped out from behind some brush in front of the two wookiees.

    "One looked to the other and said "I think we found our neighbors"

    The other snorted "You think? stay here, I'll go find that useless translator" and with that he turned and walked into the jungle.

    The first drove his spear into the ground and called after him "I told you losing him was a bad idea" he then walked over to a tree, away from his spear, and sat at it's base. He then gestured to a tree a little ways away as an invitation for to do likewise.

    "How many more of you are there out there little stalker" he mumbled under his breath.

    TAG Mitth Fisto. my sincerest apology's for taking so long.

    Minerals 12
    meat 8
    fur 6
    wood 3
    fruit 1
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